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A love story gone wild
The worst moment of my life turned lucky.

I had been having sex with one of the girls in our neighbourhood. – nobody apart from the two of knew about it.

It stared off one day when she caught me skinny dipping in our pool. A few words were passed between us about me being in the nude and I dared her to join me.
She did and we played about in the pool trying to grab at each other. After a while I kissed her and she just melted and the two of us got really hot kissing and we began to touch each other.

She asked me if she could look at my cock. I let her and then she wanted to feel it and as she did it got hard and she was absolutely fascinated. After that I asked her to masturbate me and actually got me to cum and she witnessed a guy cumming for the first time. Then it was my turn to finger her and before she came I asked if I could have sex with her. Long story but a successful ending and we had sex for our first time. (I will write about that another time).

After that we began to have sex regularly – like a few times a week as she really enjoyed it and I never had to ask her again. It was just accepted that if we could we did.

After a couple of months we began raking risks and one day I went to her place and she said we cant Mom will be home soon.

I talked her into a quickie and we had been going at it for about five minutes on the floor and I was about to cum and we heard the front door open and I couldn’t stop – or more likely didn’t want to and I was so worked up I didn’t care if we got caught. I was on top of her pumping my cum into her when her mother saw us. Jan had been was singing out "fuck me hard…..cum in me … cum in me" when she opened the door and had heard her.

There was a lot of screaming and yelling and I got off her and was standing there with the last drops of cum dripping out of my cock and her pussy covered in it when I had to pull out half way through it.

Her mother went ballistic and slapped me about and called me every name under the sun.

It was most uncomfortable next 15 minutes until she calmed down.

We were still naked from the waist down while she interrogated the two of us and we were too frightened to tell her lies and we had to tell her all what we had been doing together. She was astounded that we had been doing it as often as we had been. She wanted to know all the intimate details and if we had done anything else together sexually. Jan said we had sucked each other off a couple of times.

Her mother said at one stage I don’t know how you even got that thing into her – you are much too big for her. [/i

]She told Jan to [i]go and clean herself up and gave me a lecture I will never forget

We were forbidden to see each other again as lovers.

We broke the rule and secretly met and had sex as often as we could – it felt even better knowing we were breaking the rules.

About a month later I got a note from her mother – she wanted to see me.

I really panicked as I had not seen Jan for two days and her mother had found out we were fucking again or she was pregnant. I had a very worrying night before I had to meet her the next day.

I saw Jan that morning and she said could we have a fuck after school. I asked her if she was pregnant and she said no way. Then I told her I had to meet her mother that afternoon and she didn’t know anything about it. Did her mother know we were fucking again. She said not that she knew of and she was mystified. The only thing she had said to her lately was had she had to grown her hair back. We had trimmed it short and shaped it and she had told her not to touch it again.

I met her mother as I was told to and I could not believe what she told me.

She wanted me to have sex with her. She said she could not get the sight of me on top of Jan that day out of her mind and Jan singing out to cum in her.

She said if I do it with her once she may let me do it with Jan every now and again. I said I couldn’t – she was so much older and it wouldn’t be right.

She said if you want to fuck Jan again you will have to. For a boy of your age you have a mans cock and I have not had sex for almost a year and it is driving me mad every time I see the two of you there on the floor and hearing Jan telling you to fuck her hard. Obviously she was having an orgasm at the same time. I want you to do it or I can make trouble.

We discussed it for a while as I really didn’t want to do it but she was making things difficult and eventually I said just once.

She said it would have been before this but I had to get oral contraception and that takes a couple of weeks to work, so now it is safe for you to do it with me. Could you imagine what people would say if YOU got me pregnant.

I was shocked – even at the thought of it.

We went to her bedroom undressed and we had sex. It was probably the worst sex I have had till then – I got hard and just pushed it into her hairy vagina – it didn’t even look good – like Jan. I was not sexed up and I was taking ages to cum and the longer I was taking the more she was enjoying herself. I was fucking for the sake of fucking – I had no feelings for her – I imagined it was like fucking a prostitute but then you would want your monies worth and perhaps I was getting it.
We were both nude and her tits were wobbling all over the place – I can remember thinking how funny they looked – like two fried eggs shaking as I pounded my cock into her trying to make myself cum.

Then she came – God I will never forget her – she was so loud and physical and bounced about and held my bum so I didn’t come out of her and she was yelling out –[i] Ohhhhh Yes OOOHHHHH YES God she said FUCK ME
. I don’t know how often she said it but it was a lot then I came and I just shot my semen into her and then she kissed me. I hated it. I got off her as soon as I had finished cumming.

She lay there and told me not to go for a minute. She was laying there and telling me how good it was – maybe she was wrong – I might have to do it with her again – she didn’t realise how good I was – now I now why Jan liked it so much, you are very good at it she told me.

[/i]I said no – a deal is a deal – I did it to you and now I can do it with Jan again.

Ok – for the time being a deal is a deal.

That lasted two weeks – Jan saw me at school and was so happy when she saw me and told me we can do it again – this afternoon at my place – my Mom will be there too. Jan said I wont mind – it means we don’t have to be secretive about it any more, we can have sex all the time again.Would you believe while I was to have sex with Jan, her mother would be somewhere in the house fully aware of what we were doing. From all accounts she and her mother had been talking a lot more and Jan had been working on her to let us resume our intimate relationship. She had not been telling me as at first it was more an argument and gradually she managed to talk her mother into letting us resume our relationship. I learned later from her mother when we talked about Jan and I privately, Jan had threatened to get pregnant to me if she didn’t let us have safe sex together. She said that frightened her as she believed Jan would have gone that far.

It sounded like a big breakthrough but Jan and I had still been meeting secretly at one of her friends homes to have sex together. Her friend and her boyfriend were having sex as well. A few times the four of us all had a sort of orgy together, but we never swapped our girls. After a couple of weeks though her friend parents were asking why we were all there as often as we were and they were getting suspicious. It was going to have to come to an end we decided and began looking for somewhere else to meet.

Jans mom opened the door and made me feel like a long lost friend- she was all over me and kissed me and hugged me. I was seeing her for the first time since the big blow-up and she looked much nicer – slimmer and if it was possible a bit sexier. She told me you have come to make love to my darling daughter, it was like I was going to marry her or something. If she only knew. She invited me in and we all sat around having a cup of coffee and her mother told me how Jan had convinced her the two of you were really in love. She also told me Jan was now on oral contraception – something I was already aware of as Jan had told me. I had stopped having to pull out of her to cum any more about a week or so earlier. Then she said alright now off you go and enjoy yourself – I know how you must feel she said to Jan – you are a lucky girl. its been along time – ha ha like a day!!!!

That fuck was not a good one – knowing hr mom was probably listening outside the door or somewhere, I fucked her and when I came it was over. Jan didn’t cum. It is a strange feeling knowing you are fucking a woman’s daughter and she knows and is probably waiting for us to finish it so she can ask us all about it. The worst part was I knew what she was like – having had sex with her.

Jan and I gradually got used to having sex again with her mother around – some days she wasn’t and we went wild. Racing around the house naked and fucking each other in every room and on tables and stuff – it was a great relief to know her mom wast there.

A month later it was Jans period time, so sex was out of the question for about a week – masturbation time for me.

Her mother sent me a note to meet me - not at their home but she would pick me up after training.

I was in two minds but I knew her now she would stop us seeing each other if I didn’t. I rang her to find out if there was a problem and she said no – I think you will be presently surprised. – she would pick me up in her car at the gym.

She took me to secluded parkland and we had fantastic sex on a blanket in the open air. I even surprised myself I actually enjoyed it. Even her pussy felt tighter but I think I was imagining that. I don’t know why but she seemed far friendlier and more animated and she had trimmed her bush, and now looked more like Jan. She was very proud of how she looked and had lost a lot of weight. Even her hair was done differently and she actually looked younger, it didn’t seem like I was fucking Jans mom, more like her big sister. This time for some reason it felt better and I enjoyed it a lot more. I even played with her nipples which she loved. I wasn’t going to go oral on her as Jan and I do – that was just too much. But you never know in future. That began the first of our monthly meetings while Jan was having her period. I had actually began to look forward to our monthly fuckathons as I called them. There was only one condition – I was never to tell Jan. I had no intention of that – I know how jealous she is of me. What she has is for my use only and what I have is hers to do what she wants with it – she thinks.

Yesterday Jan told me she had found out her mother was getting sex off some guy which she said could explain her change in mood lately – she was far happier. – she said the guy was probably her Gym trainer. Her mom had let slip Jan wasn’t the only one with a lover. I nearly shit myself and will have to find out if I am the only one fucking her or if she has another guy. If Jan finds out its me – I am sure skin and hair will fly. If it is another guy my days with her mom may be numbered. I love Jan and love having sex with her so probably it will be a good thing. I wont have a conscious about having sex with mother and daughter. I will just have to endure three weeks of sex most days and a week off, maybe Jan can just suck me off instead.

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2012-10-05 01:14:50
Good story. Get both Jan and her mother pregnant. It would be great if both got pregnant in the same month ao the babies can grow up together. When I fucked both my mother and sister they had babies the same month two of their 4 pregnancies.

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2011-10-28 03:50:54
There's a screet about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

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i didnt like it it suxked

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