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True story on how I became a dick sucker
What A Surprise!

Yes, it certainly was a surprise! And a lot more than I expected. When I went out for drinks that night I never thought it would end up with some dick sucking going on but it did. Oh, yes there was some dick sucking going on all right. And if you read on I think you’ll be surprised, too. I know I was!

I was about 18 or 19 .. maybe .. and say .. second year in college at the University of Alabama. On a certain Friday night I had decided to go out to McFarland Mall .. browse around for a while .. and then check out a new bar that had just opened up. I was probably more anxious to check out the bar so I’m sure I didn’t stay at the shopping mall long. The new bar was just down the road from the mall so it didn’t take long to get there.

After ordering a drink I was just walking about checking the place out when another guy approached and started up a conversation with me. He complimented me on the shirt I was wearing (a real pretty floral print I had borrowed from someone at the dorm) and so we commenced to “small talk” and “chit chat” and .. as most college students are known to have a few drinks here and there .. I didn’t think twice about taking him up on his offer to get me another.

Actually .. he may have bought a couple of drinks for me. And before long I was getting a “buzz” and after a while this guy was asking me if I’d like to go to another bar with him in Northport. (Northport is a suburb just across the river from Tuscaloosa). Well .. I was starting to feel “happy” and .. hey .. the prospects of some more “free” drinks sounded pretty good, too. And even though this guy was a “stranger” I felt comfortable enough to go along with him. Maybe the alcohol in my system was why I was feeling ‘comfortable” but .. nonetheless .. soon we were in his car on our way to Northport.

Once at the other bar we took a table .. ordered more drinks .. and continued our little “small talk” What we chatted about I don’t have a clue. I just know it was Friday night .. time for some weekend fun .. and I had another relaxing beverage in my hand. And somebody else was paying for them! Can’t get any better? Right?

Well .. if not “better” then things certainly were about to get more “interesting” shortly. After feeling that I was “under the influence” (probably more than I should have been). I said to this guy that I really felt I should return to the first bar .. pick up my car .. and go on back to campus. So we left the bar .. got back into his car .. and that’s when things started to get “hot”.

Because no sooner were we in his car that he plopped his hand down across my crotch and started grabbing at my dick! And .. oh, my God ... my cock started to get hard! I could not believe it! Here I was .. not only with a total stranger .. but with another guy .. his hand on my crotch .. and my dick was getting hard! In no time at all my dick was hard as a brick bulging and straining against my pants.
I was speechless! I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. But I do know that my cock was hard .. his hand was all over my crotch .. and I wasn’t doing a thing to make him stop! I don’t think his hand ever left my crotch even after we pulled out of the parking lot and started driving down the boulevard. This guy obviously liked playing with my cock and I’m thinking “Maybe .. just maybe .. this guy wants some dick”!

And he starts talking to me about “going back to his place” but oh, no .. I wasn’t about to go back to his place .. not with a total stranger! But with his hand constantly rubbing and grabbing at my dick I just couldn’t help but believe he wanted some of it. The thought of possibly having my dick sucked was just too much to resist but I just couldn’t agree to go back to his place so I suggested, “Lets just pull off behind the road behind one of these buildings and do what we’re gonna do”. Damn! There I was opening my mouth and actually suggesting to another guy that we park the car somewhere so we could fool around!

And he didn’t think twice about pulling off the road, either. Soon we were in the parking lot behind a store along the boulevard. (I think it was a furniture store. I’m not sure). But it was dark .. we were alone .. my dick was the “star” of this little “show” and hopefully before long this guy would be sucking on it! After parking the car .. I really don’t remember if he went for my belt and zipper or if I did myself .. I just know in no time at all my pants were down and my cock was sticking up in the air with his hand all over it again. I couldn’t help but wonder what his next move would be. So I just leaned back and let him have his way with my dick thinking any time now he would be “going down” eating my meat.

But all the while he was playing with my cock he seemed to be pulling me closer and closer to him .. but with all the attention he was giving my stiff dick I didn’t care and after all those drinks I had I was just about like a ragdoll and probably couldn’t resist even if I tried. And then .. are you ready for another surprise? What made me open my mouth again I don’t know but I suddenly asked him if his dick was hard! “Well, lets just see if it is” and with that he unfastened his pants and pulled out his cock. And yes .. it was hard .. sticking up in the air .. and staring straight at me! I had never seen another guy's hard cock before. I didn’t know what to make of it. It looked so .. so big .. so tempting. And it looked good! I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.

And while I was admiring that big piece of meat the whole time without me even realizing it he had his hand behind my head slowly .. slowly ... pushing my head down .. down .. down .. closer and closer to his hard cock. And I offered no resistance at all. Soon his hard dick was staring me in the face waiting for me to make my next move! And it didn’t take long for me to make that next “move”. Without any warning I blurted out something like, “Lets quit messing around and do it”! And in a flash my mouth and lips were wrapped around his cock sucking away!

What a surprise indeed! The whole time I was sure he wanted some of my dick but there I was sucking and slurping on his! The thought of sucking dick I am sure had never crossed my mind but it seems like I knew just how to do it. Keep that mouth around that cock and move those lips up and down .. up and down. And that’s exactly I did! And every time I raised my head up his hand was there on the back of my head to push it back down again.

His hand was still all over my dick but let there be no doubt .. the “main event” of this evening now was me sucking his cock! And he liked it, too! “Oh, Clayton .. where have you been! You suck good”! And then he said, “I tell you what. You suck my dick while I play with yours”. I said, “O.K.” and kept on slurping and sucking. I believe his “plan” all along was to have his cock sucked and with him stuffing my mouth with his meat his “plan” seemed to be working just fine. So there I was with a total stranger .. another guy .. in a dark, secluded parking lot behind a furniture store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama .. the first time I had ever seen another guy's stiff dick .. and I was sucking on it.

So while I was working my mouth up and down on his dick he “worked over” my dick until I exploded and shot a load of hot sperm all over the place! I don’t really remember the details after I blew my cum all over the place but somehow we made it back to where my car was parked and I made it back to my dorm on campus O.K.

So .. there you have it. My first dick. The “coming out party” for yours truly .. Clayton Peters .. the dick sucking sissy. And that was not the only cock I sucked that year at school. Before the year was out I had hooked up with four or five other guys and sure enough .. each and every time .. yours truly was the one sucking cock. And the more dicks I sucked the more I started thinking, “Hmmmmm! I like dick! Dick is good”!

My junior year I had a gay black roommate .. Roderick .. and you talk about some dick sucking! And ass fucking, too! I didn’t even have to leave the dormitory to get some dick! It was right there in my own dorm room! And I couldn’t tell you how many times I sucked his cock! Once a week? Sometimes more. And it was Roderick who bent me over and gave me a hard dick up the ass for the first time. That’s right. The first dick up my white ass was a hot and juicy black dick. And I still remember him saying one night while grinding away on my butt, “I just love me some white ass”! And Roderick may not have realized it but I just “loved me” some of that hot, black dick!

The following year when I went back to school Roderick had moved out of the dorm and into a three bed room apartment off campus and in just a day or two he was inviting me over. Said he wanted me to meet his two room mates. I think what he meant was he wanted me to suck their dicks! After a little “small talk” Roderick started taking his clothes off telling me he had told his new roommates how much I liked to suck dick. And in just a matter of minutes all four of us were naked .. I was down on my knees .. and three hard, black cocks were waiting for me to start sucking! I went from one dick to the next and I didn’t stop sucking until all three had shot a big load of sperm down my throat. Delicious! Absolutely delicious! And while I was gulping down all that sperm I thought to myself, “This is going to be a good year for sucking dick”!

And it certainly was! And they invited me back just a few days later. But this time while sucking on those dicks they said they wanted to “try” some of my ass! So after sucking all three of ‘em for a while they put me across the bed .. face down .. butt up .. legs spread .. and one after another all three of ‘em fucked my ass. And they fucked my ass good! When they were through grinding on my butt my ass was just full of cum! “Try” some of my ass? Well .. they must have liked it because after stuffing my ass with all of that meat they all wanted my phone number! And I was happy to give it to em! As a matter of fact I told them to call me!

And they did. Couple of times a month. Sometimes two or three weeks in a row. I loved sucking on those cocks and they loved fucking my ass! But Roderick was not always there when I went over. And sometimes one .. or maybe even both … of his roommates would not be there. No problem. They had friends. So more times than not there would still be two or three dicks for me to suck.

Before long I think all of Roderick’s friends had my phone number. At the dorm all week all the other guys would be pacing the floor .. wringing their hands .. fretting about having a date for the weekend. Not me. All I had to do was pick up the phone because Roderick .. his roommates.. or one of their friends was always wanting some of my ass. And I was always wanting some dick! So while the other guys were just sitting around on Friday or Saturday night I would just smile and walk on by. I hardly had time for girls anymore. I was too busy sucking dick!

One night Roderick and his roommates said they were inviting some more friends over and wanted me to come over, too. And when I got there I noticed this time their other friends were a couple of white guys. And once we were all there one of Roderick’s roommates got the “party” started when he started rubbing his crotch saying, “I think I’m ready to have my dick sucked”. Then Roderick said, “I think that’s a great idea. Who wants to suck mine”? Next thing you know the three white guys were naked .. on their knees .. and all three of us had a hot, black cock between our lips. And the sound of three guys sucking cock? Slurping .. sucking .. lip smacking. You’ve never heard such a racket!

While I was sucking away on my “lollipop” I heard Roderick say, “I’m ready to bend this dick sucker over and fuck some ass. I think all of these dick suckers need a dick up their ass”! And then one by one me and the other two white guys were off our knees .. lined up side by side .. and bent over the back of the sofa. Roderick and his roommates “greased up” their dicks and then there were three loud groans as three hard, black dicks were sinking deep into three white asses. After sticking all their meat up our asses they worked their hips round and round getting out butts good and loose for some real ass fucking!

Then they started “slamming hams”! They were fucking our butts hard and fast. The room was filled with the sound of hips “popping” butt cheeks. Smack! Smack! Smack! They were tearing our asses up and we were moaning and groaning .. grunting and snorting. The place sounded like a zoo! And they didn’t let up until all three white guys had a load of sperm up their ass!

Then there was the time they had three other friends over and I was the only white guy in the whole room! So guess who was the “center of attention”? That’s right! Clayton! They took me into one of the bedrooms .. had me get on my hands and knees on the bed .. and then they had their way with me. All six of ‘em. One guy layed down in front of me and told me to “start sucking”. And while he was shoving my head up and down on his dick another black dick was stuck up my ass! And they “gave it to me” until both of ‘em had shot a load of sperm. One load down my throat and another load in my ass! And after swallowing that load of cum the next guy layed down in front of me and shoved my head down on his dick! And another black dick was being stuck up my ass! And then two more dicks! Three loads of sperm up my ass and three loads of sperm down my throat. And I loved it! I don’t think I’ve ever been so full of cum!

When I first went to college I was “young and dumb” but by time I left I was getting my mouth and ass pumped “full of cum”! I was well on my way to becoming the sissy I am today. Soon I was going shopping for panties .. shaving my legs .. wearing stockings .. pantyhose .. women’s perfume .. sucking cock .. and giving up the ass like a whore.

I later wondered if my lips were meant to be wrapped around a hard cock because over the years I’ve sucked so much dick it would make your head spin! White dick. Black dick. And they all were good. Especially those big, thick dicks A big, thick dick has more “meat” to eat and is more fun to suck.. I like the feeling of having a real thick dick stretching my lips and stuffing my hungry mouth. When it comes to sucking dick “bigger” is “better”!

I’ve had guys “cum” in my mouth. Shoot “cum” down my throat. Spray their sperm all over my face. Shove their cock in my mouth and make me choke and gag. A number have even snatched my panties off and given me a good, proper ass fucking. Couple of times I’ve sucked a guy off .. swallowed up all his cum .. and then got on the phone to invite another guy over for even more cock and more cum! On the same night!

Three or four times I’ve “hooked up” with some girls who wanted to watch me suck dick. So they would have me come over and watch while I sucked their boyfriends or husbands dick. One girl .. after watching her husband fuck my ass .. put her “strap on” on and fucked my ass herself! I sometimes wonder what I look like when I’m down on my knees sucking dick. One day .. I don’t know how or when .. but I think I’d like to get with someone to take pictures of me with a big, thick dick in my mouth. Maybe one day another girl will persuade her boyfriend or husband to let a sissy (me) suck his dick and she can watch and take pictures.

But sometimes “wifey” was not there to watch me suck cock. Most married guys when “sneaking around” are looking to “hook up” with another girl or another man’s wife but two or three different times when their wife was away I’ve had married guys invite me over to suck dick. And three or four times I’ve met up with guys at a motel and I didn’t even know if they were married or not. I just know I sucked their dick and they fucked my ass.

Then there was the “adult” bookstore in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Like many “adult” bookstores there were “private” booths in the back where one could step inside .. drop coins in the slot .. and watch “adult” videos. But this little bookstore was different. Each booth had a hole cut in the partition where someone could stick their dick through it. And if the person on the other side wanted some cock .. well .. there it was! All you had to do was get on your knees and start sucking!

That’s right. You didn’t even know who was on the other side! All you knew there was a nice, hard dick sticking through that hole begging to be sucked! And I was always ready to suck! Watching those “adult” videos was nice but when a hard cock came peeping through that hole in the wall I forgot all about the videos! I didn’t think twice about sucking that dick and I didn’t care who was on the other side! There was a stiff dick staring me in the face and I was going to suck it!

Needless to say .. that bookstore was my favorite place in the whole town. I went two or three times a month and I sucked dick every time! Sometimes after sucking cock a couple of minutes later I could hear somebody else stepping into that same booth next to me and, “Oh, how nice”! .. there’s another dick that needs to be sucked! And I would be on my knees again sucking away!

And if I went on a Friday or Saturday night when the place was packed I knew I was going to be sucking dick. I just didn’t know how many! At least one or two. Sometimes three or four! And I always took a booth “in the middle”, too. Being in the “middle” meant there was a hole in the wall on both sides and if a dick didn’t come peeping through one hole then it was just a matter of time before there would be one stuck through the other hole.

Quite a few times after sucking one dick I could turn around and there would be another cock stuck through the other hole! And one night it was just like an “all you can eat” buffet. Five .. count ‘em .. five different dicks were stuck through that hole in the wall and I sucked all of ‘em. Five delicious dicks and five loads of hot, thick sperm to gobble up.

I always gobbled down that sperm when sucking those dicks, too. I would have loved to have had all that cum on my face but this was a “public” place you know and I couldn’t have cum dripping off my face when I went back out through the lobby! Didn’t want everybody to know I was back there sucking like a slut! And I was in Alamogordo nine months .. working on a construction project .. and in those nine months I sucked more dick than a French whore!

And it all started in Tuscaloosa that night when Clayton thought he was going to have his dick sucked! And just think. If I had not opened my mouth that night I may never have found out how much fun it is to suck on a nice, big dick or to have another guy snatch my panties off and give me a hard, hot cock up the ass. When I first went to college I wanted to meet girls just like the rest of the guys but when I left I was a dick sucking sissy! What a surprise! A surprise indeed!

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