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It all started back when Precilla Kace was 15. Precilla was about 5 foot 4 in tall perfect round and perky 36C breasts a nice shaped ass. She was 120lbs. even though she was 15she looked to be atleast 18. She had a womans figure and always got attention from men. One day during cheerleading practice her coach told her "Precilla i need to have a word with you in my office". She walked into the building from the football feild. Precilla knocked softly on the door and heard him coach Sykes say, "come on in".

Precilla walked in and closed the door behind her another cheerleader named Kelly was sitting on the brown leather couch near the door. Kelly was 14 light brown complexion, she was 5 foot 6in tall with a small but shapely figure. She had 42B cup breasts and a small but nice ass. She lightly stood up off the couch wearing her Ginua High School cheerleading outfit(same as Precilla). Then she walked over to the dor and Coach Sykes gestured her 2 sit on the couch. Kelly walked over to the ddor and locked it innocently and walked back over to the couch and sat down.

After she sat coach sykes said,"Precilla i have noticed over two years u have matured and you now have a great womans body, now i want to officially make you the woman that you look to be". Precilla sat there calmly but speechless. She really didnt know what he meant until the coach gestured a hand motion to Kelly. Soon Precilla felt some soft and tender hands roamin her body.

Then Kelly parted Precilla's legs and swifly pulled of the shorts from under her cheerleading outfit. Right now Precilla was speechless. She had not a word to say. Now she could feel Kelly's fingertips on the folds of flesh around her nice virgin wet pussy. Never had Precilla imagined being with another female but now she wish that she would move faster. The main reason Kelly was going slow was because she wanted precilla to be teased by the sexual feelings running through her mind.

Now she could feel Kelly's hands grasp the crotch of her lace thongs and pull them around her ankle. She told Kelly,"Now stand up, pussy i wanna do somethin to you". Precilla stood up without a doubt. Then Kelly got on her knees and pulled down Precilla's skirt. Then she felt Precillas small gentle hands pull up her top, now Precilla was playing with Kelly's bare breast and her hard nipples.

Then Kelly pushed her back down on the couch without a hard time and got back on her knees. She parted Precilla's legs as wide as they go. Then she played with her innner thighs. Then she slowly moved her head closer towards Precilla's hot and wet pussy. She slowly flicked her tongue out of her mouth and made contact with Precillas pussy. She teased all over it never touching the clitty to make Precillla even more aroused. Now Precilla was makin a low yet muffled groan of erotic ecstacy. She glanced over to the coaches desk to see a big bulge in his shorts. She saw him slowly rub his hands up and down his long thick black cock.

Now Kelly pushed her tongue right on the top of her partners pussy to find that precious clitty. Soon as she flicked her tongue against her clitty about 30 seconds Precilla had the most incredible orgasm of her life. She started bucking her hips towards Kellys young face as she saw her juices glistening on Kelly.

Then Kelly got up off her knees and pulled Precilla by the wrist off the couch. Next thing Precilla knew was that all three of them were buck naked in the coaches small but nice office. Then she heard the coach say,"Precilla i kno i have been looking at your young precious body everysince i have been coaching, i think u r beautiful and its time for me to pick ur cherry and make you officialy a woman, i want to fuck u like no one else will with my 8 in thick black dick.

Then she felt large hands around her tiny waist. Then she saw Kelly push all of the paper and things off of his deck. He lifted Precilla onto the table. Kelly came over to his desk and parted Precillas legs once more. Her inner thighs were now moist with hot wet virgin juices. She felt her coaches hands drift into her thighs. Now she was building another great orgasm as she felt his two thick fingers push in her pussy. Even thoug it was more pain than pleasure her pussy was on fire. Now she was groaning in pleasure again. His fingers started to fuck and brutalize her young virgin pussy.

Then the tips of his fingers felt a thin barrier inside of her slick moist pussy. Precilla was pulled right to the edge of the desk. She felt his hard dick against her leg as he pulled her ass of the edge of the desk. Now both of their breathing got longer. Kelly walked over to Precilla and suckled her hard large nipples and with the other hand played with the other nipple.

Now coach was rubbing his hands up and down his hard 8in dick. Then he placed the head of his dick against her pussy hole and rubbed it all along her slit. She felt him slide in just the head when she felt an overwhelming pain, he spoke to her softly before going even further by saying,"This may start off by hurt and pain but u will want even more of my thick dick afterwards". Then she felt him push against the thin barrier again. Without buging from it postion he decided it may take more to break her thin hymen.

He grasped the sides of her waist tightly and pushed his hip forward swiftly yet strongly. Precilla felt a brutal attack on her insides. It hurt so bad a steam of tears ran down her cheeks. Then he started to fuck her slowly in and out so that she would get used to the feeling. Soon after a few minutes she felt pleasure running through her insides. Now Kelly was kissing Precilla and running her tongue all over Precillas body.

After a while of pumping and fucking madness she had about 3 great erotic orgasms. Now her coach was fucking so fast she almost passed out. There was so much pleasure included with it though. Then she felt his body go stiff. He grunted low but high enough for them to hear. Then he pulled his dick all the way out of her pussy and rammed it in real fast. Then he squirted his HOT,STICKY,NICE cumm deep in her no longer virgin pussy.

He fucked about a minute more and pulled it out of her hungry tight pussy. Kelly got on her knees to lick away his cumm, Precilla's blood from her freshly picked cherry and Precilla's juices. After she finished her long blow job he gestured Precilla on her knees and then pushed his dick so far that she felt his balls on her chin and he squirted all of his sticky juices down her little throat. She stood up afterwards and felt her juices run down her leg along with two loads of his how cumm.

When she stood up to her feet to walk away coach was in his chair and smacked her ass really hard but playfully. She dressed and put on her clothes. By now the only people that were there at school was the three of them. She walked home and her mom had left a note saying she would be home about 8pm and to heat the dinner that was in the microave when she was ready to eat.

Precilla noticed she had about 6hours at home by herself. Then she walked upstairs and sat on her bed thinking about the pleasure she had just received. Thinkin about that made her wet again. she pulled off all her clothes and lay on the bed nude. Precilla loved to be in the nude it was so naughty but nice. She heard her alaskan husky dog walk in her room she always forgot to push the door all the way closed.

Her dog was name King he was a black large alaskan husky. He had a nice coat and was about 4 feet tall weighing about 120 pounds. She lay on her back and dreamed about the days happenings. This made her even more wet. Juices started to run down her inner thighs. She had totally forgot about her dog was in the room. She closed her eyes and daydreamed a bit she unconsiouly parted her legs thinking about her first big black dick.

Then she felt her dog's soft wet nose against her pussy. Now she really hadn't realized that he was sniffing her bare shaved pussy. She felt him lap the entire length of her pussy once. Shock ran through her body as he began 2 lick her sopping wet pussy. It was so good but perverted that made her even more turned on. She decided that she may be able to get King to fuck her because she had saw movies about bestiality.

Precilla got on all fours and saw Kings very large doggy dick. She waved her ass in his face and felt him jump on top of her trying to mount her. She felt his dick on her anus but push it farther towards her pussy. She grasped it from behind and pushed it right against her wet hole. Then he pushed his dick in and thrust his dick in and out of her. He was fucking her faster than she ever saw on tv or tapesbefore.

He fucked her with his thick dick really fast. Then she felt a weird kot forming in the middle of his dick. She had never fucked a dog and this was really surprising to her. it grew by the minute. She tried to push him off of her but he nipped her back on her knees. He no longer was fucking her he jus was inside of her panting loudly.Then she felt his hot doggy sperm shoot inside of her. It was pure erotic ecstacy.

She felt him get off of her and walk away. She got up and lay on the bed. Then she heard her mom knock at her bedroom door. It was her mom. Now she was laying in the dark naked with half dried doggy sperm on her inner thighs and in her pussy.

2 b continued.

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17 years and virgin...

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