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Short demon fiction story
One day, there was this kid, 15 years old. His name was Seth Basham. He wasn’t unpopular in school, or a weirdo. He wasn’t fat. Actually, he had really good friends, though, he liked being alone. Seth was straight, he has had a few girlfriends, and had one currently. He was 5’9, 179 pounds with brown hair that hung below his ears. His hair was always messy, even if he brushed it. Seth had nice blue eyes, barely tanned skin, and a, just starting to develop, six pack. He was a virgin, but Kayla, his current girlfriend had been talking to him about sex yesterday. But they barely got to see each other outside of school. One day, Seth heard about demons that have sex with humans. The incubus and succubus. Incubus being the male demon and succubus being the female. Seth was very intrigued by this, as he was already fascinated with the paranormal, now he can fuck it. Seth looked up information about these things and how to summon them. The sex was said to be better than any you could have with another human, and it was as simple to get them as practicing a ceremony to summon them. The next night, Seth drew the circle, lit the candles and summoned a demon, though he got the names mixed up and summoned an incubus (the male) instead of the succubus (the female). After he completed the ceremony, nothing happened. Seth thought maybe he didn’t do it right. So, he layed in the circle again, and did the ceremony over. After a second failure, Seth started thinking this was just some fake bullshit someone made up. That night, Seth stayed up later than normal, thinking of fucking a succubus, that he thought was called an incubus. Seth stroked his 8 and a half inch cock, 4 and a half inches in girth. After a about 10-15 minutes of jacking off, Seth came all over his chest. He quickly wiped it off with his underwear he wore earlier, and fell asleep nude, as he normally does. The next morning, Saturday, Seth woke up at 6:30am and hopped in the shower. Seth is an only child, no mom, and dad goes to work at 5:30am and doesn’t come home until 9:00pm. Seth got out of the shower at 6:56. When he walks down the hall to go back to his room and get dressed, his towel falls. It felt more like it had been pulled off, but Seth pays no mind to it, thinking the towel just fell. When he bent over to pick up the towel, he felt two giant, and warm, hands wrap around his waist. Reaching from almost the middle of his back, to under his belly button. At the same moment, he felt an extremely painful ache in his asshole.
It got stretched enormously wide. Seth yelled, “AWW, SHIIIIT!” he looked behind him, but saw nothing. Only the hall. Seth grew wide-eyed and his jaw was hanging open. Then, he clenched up as he felt the warm thing in his ass slide in further. At first, it was just barely in, but it was so thick! The thing in Seth’s ass had to be at least 5 and a half inches in girth. As it slid into him, it got thicker the more it went. Seth would have fell on his face if he wasn’t held in place by the giant hands. It felt like hours to Seth, though merely seconds and the demon was fully in Seth’s 15 year old virgin asshole. Seth became fully erect, not being gay, but the anus on a male is a G-spot. The demon had a 13 inch long cock, reaching around 6 and a half inches in girth, nearing the base. It was phenomenal he fit it all in this 15 year old boy’s asshole, that never had anything go into it. The demon started pumping Seth’s ass, slow. Seth felt balls the size of softballs hitting him in the back of the thighs. Seth was getting fucked in the ass, by an incubus. He reached to his hips where he felt the hands holding him. Seth felt the hands in his hands, they were massive, and very warm. Seth started relaxing, the girth of the demon cock stretching him so nice, he started to get used to it. The demon started to fuck Seth harder now, forcing deeper. He plunged Seth’s tiny asshole very fast. Seth started to scream in pain and ecstasy. A couple seconds later, he felt similar feeling hands, to the ones around his waist, around his head. Seth’s jaw dropped, again, at there still being nothing there, but he was getting fucked. He kept screaming, until another massive cock intruded through his lips. This one was just as thick as the last, same length, too.
Seth didn’t really want to, but he had no choice. The demon cock was forced into his mouth, and the head hit the back of his throat. The incubus just left his cock in Seth’s mouth, and after a while, Seth couldn’t breathe. The incubus finally pulled out and Seth grabbed a huge gasp of air. After a few seconds, the demon cock was back in his mouth. The first demon was still fucking Seth’s asshole, with all of his 13 inch cock. The second demon started stuffing his foot-long cock down Seth’s throat, and despite he resists, the demons balls were slapping on Seth’s chin within seconds. No matter how hard Seth tried to push the incubus away from him, he couldn’t budge him one inch. The two demons were working Seth, one in his ass thrusting violently in and out, and the other doing the same, to Seth’s face. When the incubus cock in Seth’s ass went in, the one in his mouth pulled out. And vise versa. Both demons only pulled out a few inches until thrusting back in, hard. To Seth’s surprise, he could actually breathe without the demon taking his cock out. Almost as if the incubi had some sort of power to make him able. The cock in Seth’s ass was easily reaching into his colon, outside the rectum. And the cock in his mouth made it into the beginning opening of his stomach. Seth started cumming violently and uncontrollably, because he was really enjoying his anal and mouth fuck from these demons. Seth’s cum shot so far, some hit him under the chin, the gist of it, however, hit the demon in the ball sack pounding against the top of his chin, and a bit below it. When Seth came, his asshole almost forced the demon cock right out of him. Before Seth was finished letting go of his many lines of cum, and done with his ass convulsing, both demons shoved hard into Seth, on both ends. The two demons both appeared from thin air. Both quite large, muscular, one light reddish, brown. The other more darker brown with tint red. They had a very enticing, yet evil looking face. They both thrusted into Seth’s ass and mouth a few more times before finally releasing a ton of cum inside him. Seth’s stomach was filled with demon cum, squirt after squirt of it. The demon wouldn’t stop, and he was down Seth’s throat while he was cumming. All this while the other incubus drowned Seth’s colon in his cum. The two demons finally stopped cumming, and after a few more pumps into Seth’s face and ass, they pulled out. They both pulled out very slowly, letting Seth feel them slide out. Then, they both disappeared as quickly as they came.
For now…

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-25 06:25:28
wow nice story there....That kid is so lucky

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-21 01:26:51
To the anonymous readers: Actually the succubus and incubus are one in the same demon. The succubus appears to a man in the form of a woman, takes his seed, then appears to woman as a man n plants the mans seed inside her. So with that being said, I wonder where the demons got the cum from lol

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-04 12:52:55
Actually thats just the christian interpretation of these particular demons, Pagans and other ancient religions had other thoughts

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-28 00:42:22
Ok concept, but traditional incubus and succubus only came during the victim's sleep.

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-17 01:07:09
please right more it was very good

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