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This is not a true story
The taking of both Mom and Daughter
It was a warm summer day in early spring when a 16 year old named Dani came off from school. She skipped out early because she wanted to lay out in the sun befor anyyyone got home. She was felling a little horney but did not want to miss a day of laying out in that sun. She though about it and decided she could act on both laying in the the sun and masterbait in he back yard. She felt that since their house had a privacy fence she ciould lay out and not get caught.
What she whould find out later that her day was going to be interputed and not in the way she would like. She came out of her house wearing a towel and sun screan in her hand. She layed the towel down and strated to rub the sun screan in when she thought she heard something. She looked around and did not see anyone and told herself she was hearing things. She got done putting on the sun srean and layed down on her back and started to enjoy the sund hitting her naked bady. Next thing she knew there was a cloth over her nose and mouth and she was passing out.
It was a few hours later that she starteed to come too and found herself handcuffed to a bed . She started to try and sream but realized she gagged as well. Then he walked in and started to tell her that she now belonged to him but that her mother would be joining very soon. She did not understand and he started to explain that he was hired by her father to take Dani and her mother Leann and make them into sex slaves. See her father had found a new women and did not want to go through a devorce.
Dani was getting scarded now as she realized what he was plaining to do to both her and her mother. He sat down by Dani and started to run his hands over her body. He started to rub her breat and pinch and pull on her nipples as they start to get hard. He turned to her and said that he was going to take off the gage but is she sreamed he would putit back on and punish her. After the gag was removed she started to ask him not to do this that she was a vergin and that she did nothing to him. Matt laught and told Dani that there is nothing she can do about it and that her trainging would have to wait to start because it was time to go get her mother Leann.
A few hours later Matt returned with Leann out cold. Dani could not belive her eyes, maybe he was telling the truth. Matt lock Leann to the wall with chains and handcuffs as he waited for Leann to start to come around. A few mintues later Leann started to come around and saw her dauther straped down naked to a bed. She tried to sream as she realized that she was chained to a wall and could not get to her daughter. Matt walked into the room and went right to the bed and started to play with Dani’s body. Leann had to just sit there and started to cry. She did not know what was going on and had to watch as her daughter is being touched. Matt leaned over Dani and tolder her that he was going to take her verginity and that it was going to hurt but first he wanted to taste her young hot pussy. Matt ran his hands down Dani’s body and pulled and twisted her nipples which made her Srean and start to cry. Then he moved down her body as he leanded in and licked the outer lips of your young pussy. Dani’ started to cry a little more as he first tasted her young body. Soon her body started to betray her as she was starting to get wet and her bady started to tingle. After about 15 mintues and Dani was on the verge of coming when Matt backed off. Matt moved up Dani’s body and told her that she was going to have to beg him to let her cum. Matt moved back down Dani’s body and startedto lick her clit as he ran a finger in her pussy.

Taking Both mom and daughter 2
Matt just started to rub and play with Dani’s pussy and told her that she had to beg to let her cum. Matt brings her close to cumming again when he backs off again. Dani wines with fustration, she looks at Leann and asked what she should do. He slapa her hot pussy and tell her that she needs to ask him not her mother. Matt starts to lick that hot little pussy and bring her close again, when she gives in and begs his to let her cum. Dani is feeling because she starts to shake and shnter while she comes in d front of her mother. As Matt keeps her cumming and tells her that it is time that she losses her virginty. He walks over to Leann and she begs him not to do this to her daughter, and say’s she will let him have his way with her. He leans over and tells Leann that her and Dani is his property now and she is to refer to him as his master. Leann starts to cry and ask why he is doing this to them. He towas ld her that he was payed by her husband to get them out of the picture that he had meet someone else and did not want to go through a devorce. She does not belive him and he tells her he will prove it later and walks back over to Dani as she comes down from her orgasm.
Matt looks at Dani and tells her that is time and starts to slide the head of his hard cock at the entrence of Dani’s hot little pussy. He slides his cock in till he reaches her hymen, then he pulls back and slams his cock in her. Dani sreams from the sudden pain she is feeling. Matt starts to slide his cock in and out of her hot pussy using the bllod from her freshly deflowered pussy as lub. Matt starts to slide his hot cock in and out harder and faster as he hits the back of her pussy and pushes into her. Leann is crying as she see Dani getting her pussy slamed by a cock while she has tears running down her face. After about 2o minutes of hard fucking Matt tells Dani he is going to cum, Leann yells out not to cum in Dani’s pussy, that she is not on birthcontrol and Matt tells her that he did not care as he pissed a stream of cum into Dani’s womb. After about ten shots of cum Matt pulls his cock out of Dani and tells her to open here mouth as he shoves his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Matt tells her to get his cock clean while he fucks her throat. Matt starts to feel his cum boiling up in his balls and tells Dani that she better swallow every drop or he is going to punchis her. Matt pulls his cock out of her mouth till Just the tip of his cock was in her mouth as he shot 10 shots of cum into her mouth.
After Matt was done cumming he look over at Leann and told her that he had something to show both Dani and her. He unlocked Dani from her handcuffs and took her over by Leann and locked her into a chair. Matt went to the TV and pushed play and what they saw had Leann realize that her fate as a slave was sealed. The tape started with Leann husband telling that he was leaving her for a younger women. It went on to teller her that the younger women was Leann’s sister. Leann could not belive what she was seeing as her younger sister came on the screan and told her that she was having an affair with her brothe-in-law from the day they meet. Bob her husband came back on the srean and told Leann that the only thing he was sorry for was that he had got her pregant because now Dani was going to suffer too. Leann bent her head down and started to cry as Matt went to get something. Matt came back and told her that he was sorry this happened but she had to come to the realization that she belong to him and that her daughter was no longer her child but would be her lover and sister slave from now on. Matt pulled Leann to her feet as he cut her clothes away and told her to that she was not to wear clothing unless he gave it too her. Matt brought Dani and Leann Food and something to drink along with a warm was cloth so that Leann could help Dani clean up. He told them to get some rest that tommarow he would start their training. He just had to break Dani in to start.
This was my first story More to Come if people want it.

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2011-01-19 00:01:21
Bad writing altogether.


2011-01-16 16:43:51
Hey everyone thanks for telling me about the spelling I looked over the story and resent it in I put up the wrong draft look for the corrected draft soon

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2011-01-16 12:17:03
Don't post rough drafts. This could have been really hot but the spelling and grammatical errors detract from it and distract the reader.

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2011-01-15 12:53:37
It's called spell check try it sometime

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2011-01-15 12:51:34
It's called spell check try it sometime

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