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Final of series- would appreciate feedback about this or any part. I post stories for others to read and hopefully enjoy.
After the two week visit of my stepbrothers in late August I hoped things would get better. At the least there were two less cocks to service. However Daddy’s mood became worse soon after his sons left. Though it wasn’t my fault he did take out his frustration on me, slapping and smacking me for the smallest perceived mistake or fault. Once he even hit me for breathing too quietly. He now also spent many hours on the computer, talking in internet chat rooms until late in the night. Daddy had even mentioned the possibility of setting up a webcam, starring me, but changed his mind when sober.

“It’s a shame, we could put on a good show, but since you’re too young I could get in trouble” he told me.

Yes, I was too young, in fact I would be turning just 16 in October, my birthday was a little over a month away. Not that Daddy would remember the date, I was sure.
One day in September, Daddy said we would be going away for the weekend. He told me to bring everyday clothes, but also some sexy lingerie.

We left early Friday afternoon taking Interstate 80 west. I’m not sure how far we traveled as I did doze off, but we pulled off near a town called White Haven. Daddy drove to an Econo Lodge where he checked in. We went for dinner in a nearby diner, then returned to our room before 8:00 P.M. This was weird, why would we drive to some little town and check into a motel. Plus Daddy was acting nervous which was very unusual for him.

Suddenly his cell phone rang and he went into the bathroom to answer it. Being very curious, I crept near the door to eavesdrop. I managed to catch the end of the conversation.

“Yes in half an hour, Room 206” I heard Daddy say. I quickly sat on the bed as he opened the door.
“Chrissy get in the bathroom and douche and shower and hurry up. There isn’t much time” he ordered.

“Why, what’s going on? Why are we here?” I asked him.
He just dragged me by my hair into the bathroom and pushed me against the wall, grabbing my throat in a chokehold.

“I don’t have time for this. Haven’t you learned yet not to challenge me. I don’t want to bruise you now, but if you don’t obey me, you are going to get it bad next week” he hissed at me, his face getting red. Daddy released me and stalked into the motel room. He went into his overnight bag, then threw an enema bag at me. I closed the bathroom door and quickly got ready. When I came out wrapped in a towel, some lingerie was waiting on the bed. There was a bustier, a thong and thigh high stockings all in white.

“Put these on Chrissy. Then just put on your lipstick” Daddy said.
As I was sitting, applying my pink lipstick, Daddy stood behind me and began fixing my hair. Basically he put them into pigtails, which was the first time I had ever worn them. While he did, he talked to me.

“Listen up Chrissy. Tonight is a big test for us both. In a little while, a man is going to come to the room. I want you to be nice to him and do whatever he wants. He is going to spend the whole night with you. I’m going to be in another room in the motel. Don’t make any trouble and we’ll be going home tomorrow.”

I know I must have made a face while hearing this, but I didn’t say a word. I knew it wouldn’t help. Just then there was a knock on the door. Daddy turned and went to the door and opened it. A white haired man walked into the room. He and Daddy never exchanged a word, he just handed Daddy a key and Daddy left. The man then locked the door and put on the chain. He walked up to me.

“When I speak to you is the only time you can speak” he began “and if it’s a yes or no question just nod your head. Do you understand?” I nodded yes. He smiled and his teeth reminded me of a rat, almost pointy.
“Your name is Chrissy and you are 15, correct?” I nodded again.
“Very well, that’s all for now. I’m going to shower and then we can begin” he said. He went into the bathroom, but left the door open. After a few minutes I heard the shower go on and after another ten minutes it turned off. He came back into the room in a little while. He had a glass of water in one hand and had a towel wrapped around his waist, with a noticeable bulge in it. He placed the glass and a small medicine bottle on the dresser. He turned the TV to a news channel, with the volume set in the middle.

The man stepped in front of me and dropped his towel and gestured for me to get on my knees. I sank to my knees on the floor. He held his erection in his right hand while his left hand started to stroke my hair. While kneeling there I was able to observe him. The first thing I noticed, with our proximity to one another, was his cock. I judged it to be around six inches long and not too thick. It was the smallest one I had been close to, although it was only the fifth one I’d seen, not counting my own. His pubic hair was gray and white, as was the hair on his chest. His body seemed shrunken to me, but that was because of his sagging muscles. He didn’t look as if he had ever been in good shape. The man had a stooped posture but was still much taller than me, I’d guess around six feet. His posture also highlighted his pooch belly. His face had many wrinkles and his white hair was slicked back.

“Now Chrissy I want you to suck my cock” the man said.

This I knew how to do. I opened my mouth and my tongue snaked out and began to lick his head. I swirled it around like it was an ice cream cone. I also stuck the tip of my tongue into the hole in his head. I guessed he liked that because he responded by caressing my face. I tried to maintain eye contact with him so that I could tell if he liked what I did. I licked the underside of his shaft from the base to the head, spending more time on the sensitive spot just below the head. After a couple of minutes of this I opened my mouth and began to suck him in. I worked up and down with my mouth, taking the majority of his cock into me, while also using my tongue on him. He responded by holding both my pigtails in his hands and pulling on them as I bobbed my head up and down. When I tried to remove my mouth from his cock, he pulled harder on my hair and spoke for the first time since I started.

“No Chrissy, just continue what you’re doing, that’s the way I like it.”

So I continued with what was working, but I also reached up and gently fondled his balls. When I saw by his eyes he was getting close I increased the speed of my motion. He pulled on my pigtails hard and his head slipped down my throat. My hand felt his balls contracting and he began cumming in me. After four spurts, his cock stopped and he withdrew. He headed to the bathroom and washed up. He returned to the room. He opened the bottle, removed a pill and swallowed it down with water.

“Chrissy I’ll be resting before round two. Since there are two beds feel free to lie down” he told me.

I rinsed out my mouth then headed to the other bed. I noticed the medicine bottle said Viagra. I got in bed and closed my eyes but didn’t sleep. Around an hour later I heard him call me. I opened my eyes and saw him sitting up in bed with his cock again at attention. I left my bed and went and stood by him. He handed me a small tube.

“Chrissy, remove your panties and lubricate your ass and climb on board” he told me. I turned my back to him, slid my fingers under the waistband and slowly worked them down while gyrating my ass for him. I then opened the tube, applied lube to my finger and rubbed it against my asshole, before sliding my finger into my tight hole. When I finished I dropped the tube and got on the bed. The man motioned for me to straddle him. I placed a knee on either side of his old body. He reached up and pulled my bustier down, exposing my breasts.

“Now put my cock in your teen ass” he said hoarsely.
I reached back and took hold of his cock and placed it at the entrance of my hole. I gripped it just below the head and pushed my ass onto it hard so it broke through the ring. We both moaned from that. I then let go of his shaft and worked my way down until my soft skin was rubbing his wiry pubic hair. I then started to ride him nice and slow, going up until only the head was in me before sliding back down. The old man reached his hands up and squeezed my breasts. The feel of his hands against my sensitive nipples felt good to me and I couldn’t help moaning out loud. He responded by pinching my nipples hard. I could feel my girly dick stiffen as I rode him.

I continued to ride him for a while. Since I had the freedom to do as I wanted for once, I experimented some. I started to just grind him, rotating my ass in a circular motion while my pelvis rubbed against him for a while. Then I went back to the more standard up and down motion, only I leaned forward at the waist so his mouth could reach my nipples. The old man clamped a mouth on my nipple and sucked so hard you would think he was trying to breastfeed. His hands went to my ass and kept pulling me down all the way. He released my nipple long enough to give me directions.

“That’s it Chrissy, move it faster. Squeeze me with that hot teen ass. Don’t stop now, I’m getting there, work that cock.”
He then took my nipple back in his mouth and started sucking again. I was riding him for all I was worth when he bit the soft skin on my breast and I felt him shudder underneath me. I felt his cum trickle into my ass. I stopped moving and allowed him to catch his breath before disentangling my limbs from him.
“You are very talented Chrissy” he said to me “at this time I have no further need for you.”

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself, inside and out. While I was in there I heard him on the phone, by the sound of it with his wife.
“Yes dear” he said “my business went well. I’m at the motel for the night. I’ll be home tomorrow.”

I then got into bed and with nothing more to do went to sleep. I was awakened the next morning by the old man. He was standing by the bed, naked, with a hard on. I lay on my stomach and started to suck his cock. This time he even fucked my face a little before he came in my mouth. After that he cleaned up, dressed and left the room. A few minutes later Daddy came back into the room. He asked me if the old man had fucked me. I told him the night before he had. Daddy then pulled down his pants and fucked me doggy style. He pounded me hard, but since he hadn’t fucked me last night, he came fast for him. He then pulled up his pants and told me to get dressed quick. On the way home, we stopped at a diner for a fast breakfast.

After we got home I headed to the shower. I saw Daddy had turned on the computer. When I was finished Daddy called me into his room. He told me I had done very well and he was pleased. He took off his clothes and we fucked again, this time on his bed which was rare. He usually came into my room and fucked me there. It was as close to gentle as Daddy ever was and he kissed me a lot.

A couple of weeks later Daddy told me we were going away again. This was two weeks before my birthday. This time we left at night, and I wasn’t really sure which way we went. When I started to fall asleep, Daddy told me to go to the back seat and sleep. Some time during the night Daddy pulled into a rest stop and caught some zzz’s himself. As soon as the sun was up, he was driving again. In a little while we stopped at some in the middle of nowhere army surplus store. Daddy told me to wait and he went inside. There were only two other cars in the lot. In a few minutes he came out with some guy who had dark hair and a beard. The man was wearing boots, blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a hunter’s cap.

The man got in one car and started to drive off, with Daddy following him. We took some little country road and soon turned off onto what was no more than a dirt track. After around a mile we pulled up to a house. It was a single story ranch house with a couple of extensions added on. There was also a barn and a shed nearby. There were already a couple of vehicles parked, an suv and a car. The man got out of his car and so did we. He gave me a once over and shook his head approvingly.

“So that’s the talent, eh. Pretty hot” he said to Daddy.

Daddy smiled and said “Not only hot but skilled as well.”

“Well we’re the last to arrive, so let’s go in” the man answered.

Daddy took my arm and guided me. I had a real bad feeling about what was going to happen, but there was nothing I could do. We walked into the house. It smelled like cigarette smoke and stale sweat. My nose wrinkled up in distaste. I could hear voices in the distance as we were in a front hall. The man in the cap walked down the hall and opened a door as we followed. The voices became louder. We all went into the room. There were four other men in the room. It was a large room, probably a living room. There were a few large chairs, a couch, a rough hewn, solid wooden coffee table and an old free standing TV with legs. All the furniture looked old. There was a bearskin rug, with the bear’s head on, on the floor in front of the TV and a couple of deer heads hanging on the walls, which creeped me out. There were also two big lights on tripod stands in the room.

When we entered the room the other men turned our way. The man in the cap already must have known everybody as they all easily greeted one another. Daddy had released me, so I stood just inside the door as he went up to the men and they all shook hands and introduced themselves. The men all looked rough and rural, as if hunting and other outdoor activities were the norm. They all appeared to be in their thirties or forties. Two of them had beards, one had a mustache and the fourth just had stubble on his face. They were all dressed in the same general style as the man with the cap, wearing boots and jeans, except one man had on camouflage pants. A couple of them were drinking beer, though it was early morning, and they offered Daddy one and he eagerly accepted.

After that they all turned and looked my way, making me feel very uncomfortable. I heard a number of random comments.

“Only 15, eh.” “Ready for her big break.” “So she’s a special girl. No matter, still looks good.”

I was standing there all embarrassed, but I figured that would be the least of my problems. One of the men said something to Daddy and pointed to a different door. Daddy then came over to me.

“Chrissy, as you probably figured out you’re here to make a movie. Don’t worry I’ll be in it as well to make it easier for you” he said. He must have seen something in my face, so he then whispered “ I can tell you’re not happy, but these guys aren’t to be messed with. If you think I can be nasty…..”
I didn’t think he was kidding, so I just nodded.
“Now go into the room next door and change into the clothes there. Just keep on your bra since we know it’s your size.”

I had to walk past the group of men on my way to change, and as I did I felt a hard slap on my ass from one of them. At which, they all laughed. I went into the next room, which was a bedroom. It was dimly lit and there were clothes on the bed. I sat down and it felt like the sheets hadn’t been washed in a long time. I removed my clothes and started to put on the other ones. There was a catholic school girl uniform. I put on a white blouse, gray knee high socks and a plaid skirt as well as tiny panties with a smiley face on them. There was also a pair of plain black shoes that fit perfectly. The skirt was too short, barely covering my ass when I stood. I went back into the other room where I was met by whistles and catcalls. Daddy handed me two rubber bands.

“Put your hair in pig tails” he said “now Chrissy in the movie you will play my daughter. You come home from school and I’m watching TV. You were bad showing boys your panties, so I have to spank you. After that you give me a blowjob.”
I was shocked that there were such similarities to the first time I had sex with Daddy. He also remembered and he leered at me.
“Then I get a phone call and have to go to work. You are lying watching TV when I knock on the door because I forgot something and you open the door. Got that, do you remember?”
I nodded yes.

Then the first man, the one with the cap came up to me. He had a video camera in one hand and a book bag in the other. He handed me the book bag and gave me final instructions.
“You come in the first door you came in and say Dad I’m home. Now this is important, don’t look directly at the cameras. It has to look natural or we have to do it again. Your name in the movie is Missy and wait til you hear action. Got it Missy” he said with a smirk.
“Yes” I said softly.

I went through the door and the man with the mustache came with me, closing the door behind us. While waiting I felt very nervous and scared. Though there was a number of people in the house I had never felt so alone. After a while I heard the sound of the TV come on, and a minute later heard action. The mustached man shoved me towards the door.

I opened the door and went into the room. Daddy was sitting in a recliner watching TV, but he had on big sun glasses and a bandanna on his face. I dropped the book bag on the floor. Out of the corners of my eyes I saw there were two guys with cameras and the big lights were turned on making the room very bright.
“Daddy I’m home” I said loudly.

“Missy were you wearing that short skirt to school today” Daddy said “Letting all the boys see your panties.”

“I’m sorry Daddy” I answered.

“Well sorry doesn’t cut it young lady. You must be punished. Now come here” he replied.

I stood in front of him. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me over his knee, my tiny skirt flying up. His hand rolled down my panties just enough to expose my ass cheeks. Then he began to spank me. He didn’t hold back but let me have it hard. He whacked me around 25 or 30 times. Daddy then pulled up my panties and pushed me to the floor at his feet and stood. I was bawling like a baby.

“Bad girl” Daddy said “you’ve given me a hard on. Now you have to take care of it.” While saying this he undid his pants and pushed them down, his familiar cock straining to go. I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. I kept my eyes closed to avoid the bright lights as well as to make sure I didn’t stare at the cameras. Since I knew how to please Daddy it didn’t take long for him to cum. When he did, he pulled out and shot all over my face. I was a little surprised they didn’t stretch it out for the movie, but I figured that’s why Daddy would return. They kept filming as Daddy handed me a napkin to clean up. Then there was the sound of a phone, and Daddy walked to the bedroom. He came back in a minute.

“Missy” he said “that was work. They have a problem and I have to leave for a while. Do your homework and be a good girl. Remember bad girls get in trouble.”

Daddy turned and walked out the door.
“Cut “ a voice said and people started to talk and adjust things like the lights. They set me up for the next scene. I lay on my stomach on the bearskin with a book on the floor and my legs bent at the knees and my feet in the air. The man with the cap gave me my instructions again.

“Don’t worry about your Dad wearing that stuff on his face. On the film we blot it out with a black mark. That is just to make him at ease. This next scene will start with you lying there, and the camera will start focused on your cute ass and then pan over your body. Then you will hear the knock and get up to open the door. You will say what did you forget now Daddy and then open the door. And remember not to look directly at the cameras. Ok action.”

I lay there pretending to look at the book open on the floor by me. A minute later there was a loud knock at the door. I closed the book and stood up and headed towards the door.

“What did you forget now, Daddy?” I said in a loud voice with a smile on my face.

I opened the door and froze, shocked. Daddy wasn’t standing there. There were two men there- one was the man with the camouflage pants and one of the others. But what shocked me was they both had on sinister looking rubber clown masks.

“Only bad girls open the doors to strangers, and you know what happens to them” one of them said as they rushed into the room. The larger one with the camouflage pants just punched me in the stomach hard with no warning, knocking the breath out of me and doubling me over. They each grabbed a side of me and dragged me to the table and threw me down on it.

While the big one held me down the other clamped his hand over my mouth while pulling something from his pocket. It was a red rubber ball with a connecting strap. He squeezed my face hard.

“Open your mouth bad girl” he said in a menacing voice. I did and he forced the ball gag into my mouth and secured it on my head. “We saw you coming home bad girl” he continued “wearing your short little skirt so we followed you. And look what happens, your Daddy leaves you home alone, so we decided to pay you a visit.”

Camouflage man then pulled my hands over my head while the other swiftly wrapped electric tape around my wrists a bunch of times securing them. He then ripped the blouse open, sending buttons flying everywhere. All of a sudden there was a knife in his hand and my eyes widened with fear. He slit through the middle of my bra, exposing my breasts. Both he and camouflage men reached out a greedy hand and began to maul them.

In my ear I heard camouflage man whisper “You can thrash around and struggle all you want, it turns me on and you’re not going anywhere.”

It actually had the opposite effect on me. I was paralyzed with fright and couldn’t move if I wanted to. The smaller man had now pulled up the bottom of his mask, and was feasting on my tender nipples and breasts. I just piteously moaned behind the ball gag as his teeth nipped me. His mouth started to work it’s way down me, kissing my flat stomach. His hand then pulled up the short skirt, revealing the smiley face panties.

“Well at least someone is happy to see us” he said and they both laughed.

I then felt the blade against my hip snaking it’s way upwards. It cut through the side of the panty. He then repeated this on the other side. His hand then gripped the material and yanked it leaving me exposed.

“Holy shit” I heard him say “this bad girl was hiding a surprise.”

“Would you look at that” camouflage man answered “ this one is real bad. Nice tits and a little dick. I don’t care though. I’m still going to fuck you.” As he said this he reached down and twisted my nipple.

“Yeah I hear you” the smaller man said “ so am I, but let me go first. You’re too big and you always loosen them up.”

“Well hurry up cause I’m horny, so get your ass moving and open up that ass so I can fit” camo man said.

They both released me , leaving me on the table as they removed their pants. When they finished they positioned me. My ass was at the end of the table and though my head didn’t reach the other end it was near the side edge. My arms were stretched over my head and to the side and bent at the elbow, so that my forearms and hands were hanging off the table. Camouflage man straddled my head, with one knee on the table and his other leg flexed with his foot on the ground. He was resting his big cock on my face. It was big, around eight inches long and thick, maybe not as thick as Daddy’s, but still impressive. His partner lifted my legs in the air and handed them to camouflage man who held them up. The little man then rubbed my asshole with a cold substance and then forced a finger up me. He pulled it out and put his cock to my hole and in one motion pushed it all the way in. His cock was also lubed and was of average size so it didn’t hurt too much. He placed his hands on the table on each side of me and began to fuck me.

He had two styles of fucking which he alternated. He would slide all his six inches in, then pull back leaving just the head in me before repeating. He would do this with a slow, steady motion. Or he would be buried all the way in, and just pull an inch or two out and put it back, but he did it fast like he was a rabbit or something. He was greatly enjoying himself though, moaning and panting like crazy no matter which style he used. Camouflage man was becoming impatient though. He was smacking his cock against my face while he was dripping pre-cum like crazy. Finally he had enough.

“That’s it” he said “my cock can’t wait no more. I want to feel that tight ass around it. You can fuck some more after I get a piece of ass.”

His partner in crime reluctantly slid out of me and stood up. Camouflage man lowered my legs and got up and moved to the end of the table. He rolled me onto my side and knelt on the table. He guided his big cockhead to my ass and slowly worked it in. Though his partner had loosened me, he was much thicker and I don’t remember ever being in this position before. It took him a couple of minutes for him to work his whole cock in me. He then began to steadily fuck me, pulling about halfway out then sliding it back in again. As often happened with me, my body betrayed me. I felt myself hardening and I was moaning behind the ballgag. He could read it in my eyes and started to speak to me in a low voice, so no one else could hear.

“Baby I can tell you like it, so do I . When I heard that you were a shemale I wasn’t sure about this. But when I saw you, you were so young and pretty. And your ass is heaven on my cock. If I could I would take you home. But at least I’ll give you a great fuck.”

He proceeded to do just that. He varied his strokes, he would rotate his hips driving me crazy, he would change the depth and angle of his thrusts. For a couple of minutes, even with me bound and him wearing a clown mask, I forgot where I was and just enjoyed it. That didn’t last though. His partner tapped his shoulder.

“MY turn now” he said “take a breather.” With a final thrust in me, camouflage man reluctantly pulled out. His partner dragged me up and sat on the table with my legs straddling his. He pulled me down onto his much smaller cock, with my back to him.
“Ride my cock bad girl” he said.

I began to bounce up and down on him with his hands on my waist guiding me. I could see camouflage man across the room. His mask was off and he was wiping his face. Cap man was talking to him intently, and I saw him nod. He pulled the mask back down and I saw him rubbing more lubricant on his cock. Cap man was positioning the camera up and was heading my way. I looked away from him. The guy fucking me now reached up and twisted my nipple so hard I screamed behind the gag.

“That’s music to my ears” he hissed “but don’t worry, you’ll be making more.”

He reached around my body and hugged me tight, my back to his chest. He then leaned back bringing me with him so he was flat against the table and I was lying on him, with his cock all the way in me. I then felt my legs lifted in the air and held in place against a body. I craned my neck up and saw camouflage man. I then felt his cock against my already filled hole. I began twisting my head back and forth and trying to wriggle free but I was easily held in place.

“We normally do one cock in the pussy and one in the ass, but since you only have an ass, you’ll have to take two there” the man under me said nastily.

Somehow camouflage man forced his head in me and kept going. I thought I would break in two but he kept going. He didn’t stop until he was all the way in me. I was stuffed like I had never been before. It really hurt. Then somehow he began to fuck me. He would only pull back a few inches and thrust forward, but he didn’t stop. He just continued to fuck me. He was groaning beneath the mask. Though I had lost my erection his big cock was assaulting my special spot like never before. Tears were streaming out my eyes and down my face. All of a sudden I felt it, my girly dick was soft but it was starting to cum. It didn’t shoot, it just flowed but cum was leaking from it. My whole body was going through spasms from my orgasm. I was moaning from shame and pain and sexual ecstasy all at once.

It proved too much for camouflage man as his big cock erupted inside me. He managed to pull out and finished cumming on my stomach and tits. He then staggered away dropping my legs. His partner rolled us to our sides and withdrew his cock. He scrambled to his knees over my face while jerking his cock. It let loose on me, spraying my hair and eyes and nose and cheeks. He managed to get the last drops right on the ball gag. As he got up he whispered to me.
“Wait until we stop filming, then the crew gets their turn with you.”

My mind really lost it then . I started wailing beneath the gag and thrashing about so much I fell off the table. If my hands were free and I had a gun there would be a lot of dead people in that house. Someone tried to hold me down but at that moment nothing could contain me. I was laughing and crying at the same time while rolling on the floor. A couple of people tried to grab me. I tried to kick at one and flailed my arms at the other. Finally I was held down, though I didn’t stop struggling. At some point I blacked out.

When I came to, I was lying in a shower stall, the water beating against my skin. I didn’t move for a minute as I tried to gain my bearings. I heard the murmur of low voices. Cautiously I opened one eye a tiny bit and peeked out. When I adjusted to the light I saw Daddy and the cap man talking. They were speaking in hushed tones but I did hear some of what the cap man said.

“It’s a shame what happened, sometimes things do. I would have liked a crack myself. But my offer still stands. I’ll give you a fair price for Chrissy and take her off your hands.”

Though I didn’t hear Daddy’s response I could see him shake his head no. Trembling I closed my eye. In a little while the shower was turned off. I was wrapped in a dirty blanket and lifted up and carried. Soon I felt myself being placed on the floor of a vehicle. I opened my eye a slit and saw I was in the back seat of Daddy’s pick up.

I sat up sometime during the trip home but wouldn’t talk. I stayed on the floor huddled in the blanket. It was night when we got home and Daddy carried me in and put me in bed. I wouldn’t eat or drink the next couple of days, I just slept a lot. When I was awake I planned. One morning Daddy came to the room.

“Chrissy” he said “today is your doctor appointment. Should I cancel it?”

“I’ll go” I said, the first words I’d spoken since that day. In a little while I got up and showered. I ate that day as well. I refused to look at Daddy and would only answer with a yes or no to anything he said. I had no idea how long his hands off policy would last, but obviously my meltdown scared him.

As soon as I was in the office with Doctor Wilde I said to him
“What would happen if I called the state medical board and police about you?”
His face turned a sickly shade of white.

The next day Daddy told me he was going to town for some things and was going to stop for lunch and did I want to go. I said “No.”

A little while later I took a knapsack out of my closet and left the house. Looking around warily, I then headed off as fast as I could.


It was getting near evening as I shouldered my bag and headed south on Route 209. The bag wasn’t heavy, some clothes and toiletries mostly. Plus a six month supply of my special medicine. In my bra, hidden in the lining was one thousand dollars I had gotten from Dr. Wilde. I had picked up a few final items from Walmart on the way. My early birthday presents to myself. The new denim jacket I was wearing. The little folding knife that was clipped to the inside of my skirt waistband. On the way to the register I had noticed a bandanna that was now pinned to the back of my jacket. I knew it was from a state flag somewhere. It was a rattlesnake coiled. Above, it said Don’t Tread On Me and at the bottom Live Free Or Die. I planned to. As I looked at the setting sun I saw clouds. It looked like rain.

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