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Just a few minutes after Tyler and Ava left the room and told Paige to wait for further orders, the butler walked in. He was holding a large, silver plate, which he put down on the table, three feet away from Paige. He didn’t even look at the girl, but walked straight out of the room again, closing it behind her. Paige got up and looked at the plate. There was a bunch of clothes, with a letter on it. ‘Paige’, it said.

Paige opened the folded letter and started to read.

Dear Paige,

We’re terribly sorry we can’t tell you this in person, but you might want to have some time for yourself after reading our plan. You’re life is gonna change, Paige. A lot. Anyway, first things first. Please undress and put the clothes on P gave you. They are kinda revealing, but you don’t mind that, do you? You certainly did not during prom last year, you naughty little Elf. So, when you put your own clothes off and the new ones on, you can read on.

Paige, still scared of the gun behind pointed at her earlier on this day, decided to put on the clothes. She looked around if there was no one spying on her, and quickly took of her shirt. She threw it on the floor, bend over a little and pulled down her panties to the ground. She stepped out of them and kicked them towards her shirt. Quickly she took the clothes on the plate and layed them down on the couch. It was not much, but it was better than the panties she had been wearing all of yesterday and tonight. She grabbed the new panties from the couch and took them on. Wearing the panties, she picked up the bra and put it on as well. It was perfect, they even knew her size. A shiver went through Paige’s body, as she thought of the other things Tyler and Ava probably knew. The last part of clothing was a satin see-through sleeping dress, white, just as the rest. She put it on, and quickly picked up the letter again, being extremely curious about what was in there.

We now assume you are wearing the new clothes. Good. How are they? I hope you like them, you’re gonna wear them later as well. So, let’s get to the point. Like I already said, we’ve brought you here because of your perfect body and your cute little face. And, like I said as well, no one of us is going to rape you. Although… There is a slight similarity between rape and the thing you’re gonna do. You see, we want to enjoy your body. That pretty much means we want to enjoy your body having sex. Not with us, in this stage of the game. Yes, you can see it as a game. You can win it, but it’s gonna take a while. A long while. If you don’t play, you loose and really bad things are going to happen. So, you don’t really have a choice. The game exists of many different in-game challenges. The rules are simple: do whatever we tell you to, on your own way, and you will be generously rewarded. But fail, and we will punish you. And I think you’re not kinky enough to like most of our punishments… I hope you get it, and you’re willing to play. If so, walk out of this room to the basement. It’s our playroom, as it were. I hope to see you there!

Ava & Tyler

Paige, still standing up, plumped down on the couch and put her hands on her face. She thought deeply. Why was this happening to her? She had so many questions. She could run… No, they knew where she lived, they knew everything! It wouldn’t help a thing, just make it worse. There was only one option: going to that basement and hope for the best. She stood up, threw her old clothes on the plate and laid the letter on top. With a little less doubt, she stepped towards the door, opened it and walked through the enormous hallway. Just one time her eyes drifted off to the front door, but she knew she shouldn’t go there. Paige turned left, towards the basement. As she walked off the stairs and came to the door, she doubted for just one more second, but resolutely knocked twice on the wooden doorway.

When Ava told Paige to enter the room, she opened the door and stepped inside. She didn’t see much, because the room was only lit by two dimmed dark red lights. The only thing she saw, was that she was not the only one in the room who changed clothes. First, she looked at Tyler, standing between her and Ava. He was only wearing a leopard print thong and a necktie. “Come on, we won’t bite”, he whispered. Paige gently took a few steps forward, holding her see-through sleeping dress with both hands, as Tyler stepped away. Paige saw Ava. She couldn’t help thinking the woman was so beautiful, especially now she saw she was just wearing an incredibly short skirt, with probably nothing under it. Her big boobs were totally visible, something Paige didn’t expect. “You can look at them”, Ava said. “It’s ok.”

Ava stood up from the chair she was sitting in, and walked over to Paige. “My God, girl, you look terrific in that dress. It makes your shape come out even better”, she said. Paige felt pretty uncomfortable and still tried not to stare at Ava’s perfect boobs. “You see”, Ava continued, “we’re just feeling good wearing as few clothes as possible.” “I figured”, Paige replied. “Ah, she talks. Great!”, Tyler said, while taking a seat on the huge couch in the back of the basement. He started to flip through a magazine with two naked kissing girls on the cover. Ava stepped over to Paige, walked half a circle around her and grabbed her hips from the back. Paige didn’t know what to do, and decided not to do anything at all. “I assume that you being here means you’re willing to play our little game?” she said. “Seem like I don’t have a choice, do I?” Paige answered. She turned around, facing Ava, and asked: “So, this game… What do you want me to do?”

Ava didn’t expect Paige to be so easily willing to do whatever she would tell her to, so she had to think about what to say for a few seconds. “Ah, the first task. I’m glad you’re so eager to begin!” Ava replied. “The first task is… Let’s say it’s an easy one. I didn’t expect you wanted to start rightaway, but why not. First of all, you need some new clothes. Follow me.” Ava walked over to another part of the basement, with Paige following her, and opened a huge walk in closet. Dozens, hundreds of sexy and cute outfits became visible when Ava switched on the light. “For the first tasks”, she said, “I’m going to tell you what to wear. Later on in the game, you might be able to pick your own clothes.” Paige nodded and waited for Ava to get something for her to wear. Ava walked through the closet a few times, kneeled and took a pair of jeans out of a box. Then she walked to the other end, grabbed a shirt, a long coat and a scarf and walked back to Tyler. Paige patiently followed her, and heard Ava ask Tyler: “What do you think?” Tyler looked at the clothes, didn’t say anything and went back on watching the pictures of the kissing girls.

“That’s a go”, Ava said. Here, put them on. She gave Paige the clothes and took place next to Tyler on the sofa. “Right here?”, Paige asked. “Of course. Believe me, we’ve seen young girls’ bodies before”, Tyler murmured. As soon as Paige turned her back at the two and started taking off the dress, Tyler stopped looking at the magazine and watched Paige’s moves carefully. Paige had now taken off the dress and bent forward to pick up the jeans. She quickly put them on, they fit perfectly again, and she noticed the pants were ripped. Her knees were visible through the holes, and there were huge rips at her left thigh and right butt cheek, both easily as big as a baseball. She kneeled, picked up the shirt and took it on. She also put on the jacket, and at that moment, Ava threw her pair of black high heels towards Paige. Without saying a word, she took them on as well, and Ava came walking towards her. She pulled the pants to see if they were tight enough, and unbuttoned the upper two buttons of Paige’s shirt, making her quite firm boobs jumping out a little bit. “That’ll do”, Ava said. “Now, are you ready to hear what the task is?” “Fire away”, Paige said. She just wanted to know how bad it was as soon as possible. Tyler now stood up and walked towards an Apple keyboard. He pressed a few buttons and a huge screen lit up on the only empty wall in the basement. Paige saw a train station, with a train just leaving.

To be continued…

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2011-12-07 20:36:55
I like it but it need some action still good

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2011-09-16 02:04:08
Ah the plot thickens, it's very good building up. I can't give you positive points or I would. No one else commented strange I do hope you go on. You're very good with words. I bet your songs say alot. or poems

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