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I got off the bus and headed up the long driveway to my house. Most kids are in a hurry to get home to see Mom and Dad, or to grab a snack talk on the phone with a friend, or mess around on the computer. Not me, I’m never really in a hurry to get home, because when I get there I know what I have to do. I have to patiently wait for my Daddy to get home. Most little girls can’t wait for their Daddy to get home and play with them. Mine is like any other Dad to the outside world, he likes to play with me too, but, I doubt that it’s like most Dad’s play with their little girls. I walk slowly up the hill to the sidewalk and I look at the bedroom window on the far end of the house. I see the blinds parted, and I know that today Daddy has beat me home. I sigh, long and deep, I reach into my skirt pocket for the house key, sticking it in the knob I realize it’s unlocked. I walk into the house and lay my books on the sofa table. I walk quietly down the hallway to my room, I heard no noise, just the clicking of the refrigerator, and the sound of water running into the dishwasher. I walk into my room.

Nothing in my room is ever out of place, as a matter of fact it doesn’t look like a real child even lives in this room, because I spend most of my spare time in bed with my Daddy. He steps into my doorway in a t-shirt and pair of jeans. He smiles at me, and I smile back, I’m genuine in my feelings for him I love him but I have to share him with my Mother which makes me jealous. I know that he knows I’m very jealous and he promises me that he will send my Mother away so it can just be him and I very soon. He walks over to the bed and puts his hand on my face, he tilts my chin toward him and leans in. I feel his lips on mine and they are so soft and moist, he kisses me. I return the kiss, I love to kiss him probably because I know it’s wrong. I wait for him to do more, and I do realize that at age 18 I can stop this behavior, at anytime I can stop him from touching me I am legally an adult. However, I love to feel him, and I love for him to touch me.

He moves over me, pulling me to a standing position, he kisses my neck and behind my ears, I feel a chill run down my spine, and I feel my pussy start to get moist. He unbuttons my white oxford cloth shirt and he stands back to look at my large breast pushed into the white bra we are required to wear under our shirts. He smiles at me again. I stand very still, he places his left hand on my breast and rubs gently the tops of them both. I shudder again, he asks me if I’m impatient today, I shook my head no. He smirked because he knew that I was. He bent over and kissed the tops of both breast, with one hand he reaches behind me and unsnaps my bra letting my straps fall off my shoulders my bra hit’s the ground. I stand half naked in front of him. He instructs me to pull my nipples, I reach up and take the right one between my thumb and index finger and slowly rub and pull my erect nipple. He smiles as it gets harder and the areola starts to shrivel because I’m getting more and more aroused. He licks that nipple then puts it into his mouth, he loves the way it feels between his teeth, as do I. He bites harder until a pain shoots through my entire breast, I love this feeling.

We are standing close to my twin bed, he shoves me down onto it, and never takes my tit out of his mouth, he bites harder and harder on my nipple until I get tears in my eyes because of the pain. He reaches between my legs and pulls my panties out of he way. I feel his hand on my wet little cunt, the pussy juices are running down my leg. I keep my pussy perfectly shaved for my Daddy because he loves it to look so innocent and sweet. I spread my legs further as his fingers explore my cunt. He gently pulls my lips apart and exposed my clit to he air, I almost come just from this. He holds my lips open with one hand, he kisses down my stomach to my sweet hot wet mound. I feel his tongue on my clit, small little circles at first, I start to move my pelvis to the rhythm of his tongue on my clit. He moves his other hand down to my throbbing hole, he then takes two fingers and inserts them in one motion into my wet little quivering pussy. I let him , and spread my long tan legs even further apart. “Daddy,” I moan, he starts to pump his fingers harder and rougher into my hole, he adds another finger into that tight wet puss. I’m getting close to coming since he started to suck on my clit. I rock harder against his hand, he adds a fourth finger into my now dripping wet pussy. “More, Daddy, More please,” I beg. He obliges and shoves his pinky into me deep, he stops to let me catch my breath. He starts to move his hand further and further into my cunt. I know he’s going to shove his entire hand into me. I can’t wait I rock harder and harder, he continues to suck my clit between his teeth while he flicks it with his tongue. I feel the pressure deep within me, I lose it, I squirt my cum all over his face and into his mouth , in his hair. I squirt better than anyone he’s ever had he tells me. He pulls his hand out of my pussy.

He then gets off the bed while I lay and continue to have waves after wave of orgasm after my squirt fest. He pulls my panties and skirt off so I lay naked for him. He takes off his clothes, I can’ take my eyes off his hard cock, it’s so huge against his mound of curly black hair. He flips me over on the bed and pulls my ass into the air, I feel him spit on my ass and start to work on my asshole with his finger. He is slow and gentle at first, then he gets a little rougher as he pulls my asshole apart. I feel the head of his hard cock pressing against my hot little tight asshole. He puts the head of his cock into my ass, and starts to ease more and more in, “Daddy, please be easy, please Daddy,” I beg him. He smacks my ass hard, I know that I need to be quiet but his cock is so big, it is surely splitting my tight little ass apart. He smacks my ass again as he crams his entire shaft into my ass, I gasp and scream. He smacks me again and begins to fuck me harder and harder till I think I will pass out from the pain. “Daddy wait, please wait,” I begged again. He didn’t stop I knew he wouldn’t it just made him fuck me faster and harder his huge cock rammed harder and harder into my throbbing little asshole.

He pulled out of my ass and flipped me over roughly, he got up and went to where my head was, he told me to open my mouth, I did as he said because my ass was sore from the spanking and the fucking. I held my mouth open as he shoved his entire cock into my throat, I gagged and fought against him, he straddled me on the bed pinning my arms with his legs he fucked my face. Over and over he rammed that rod into my mouth and throat, he got harder and harder , I knew he nearing the end. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my throat and hot cum spurted all over my face on my mouth, on my tits. He was breathing heavy and moaning I knew it was a good one. He collapsed on the bed beside me an took me in his arms. “You’re my sweet little baby girl,” he said. I loved my Daddy, and I loved for him to fuck me. Soon Momma would be gone and I would be his sweet only little sex doll.
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