An erotic description of young children learning about sex with an interesting interaction with their mothers.
Young Girl


The memory of that day is very clear to me still. Some things just stick in your mind and stay there, and then pop up when you don't expect it. I don't know why that day is still so vivid to me when other more important events are a just hazy impression. It is the day this portion of my life started, though, so it's also a good place to start my story.

I was young, about 3 years old, when one of my mom's friends came over to visit. She brought over her two daughters, who were 6 and 7. My Mom and her friend sat in the living room, having coffee and talking and doing other boring stuff. Collette and Lisa and I wandered into my bedroom in the back of the house to play.

My mother is an attractive woman. She has dark hair and a very creamy white complexion. She's not overweight, but not thin either. I guess she's called "pleasingly plump." My mother's name is Maryanne Burl (no, that's not her real name).

My mother's friend has brown hair. She's quite good looking, and has a soft look to her, too. For this story, I'll call her friend Linda Sharlton. She has two daughters, Collette and Lisa. Collette has brown hair like her mother, and has the same full-body build in a slimmer version. Lisa is blond and long legged and tom-boyish slim and round enough to keep your interest.

As for me, I take after my mother. I've got dark brown hair, very fine, and a very clear complexion.

We played with my stuff for awhile, and then Collette and Lisa got bored. Of course my toys wouldn't interest them for very long, they were older girls! So they started looking through my room. They opened the dresser drawers, and found my old baby clothes that my Mom had stored away. Some of them were girl clothes, since Mom had gotten them before I was born. Collette said, "Oh look, baby clothes! Let's dress the baby!" Lisa said, "He can be OUR baby doll!”

They started taking off my clothes. I didn't mind because I was too young to know any better and because I had a crush on both the girls. They dressed me in diapers, the old cloth kind with big pins, and put a faded blue bonnet on my head.

Collette and Lisa took me out to show our mom's their handiwork. My mom's friend, Mrs. Sharlton, saw me first, "Oh look, how cute! Aren't they all adorable?” My mom turned around, and smiled, and said she still thought of me as her baby. She smiled at Collette and Lisa, and said, "Well, if he goes in the diapers, you'll have to clean him up girls!” Both my Mom and her friend thought this was hilarious.

The girls took me back into my room, and spent the rest of the afternoon dressing me in my sister's and my old clothes. We kept parading back out to show our mom's, and they never cared whether I was wearing girl's clothes or boy's. I loved all the attention, and Collette and Lisa loved having a "real live doll.” Soon the afternoon was almost over, and my mom came into to tell us to get me back into my regular clothes. She smiled, and said, "We don't want his father to catch him like this, do we?”


Mom and Mrs. Burl were talking, so Lisa and I went with Johnny to play in his room. We watched him play with his toys, but that was boring too. Lisa and I started looking around, and found some baby clothes in the dresser. They were cute, so I looked over at Johnny and said "Let's dress him in these! That'll be more fun than this." Lisa said that sounded OK. We went over to Johnny, and I told him we were going to play "baby.” He looked at me and nodded. I reached down and stood him up, and then we took off his clothes. Johnny just stood there while we did it. When we took off his underwear Lisa giggled and said, "Look at that! It's a boy thing." We touched it, and then I said, "We've got to dress the baby." We picked out some big diapers, and had Johnny lie down while we pinned it on him. We put a bonnet on his head, but it was a little small and looked funny.

Johnny looked just like a baby when we finished, so we told him to talk like a baby and say "goo-goo.” He laughed and started babbling.

This was a lot more fun that the other stuff we had been doing! Lisa wanted to take him out and show mom, but I wasn't sure that was a good idea. Mom or Mrs. Burl might get mad and make us stop. But Lisa grabbed Johnny by the hand, and he followed her out to the living room. My mom saw us first, and she said we were all adorable. Mrs. Burl turned around, and I was real afraid. But she only laughed and said "Johnny is always my baby." She smiled at us and told us to be careful or we'd have to change Johnny's diapers for real! We went back to Johnny's room and spent the rest of the afternoon dressing him in all the clothes we found. Every once in a while we'd play "doctor" and touch his little thing, but that wasn't a lot of fun after the first few times.

It was fun having Johnny do everything we said, though. We kept taking him out to show Mom and Mrs. Burl, and they always laughed and smiled whether we had him dressed as a baby, or a boy, or a girl. We were still dressing Johnny when Mrs. Burl came in. She told us to get Johnny dressed in his regular clothes again before his daddy came home. She said "we don't want him to catch us, do we?" Lisa and I thought it was great to share a secret with a grown-up woman. Mrs. Burl helped put all the stuff away while we got Johnny back in his real clothes.

On the way home, I asked mom when we were going back. Mom laughed, and asked, "Did you have fun playing with Johnny today?" I told her it was fun, and she asked me what I liked best. I told her, "I liked telling him what to do, and he always did it!" Mom laughed, and then Lisa said she liked dressing him.

I asked Mom several times over the next few weeks when we were going again, and finally she said she'd call Mrs. Burl and find out. I listened to her while she talked to Mrs. Burl on the phone. They chatted about stuff for a bit, and then Mom asked about us, "Maryanne, the girls have been bugging me about when we're coming to visit you again. [pause] Oh, they had fun playing with Johnny! [pause] Well, Collette really liked telling Johnny what to wear and say. Lisa just liked dressing him up. [pause] [Mom laughs] Oh, I thought he was so cute. They were all adorable. [pause] Well, I thought I'd call and see what you say. I don't mind if you don't. [pause] [Mom laughs] Well, you can never train them too young! OK, we'll drop by tomorrow for an hour or two. We can chat more then. [pause] OK, bye." Mom turned to me, and said "Mrs. Burl said we could come over and visit for a few hours tomorrow. She and I can talk while you girls play with Johnny. Go get your sister and we'll talk about it." I ran out to find Lisa, and told her we were going to play with Johnny again and to come quick because Mom wanted to talk to us. Lisa and I ran back. Mom told us both, "Mrs. Burl says you can play with Johnny tomorrow. You can play dress up if you want to. She says she doesn't mind as long as Johnny doesn't care, but you mustn't tell anyone. Don't tell Mr. Burl or your father or any of your friends. Do you understand?" Both Lisa and I nodded eagerly, and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking about what we were going to do.


Lisa and Collette and their mom came over again a few weeks later, and of course they took me back into my bedroom and started undressing and dressing me. After awhile, Mrs. Sharlton came in and said it was time to go. The girls complained, saying they weren't done with me yet, and couldn't they stay longer? My mom came in to see what the fuss was about. She said I looked cute, and it was a shame the girls couldn't play longer. Mrs. Sharlton looked at my mom, and said, "Well, I have to stay home tomorrow, but I can come pick him up for the day. The girls can dress him up in their old clothes. How'd you like a day off?" My mom smiled, and said "Sure, and I'll come over to see how good a job they've done!”


We went over to visit Johnny again. Mommy told us we could play with him and dress him, but we mustn't tell anyone. It was our secret. Collette was very happy. I think she liked bossing him around. I didn't mind though because then she didn't try to boss me. I liked dressing him up. As soon as we said hello to Mrs. Burl, we ran back to Johnny's room to find him. We played. Sometimes I'd touch Johnny's thing and giggle because it was so funny to watch and touch. Collette would try to shush me. She was afraid Mrs. Burl would hear us and find out and get mad and make us stop playing with Johnny.

Mom came in and told us it was time to go. Collette got really upset because she was having so much fun. I didn't want to go either. Mrs. Burl came in because of the noise. She looked at Johnny and said we'd made him cute. She said she was sorry we didn't have any more time to play with him. My mom told her she would take him to our house tomorrow, and we could play with him there if it was OK. Mrs. Burl said it was OK with her, and she'd come over to see how well we did. I giggled again because we only had girl's clothes at our house!


So I went over to Collette’s and Lisa's house the next day. We played dress-up again, but they only had girl clothes at their house. Their mom sat and watched for awhile. She was amused and had a smile on her face the whole time. She even helped undress me and dress me up a couple of times, and put some eye shadow on me to make me look more like a girl. Collette and Lisa took me for a walk around the block, and when we got back my mom was there. She looked at me and said, "He's so cute as a girl! And so quiet, too! You can have him over to play anytime you want!” Lisa and Collette got very excited.

Linda Sharlton:----------------------------------------------------------

I picked up Johnny the next day and brought him over. Maryanne and I talked for a little before we left. Both of us were amused. Maryanne didn't seem to mind about how the girls were dressing Johnny, "If he doesn't mind, why should I? He's too young yet for it to make a difference! Besides, if they weren't playing together somewhere where we were near, they'd all probably be playing "doctor" somewhere where we wouldn't know what's happening!" We laughed over that. I told her how amused I was to see Collette boss him around. She laughed, "Well, at least she's learned the natural order early in life!” I watched the kids play for awhile after we came back. Johnny's such a pretty child, having many of Maryanne's best features. He has fine dark brown hair, and her creamy white complexion. The girls were dressing him up, and since we only had their old clothes, he was really wearing a dress. I couldn't help but think that he would make a pretty girl. I pulled some make-up from my purse, and touched his eyebrows up a bit and he was really lovely.

It was funny to watch the girls play with him. Lisa was interested in dressing him up and getting him "just so.” That's funny because she's a bit of a tom-boy and usually doesn't care much about what she's wearing herself! She was also intrigued by Johnny's little equipment. She kept looking, and would reach down and touch him when she thought I wasn't looking. Collette was having fun, too, but in a different way. She was more interested in getting Johnny to do what she wanted. Oh, of course she'd look at him when he was naked, but she wasn't as thrilled about that as Lisa was. She and Lisa were getting on better, too, while playing with Johnny. Collette and Lisa would discuss everything, and then Collette would tell him what to do.

I helped them once or twice, and then I left them alone while I went to do some chores. I left the door open so I could hear them. They were talking up a storm, and would giggle quite a bit. I kept peeking in, but all was well. Johnny was enjoying all the attention immensely. Maryanne came over in the middle of the afternoon. We sat in the kitchen chatting over coffee. She asked how things had been going, and I told her - everything. She didn't seem upset or mad or even particularly concerned. We let the kids be while we took it easy for awhile. We talked about housework, our husband's jobs, and our husbands.

Naturally we started talking about some intimate details, and some of the things we'd tried lately. That's when Maryanne told me that she'd talked her husband into wearing lingerie, and she liked it! I was surprised and even more surprised when I felt myself get a little wet over the thought. “Hmm, that does sound a bit exciting. I don't think I'll ever get my husband to try that, though. Sounds like you two had fun!" Maryanne replied, "Oh, I liked the way it looked and felt, but hubby decided it doesn't suit him. I keep trying to talk him into doing it again." That's when it hit me why Maryanne didn't mind too much about Johnny wearing girl's clothes! We talked a little longer, and then Maryanne had to leave before her husband came home. We walked up to Collette’s room and walked in. They were still playing quietly, and Johnny was really dressed up pretty.

Maryanne looked at him and gushed, "Oh, he's never been so cute as this! And he's playing so quietly and gently too! You can have him over to play whenever you want, maybe he'll learn how to stay this way!" I leaned over and whispered in Maryanne's ear, "You might have more fun dressing him than we do, but at least I can watch this!" She grinned at me.


We saw Lisa and Collette and their mom fairly often, and sometimes we played dress up and sometimes we did other things. I used to go over to their house a couple of times a month, and they'd dress me up as a girl for the day. I still had a crush on all of them, including Mrs. Sharlton. This went on for a number of years, until I was 8.

Lisa was almost 11, and Collette was now 12. I was over at their house, and they thought it would be fun to dress me up as a baby again. I said "no way, I'm too old for that now!” Mrs. Sharlton came in because we were arguing, and had started to fight. She saw me hit Lisa, and she said "What's going on here!,” and grabbed us all and made us tell her. She turned to me and said very angrily, "You do what Lisa and Collette tell you when you're told to do it, or you won't come over anymore!" She pulled me over her knee, and pulled down my panties (yes, I was dressed as a girl), and spanked my bare bottom hard.

She didn't hit me that hard, but I was mortified. Looking at my face, which was all knotted up in anger and embarrassment, she patted my bottom and ran her hands over my butt to soothe it off. She said, "It didn't hurt that bad, did it? Would you rather Lisa and Collette spank you?" I shook my head no, and she said, "Then you'd better listen to what they say! I don't want to hear anymore fighting from up here!" Mrs. Sharlton left, but I didn't want to play anymore. I was angry, so of course we got into a fight again! She came back up, and pulled me over her knee again, and pulled down my panties, and spanked me again!

She looked at Collette, and said, "Would you like to learn how to give a spanking?" Collette was watching wide-eyed, and nodded "YES!” Mrs. Sharlton then told her to come over to us. She was now rubbing my butt with a nice smooth stroke. She held my legs down with one arm, and her other arm was holding my back. “Hold your arm over your head, that's right. Now, your hand must be flat, and swing from the wrist. Give it a try. That's good, but don't use your whole arm, just your hand. That's good." Collette hit me lots of times, and I was crying. Mrs. Sharlton reached down and patted my face, and said "That really doesn't hurt, does it?" She said it in a very nice voice, and I was surprised when I realized that it really didn't! She went on, "In fact, that feels pretty nice, doesn't it? Don't you like Collette to spank you?" I nodded yes, not believing that it was actually nice!

"Why don't you let Lisa spank you now? Would you like that?" I said, "Yes please, I'd like her to spank me!" Lisa said, "Yes, I want to try!" Collette moved out of the way, and Lisa spanked me as I lay on her mother's lap. When she was done, Mrs. Sharlton stood me up. She pulled up my dress around my waist, and pulled my panties down the rest of the way to my feet. She said, "Don't you like this? Here, turn around and let me see your butt. Yes, it's nice and red now!" I turned around, pleased that everyone was smiling and looking at me. Mrs. Sharlton then said, "Now, since you've been so bad today, I want you to leave your panties off so Collette and Lisa can spank you again if you're bad. Girls, give me a call if you have to punish him again!” Mrs. Sharlton then left. Collette and Lisa were giggling and laughing and touching my butt. Their hands felt nice and cool to me, and I enjoyed the little caresses on my ass. They continued dressing me up, but now they always left the panties off.

My mother came to pick me up later, and came up to see how I looked before I changed. I was wearing a frilly little dress, with bits of lace and ruffles. She was admiring how I looked and talking to Mrs. Sharlton when Lisa said, "And she was bad today, so we got to spank her!” My mother paused, and said, "She was bad?" Lisa said yes, and then Collette pulled up my dress and said, "See? He's not wearing any panties in case he needs another spanking!" My mother smiled, and said, "Well, I hope you did a good job then!" Lisa piped in, "Oh yes, Mother showed us how to do it and he liked us to spank him!”

My mother smiled again, and turned to her friend, and said "Perhaps we should see how they do it?" Mrs. Sharlton smiled, and said "Well, I think we could allow them to spank him again today. It was fun, wasn't it girls?" Lisa and Collette said "Yes!,” and I said "Please, mommy?” So Mrs. Sharlton pulled me over her lap, pulled up my dress, and spanked me. Then my mom said, "My turn,” and pulled me over to her. She spanked me too, though not as hard as when she's mad at me. Then Mrs. Sharlton pulled me back over while Lisa spanked me, and finally my mom held me while Collette spanked me.

That was all for the day. I started to get ready to go home. My mom went in the other room and was talking to Mrs. Sharlton for a half hour or so before she was ready to go.


Johnny had been over at Linda's house, and I went over to pick him up. The girls were going to dress him up again, and he'd been eager to go over. I didn't mind him dressing. He was so much better behaved when he came home, and usually stayed that way for several days. He could be a real monster when he wasn't behaving, and lately he had been more misbehaving than not! Johnny also looked real pretty when he was wearing a dress. I developed a little secret thrill every time I saw him like that, and had to restrain myself from playing with this "doll" myself. How unlike the everyday boy I lived with! I went over to pick him up, and of course Linda and I chatted in the kitchen over a cup of coffee.

Linda told me that they'd been fighting, and had spanked Johnny right there in front of the girls. “I'm not surprised, considering how he's been lately. I hope you gave him a good whaling. Maybe having the girls watch won't hurt either." Linda said, "Oh, I was so angry I pulled his panties down when I spanked him. And then they had another fight and this time I had the girls spank him!" I was a little surprised over that, "Well, how did they take that? Collette’s almost at 'that' age!" Linda grinned, "Oh, they loved it! Collette especially appreciated it. I think it helped burn off some of the "sex" energy she's starting to develop. Lisa has to do what her sister does, so she took a turn too. I think I can honestly say we all enjoyed giving Johnny something to remember his manners by!" Linda was grinning, and I felt a thrill inside myself, too. “How did Johnny take it? Was he terribly upset?" Linda grinned even more, "Oh, I had a little talk with him and it seems that Johnny likes having the girls spank him! All in all, I think everyone had a good time.” We were both grinning and laughing, and we had to shush our-selves before we were heard upstairs.

We went upstairs to get Johnny, and walked into Collette’s room. Linda was still smiling as we walked in. Johnny looked pretty again today, and was happy enough. I wasn't going to say anything about the spanking in front of him or the girls, and I was starting to tell this to Linda when Lisa interrupted us: "She was bad, and we had to spank her!" That took my breath away, and I had to repeat what I'd heard, "SHE was bad?" Lisa immediately nodded, and then Collette pulled up Johnny's dress to show me that he wasn't wearing any panties in case he was bad again! I didn't quite know how to handle this gender change, so all I said was, "I hope you did a good job."

Lisa was obviously proud of what happened, because she immediately told me that Linda had showed them how, and that Johnny liked it! Collette was looking alarmed now, obviously afraid I would get angry and take her "toy" away. In order to reassure Collette, I smiled and said, "Well maybe we should watch you do it, to make sure everything is all right?" Linda smiled at this, "Would you girls find that fun to do?" Both immediately replied "yes,” and then Johnny spoke up and asked "Please let them, mommy?" I didn't see any further harm being done at that point, so I nodded.

Linda sat down on the bed, and Johnny went over to her. She pulled up his dress, and then bent him over her lap. He seemed eager, and was actually smiling as she slapped his white bottom until it was pink. I was amazed, not at Johnny, but at myself. I was really getting excited watching Linda spank my son. I could feel myself getting moist, so when she was done, I told her it was my turn! She handed him over, and he lay down on my lap without a complaint! I slapped his little bottom, and got even wetter still as I felt him wiggling against my legs. I was almost breathless from excitement when I was done.

Linda took him back, and I watched Lisa give him a spanking while her mother held him. I couldn't resist, so I took him back and held him while Collette spanked him. Collette had gotten over her fear, and was really enjoying herself. I couldn't believe how hot I was getting by holding my son while he was being spanked!

Linda and I went to have a talk while Johnny was getting ready to leave. “I can't believe how much I liked that!” I told her. Linda had a sexy grin, "I thought it was fun, and it was a real kick watching the girls. They're going to be real sophisticates when they get older! Did you get as hot as I did watching them do it?" I nodded emphatic agreement, and we both laughed at this, and then Linda added, "I can't wait until I get my husband alone. I'm really going to pour it on tonight!" I nodded agreement, and told her that I didn't think it would be quite as much fun if Johnny hadn't obviously enjoyed it too.

I was still concerned about what Lisa had called Johnny, and asked Linda about that, "Why did Lisa call Johnny 'she'?" Linda looked puzzled, and then replied, "It must be because she's such a perfect little girl when she's all dressed up. I guess it just seems right, somehow. After all, you wouldn't want us to call him 'Johnny' when we take him out in public, do you?" I was surprised again, "In public? Where do you take him?" "Oh, the girls take him for a walk around the block sometimes after he's all dressed. No one's noticed anything unusual, and I've heard several comments about what a pretty and sweet young girl he is." I had to think about that for a second, and while I was thinking about that I had another little thrill about Johnny wearing panties in public.

"How perfect! Maybe you should start training him in earnest if he's so good at it. What do you think?" Linda stared at me, and smiled as she said, "I always wanted to train a man to treat a woman right! Sounds like a lot of fun. We could teach him to be a perfect little lady in public, and nice and obedient in private. Sounds like a lot of fun, and a dream come true!" We both laughed at the thought, and I said, "Well, you better teach the girls to call her 'Joanie' when she's dressed."

Linda and I talked over the phone about 'Joanie' and the girls several times. We were both intrigued, and I realized that I was excited about Joanie going out in public wearing panties. My husband was pleasantly surprised by my enthusiasm during the next week, and I released myself by having him in my cunt, while thinking about Joanie wearing a dress.

It was almost two weeks before Linda called me again about having 'Joanie' over. I immediately agreed, and asked Linda to bring over the dress I had last seen Joanie in. “I'll bring her over myself, and I'll talk to her about her behavior." Linda dropped off the outfit that night.

The next day I called Johnny into his bedroom. I pulled out the dress, and told him to put it on. He obeyed me without question! I admired the way 'she' now looked, and then pulled her over. I lifted her dress and gazed at her little ass. I could barely restrain myself from giving her more than a token swat. I was all wet as I gave 'her' a little talk about panties, and doing whatever Collette and Lisa and Linda said, without argument. I gave her the panties, and she put them on, and we drove over to Linda's.

I was really hot in the car, thinking about Joanie and her panties in public. I kept squirming myself against the vinyl car seat, and just stopped at Linda's long enough to drop Joanie off. I stayed for just a few minutes, and then hurried home to take a nice long soak in the tub, and perform some "relaxing magic" on myself before I exploded!


It was a few weeks before I went over again. Before we left, my mom pulled out a bag and said, "Let's go to your room." When we got there, she opened the bag and pulled out the frilly dress that I had been wearing last time I was at Collette’s and Lisa's. She told me to put in on, and helped zip it up in the back. She then pulled up the dress and gave me a light swat on my backside, and said, "When you're with the girls, you're not to wear any underwear unless they say so. However, when you go somewhere else, or someone else is there, you're to wear panties. Understand?" I nodded yes, and then asked why I was wearing the dress before we left. My mom said she was taking me to Collette’s and Lisa's, but they had company over. “So, behave like a good little girl until Mrs. Sharlton's friends leave. Lisa and Collette will call you 'Joanie' for now so nobody will know our little secret." She then handed me the panties and I put them on.

When we arrived, Mrs. Sharlton was in the living room with her friend. She looked over, and told me "Join the girls upstairs, Joanie." My mom sat down, and I went upstairs. My mom left after awhile, and Collette had made me to take my panties off since I was upstairs. Later, Lisa wanted to spank me, but Collette said "We've got to ask mommy first, remember?" So we all trooped downstairs. Her mother was cleaning up from the company, and said "I'll be up in a few minutes, girls, wait until then. In the meanwhile, make Joanie hold her dress over her head." Mrs. Sharlton smiled, and added, "I think you girls can find something to do with her until I get there?"

When she came up, I was standing in the middle of the room with my dress gathered round my waist. Collette and Lisa had indeed found something to do with me, and had poked and pulled at me and giggled. I was enjoying the coolness of the air on my skin, and couldn't wait until they spanked me and made me red-hot. Mrs. Sharlton sat down and looked at me. She said, slowly, "That looks like it feels good. I'm going to do it too.” She stood up again, pulled her dress to her hips, and rolled down her nylons and panties. I only got a glimpse before her dress fell down again, but I was riveted.

She noticed me looking, and smiled. “Are little boys supposed to look at women?" "No, Mrs. Sharlton,” I was half-stuttering. “Then, now I guess we'll HAVE to spank you, won't we?" "Yes, Mrs. Sharlton" I said. “Well, come over here and lay down across my lap." She beckoned me over, and as she sat down on the edge of the bed she pulled her dress up so her legs were bare. I could see a dark triangle going down between her legs, where they were held tightly together. I lay down, and she pulled my dress up over my head. As soon as I was down, she moved her legs apart to hold me better. I could feel the hotness coming from between them.

I turned to look at her, and she smiled into my face as she smacked my butt. She smacked me several times; not enough to really hurt, but hard enough to sting. Then she looked over at Lisa, "Are you first today?" Lisa nodded yes, and came over. She looked down at my butt, and "Can I take off my panties too, mommy?" Mrs. Sharlton frowned for a second, and then said, "Yes dear, why not?" So Lisa, and also Collette, reached under their dresses and pulled their panties down too.

Lisa started spanking me, when her mother said, "Wait, dear, you should stand with your legs apart. It will give you more balance when you swing." Lisa nodded, moved her legs, and spanked me again and again. It was Collette’s turn next, and she seemed to enjoy spanking me even more than Lisa did.

When they were done spanking me, Collette asked "Can we spank him anywhere else, mommy?" Her mother frowned slightly, and said, "Where else would you spank him?" Collette turned red, and reached under my dress and said "on his thing!" Mrs. Sharlton looked thoughtful, "No dear, that's not a good idea. You'll all have to wait until you're much older for that!" Collette pouted, but Lisa spoke up, "Can I let him spank me? I want to feel it!" Mrs. Sharlton frowned, and said "Absolutely not! Boys don't spank girls, girls spank boys! But come here, and I'll show you what you can have him do."

She lifted me up, and then had Lisa lie over the edge of the bed. She lifted Lisa's dress until her bottom showed, and pulled me over. She picked up my hand and ran it over Lisa's smooth bottom. Talking to me she said, "You never, never, never touch a girl unless she asks you, and then you do EXACTLY as she says, understand? Or if you don't, then you'll be really punished in a way you won't ever forget! Now,” in gentler tones, "isn't she nice and soft?" I nodded, rapt.

"This is the prettiest thing you'll ever do, so you've got to do whatever she tells you. Understand?" I nodded again. “Lisa, tell Joanie to kiss you on the butt.” Lisa's voice came out muffled and giggly, but she said firmly "Joanie, kiss my butt!" I slowly leaned over, and kissed it. “Kiss it again! All over!" So I did. When Lisa was done, Collette came over and eagerly lay down and lifted her own dress and commanded me "Kiss my butt!” She giggled and laughed too, but she also seemed to enjoy it more.


The last time Johnny had been over was great! My mother had spanked him, and turned his butt red, and then made him like it! I had spanked him too, and I still thought about the lovely way his butt "smacked" when I hit it, and the way it felt in my hand. It had gotten all warm and hot, and I knew how much that hurts.

I had been scared when Mrs. Burl walked in and Lisa spilled the beans, but she only seemed happier than before. We had all sat down and spanked Johnny together. Mrs. Burl had even held Johnny when it was my turn. It was real nice the way his butt was red, and the way he bounced on his mother's lap whenever I spanked him. It made me feel a little strange down in my legs.

Mom didn't talk about what had happened. She just never mentioned the subject. Lisa and I talked about it several times, and it was almost as good as doing it again. Lisa's such a tomboy I think that she just liked the hitting part. Mom eventually called Lisa and I into the kitchen one day, and had a talk with us. “Johnny's coming over to play tomorrow. Will you be glad to see him again?" Lisa and I both grinned, and said, "Oh yes." I added a comment about "Wait until I get his butt this time!,” and Mom laughed. Mom went on, "Mrs. Burl thinks that Johnny needs a little 'training' in behavior.”

“When he comes over tomorrow he'll already be in a dress. Whenever he's wearing a dress, you must call him 'Joanie', and call him 'her' or 'she' and treat her just like a girl. Of course she'll still be a boy, but Mrs. Burl wants you to teach her to act just like a girl whenever she's dressed. You must teach her to obey whatever you say, as soon as you say it." Lisa had a question, "If she doesn't do what we want, can we spank her?" "Yes dear, as much as you want. However, you must ask me first before spanking her, or I won't let you play with her this way. Can you remember all of this?" Lisa and I both agreed, and spent an hour discussing what we were going to do when 'Joanie' came over.

We were upstairs in my room when Joanie arrived. She came up and knocked at the door, and I said, "Joanie! I'm soooo glad to see you!" She blushed when I said this, and walked into the room. She was wearing an old dress of mine, and looked OK, but she could look better. Lisa and I had already picked out the first dress, and started taking all of Joanie's clothes off. Joanie moved wherever we told her, and stayed in that position while we worked on her. When she was naked, I looked over at Lisa and grinned, and then patted Joanie's butt. Lisa put her hand on the other side, and rubbed it too. We both giggled when Joanie twitched it, and she giggled too.

We dressed Joanie up, and I put a little of my make-up on her. She looked better with some peach lip-stick on. We didn't put any panties on her, since she was in my room. When we were done, Lisa wanted to spank her, "Do you want a spanking, Joanie?" Joanie nodded, and replied, "I like feeling your hands. You can spank me all you want." I felt that funny feeling again, and I wanted to spank her too, but I reminded Lisa we had to ask mom first.

We all went downstairs. Mom was doing some cleaning, and I asked "Joanie wants a spanking. Can we give her one now?" Mom looked at Joanie, and said, "My, doesn't she look nice. You'll have to wait a few minutes before I can come up. While you're waiting, why don't you make Joanie stand in your room with her dress held up? I'm sure you can think of some things to do until I get there!" So we made Joanie stand in the room with her dress held up. She liked that, because Lisa and I patted her butt. Lisa also touched his thing a few times. I touched his dick too, and pulled it a little. It felt different, and I wondered if Mom would let us play with that part.

Mom came in and sat down on the bed. She looked at Joanie for a minute, and then said, "That looks comfortable.” She stood up and took her own panties off and sat down again. I thought Joanie's eyes were going to bug out! Mom was really smiling when she called Joanie over, and pulled up her dress before leaning him over. She let her lay right over her bare legs. Mom was really teasing her, and poor Joanie didn't know what to do! This was almost as good as spanking. Mom spanked her good then, but I knew I could do better. But Mom called over Lisa first, and helped her with some hints. Lisa asked if we could take off our panties too, and we both did. It was my turn then. It felt strange to be naked under my dress, while spanking a boy on my mother's lap. I spanked Joanie long and hard, and it was really neat.

When I was done, I looked at Joanie. She was standing up now, and I thought about his dick again. It had been so good spanking his butt, that I asked Mom about it: "Can I spank him anywhere?" Mom wasn't sure what I meant, so I touched Joanie right on her dick in front of Mom, and Mom didn't even care! Mom said we couldn't, not until we were older, and I couldn't wait until we WERE older so we could do even more things with Joanie.

Lisa wanted to have Joanie spank her, but mom said Absolutely Not! She had Lisa lie down, and showed us how we could make Joanie kiss our butts. She kissed Lisa's until it was pink and wet all over. I didn't wait for Mom to ask me, I lay down and enjoyed it as Joanie kissed my butt like I told her.


I didn't go over as often as I used to, because of school and friends. I usually saw the girls about four or five times a year. Every time I did go over, though, they'd dress me up. Sometimes they'd spank me, and sometimes they'd make me kiss their butts. Sometimes I didn't get spanked or get to do anything else, and sometimes of course I didn't even get to dress up. We did other things; barbecues, pool parties, Fourth of July, etc.

But I did get pretty good at dressing as a girl, and moving and talking like one and so forth. Sometimes my mom would come over early, and everyone would take a turn spanking me. My mom never made me kiss her butt, though she'd watch the girls and laugh when I did it to them.


Joanie was developing into a nice young lady. The girls were having fun, too. They were still dressing her up, but had started some other fun and games as well. Joanie liked to be spanked, and sometimes I'd join in when I was there. The girls almost always took off their panties when they spanked her, and I could see her eyes follow them around. Linda had taught Joanie well, she would do almost anything they asked without question. They'd even taught Joanie to kiss and lick their little rears! We often got together as families, too. Johnny always behaved (and sometimes miss-behaved) exactly as a boy at these times. The strange thing was that Collette and Lisa and Johnny were just as good friends as they were when he was Joanie. There was a real attachment between the three of them, and I could see it was strong.


Of course, Collette and Lisa changed in the next years to follow. I got to see their bras and panties and stuff, but I never got to see any of the stuff inside closer up. Even when I was kissing their butt, I didn't really get to see the other parts. Mrs. Sharlton was used to having me around too. I used to see her in her bra and panties sometimes as she moved around in her room or came in to see what was happening. But I never really got a good look at her, either.

The next really big change came when I was a little more than 12. I was starting to change myself, and Collette was now 16 and Lisa was 15. I was really getting more and more interested in what their shapes were, and they were getting more and more secretive, which I guess is natural for girls.

Anyway, we were playing dress-up again, for the first time in a long time. It must have been over six months since we had last played. Collette and Lisa were dressing me in much more sophisticated clothes. They had just put a heavy training bra on me, and started giggling. Lisa said, "Well, I guess we'll have to put some Kleenex in to make it shape right!” I wasn't one to pass up a chance at a remark, so I gave her a sly look and said "Yeah, that's what you use, right?" Lisa looked at me, and then looked at me a little closer, and then looked at me with a look that said "prey.” She unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled it aside to show the front of her bra. I could see faint pink circles showing through, but that was all as it was a padded like mine. It had a little pink ribbon and a little plastic hook on the front. She looked at me again, and giggled, and pulled open the hook. I could see the valley between her breasts, but that was all. Collette was giggling, and then Lisa started giggling too.


Mom had had several talks with me, about changes, and breasts, and my vagina, and what they were for and about sex. She had given me several books, some with pictures, and I had looked at them and understood what it was all about, but I'd never really felt any different.

Then we were dressing Joanie one day, and she said I "had Kleenex in my bra.” We were always joking around and talking when we played, but this hit me - Joanie was also a boy! And he wanted to see my breasts! I got a bit tingly inside, and my bra seemed tighter and warmer suddenly. I looked at him, and thought "Why not?” Mom had always said we could play whatever we wanted to with Joanie.

I unbuttoned my blouse, and Joanie just looked at me with those big eyes of hers. Collette was looking at me too, but she was smiling her "I dare you" smile, so I did it. I put my hand up to my bra, and pulled apart the hook so it hung open a little. That didn't help much, because my chest still felt warm and tight. My legs were tingling too. That's when Mom walked in.


Mrs. Sharlton was in her bedroom. She came in to see what was so funny, and found us there. Lisa was almost ready to open her bra the whole way when she walked in. Having Mrs. Sharlton there was even more galvanizing, and for the first time I had a "male reflex.” Dad had talked to me about it, but I hadn't really understood everything, so I didn't really know what was happening to me.

Mrs. Sharlton watched our tableaux for a few minutes, with a slight provocative smile on her face. She noticed right off that I was having an erection - after all, I was wearing a tight formal evening gown of sheer nylon, and they're not built to contain that type of movement! A minute or so later, Lisa looked down from my face, and almost gasped! She started breathing a bit harder, and that's when Mrs. Sharlton started talking.

"Well, it's time to stop playing games! Girls! Listen to me. Joanie! It’s time that you learned how to treat a woman!" With those words, she walked over to the bed and sat down. She was breathing a little harder, and her eyes sparkled. She stood up again, and pulled up her dress, and pulled down her panties! She sat down again, and told me to come over. She pulled up on my dress, but it was a tight fit, so she told me to take it off. Collette came over and unzipped it, and I stood in front of Mrs. Sharlton in a bra and panties. My hard-on was pushing through the cotton crotch, away from my body.

Mrs. Sharlton looked at Lisa, and said, "Go get a small bucket of ice from the kitchen, honey. And some towels from the bathroom." We waited in silence until Lisa returned, and then Mrs. Sharlton pulled down my panties. I was embarrassed, I didn't know what was happening, and I tried to hide my hard-on with my hand. Mrs. Sharlton reached over and knocked my hand away, "We want to see it, Joanie dear. Don't do anything unless we tell you to!” Collette and Lisa moved to the side to get a better view. They were all flush faced, but giggling too.

She looked up at my face, and said sweetly, "The girls didn't tell you to do this, did they dear?" I mumbled, "No ma'am.” "Well, then you know what happens when you're bad, don't you?" I answered back, "Yes ma'am.” She pulled me over her lap, and then motioned Lisa away from the side my face was on. “Take off your shirt, dear. Now take off your bra. Collette, give her that new shirt I bought you a few weeks ago. The white one. Put that on, Lisa. Now come over here," and she motioned to the floor next to my face.

"Now, honey, do you want to see Joanie get excited?" Lisa nodded. “Now, slowly open your blouse, a little bit at a time." As Lisa opened her blouse, her mother SMACKED me hard on the ass. It felt good! Lisa opened her blouse all the way, and I could see all of her breasts. She took them in her hands, and massaged them a little bit. Every few seconds Mrs. Sharlton would SMACK me on the ass. Lisa was starting to breathe real hard, and turn a dull red. Mrs. Sharlton stopped her, and said, "Now YOU spank him!”

Lisa hurried over and brought her hand back and hit my ass. “Harder, dear, harder! As hard as you can!” Lisa hit as hard as she could, and boy did it hurt! It also felt really good! Lisa must have spanked me for a good five minutes before she slowed down. Mrs. Sharlton smiled a very knowing smile, and said, "That's the best way to treat a boy! I'll teach you some more tricks in a few minutes. But first we have to take care of Joanie!”

She rolled me onto the floor, so that I was standing on my feet. My panties were around my knees, and my face was red with excitement! My butt was red from both excitement and the spanking; it hurt and felt good all at the same time. My erection was harder than ever, and jutted out from my body. Of course, I was only 12, so it wasn't much of an erection.

"Collette, come over here. Remember asking about spanking this years ago?" Collette nodded. She was wide-eyed, and staring at my penis. “Well, now's the time! You can't spank it, or you'll damage it, but you CAN have fun!” Mrs. Sharlton reached her hand around my front. Lisa moved over to see, too, and she had a smile on her face. Mrs. Sharlton put her hand around my balls, surrounding them, and squeezed gently. “This is where the sperm is made. They're sensitive like your nipples, but even more so." Collette reached over to try it, and her mother moved her hand away. She smiled approval at her daughter as she fingered my balls, moving them this way and that in their sacks.

Lisa reached over too, and they shared them both. Collette then took the ball she was holding, and started squeezing! I gasped as the fire started, and leaned backwards so that my hips jutted outward. Mrs. Sharlton smiled, "Isn't he such a little slut?” Lisa nodded, and squeezed the other one. “That's enough, dear; there are lots more to do! But first, we'll have to cool Joanie down if we want to play any more with her. Collette, get the ice." Collette brought the ice, and her mother picked up a cube, and placed it gently against my balls. It felt good; both fiery and cold after the squeezing and spanking.

Soon, my erection was gone and I was back to normal. Mrs. Sharlton put down the ice cube, and cupped my little dick in her hands. “It's much cuter this way, isn't it? Though it can be fun when it's hard, too. You can still squeeze it when it's soft. Collette, now you can spank the top part, or pinch the very end a bit." Collette nodded, and eagerly reached out to cup me. She squeezed the whole thing, and then pulled the head towards her until it was stretched. She pinched the end, and then brought her other hand slapping against it! She played a few more minutes, and then reluctantly let go.

Mrs. Sharlton looked at Collette. She knew that it wasn't enough, yet. “Why don't you take off your blouse, dear? Leave your panties on for awhile. Lisa, come over here and hold this. You can squeeze it or pinch it, and spank her too, but if she does anything she's not supposed to, make it hurt real hard!" She turned towards Collette, who had her top off. She was better developed than Lisa, and different, too. Her breasts were heavier and softer and sagged a little bit, and the nipples were dark and big while Lisa's were pink and small. The very center of the nipple was sticking out.

Mrs. Sharlton looked at Collette’s breasts, and then turned to me and said, "Lick the ends!" I reached over, and put my hands around Collette’s waist, and... Mrs. Sharlton dug her nails in my butt, HARD, and said, "I didn't tell you to touch her! Only your tongue!" I started back, and then leaned forward again. I licked her nipples and tasted them and sucked the ends like I was told. Collette put her hands on my head and guided me where she wanted me. The feel of her breast in my mouth, and Lisa's hands on my butt and dick, made me hot and trembling all over. Occasionally Collette would gasp, or pull my hair a bit, or Lisa would pinch harder or spank harder. Collette’s nipples were harder and bigger and warmer now. I didn't want it to ever end. Mrs. Sharlton had other ideas, however.

"Collette, stop him now. Joanie, get on your hands and knees." I sank to the floor, glad for the support. Mrs. Sharlton pulled Collette in front of her, and pulled her panties down to the floor. “Lie on the bed dear, and he'll lick your butt." She lay down on her stomach, with her legs together, like she always used to do. “A little closer to the edge. That's right. Joanie, lick her butt all over! Lisa, his butt is there for you!" I eagerly buried my face in her butt cheeks. Lisa was alternately stroking my own butt gently and then slapping it, with a slight sting. Collette was moaning in a sort of funny way.

Mrs. Sharlton reached over, and spread Collette’s ass cheeks apart. “Kiss the hole, Joanie. Lick it real good! That's it. That's a good boy." I licked Collette’s asshole, which I'd never done before. I kissed it and licked it and tasted the flavors. I'd never seen her this close! "Collette, open your legs now. All the way, as wide as you can. Joanie, keep licking. Lick her hair, Joanie." Mrs. Sharlton pushed my head closer to the bed, into Collette’s pussy hair. It smelled hot and sweaty and salty. She moved my head around by pulling on my hair, so I licked around Collette’s legs, and then sucked on her hairs, and back up to her asshole, and down to her pussy lips! Mrs. Sharlton kept moving my head around to where she wanted it by pulling on my hair! I loved it, and suddenly Collette starting jerking her legs a bit and moaning and it got even more wet. Then I felt her whole body relax.

I got even more excited and tried to push my mouth deeper into Collette when I suddenly felt my butt being slapped real hard. I pulled back, and looked up into Lisa's face. Lisa had a real happy grin on her face, and she was all sweaty all over. Mrs. Sharlton had an amused smile on her face, too, and she said, "You're a good boy, Joanie. We'll make you into a real good boy. Now we'd better take care of you again." She stood me up, and my thing was all hard again, even harder, so hard it was red and throbbing. Lisa quickly got a piece of ice, and without prodding from her mother placed it against my balls. It started melting right away, and she rubbed the cold water all over my balls and dick. It felt good, but quickly became wrinkled and soft. “Oh, I love it! It feels so squishy soft like this!" Lisa gasped.

As soon as I was soft, Lisa lay down on the other side of her mother. I quickly knelt down, without being told, and kissed her ass cheeks and between them, and swiftly worked down to her cunt. She had soft golden cunt hair, and there was less of it. Her juices were easier to lick. As soon as I started licking her pussy, she turned over, and pulled my face between her legs. This was an easier way to lick her. Mrs. Sharlton was gently rubbing my swollen and red butt, and occasionally reaching down between my legs and stroking my dick which was hard again.

Lisa started moving, too, and moaning, and then relaxed. Mrs. Sharlton moved me away by pulling backwards on my dick; I didn't have any choice but follow. When I was far enough away, she let go, and I sat on my heels on the floor.


Joanie made a funny remark about Lisa when we were putting a bra on her. I thought Lisa was going to hit Joanie, but instead she opened her shirt to show her bra. I didn't believe she was doing this, and I knew she was thinking about taking it off all the way. She had actually unbuttoned it when Mom walked in.

I thought that maybe we had gone too far, because we hadn't asked her first. When I talked with my girl friends at school, we wondered what it would be like. Even to go all the way. That's when I looked at Joanie, and looked down. I knew what it was from peeking at the boys in my class, but I wasn't expecting to see it on Joanie! I guess my eyes went a little wide, though I tried to keep my cool about it.

Mom said we weren't going to play games anymore, and then she made Joanie take off her clothes. I thought at first she meant we had to stop, but then she pulled down Joanie's panties and actually let us look at her dick! It didn't look the same anymore. Instead of being soft and cuddly it was hard and sticking out. Mom slapped Joanie's hands when she tried to hide it, and said "You have to let us see it, dear!" I guess both Lisa and I were giggling with shock and I know I felt like we were doing something naughty, knew it was naughty, and were going to do it anyway.

Mom asked Joanie if we had told her to have it get hard. How could we when we didn't know it could? Then she said "We're going to spank you because they didn't tell you to do it." I wondered if Mom was feeling like Lisa and I were, because she was flushed and breathing faster too.

She made Joanie get on her lap, like she was going to spank her. Then she didn't, but told Lisa to put on one of my blouses. Lisa took off her bra and put in on, and then Mom had Lisa stand where Joanie could see her. Mom asked Lisa, "Do you want to see Joanie get excited?" I could tell she did! So Lisa took off her blouse and touched her breasts while Joanie was looking. Mom was spanking Joanie, a lot harder than she usually does, but Joanie seemed to like it even more. Joanie couldn't take her eyes off of Lisa for a second.

Not only Joanie was getting excited, but Lisa obviously was, too. She was turning pink and breathing heavy, and I could tell she was touching her breasts more for her own excitement than Joanie's. I guess Mom saw this too, because she had Lisa stop and come over and spank Joanie. I had never seen her so eager to do it and she really let loose. She was spanking him as hard as she could, and turned his ass so red that her hands were leaving white marks! I could definitely smell Lisa now, and she smelled like I did when I touched myself in bed, but different. When she finally stopped, I could see that her panties were almost soaking! I had been turned on watching Mom spank Joanie, but now I was almost feverish with all the heat I felt.

When Lisa finally stopped, Mom smiled and said, "We'll have to take care of Joanie, and then we'll teach her some new tricks." Joanie stood on the floor, and we could see that her little dick was harder than ever. Her butt was a livid red. She had never been spanked that hard before.

Mom reached out and put her hand all around Joanie's dick and balls.

She said, "Do you remember asking about this?" I nodded yes, and she said "Well now's the time to have fun with it! We can't spank it, but it's still fun!" Mom moved her hands to Joanie's little sack, and then squeezed a bit. She told us that they were sensitive. I reached over, and Mom watched me put my hands on it. I moved the balls around in the sack, and then Lisa took the other one in her hand. I started squeezing the one I had, and Joanie gasped with pain and stuck her hips out towards us. Lisa started squeezing the other one, but Mom made us stop it.

I went over and brought the ice to my mother, and she showed us how to make the dick soft again by rubbing ice all over it. It was all small and wrinkly and wet when she was done. Mom thought it was cuter this way, and squeezed it again. Then she told me, "You can pull it or squeeze or pinch it when it's soft,” and I did it. I pulled it out, and took my nails and pinched the end with them, and used my other hand to slap it a few times. I squeezed the middle, too, and the balls again, and pulled them until the sacks were tight. Joanie just stood there and gasped while I did what I wanted with her.

I took my shirt off, and then Joanie started licking my nipples. Mom dug her nails into Joanie's butt when she tried to hold me, and I could see the deep marks and scratches afterward. My breasts were hot and heavy, and I moved Joanie's mouth and tongue from one to the other and back again. I pulled on her hair. I was watching Lisa spank Joanie while she kissed me, and reach out and tug Joanie's dick harder and harder. The best part was watching Lisa do that to Joanie while feeling Joanie's lips do what I wanted.

Mom had me lie down on the bed, and I thought she was just going to have Joanie kiss my butt again. Still, anything was better at this point because I felt so hot. Joanie did that, and then Mom grabbed my ass and opened it up and made Joanie lick down there! I felt good, and I liked making Joanie actually lick my asshole! Then Mom started moving Joanie's head around, and told me to open my legs, and made Joanie lick and kiss my pussy.

I couldn't believe that this was happening, and it felt so good! It was much better than when I touched myself. I was all hot and sticky down there, and soon my hips and legs were moving, and then I came all over Joanie's face! It took a few minutes before I could move again, and when I turned over there was Lisa on the bed and Joanie was licking her!

Lisa was lying on her back and Joanie was licking her pussy. Joanie was really seeing it all now. I just laid there and watched. Mom was gently stroking Joanie's butt and occasionally her dick. After Lisa came, Mom moved Joanie away by pulling on her dick; Joanie didn't have a choice but follow! Joanie stood up then, and Lisa got the ice this time and put it on Joanie. She rubbed it all over her dick until it was soft and wrinkly again. Lisa loved squeezing Joanie's dick when it was soft!


Collette was leaning on her elbows, lying on her back on the bed with her legs spread open. She was still flushed, but happy looking. Lisa was flat on her back, and Mrs. Sharlton was sitting up. She looked like she was having fun, and was amused. I was on the floor, and my thingy was all hard and throbbing again.

Without thinking, I reached to stroke myself. Mrs. Sharlton gently slapped my cheek, and said "I didn't give you permission to do anything yet! You wait right there, and we'll play some more in a few minutes!" When the girls had all caught their breath, Mrs. Sharlton started talking again. “Wasn't that fun? That's the right way to treat a little girl like Joanie. We can train her to be a real good toy, and do everything she's told." Lisa immediately jumped in, "This is going to be great!,” and Collette thoughtfully nodded her head. Collette said, "We should dress her up - she's absolutely scandalous right now! We'll get some really sexy stuff for her." Mrs. Sharlton nodded her head, "We'll make her absolutely ravishing, but be sure to leave her panties off."


My mom said, "This is fun! This is the right way to treat Joanie, and we can train her to do everything we want!" Lisa thought it was great. I did too, because I was thinking about all the things I'd make Joanie do now, and all the things I'd do to her, too.

I looked at Joanie, and she was naked except for the bra. She looked very happy, but wasn't looking very pretty right now, because her ass was all red and scratched and her dick was red and hard again. I told Lisa, "We should make her look really sexy now." So we dressed her, in as sexy stuff as we had. We kept touching her and stroking her too. Lisa and I were still naked when Mrs. Burl finally came over to pick Joanie up.


It had seemed like days, but had only been about an hour since Mrs. Sharlton had walked in on us. The girls and their mother spent the next hour dressing me up again, making me look really pretty. They put me in black nylons, with a garter belt, and a black lacy bra, and a slinky black dress. They did up eyebrows and lashes, and my lips got a sweet pink coloring and a touch of powder on my face and around the top of my bra. The girls were still mostly naked, and smelled all steamy. Every once in a while they'd lift my dress, and smack my bottom, or pull on my dick. It was hard keeping the dress in place when my dick moved! They were almost done when my mother called up, "Are you all up there?"

Mrs. Sharlton answered, "We're having fun, come on up!” My mother came in, and stopped in astonishment. The girls were naked and sweaty, and I was all dressed up and perfect. She looked at the girls, and then looked real hard at me, and smiled and said, "She's so perfect the way he is! Did you all have fun today? What happened?" Mrs. Sharlton grinned, and lifted my dress so my rear showed. It was all red, and had some scratch marks, and was swollen a bit. My mother laughed, "I see you've been training her today!" Mrs. Sharlton grinned even more, and turned me around so that my hard little dick showed. “Oh no, " my mother cried, "That’ll ruin the dress!" "Don't worry," said Mrs. Sharlton, "we'll take care of it so it doesn't show." Lisa gushed, "She's so pretty right now, and she acted so good for my sister and me!" Collette chimed in, "I'd like to keep her around for a few weeks!”

Momma ran her hands over my butt, which was tender and sore. I pulled away a bit, while simultaneously saying, "Please Mom, can I stay?” Mrs. Sharlton looked at my mother, and she looked at me. Mom said, "What have you been told about not doing anything without permission? You moved without asking, and talked to me when you shouldn't. Linda, would you please?" My mother looked at Mrs. Sharlton, and nodded her head. Mrs. Sharlton said, "Sure. Joanie, bend over with your dress up." I quickly bent over, and she swatted me. Collette and Lisa also took quick turns, and then my mother gave me the last few smacks.

After it was over, I stood up again, and let the dress fall in place. My mother looked at me thoughtfully, "He looks so pretty. It seems a shame to put him back in his regular clothes. Hmmm. His father's away on a trip for two weeks. Why shouldn't I take him home like this, and tell everyone it's my niece who's visiting?" Mrs. Sharlton said "Why not? It would be good practice for her."

Collette was upset, though, "I wanted to see her for awhile!” My mother replied, "Well, you can always come over and visit, and I can bring her back. That's no problem. Why don't we do that? But I think we should let her rest a day, I'm sure she's going to be sore tomorrow!" she laughed. Mrs. Sharlton said "That's a good idea! And the girls can go over tomorrow and nurse her! Wouldn't that be a treat?" "Mmmm," my mother said, "sure, why not? I can watch them and keep them generally out of trouble. Girls, why don't you watch Joanie for a little bit while your mother and I talk?" They went into Mrs. Sharlton bedroom, and came back a few minutes later. “It's all settled. Your mother will drop off you girls about noon tomorrow. See you then. Come on, Joanie, it's time to leave."


I walked in, and there was Joanie in absolutely the sexiest clothes I've ever seen her in. The girls were naked, instead of Joanie, for a change, and they had a look that said they'd done more than give Joanie a spanking. I immediately felt warm myself. I smiled at everybody, and told them how perfect Joanie looked. I didn't say anything about the way they looked! I asked if everyone had fun today, and "Tell me everything you did!" Linda lifted the back of Joanie's dress. She was wearing black nylons and a garter belt, which showed off her red and scratched ass. They had really given her a spanking.

I could tell by the way Linda looked that she was turned on, maybe even more than I was. I laughed out of sheer horniness, and said, "You've been giving her some real training today!" That's when Linda turned Joanie around and showed me her dick! She had a little hard-on! "Oh, no," I said, "she can't wear a dress!" I was amazed at the sense of loss I felt at losing my "little girl.” Linda grinned, "Don't worry; we'll still be able to dress her. We'll just make sure it doesn't show." Lisa added, "She's so pretty, and she was so good for us, can we keep her with us?" I had no doubt that Joanie had indeed "been good" to the two sisters.

I walked over to see how bad Joanie's rear was, but it must have been very tender because she pulled away when I tried to touch. At the same time, she obviously didn't mind too much because she said, "Please, Mom, I'd like to stay?” I was a little hurt that Joanie had moved away from me, and looked over at Linda, who raised an eyebrow, and I said, "What have you been told about not doing anything without permission? You moved without asking, and talked to me when you shouldn't. Linda, would you please?" Linda nodded with a pleased smile, and had Joanie over her knee in a second! Collette and Lisa took a quick turn, with obvious relish, and I gave her a few light smacks myself.

I looked at Joanie when we were done, and thought for a second. He did look so pretty, and was so obedient. And, his father was away on a business trip...., "She looks so pretty. It seems a shame to put her back in his regular clothes. Hmmm. His father's away on a trip for two weeks. Why don't I take her home like this, and tell everyone it's my niece who's visiting?" Collette looked disappointed, and told me, "I wanted to play with her some more." I'm sure I know what type of playing she had in mind. But, "You can always come over to visit, dear, or I can bring her over here. Why not? It'll be fun for all of us! I think we should have Joanie rest tomorrow, though, she looks like she's going to be quite sore." Linda grinned, "I can agree with that. Why don't you have the girls 'nurse' her tomorrow? They should learn how to take care of their toys!" she laughed.

Linda and I left the room to talk, while Joanie got ready to go home. I asked Linda about the day’s events. She told me in detail about how she how walked in and found Lisa undressing and Joanie with her little hard-on. She added, "I knew that if I didn't do something, then a lot more was going to happen that we weren't ready for yet. I gave Joanie a real good spanking while Lisa teased him by showing her breasts off. She was so hot by the time she was done that she must have given Joanie the spanking of her life! I've never seen Joanie enjoy it so much, either. I thought she was going to explode it all over my leg, so we cooled her down real quick with an ice cube in the strategic location." Linda winked at me.

"I then taught Joanie how to lick more than just a pretty girls butt." She stopped and laughed again. “Joanie started off with Collette’s breasts, and then finished her off real good. Lisa couldn't wait for her turn. Joanie buried her face in Lisa's pussy like she was going for the gold! I thought she was never going to come up for air! The rest of the day was tame compared to that. I doubt that any of the three will even consider looking 'elsewhere' for release. They're all quite happy with each other." I nodded thoughtfully, and replied, "Yes, you're right about that. It'll keep the girls out of trouble, and Joanie will get an excellent education too. Better the devil you know and I think it's a very good idea to have some control over what they do learn and do, don't you?"

Linda nodded, "Well, you can definitely say that none of them are repressed. I prefer that myself. And," she laughed again, "Joanie's very trainable. I've been getting a thrill out of it myself." She looked me straight in the eye, "Be honest, don't you get turned on by it?" I nodded, "Of course. Joanie is very becoming as a young lady, and the thought of her wearing garters and stockings is definitely doing something to my hormones. If he weren't my son...." I trailed off. Linda looked at me, and then "But Joanie isn't your son, is she? And it doesn't hurt to train her, does it? I mean, we can't do everything the girls will eventually wind up doing, but keeping a hand in matters should be OK!" I guess I didn't need much talking into it, for it only took me a few minutes to agree.

I stood in thought for a minute, and then remembered, "But what did Joanie do today? Did she 'do it all'?" Linda laughed again, "That was part of the fun! She didn't even get to touch herself! Besides, I thought you might want to decide what we do about that?" "Yes, that would be very exciting. Maybe the girls and I can do something about Joanie tomorrow... I'm sure they'd like to see it." Linda laughed, "I'm sure 'something' will happen way before tomorrow. I doubt Joanie can hold it in by herself!" I laughed too, and then said, "Well, I'll just make sure it doesn't." We joined the three 'girls', and told Collette and Lisa they could come over tomorrow. I told Joanie we were going, and she followed me out to the car.

She was so lovely sitting there in the car, and I couldn't help but contrast that with the wild scene that had happened at Linda's. I was thinking about what Linda had said all the way home.


I demurely followed my mother out to our car, being careful to keep in my role. We chatted about this and that, but my mom didn't really ask me anything about what had happened that day.

When we got home, she fixed us dinner, we watched some TV. About 9 PM, she told me it was time to get ready for bed.


I made dinner, and then we watched TV. I wasn't paying any attention, as my thoughts were on Joanie, and the real Johnny, and what had happened today. I was very turned on by what I saw, and kept returning to what Linda had told me, "but Joanie isn't your son, is she?” I also thought about how to keep Joanie from having an 'accident' tonight. It would be special if she had her first ejaculation with the girls; that would bond them all together even more.

As far as the girls went, I was happy. It was obvious that Collette and Lisa and Johnny and Joanie were all more than friends. They obviously loved each other as well. I know it wasn't 'romantic' love, and it wasn't 'brother/sister' love although some of that was there. It was a deep bond, and they behaved as if they were all one. It didn't matter whether it was Johnny or Joanie, either, as I mentioned earlier. They still got along when he was Johnny, and were as deeply attached, but treated each other differently. That's why I speak of the four of them; Collette and Lisa and Johnny and Joanie. There was a distinction, and none of the children seemed to have any trouble switching back and forth.

Johnny was a perfectly normal boy; I'd noticed his growing interest in girls over the last six months. His reactions in that matter were perfectly normal for a boy his age. 'Johnny' thought of other girls besides Linda's, and his comments sometimes caught me off-guard (like the time we were at the mall, and I saw him watch a girl walk-by and teased him about it, he said, "She's blonde like Lisa, but her butt is bigger." He kept on watching until she was past, though!).

Joanie was a perfectly lovely young lady. She acted like a young lady in public, except of course she wasn't interested in dolls very much, or talking about boys. She did like looking at clothes, and eyed the latest fashions as we walked by. Of course, we would never be able to take her to the beach or to exercise class! As I thought over all of this, I was still undecided what I was going to do.


She told me to wait, and went in and started my bath. She called me in, told me she was going to help me since I'd probably be sore. She helped me lift up my dress, and step out of my garters and stockings. I was a bit tender. She got out some lotion, and motioned me to turn. “This will help the discomfort, and make you heal quicker." It felt strange to have her run her hands over my butt, and when she reached over to rub my dick I was embarrassed when it got hard again, real quick. She noticed, and smiled at me, and said, "Don't worry, dear. Now jump into the bath, and when we're done we'll put more lotion on." She stayed and watched me while I washed, and then helped dry my back afterwards. She put the lotion on me again, and I was embarrassed again, but she only smiled.


I couldn't wait anymore. I was still unsure and undecided and very excited. The banal TV shows were irritating me. I told Joanie "It's time I put you to bed, dear. You've had a very exhausting day, I'm sure. Wait here and I'll call you in a minute." I went into the bathroom and ran a bubble bath for Joanie. I don't usually do this, but then again I usually don't have Joanie as a house-guest. I called her in, and helped her out of her dress. She moved a little stiffly, and I knew she must be sore.

I found some healing lotion, and told Joanie to turn around. I spread it gently over her rear. She squirmed as I rubbed it on her. I saw her face was turning pink. I turned her around again, and looked at her dick. It was raw and over-worked too. I rubbed the lotion on it, and it immediately jumped up. I felt a little warm, and looked up to see that Joanie was embarrassed as well as horny. I told her, "Don't worry, dear, it's all right." I watched her take a bath for two reasons: I didn't want to leave her, and to make sure she didn't touch herself and have an 'accident'. When she was done, I helped dry her back. I couldn't resist rubbing the lotion on her again, and spent a little extra time on her dick this time, making sure that I got everywhere; the head and shaft and all her sack. I smiled at Joanie and she was embarrassed, but she was definitely aroused.


She walked into my bedroom with me, and told me, "I'll help you into bed tonight, dear. You were pretty excited today, and we don't want any accidents to happen, do we?" She laughed gently, and added, "We're going to have another special day tomorrow, and for the next two weeks!" She made sure I was lying on my back, between the sheets, and then said, "I'm going to take my shower now, dear, so be a good girl. Don't touch anything, and I'll be in before I go to bed to say good-night." She turned off the lights and left the room, and I could hear the shower running. I lay very still, with my hands by my side. I was thinking about the day's events, and my dick was making a tent in the sheet.


I put Joanie in her bed, and went to take my own shower. I touched myself, but it just wasn't enough tonight. I quickly finished and got out.

I still had to make sure Joanie didn't have any accidents, and I knew how to do that from when Johnny had had a case of poison ivy. I'd tie her hands to the bed posts so she couldn't touch herself.


The shower stopped running, and a few minutes later my mother walked back in. She was wearing her regular white-terry robe, which I'd seen plenty of times before. It had short sleeves and came down to her knees and overlapped and tied in the front. She was holding some old nylon stockings. “I think these will be OK. We have to make some preparations tonight, so there won't be any accidents. Now place your hands by the posts." She gently but firmly tied my hands to the corner posts, in a big "Y,” and then lifted the other end of the sheet and tied my feet to the bottom corner posts, so that my legs were spread apart. She was telling me that she was glad I had been a good girl today. As she moved about, her terry robe kept shifting, and I was having a hard time trying to avoid staring at what wasn't showing. I could tell that the front of the robe was open a bit, and I was hoping to see the valley between her breasts.

After she finished with the ropes she smoothed the sheets over me. She tried to smooth the "bump,” and laughed, "Well, I guess you were a good boy today too!” She moved over and sat by my side so that we were close together. “Well, I was proud of you. You're a lovely girl, and I guess you're growing to be a man, too. You'll always be my baby, though." She laughed again, and leaned down to hug my head to her chest. I could feel the damp warmth from her shower, and burrowed my head between her breasts. I could actually feel some of her skin, and she was heavenly warm and sweet smelling. “Why, yes you are my baby,” she laughed. She looked at me, and asked, "Did you like the girls today?" I nodded between her breasts, and she laughed again. “Let me hold you close!" She opened her robe a bit more, and pressed her arms together until I felt her bare breast against my cheek. With one hand, she gently pushed her breast until her nipple was in front of my eye, and then moved my head towards her. I took her nipple in my mouth, and touched it with my tongue and tasted how warm and sweet it was.


I put on my old terry robe, and went and found some old nylons of mine, and walked into Joanie's room. She was still lying as I'd left her. Joanie's eyes were looking at me, and it was a look that she'd never given me before. I felt myself starting to become wet again.

Joanie has an old-fashioned bed, with corner posts but no headboard or footboard. I tied Joanie's hands and feet to the corners of the bed.

She was laying there, arms and legs wide, and I looked at her. She'd been very obedient and gentle all day, and now she wasn't able to move unless I let her. I loved spanking that little butt, but this was something I didn't know I would also enjoy. I could see the mound from her crotch, and I knew she was still excited. I liked the thought of her being excited about me, and also because she couldn't do anything about it unless I let her. Her eyes keep trying to look down my robe as I moved around; I made sure I bent over several times, and let the robe just naturally open more by itself. As I worked, I kept telling Joanie how proud I was of her, and how much I liked the way she acted as a 'girl'.

After Joanie was tied, I smoothed the sheets so she wouldn't lie on a wrinkle. I tried to straighten the 'bump', but it only jumped more when I touched it. I laughed when I felt it, and told Joanie, "Well, I guess you're growing up to be a good boy too!”

I sat down besides Joanie, and told her again how proud and happy I was. I remembered back to when it all started, my 'little baby' walking out with Collette and Lisa that very first time long ago. I laughed at the thought, and impulsively told Joanie "You'll always be my little baby!,” and leaned down to pull her head to me. Joanie held her breath for a second, and then I realized that I held her head between my breasts in the open part of my robe. She tried to move closer, and my cunt became so wet I could feel the juices leaking out.

I was still for a second, and then asked Joanie, "Did you like the girls today? Did you like what they did to you?" She nodded her head, trying to feel even more of my breasts against her face. I laughed, and pulled her even deeper into my robe, until her cheek was against the side of my breast. I could feel her hot and heavy breath on them, and I moved my arms until my breasts were pressed against her face. My breasts had that heavy and full feeling, and my nipples were so hard they almost hurt. I reached one hand into my robe, and gently massaged it. I moved it until the nipple was by Joanie's mouth, and then pressed her onto it. She took it and sucked it and touched it with her tongue like she was tasting it. I hadn't thought that the nipple could get any harder. Yes, this was 'Joanie', and everything was all right.


My mother gently spoke to me, and asked, "Did you do this with the girls?" I nodded my head, unwilling to move away from her warm breast. She continued, "Did you like doing it with the girls?" I nodded again. “Do you like doing this to my breast?" I pulled away, but only enough to whisper "even better,” and moved against her again.

She held me for a few minutes, and then pulled away from me so she could look in my face. She smiled, slow and sexy, and asked in a low voice, "What else did you do to the girls?" I whispered back, "I licked them." "On their butts?" "Yes" "Between their legs?" "Yes" "Did you like it?" "Oh yes!" "Did you touch them there" I shook my head no, unable to speak anymore. “Did you want to touch them?" "Yes" "Do you want to touch me?" I could only nod yes. I felt very weak because I was so excited and tense and felt like I should explode.

She leaned over, and started untying my hand that was closest to her. I could feel her bare breasts against my arm. Then my hand was free, and she held it in hers. I was so tense that my butt was no longer touching the bed; my back was arched in excitement. Mom moved a little closer to me, then moved her hand, and mine within it, slowly along her leg.

She looked different; her eyes were half closed and her mouth was open and her lips looked bigger and she was talking in a low voice, "Do you want to touch me?" "Yes, please let me touch you!" I whispered. She moved her hand against herself, and then pressed my palm flat against her between her legs. I could feel her warm skin, and her hair, and it was round and soft and wet. She moved my hand, gently rubbing it all over. I didn't have any strength of my own, it was all gone. “Do you like it?" she asked. “Oh yes it's so nice don't stop please don't stop" "I won't. There's more and more yet,” and she moved my hand farther down between her legs until my palm was cupping her cunt lips.

They were all wet and soft, and I could feel them pressing against my hand. She moved my hand in a gentle circular motion, and then started pressing herself harder against my hand. She pushed my fingers until they were almost bent over, and I was almost pulling at her hair and lips. Everything felt so soft and wonderful, and then she pressed my finger inside until it was surrounded by warmth and smoothness and moistness. She pressed my hand even harder, and another finger slipped in, and then she put her fingers against mine and pushed them even deeper into her, and against her, and rocked herself back and forth on them.

I was straining to see, but her hands were covering her and I couldn't see any more. I looked at her breasts, and they were bouncing as she rocked, and the nipples stood straight out and her eyes were closed and her mouth was open and she was breathing hard and she was beautiful and I wanted to make her happy. She rocked, and then suddenly said "Stop!" and pulled my hand from within her and just held it against her for a mere second, and then she was standing and moving to the head of my bed.

She turned around and lowered her cunt until I could see it. It was right over my face and it was beautiful and soft and very wet and warm and then it covered my mouth and my tongue touched it and her whole body quivered. I pushed harder and harder and sucked and tried to touch everything inside with my tongue and she pushed harder and harder and my hand was on her soft butt holding her against me and suddenly she was very wet and my mouth was filling with juices and she was shuddering all over and moaning but not really moaning making noises and then she relaxed all over.

She moved her cunt back and forth across my face, more slowly still and then stopped but my tongue was still trying to reach her and then she was gone and then she was leaning over me and kissing me and her mouth was inside me probing against mine and this was almost as good. And then she stood and held my face between her hands and said, "I love you" and I said "I love you.”

I was utterly drained and couldn't move I was so weak but my dick was still hard and it hurt because it wanted to explode but I was so tired I couldn't even touch it. I hardly noticed when Mom tied my hand back to the bed, or left the room. The next thing I knew she was holding my head up and placed a pill in my mouth, and said "This will help you sleep,” and I swallowed it and lay still for another minute and then I must have been asleep.


I was breathing deep and slow, and asked Joanie, "Did you do this with the girls?" She nodded her head, and I continued my questions. “Do you like doing this to my breast?" She whispered "This is even better,” and then pushed her face against me again. I held her there for awhile, while I thought, and then pushed her away so I could see her face. “What else did you do to the girls?" Joanie and I were both whispering now, and her reply was low, "I kissed and licked them.” "Where did you lick them?" "On their butts" "Anywhere else?" "Between their legs." "Did you like it?" "It was so nice and warm and wet" "Did you touch them there." "I couldn't but I wanted to so bad."

I could hardly hear Joanie anymore. I was wondering what she'd say to the next question, and then I took my courage and whispered it to her, "Do you want to touch me?" Joanie only nodded, but there was a look of adoration and love and lust all mixed together on her face that I was sure she meant it. I was weak, but I reached over and untied Joanie's hand, and then placed it on my leg and moved it towards me while I watched Joanie's face. I asked her again, because I wanted to hear her again and to tease her, "Do you want to touch me?" Her voice was so low I had to strain to hear the answer, "Please please let me touch you!" And then I moved my hand all the way and placed her palm against my cunt.

It was almost like an electric shock. I had never felt this excited in my whole life. Her hand was warm and soft and pliable, and held in my own heat against me. I rubbed my hand over hers, and her hand rubbed against me. I could feel how full I was down there, and her hand sank into the soft skin. “Do you like the way it feels?” Joanie's half closed eyes opened wider, and she looked at me and said "It's so nice, please don't stop, please don't stop" and I said "I won't we'll do it more.” There was a look of nirvana on Joanie's face, and I felt like a goddess I was so hot and electrified and Joanie was tied to the bed.

I moved her hand further and further down and pressed her palm against my opened cunt lips. They felt so big and warm. I pressed her hand harder against them until she had cupped them and squeezed them and felt their fullness. I pushed even harder and then her finger slipped inside and it was like another shock. I pressed harder still and another finger slid inside and then I pressed my fingers against hers until both our fingers were inside. I pressed deeper and deeper and moved against them and held them tight against my insides. I orgasmed and kept on orgasming and moved around on them and then knew that this was only a prelude that I was going to come even more and more and I stopped and pulled her hand from within me and let it cup me for a second.

And then I knew what I wanted and I stood over Joanie and I lowered my cunt right over her face and she took it and pressed against it with her mouth and electrified it with her tongue against my pussy lips and inside and the sucking and I pushed harder and harder this was Joanie this was my son this was my son and he's fucking me and this is Joanie and this is my toy and this is my son and then I came and came and came and my legs were so weak and I never felt this way before and I couldn't stop but then I was so weak I couldn't continue and then I leaned over my son and kissed Joanie on the lips and sank my tongue deep within her mouth and I loved her so very much that my legs became weak again and she had made me so very happy and I held her face and told her I loved her and she told me "I love you".

And I stood back and realized I must be in shock because one part of me was totally numb and the other part of me was mechanical. And I looked at Joanie and realized she was the same, in shock, only she was still un-released. I tied her hand back and mechanically went to my bathroom and got two sleeping pills and went back to Joanie's bedroom and she was still awake but not really aware and I gave her one of the pills and I watched and she was asleep in a minute. And then I walked back to my bedroom and put on my nighty and lay in the dark thinking and realizing I loved Johnny and I loved Joanie and I loved Joanie as a toy and I loved being a goddess and I loved spanking her and knew I'd never loved so many people at once but it was OK because they all loved me, and then I took my sleeping pill as the night went away.


I called Maryanne early the next morning, to confirm our plans for the day. I had been so excited last night that I had almost attacked hubby when he came home and I insisted and we made love right then, even though the girls were still awake and giggling as we went upstairs. I rode him and he came but I didn't stop but continued and he came again and then finally I came and lay down on top of his chest.

Afterwards, hubby looked at me puzzled as if he was wondering what was going on. I smiled knowingly, and just said, "It's the best time of the month, and it's been too long building up." He looked surprised that I knew what he was thinking about, but sometimes men are so easy to out-guess. We stayed in bed, just laying there warm and comfortable. Hubby finally stirred enough to ask, "What about the girls?" I giggled, and told him, "You're my husband. Let them find a man of their own." He frowned for a minute, because he still thinks of them as little babies, and doesn't like to acknowledge that they've reached that age. “Not that," he said, "what about dinner?" "Oh, they're old enough to fend for themselves now. I'll wait until they're asleep, and then I'll go down and get something for us. Let's just lie here for now." He grunted assent, and we lay there drifting in-and-out of a contented sleep.

The girls were getting ready for bed; the noise in the bathroom woke me up. I walked out, closing the bedroom door behind me, to go get our supper. The girls were both in the bathroom, and giggled when they saw me because I was still naked, and needed a shower from our love-making. They knew what was what, I'd made sure of that! "Shh," I whispered as I came to the door, "you'll wake your father." They giggled again, softer this time, and then Collette asked ingenuously, "I guess you were tired, to go to bed so early? Right, Mom?" "Very." I replied with a light laugh. “After all, you two weren't the only ones in the room with Joanie." They giggled again, and I went downstairs and fixed some sandwiches. I woke up hubby and handed him a glass of light wine, and after he took a sip, a sandwich. We sat there cross-legged on the bed eating by the light of the street-lamp shining through the window. We sat and talked and laughed at each other and then he reached down between my legs as I sat there and touched me and I leaned back and we made love again. It was a wonderful night.

So I was in a bright and cheery mood that morning. I called Maryanne as soon as hubby left for work, since I was still excited about yesterday and looking forward to today. She must have been still asleep because she sounded groggy when she answered, "Hello?” I couldn't wait, so I asked her, "Well? How did it go last night?" And then she burst into tears and was crying and I couldn't understand a word she said and I told her, “I’ll be right there, hold on!” I called the girls, but I didn't want to worry them, so I just said I had to go out right away to do something, and stay out of trouble, please? They looked puzzled, and said, "Sure, of course." I drove over to Maryanne's house and let myself in. I found her huddled on the edge of her bed, crying more gently now. Before walking in, I peeked in at Joanie real quick, and she was just sleeping there peacefully and innocently, with a slight smile on her face. Of course, she was tied down, which was strange.

I walked back into Maryanne's room and sat down beside her. She was wearing a rumpled night gown, and even though she looked miserable and was crying, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful her body was. I had to help my friend, so I pulled her against me and held her. I gently told her, "Tell me all about it." She cried, and said, "It happened last night. I did it, and I don't know what to do." I sighed mentally, and then softly told her, "Tell me from the beginning...” "We came home, and had dinner, and watched television. I was so hot over everything that I couldn't concentrate so I'd thought I'd put her to bed early. And I watched her bathe and that made me hotter, and then I put her to bed and I was so hot I had to stop and take a shower...”

It all came out in a gush, and Maryanne had to stop for a breathe before continuing, "And I touched myself in the shower, but that didn't help at all, and then I went back into his bedroom" Ahh, I thought to myself, now it's 'him'. Of course that's the problem, and Maryanne went on, "and then we did it, and I love her so much and I don't know what to do!" She stopped and started crying again, sobbing softly into my shoulder.

I didn't know if I could help her out of this. This was serious, and to stall for time I asked her exactly "what they did last night".

She paused, as if trying to remember, and then started, "Well, I took a shower but that didn't work, and I went into her bedroom and tied her down so there wouldn't be any 'accidents' during the night, and after that I was sitting by her on the bed, and I was so hot, remember? I asked her about yesterday, and she told me, and then I held him against my breast, and he liked that, and I asked him if he liked it, and he said 'yes very much', and then I untied his hand and asked her to touch me, and he touched me and held my cunt and then I pushed his fingers inside me, and asked if she liked it and she didn't want to stop and then it felt so good so I made her eat me, and that's what happened."

I thought this was getting worse and worse, and I still didn't see a way out of it, so I probed even further: "How did you feel while this was happening?" "Oh, I felt so good, I'd never felt so good before, it was fantastic! When she touched me it felt like electricity was flowing through my cunt! And then when she ate me I came and came and I felt like a goddess it was so good!" Even in her depression, she was almost glowing with the memory. It must have been some kind of charge! I couldn't help but feel a deep pang of jealousy even though she was miserable now.

"And why was it so good for you?" I probed further. I thought I saw a way out of this mess for her. “Oh it was Joanie lying there so beautiful, and then she was tied up, and what happened yesterday with the girls and the spanking, and she was touching me and she looked at me so adoringly and I felt like a goddess and then it was my son who was eating my cunt that he came from and making me come and come and come and then it was over and I was kissing my son and telling him I loved him and telling her I loved her and they said they loved me and Oh God now I feel so terrible!"

Yes, I thought I saw a way for her now, and the only trouble was getting her to see it. I had to be careful how I told her, so she would understand what I was saying. I looked thoughtfully around the room, and then pulled her off the bed and into the light coming through the window. I turned her so we faced each other, and held her by her shoulders and focused all of my attention at her face. She felt the force of my stare, and looked back at me from a tear-stained face.

"Do you love Joanie?" "She's everything lovely and gentle. I love her." Her response was wondering what this was about.

"Did she like what happened last night?" Her response was slow as she thought back, "Yesss.. she loved it as much as I did..." "Was she upset by happened last night?" "Noo.." "Was she hurt by what happened?" "No....” Maryanne's voice became less tearful and more thoughtful as she thought back.

"Do you love Joanie when you spank her?" "Yesss..." This was more slowly said, as if she wasn't sure.

"Does Joanie love it when you spank her?" This was a firm "Yes!” with almost a laugh in it again.

"Was Joanie 'the toy' upset by what happened last night?" "Nooo... Just completely tired out!" "Was Joanie 'the toy' hurt by what happened last night?" "No... That's what she's for, and what she likes!" Maryanne was beginning to see what I was driving at. The hard part was yet to come, however.

"Do you love your son as a mother?" "Yes." There was no doubt in her mind about that; I knew that they loved and respected each other as mother and child.

"Does your son love you as a mother?" "Yes." This answer was equally firm and sure.

"You're a lovely woman, Maryanne, and I'm jealous of you" Maryanne looked surprised at this turn of events. She turned questioning eyes on me. I gently touched her breast through her nighty, and said, "You have a lovely figure, beautiful and sweet." I moved my hand from her breast and held her hip gently "What son doesn't think of his mother in these terms, also? He's proud of you, and thinks you're beautiful, and loves you." "Was Johnny upset by what happened last night?" "Noo..." her reply was thoughtful again. “Did Johnny like what happened last night?" "Yess..." Now was the time for the kicker. I hoped it worked.

"So let's see what we have. You love Joanie, and you love the things you do to her. You love Johnny. Joanie loves you, and loves the things you do to her. Johnny loves you. They're all the same people, and he or she or they all love and adore you. None of them were hurt by what happened last night. And you've told me it's the best thing that you've experienced. Since they don't have any experience, I'm sure it was the best thing that happened to them too. So tell me, Maryanne, why aren't you happy?" I could see her internal war in her expression. She knew I was right, but she also knew that she'd taken that final step into that taboo realm that only I might understand.

She was poised on the brink of happiness or deep misery. I'd better clinch the argument, or I might lose her yet: "So tell me, would Johnny be mad if you canceled the big plans for today?" Suddenly she was laughing, "Boy, would he!,” and everything was all right. We held each other for a few minutes, and then I pushed her away so I could see her face. Her face was radiant and calm and I thought to myself that this was the happiest and best woman I knew, and felt a brief stab of envy.

I only had one more thing to say to Maryanne, "Seriously, Maryanne, you've got a fine young person there. The only problem that you must face up to is that someday he'll be all grown up and want to leave. You'll have to let him go when he's ready. You know that, don't you? There'll be other people in his life." Maryanne gave a crinkly smile, and said, "He's already gotten very attached to two fine young women I know. Haven't you seen the way they all look at each other? Whether it's John or Joanie, they love and respect each other. I know he's not my baby anymore, and that even now there's other people in his life, and more will come, and someday," she sighed at this, "he'll move out and start a family of his own." We smiled at each other for a second, and then I asked her, "Will you be all right?" She laughed, and said, "Thanks to you, I'm fine! Let's sit down and have coffee and talk!" "I'd love to," I replied, "especially since I want EVERY detail about last night - another thing I'm jealous of! But - I left the girls in a hurry and I'd better go check to make sure they're staying out of trouble!" Maryanne gave a little laugh, leaned forward, and kissed me, "I love you! Go, and I'll see you this afternoon!"


I slowly awoke the next morning. I was stiff, because I hadn't slept in my usual position. My rear was sore and stiff, too, from the spanking yesterday. Slowly I remembered what had happened last night. I wasn't sure it was a dream or not. It had seemed real. Thinking about it made my dick hard again. I lay there for awhile. I could hear my mom moving about the house, but I was scared to call her. I didn't know what to do about last night. Was it real or not? How would she act towards me today if it was real? What if it wasn't real and I said the wrong thing? I was too scared to call for her. I laid there as long as I could, but unfortunately I had to go pee. I waited until it really hurt, and then I had to call her.

"Mom?" She hadn't heard me. “Mom?" A bit louder and I could hear her stop for a second. “Be right there honey!” She walked in after a few seconds, and she was still wearing her nighty! She always wore a robe. I could see through it a little, which made my dick jump up and down a bit. She saw that, and laughed, and then came over and kissed me slowly on the mouth! She looked at me with love and humor in her eyes, and brushed my hair back from my forehead. I sighed with relief and closed my eyes; it hadn't been a dream, it had happened, and everything was still OK.

I opened my eyes again, and Mom smiled at me and said, "You were lovely last night, Joanie. I loved every minute of it. How do you feel today?" I smiled back, "I thought it might have been a dream this morning because it was so good. I wasn't sure." She laughed, "No, it wasn't a dream, and yes, it was real good. But how's your little rear today?" I groaned, "It hurts a little, but I've REALLY got to go to the bathroom REAL quick!" She laughed, kissed me quickly, and then untied my hands. I sat up and watched her bend over to untie my feet. My dick bounced a few more times at the sight.

As soon as she was done, I hopped out and went to the bathroom. Mom followed me, and stopped me as I stood in front of the toilet. “No dear," she gently corrected me, "girls always sit down." I sat down, but still couldn't go. It hurt so much, but I couldn't pee with my dick sticking up like that! Embarrassed, I looked up at Mom. She laughed again, "Wait a sec!" and left the room. She was back in a minute with an ice cube, "This will take care of that!" She held it to me, and then rubbed it around as it started melting. Soon it was back to normal, and she watched as I heaved a big sigh of relief and started peeing.

As I was going, she was turning on the shower and adjusting the temperature. “I want this nice and cool, so you won't get excited." As I stood up, mom said, "Girls always wipe themselves before standing, dear. Sit down again. Now take a piece of tissue, and reach down between your legs and pat yourself dry. That's good. Of course, you'll also have to stand to wipe your rear, but always pat yourself dry before standing. Now get in the shower and I'll wait for you."

I got in the shower and started soaping myself. When I got to my dick I guess my mom must have been watching through the shower curtain, because she said, "Don't touch yourself there too much!” I didn't linger in the shower because it was only lukewarm, and I was cold. As I got out my mom handed me a towel, and picked up another one to do my back for me. Then she got out the ointment, and rubbed it on my rear. I didn't get embarrassed when she rubbed it on my dick because of the cold shower. The lotion made me feel better. My mom gave me another quick lesson, "A girl always puts her face on before leaving the bathroom. We'll just touch up your eyes, a little powder, and some light lipstick." We spent fifteen minutes while she supervised me while I put everything on. Collette and Lisa or Mrs. Sharlton had always done my make-up before.

We walked into my bedroom, and Mom helped me get dressed for the morning. I wore a slip, and bra, and of course I stuffed it, and I also wore some pumps and a flowery robe. We went out and had breakfast. I didn't get as much as I usually do, because Mom said that girls have to watch their weight and figure. After breakfast, Mom said I should go back to bed until Collette and Lisa arrived. We went back into the bedroom where I took all of my clothes off, and then Mom tied me back down.

I thought a bit about everything that had happened, and then fell asleep.

I woke up when my mom came in with Lisa and Collette and Mrs. Sharlton. The girls paused for a minute when they walked in the door, and then Collette giggled and said "But she's tied down!” My mom replied, "That's to keep her from having an accident, girls. Later today we'll let her have one, but it isn't time yet." Mrs. Sharlton smiled, "Maybe I'll come back for a little while then! I don't want to miss all of the fun!" My mom replied, "Well, why don't you come back tonight and sleep here? You and the girls can keep Joanie and me company, and we can have a slumber party." "That sounds good, and I can let my husband fend for himself. What time should I be back?" "How about 6 PM? We can go out to dinner or something." "Great. Have fun girls, and take care of Joanie. See you later." Mrs. Sharlton gave Collette and Lisa a quick peck on the cheek and left.

My mom lifted the sheet off of me, and the girls giggled when they saw that I was naked. My dick started to get hard again, and Mom said, "Well, she must be glad to see you girls!” Collette and Lisa laughed at that. Mom continued, "You girls untie Joanie; I've got to go get some things for her." She walked out, and Collette and Lisa started loosening me.

Lisa winked at me, "You look good today, Joanie. Are you looking forward to today as much as you enjoyed yesterday?" I giggled, and replied, "I don't see how we can top yesterday, but I sure want to try." Collette grinned down at my head, "And how's your butt today?" I grimaced at that, and said "What do you think? You did a good job on it yesterday. I think I can survive it again if you want. In fact, I'd like that too!" and my grimace turned into a grin at her. She kept on grinning, "I can oblige that!" My mom was walking in at this part, and she laughed. “Not today, dears. We're going to let little Joanie's butt rest or else she won't be able to walk.”

“We'll find something else to do today. But before we do anything, we have to nurse Joanie a bit. Stand up, dear." Mom sat down on the bed, put some lotion on her hand, and pulled me over to her. She started rubbing my rear gently with the lotion, saying "This will remove some of the swelling and help her to heal faster where she's cut. You girls make sure to put some everywhere she needs it." Collette and Lisa each took some lotion from her, and started rubbing it on my butt. Lisa got some more from my mom, giggled, and then started putting it on my dick. She looked at it carefully as she worked, and when she was done she leaned forward and quickly gave it a little peck of a kiss on the end. She looked up at me with a grin, "Does that make it feel better?" I grinned back, "It makes it feel like you wouldn't believe."

"Ah, ah, girls. Don't get her too excited yet. Your mother would be disappointed if anything happened prematurely and she didn't get to see it." "Sure, Mrs. Burl. We'll keep her from getting TOO excited" said Lisa. Collette grinned too, "Part of the fun is keeping her excited without letting her go all the way." My mom laughed at that, "It has been fun watching her get all excited and frustrating her at the same time, hasn't it!" Lisa and Collette had finished with me by then, so Mom took up another tube of lotion and gave some to the girls. They started with that lotion, and immediately some of the soreness went away. My mom was talking again while they started in on me, "This is a topical anesthetic. It'll ease the sting, and also," she paused for effect, "numb her senses, so it will also help keep her from having an accident too early.”

“Now, Collette, Lisa," and she paused again until they looked at her, "we all love Johnny, don't we?" She waited, and they nodded. I was embarrassed, and could feel my face turning red. “And we also love Joanie, don't we?" Collette and Lisa nodded again. “And,.. we all love playing with Joanie, don't we?" this last part was said with a grin. Lisa and Collette agreed with this! "So when we're playing with Joanie in private like this, you can call me by my name, Maryanne. After all, it's silly to be formal when we're all like this!" she laughed again.

Lisa and Collette looked at her shyly, and then glanced at each other. Lisa was first, "Thank you, Maryanne. I'd like that." Collette looked a little embarrassed, and then blurted out, "It's been so fun, Mrs. Burl. I'd like to be friends!" My mom laughed, "Of course we can, Collette, and that's Maryanne!" Collette laughed too, "OK, Maryanne!" My mom stood up, and walked over to me, and held my face in her hands. I was embarrassed, and she leaned over and said to me, "And you're my very special friend, Joanie. Call me by my name whenever you're dressed. I love you very much." I could feel tears in my eyes as I replied, "I love you, Maryanne." She smiled and kissed me slowly on the lips.

Collette and Lisa were staring wide-eyed at this exchange. Mom turned to them and said, "We've got a big day ahead of us. I'm going to leave you two alone with Joanie. You can play with her, BUT," and she looked significantly at them, "let her derriere heal; don't get her too excited; and she can't use her hands to touch your panties. You know what I mean! I'll check in about two hours from now, when we'll start getting ready for your mother to come over. Give some thought about what Joanie should wear tonight for dinner, and also her 'special occasion'!" She smiled and left the room, gently closing the door behind her.

Lisa was wide-eyed. “Wow. Unbelievable." Collette was more thoughtful, "I think I'm really going to like her... and tonight, too." Lisa turned to me, and asked me point blank, "What the hell happened last night?" I was caught off-guard. Mom hadn't said anything to them, so I didn't know if I should. But these were my friends and I loved them and we always told each other everything. I struggled for a second, and then realized there was no way I COULDN'T tell them. I opened my mouth, shut it, opened it again, and didn't know what to say! I tried anyhow to explain it.

"It was... it happened when she put me to bed. We... I don't know!" Lisa asked a gentle question, "Did you love her?" "Yes! But not like that... it was... I touched her... and...” I wound down again, not knowing how to explain.

Collette looked at me and softly said, "Your mom's very beautiful, isn't she?" "Yes and... I don't know how to say it... I mean, it was the same... as yesterday with you.... but it was different, and... I don't know” Collette and Lisa looked at each other. They'd never seen me without some kind of answer! Collette looked back at me, and asked, "You really love your mother, don't you?" I nodded, unable to express it with the real depth of emotion I felt.

Lisa spoke in a normal tone of voice, and it seemed almost a shout after our whispering, "You're really lucky to have a mother who loves you so much." And Collette said, "And she's lucky to have a son who loves her so much. And what you've said makes us realize how much we love our mother, too." And then Lisa almost yelled with glee, "And we're all so lucky to have each other!" And we all broke out laughing and hugged each other at the same time!


I closed the door behind me, and leaned against, and waited. I knew that I had dropped several bombshells in their midst, and had to know how they were taking it. And, although Linda had set me straight this morning, there was still that shadow of doubt. I could hear them muttering, but nothing was clear. They were talking in such low tones. Then, clear as a bell, I heard Lisa say, "You're so lucky to have a mother who loves you so much." And Collette was saying, "Your mother's so lucky to have a son who loves her so much." And then Lisa again, "We're so lucky to have each other!" And then they were all laughing, and I was smiling as I walked away.


We all calmed down after a few minutes. I felt strange, all drained and weak, so I told Collette and Lisa and we all sat down on the bed. Naturally, Lisa had to ask the question, "So what happened last night? I mean, all the details, tell us what actually happened?" So I told them everything, from the moment I went to take my bath until I fell asleep. I included every detail, from the feel of Mom's breast and nipples and her scent, to the feel of her cunt in my hand, and the way it felt to have my fingers in her, and how I was so tense. Everything. Every little detail. The smell and how I much I liked her taste and how she sat on my face and the way she kissed me.

Collette and Lisa were both flushed when I finished. I was hot again, but still weak, so I added, "And that's maybe why I'm so dragged out now. I feel like I'm going to collapse." Collette was struggling to remain thoughtful even though she was hot again. “Have you eaten lunch yet?" "No... I had breakfast, but I don't even know what time it is. Come to think of it, I definitely have to go to the bathroom, too!" Collette leaned around me to talk to Lisa, which made it easy for her to put her arms around me.

"We ARE supposed to nurse her today. Why don't you go see if Maryanne has anything to feed her? We'll feed her in bed today! And while you're doing that, I'll take Joanie to the bathroom. What do you think?" Lisa nodded, but I think she was fighting her own desires too. “OK. Sounds good" It sounded more like disappointment! Collette walked with me to the bathroom, and then closed the door behind us. She leaned back against it, and looked at me. I waited for whatever she wanted, and she finally said, "I think I'll use the bathroom first."

She walked over to the toilet, pulled down her panties, and held her skirt around her as she sat down. I watched her, because I'd never seen a girl do it before. She pulled a piece of tissue, and put in my hand. “Pat me dry, Joanie." I reached down between her legs and patted her dry. She grabbed my hand, "Drop the tissue." and when I had pulled my hand against her cunt. She moved it back and forth against her, and asked me, "How does that feel?" "That feels good," I whispered to her. She abruptly stood up, with my hand now trapped between her legs. “Soon you'll have your fingers in me," she whispered, "and I'll come on them." She abruptly pushed my hand away, and told me, "Go to the potty now, and I'll watch you!"

I sat down, but my dick was hard again. She looked at it and laughed, "Why, you'd pee in your face like that! Make it go down, Joanie." I looked away, and concentrated, but that only made it harder. “Then I'll make it go down!" She grabbed it and bent it down until it was pointed in the right direction. It hurt when she did that, but it felt good to feel her cool hands on me. “NOW go to the potty." I tried, but it wouldn't come out. “I said go to the potty!" "I'm trying; it won't come out like that. And I have to go bad!" "Then FORCE it out, Joanie, I can't wait all day." I pushed, and finally a little tinkled out. There was more, and I kept pushing until it was all out, which took a long time.

"It hurts when you hold it like that Collette" I whispered to her. “Good. Then I'll do it again. You want me to, don't you?" "Yes," I whispered. Collette took a piece of tissue, and wiped it around the end, squeezing hard. “Get up, Joanie!" I stood up, and flushed the toilet. Collette looked at my face critically, and said, "You need to freshen up you face. Go ahead, and I'll watch." She watched, and told me what to put on, and how to do it when I wasn't sure. When I was done to her satisfaction, she nodded, and we went back to the bedroom.

Lisa was waiting for us there, lying on my bed and kicking her feet in the air with a crossed leg. She had unbuttoned her blouse, and I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. There was a plate of small sandwiches and fruit on the floor. “You took long enough," she groused. “Joanie put on some fresh make-up," was all Collette had to say. “Why don't you get off the bed, and we'll let Joanie lay down since she doesn't feel good?”

Lisa stood up, and I sat on the edge of the bed. “No," Collette said, "I think it's better if you lie down." So I lay down, and then Collette picked up the old nylons and took my hand and started tying it to the bedpost again. Lisa looked at her, and said mildly, "That's going to make it hard for her to eat." Collette replied, "Oh, I thought we'd feed her, OK?" Lisa nodded. When my arms were tied down, Collette sat down beside me. Lisa shrugged and moved to the other side and sat down. Collette picked up the plate, put it on my stomach, and picked up one of the sandwiches. She held it to my mouth, and said, "Eat, baby, eat the food." Lisa laughed at my expression, but I ate the sandwich bite by bite. Lisa just watched, and then lay down in a more comfortable position beside me. She slowly stroked her hand up and down along my belly and legs. Collette continued feeding me, a little bit at a time, until most of the plate was gone. She put the plate back on the floor, under the bed.

Collette just sat there for a few minutes looking at me and her sister. Then she stood and shrugged herself out of her dress. She stood there, in her bra and panties, poised for my benefit. Then she removed her bra, so her breasts stood free. She ran her hands up along her legs, along her side, up under her breasts. She cupped them, and then lightly ran her fingers over the nipples. She slipped her hands under her panties, and rubbed back and forth a few times. She stood there another minute, still with her hand in her panties, and then quickly removed her panties so she was naked. She sat down beside me again, and then lay next to me and wrapped her arms around me so that Collette and Lisa and I were all intertwined. I only have a small bed, so it was a tight fit, but I wasn't going to complain.

Lisa had lain there the whole time, watching her sister, and still softly running her hands on me. Now she stopped for a second, and removed her clothes. More quickly than her sister she was naked. She stood there for me to admire. Collette watched her, too, and then she started stroking me softly, everywhere but on my dick. Collette and I watched Lisa, and Lisa watched us, and then Lisa lay back down again and stroked me.

It was very relaxing, and the strokes grew more and more slow. Despite the feel of the girls against me I eventually drifted off the sleep.


It was quiet in the bedroom. Almost too quiet. I restrained myself, however, and waited until mid-afternoon before I knocked lightly on the door. There was no answer, so I opened it and peeked in. The three of them were sound asleep on the bed. I walked in and stood over them.

The girls had tied Joanie's arms to the posts again. They were both naked, and pressed against Joanie's sides. Collette had thrown her leg over Joanie's thigh, so that her pussy was pressed against it. One arm was under her, and the other was across Joanie's chest. Lisa was lying on one arm too, but so that it was a pillow for her head. Her other arm trailed down Joanie's chest, and her hand rested on the inside of Joanie's thigh so that it was next to her prick. Joanie was still half-hard.

They all had peaceful expressions on their faces. They were all so lovely. Joanie had on fresh make-up, and the girls were lovely as only a young woman freshly past pubescence could be.

My own hand reached for my panties, and gently rubbed inside. Then, sighing, I left the room. I returned in a minute with a light summer blanket and spread it over their legs. Collette stirred slightly until she was more comfortably close to Joanie and then recovered peaceful repose. I quietly left the room.


I couldn't wait until 6 o'clock. I knew Maryanne wouldn't mind if I showed up early, so I called up hubby to let him know the girls and I were going to stay there. “What's the occasion?" he asked. I told him that Maryanne's husband was out of town, and that her niece Joanie was visiting for awhile, and we were all going to have a girl's slumber party. Hubby was a bit disappointed at fending for himself, but he's been around me and two growing girls long enough to know when to stay out of things.

"Why don't you go out tonight? Find one of your bachelor friends or something?" I suggested. “Well, I haven't done that in awhile. Could be fun, have pizza and a few drinks." he reflected. “Just don't have too much fun," I laughed, "remember you're married!" I smiled at my deception; none of it was a lie! Of course, I was married too, and I wouldn't forget that, but that wasn't going to stop me! Maryanne was a little surprised to see me early, but not upset or put out or anything. She was wearing a light summer house dress, that only came down to mid-thigh. I told her that she looked delicious in it, and probably wore it to give the mailman a thrill. She grinned at the joke.

The house was silent, so, "Where's the girls?" "Oh, they're all asleep right now. I think they were going to let Joanie rest up because she was so tired, and they just fell asleep beside her! They're all absolutely lovely like that; you must see them!" We peeked into the bedroom, and she was right. It was a beautiful scene, and should have been painted by one of the old masters. Of course, the tied hands might have given him fits! "They look so peaceful. Maybe we should take a nap, too, and when we all wake up we can go out to dinner, or maybe order in?"

Maryanne thought, "Well, that does sound like a good idea. I didn't really wake up refreshed this morning." She turned to me suddenly and hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek, and said, "And thank you for this morning. You set everything right again." I hugged her back, and told her, "You're my friend, and I love you." We smiled at each other and broke apart.

We went to Maryanne's bedroom. She took off her dress, and of course I noticed right away she didn't have anything else on. To be polite, I removed my bra after I took my dress off. It always feels strange to sleep in a bed when it's not your own. It felt even stranger when I thought that Maryanne and her hubby made love in this bed. I wondered if these were the same sheets they'd last made love in. Of course, that brought up the question about what really happened last night. I turned over to face Maryanne, and wrapped my arm across her stomach. The way we were laying gave me an excellent view of her sexy body, and caused my breasts to press against her arm. I could see her nipples tighten slightly in response.

"So, you promised to tell me what happened last night. I'm dying to know what made it the world's greatest experience!" "Well," she was thoughtful, "it wasn't that anything 'different' or 'special' really happened on the physical end, although the results were spectacular. I think it was because I'd never been so aroused." I could see the effect the memory alone was having on her; her nipples tightened some more and her belly suddenly went taut.

"Well, tell me the physical part, then, that might be an easier starting place." Maryanne told me about holding Joanie to her breast, and how Joanie kissed her and teased her nipples with her tongue. And then how she held Joanie's hand against her cunt (I looked down as she was telling me this next part, and it was obvious that she was getting excited again. Her legs parted and her hips moved ever so slightly upward, as if a cock was about to enter her) and then how Joanie's fingers went inside her and how she felt like she was having a continuous orgasm as good as she'd ever had only longer and longer, and then how she realized that it was going to be even better (and by this time I had watched her hand slowly move so that she was cupping herself. I think she was so caught up in the memory she didn't even realize what she was doing! I was fascinated.)

And, of course, how she finally realized she wanted to give her cunt to Joanie's mouth, and how she lowered herself to Joanie's face and pushed and rubbed (by this time her knees were in the air). I had leaned up and moved out of the way and Maryanne never noticed! I could see her cunt and it was indeed glistening again. And then how she literally exploded into a million fragments on Joanie's face, and then she woke up from her memory and realized what she was doing! In a sense, it was a perfect comedy set-up. If Laurel and Hardy had ever been able to show something like this they surely would have done so! By that time, though, all that I could think of was how lovely and luscious Maryanne looked.

She looked quickly into my face, and then away. I could see it start to flame. To reassure her, I bent over and kissed her cheek, and put my hand over hers over her cunt, and whispered in her ear, "You're so beautiful and sexy. Now I know why everyone loves you!"

She was still embarrassed, and only half turned her face to mine. I couldn't resist any longer; I pushed Maryanne's hand harder against her cunt, and then felt her fingers slide in. I heard her gasp and she turned and kissed me on the mouth, and I pushed my tongue between her lips and then I moved my fingers alongside hers until we were both inside her and we rocked her and very quickly she was shuddering and came. She opened her eyes and looked at me with wonder and a bit of questioning and a little love, and I reassured her with my smile, because then she smiled with contentment and closed her eyes, and I laid my head on her shoulder, and we were soon fast asleep.


I woke slowly as the early evening shadows started entering the room. I slowly disentangled myself from Joanie and my sister, so as not to disturb them. I half-sat there for a few minutes. I had never really seen either of them like that before: they were both peaceful and entwined together as if we all belonged. If this was part of being with someone was about, then I didn't want to ever be alone again.

My stomach rumbled, which must have been what woke me up. I carefully moved off the bed, and quietly out the door. I was passing Maryanne's bedroom on the way to the kitchen, and I took a quick peek in. She was there, asleep, and so was my mom! And Maryanne's legs were still open and her's and Mom's hands were there together, and Mom had her head on Maryanne's shoulder.

Even asleep, Maryanne was beautiful. I'd always been aware of it before, but now it struck me really hard; even my mom was attracted to her! I was struck with deep feelings of uncertainty and pity and envy. I would never look like Maryanne or my mom. I would never be as attractive as they were. How could I ever attract a man of my own? And now they were here with Collette and Joanie and I. And Joanie had told us how special the night before had been, and the way she described it left little doubt in my mind that she'd ever think the same thing of me.

I walked into the room, to stare at this woman who was more than I'd ever be, and might take everything I had away from me. I stood at the foot of the bed, and then moved up alongside her and down at her.

She must have sensed my presence, because she half-opened her eyes and then smiled at me. “Is it time to get up, honey?" I didn't answer, because now I was angry at this woman. She opened her eyes because I hadn't answered, and then, careful not to disturb my mother, reached out her hand to me, "What's wrong? Are you all right?" I whispered my anger to her, "You're too beautiful..." She was fully awake now, and she had a concerned look on her face. She carefully slid out from under mother, but I couldn't bear looking at her anymore and ran out and ran to the living room and sat down.

Maryanne quickly followed me, and sat down beside me. She put her arm around me. I tried to shrug it off, but she only held tighter so that I had to lean against her. “Tell me," she said gently. “You're too beautiful," I started angrily, but then I felt so sorry that I wasn't beautiful myself that I broke into tears and huddled tighter against her.

She held me for a few seconds, slowly rubbing my back. It was very comforting, and confused me because a few seconds ago I hated this woman like I'd never hated anyone before.

"Joanie loves you, you know." I was surprised at this; it wasn't what I was expecting. She lifted my face so that I had to look at her. She continued, "And that's never going to go away as long as you want her to. And Johnny loves you very much, for the same reasons. And Joanie and Johnny love Collette, too. And I or your mother can never take that away from you or your sister. Joanie loves us, too, but in a different way. And I love Joanie and my son Johnny. And someday you'll love other people, too, and it will also be something that no one else can ever take from you." I guess I was a little amazed, that she seemed to know what I was thinking and, "How did you know?”

She laughed, gently, and replied, "Every woman has these feelings. Especially when we're still young women. You think that I'm a pretty woman, but I still sometimes wonder and have the same doubts. Your mother is a pretty woman, and she sometimes has the same doubts. And," she moved her hand and softly held it against my cheek, "you're a pretty woman, who will grow into a beautiful woman, too. And you may think I can take someone away from you because I have so much more experience; well, experience has taught me not to do such things. And someday you'll have my experience, and much more, too, and you'll know that experience is not a substitute for real caring and affection, and love." I started crying again, but this time with happiness and also affection for Maryanne. I hugged her to me this time, and my tears ran off my face onto her shoulder.

She held me a few minutes until I was quiet again, and then held me away so she could see my face. She gently wiped the tears away, and then said, "Better?" I nodded. “Ready to face the world?" I nodded again. “Are you hungry?" I laughed and, "Yes, I am!" She laughed with me, and "Then let's raid the kitchen for a quick snack! Sex and crying always require some recharging!" So there I was standing totally naked in a strange kitchen, chatting away with another naked woman, making little snacks, and feeling like I was having the time of my life! -------------------------------

The End

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2015-11-10 09:09:41
i thought it was intriquing loved it

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2011-12-12 08:04:13
Please wright a second part to this story! Don't lessen to the negative stuff man this was a good story there's only a few things that made it a bit hard to sit through though. First is its a vary long story you could have made this a part 1 to 10 story and it probably would have been a bigger hit. Second even though its nice the way you go from the point of view from each person it gets repetitive reading the same thing you just read. And lastly I Felt it ended kinda at a wimpier I was expecting a huge climax (No pun intended) but it just kinda ended at a peaceful moment witch can be good but not when you build it up so much. But over all I liked it and wish girls would do that to me damn Johnny/Joanie is lucky

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2011-06-16 15:58:49
This story was TERRIBLE!! Maybe its just cause I'm not into the crossdressing thing. Stick with the mainstream stuff is my advice.

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2011-01-15 09:48:34
The regression was annoying. Other than that, it was going well. But you should have stopped earlier or later than you did. That was a terrible place to stop.

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2011-01-15 07:31:37
i thought this story was great a bit repetitive at points but even those points had a new twist to them as they were comming from different perspectives. Unfortunatly I liked the story so much i decided to wait to the end for a big finish andi t kinda... just stoped.... now i have to waste more time looking for another story to finish me off. Overall good story but if should have ended with the orgy that surely happened later that night.

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