I have been married now for almost 25 years to one of the most beautiful women in the area,i guess you could say i am quite a lucky guy,i have a good job that pays very nicely indeed,and have a beautiful daughter Kaitlyn who is 12 and who i spoil every chance i get.Much like her mother she is a very pretty little girl,long blonde hair,blue eye's and a slim body from being part of the cheerleading squad at school.We live in the kind of housing estate most people dream of living in,nice sized houses in a quite safe neighbourhood,perfect place to raise a family.The local High School is only a few miles away and Kaitlyn always brings home good grades.I am very proud of her and never taught i'd think about her any other way until one very crazy summer

That summer began as every summer did since Kaitlyn started school,once the holidays arrived it was all about hanging out with friends,going to the beach and spending time in our pool in the backyard.Somedays friends of Kaitlyn would come around and they would jump and splash in the pool,and do all the regular things most 12 year old girls do on their summer break.But what happened one afternoon i never saw coming.There is a family that live in our neighbourhood a few doors from our house,and you could say we are real close with them.I go golfing with John every weekend since we had Kaitlyn.My wife and John's wife were in the same hospital giving birth to girls the same time,and the girls have grown up together and are BFF's according to them,It always makes me laugh when they say it,its cute...Tori is John's daughter and i have always taught she was pretty,very similar to Kaitlyn,blonde hair,blue eyes and a very cute body,i sometimes caught myself looking at her and thinking give her a few years and she will be stunning,but it only took till she was 12 for me to have to cross my legs when she called over.The afternoon im talking about was the first day when my wife and John's wife headed off on a trip together for a week to spend our hard earned cash,leaving me with Kaitlyn and John with Tori.

I was sitting down watching t.v. and having a bite to eat when Kaitlyn and Tori arrived in from playing in the street and siad they were going jumping in the pool,i siad id let them off without being supervised and they ran up stairs to change.I must of dosed off for half an hour and when i woke i could hear the girls out in the pool,i picked up my empty plate and cup and went to wash up,our pool is on decking right outside the kitchen window and i could she the girls sitting in the pool and i gave a glance every now and again to make sure they weren't getting up to any mischief in the water.It was at one of these glances that i nearly dropped the plate i was washing,Tori climbed out of the water wearing one of the sexiest bikini's a girl her age complimented really well,she walked in the back door and asked if she and Kaitlyn could get something to drink.The image of her hot 12 year old body in front of me dripping wet nearly sent me over the top.I had to turn back to the wash up to hide the bulge in my shorts.I told her to help herself and she carried on in her innocent way not knowing of what i was thinking.When she left i ran up stairs and jerked off in what must be a record time thinking of doing unspeakable things to Tori.

When i arrived back down the girls were out of the pool and changed into shorts and t-shirts.I had been wondering what to do for dinner when Kaitlyn asked if we could have a barbecue,me knowing that it would be to much hassle to cook up a barbecue for two asked Tori if she wanted to stay for something to eat and id ask her dad if he wanted to call over.She siad yes in her soft little way which just made me want to do nasty things to that mouth.I controlled myself and went and rang John.He siad he'd call in about an hour and asked if he'd bring a few beers,as the women were out of town i siad sure,it would be nice to blow off some steam and have a few cold one's after dinner.The girls sat and watched t.v. and i went out back to start the grill.When John arrived he gave me a hand and we opened some beer and talked about football,golf and the usual things men do over a beer.We callled the girls out when everything was ready and we all sat out on the patio table and had a good dinner.Myself and john sat on the deck chairs by the pool afterwards drinking some beer and the girls were inside getting changed as they decided to jump in the pool for a bit.When they arrived out i had to hide my raging hard on from john because of the site of tori in her bikini was driving me crazy,it was at that moment i noticed him looking at Kaitlyn and i began to wonder if he was thinking the same things about my daughter as i was about his.As we drank more the conversation became very loose,he told me that i had a very good looking family and i knew he wasn't talking about my wife,it was my reply that could of got me into a lot of trouble when i told him that Tori was a very good looking girl.I couldn't believe i had said it and was waiting for a fist to come across my face but to my surprise he just moaned and said "i think your Kaitlyn is a real turn on".I didn't really know what to say to that so i just said fuck it and came out with "the things i would do to tori would get me a long time in jail" and he just laughed,turned to me and showed me he had a raging hard on under his shorts. "Thats what Kaitlyn does to me" he said.I didn't wait to reply and just came out with "i wanna fuck your daughter so bad".Then he told me i could if i wanted and my heart nearly stopped

"What do you mean" i asked him
"Well if you want her so bad,just take her up to your room" he said to me
"Your taking the piss" i said

Then he told me he had been fucking her for almost 2 years now,and it was the best sex he ever had,that you can't beat fresh pussy.The taught of Tori's pussy wrapped around my shaft was all i could think about right there and then.I had to have sex with her.

"You can do anything you want to her" he said "but one condition"
"You let me fuck Kaitlyn" he said

I didn't know what to say back to that,should i let my little 12 year old daughter get fucked by my friend so that i could take his little girl for the ride of her life?

"I don't know" i said,what if her mother finds out,i could lose everything,but what if she didnt,i could gain everything,this is my chance to fulfill my fantasy of having sex with little Tori.
Fuck it i can't pass this up i taught to myself.At least Kaitlyn will be doing some one i know instead of some random boy from around the area deflowering my daughter.

"alright" i said after thinking for a few minutes

With that John called the two girls over and Tori sat on John's lap and Kaitlyn sat in mine.I had forgot all about my raging cock when Kaitlyn sat into my lap,and at this moment i felt like i was going to explode inside my shorts,i had never felt like this towards my daughter before,but the talk of doing Tori and my friend fucking Kaitlyn had created a blur in my mind,right now all i wanted was my own daughter's little body,the feeling of her young ass against my cock was to much.Tori saved me from taking Kaitlyn right there on the deck chair.She whispered something into Kaitlyn's ear and the two of them giggled.I looked at John and he winked at me and siad

"Are you sure you want Tori,or is it Kaitlyn you want"

I couldnt stop myself from letting the next words out of my mouth,when i said i wanted both of them at the same time.
John just laughed.

Kaitlyn got up from my lap and turned to me and kissed me right on the lips and whispered in my ear "All you have to do is ask"

That was it,nothing could stop me now,i was going to go along with anything that happened next.

Tori took me by the hand and led me into the sitting room,followed close behind by John and Kaitlyn.She sat me on the couch and climbed on top of me.John sat next to me and lifted my daughter into his lap.
Me and Tori locked lips and my hands roamed all over her body,i grabbed her ass and held it in my hands,i was in heaven.I pulled the string on the back of her bikini top and exposed her little nipples on her flat chest.I gave them little bites and kisses as i slid my hand inside the bottoms of her bikini.Her smooth hairless pussy was moist as i inserted my fingers inside her.I finger fucked her for all i was worth as she trembled in my hands,it felt like orgasm after orgasm went through her little body.She slid down my body and had my cock inside her mouth,like a little pro she went to work and my rod and balls.
The feeling of her hot little mouth and the image of my daughter getting her pussy eaten out next to me was to much,i could hear Kaitlyns pussy juices as John swallowed everything my little girl gave to him from her bald pussy.I reached over and kissed her.
Before i shot my cum all over Tori i picked her up and layed her on the couch,i pushed the whole of my cock inside her and she gasped as i fucked her like a man out of control,trust after trust i must of nearly broke her in half but she loved every second of it,as she screamed "harder,harder,harder".
John had Kaitlyn on all fours fucking her as hard as i fucked his little girl,it was at that moment i shot everything i had inside tori's little frame,it was to much to take,the feeling of little girl pussy and the image of my hot little daughter taking her first cock was enough to send any man over the edge.

I taught i was spent until John uttered the words "do you wanna swap"
Bang,i dont think my cock was ever as hard.i didnt have to be asked twice.I took my position behind my daughter who was still on all fours and licked up as much pussy juice as she had left.God she tasted like an angel,and with that i shoved every inch of my manhood inside my own daughter for the first time,she was so tight i taught i was going to hurt her,but she didnt let me pull out

"I want it daddy" she said,"i want you to cum inside me"

So i gave my daughter the best i had,holding her by the hips i could feel her orgasm,she was moaning in pure pleasure and so was tori by the cock of her own dad.I shot my cum in thick streams up Kaitlyns little hole for all i was worth

We all came at the same time and fell into the couch together,myself and john were in heaven and laid there as the two girls shared what cum was left on our cocks.

"when can we do this again" the girls asked

"all you have to do is ask" i responded

And we all giggled in eachothers arms

"remember we have all week by ourselves" kaitlyn said

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i also want to get my daughter from my friends having group sex

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