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Family Guy
Family Fun

Family Guy

Part 2

Chris called all the guys over for a practice the next morning. He had to brag about his conquest of his sister Meg. He couldn't wait to tell them all how she begged him to fuck her. He was dying to see their jealous faces.

"Your kidding!" Cleveland jr said. After Chris had recounted his tale to his very attentive audience.

"Holy shit Chris," Kevin said, Images of Meg's naked body running through his mind. "Your so fucking lucky. I'd kill to get to fuck your sister."

"She was begging for it Kevin, I'd say you've still got a good chance of fucking her if you get her in the right mood." Chris replied smiling at the looks of envy he was getting.

"That'd be fucking great." Neil said, as thoughts of Meg, as just a friend gone from his head after hearing her bothers story.

"Do you really think she'd go for it?" Cleveland asked.

"I think she would," Chris said pensively. "You should have seen her. She would have done anything to get some cock. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd take the whole fucking team," he said half jokingly.

"Are you serious Chris?" "Meg? Your sister Meg?" Brain asked still feeling torn between wanting to keep Meg as a friend and wanting to give her a go himself.

"Don't be such a pussy," Brain. "You know you want to nail her just as much as we all do." Chris said. He turned back to Kevin and responded, "She did seem willing to fuck anything that moved yesterday, She might just go for it. "

"Chris if you could get her to do that you'd be the best fucking person alive," Kevin said.

"Yeah Chris," Cleveland jr said, looking hopefully to him, wanting to hear about this with assurance.

"Hey, I just said she might," Chris said. "I call her over today and try and talk around it." "I bet if we just got her hot enough she'd take whatever we gave her." Plans were already hatching in his mind of getting his sister to be the teams personal fuck toy.

Meg was home that same morning unaware of the team gaining knowledge of her and her brothers endeavours from the following days. She lay naked in bed her hands running along her hot wet cunt, slick with her juices as she recalled yesterdays events.

She was so turned on just from thinking about her brother fucking her. She had never been so turned on by a guy before. She felt like she needed to fuck him again. She was dying to have his hard thick cock deep in her tight wet cunt again. Her desire to be fucked again completely won out over anything else even her relationship as his sister with him and the team finding out. She just needed to be fucked, and fucked hard.

Her fingers ran slowly along her slit, gently circling her clit, drawing moans from her body. She pushed two fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy fucking herself hard remembering her brothers hard cock slamming into her. She was panting as she fingered herself, her body begging for release.

She was suddenly reminded of Chris's fat fingers fucking her tiny virgin ass. She loved the way they felt, stretching her out. She felt so full, so sexy. It made her feel like a slut and she loved that. Her fingers left her sopping wet cunt and gently ran back to her asshole. She ran her wet fingers in small circles around her hole, moaning in appreciation as she did. She gently pushed against her tight hole imagining it was her brothers thick cock that was taking her from behind. She groaned as her fingers began fucking, hard deeper and deeper into her tiny virgin asshole.

She drew her fingers faster and faster in and out of her tight asshole spreading her cheeks wide and enjoying the feeling of her asshole being filled. She felt an orgasm building up deep inside of her. She took her other hand and furiously began rubbing her clit. "O Yes Chris, O Yes... Yes..... she began to moan imaging her brothers thick cock drilling into her tight asshole.

Suddenly she jumped up as her cell phone started ringing. She had completely forgotten the rest of the world as she daydreamed about her brother slamming her virgin ass. "O Shit" she said as she jumped from her bed searching for her phone. She finally found it under a pile of old clothing. Cursing it for ringing just as she was getting close to cumming, she opened it.

"Hello?" She said breathlessly.

"Hey Meg, its me." she heard her brother saying. "Just wondering what you were up to today." he said, his cock already getting hard just thinking about fucking his sister again.

"O, hey Chris," she replied, her heart beating rapidly, she was so horny for her brother's dick, she prayed silently that he was calling to see if she would let him fuck her again, she was dying to be fucked by him again. "I'm not doing much", she lied haven't even gotten out of bed all day" she said laughing awkwardly not sure of what to do with herself. We'll he already knew that as he had heard her moans of pleasure as he had passed her bedroom door on his way out to practice.

"Really Meg?" he asked smiling. "All alone?" "Why don't you come on over to the football field then and get a little company." he said, quickly getting to his point. No use beating around the bush. He wanted to see if she was willing to be the team slut so why not start now?

"Yeah Chris?" she said, blushing at his frankness. She knew she was acting like a dirty little whore and it was turning her on so much. She couldn't believe it when she heard herself saying she'd be over soon, but she did.

"Great Meg." he replied. "You're welcome anytime. I'll see you soon."

"Bye" Meg said, shutting her phone. She rushed over to her dresser trying to find something sexy to wear. She searched through her drawers, trying to find any sexy underwear at all. Most of what she wore was so plain and boring. She was a no lace and frills girl. She was regretting her years of wearing her brothers toss offs now.

She finally decided on an outfit. She wore her only skirt that was two years old by now and very short on her and her old soccer jersey leaving the top few buttons open. She decided it would be sexier if she wore nothing underneath and she felt very sexy that way.

She dashed downstairs, yelling a quick goodbye to her parents, She ran (literally) into her father on her way out the door. Not paying any attention to where she was going she failed to notice him walking around the corner into the living room as she was hurrying out.

"Shit, sorry dad!" she said, trying to hurry past him before he had time to comment on her new look.

But she wasn't fast enough. Wo, Meg. What's with the outfit. Who are you trying to impress, huh? he asked, grabbing her by her arm and spinning her around to face him. Not even trying to hide the bulge that had sprang up in his trousers from seeing what she was wearing or rather what she was not wearing.

"Dad, just let me go." She said rolling her eyes and pulling on her arm to get away.

"Don't avoid the question Meg", he said. "Tell me what your up too and you're free to go." He raised his eye brows and she flipped him off, and again tried to get away. "O, okay Meg. No need to be rude. Just trying to do my fatherly duties."

"What are they, to spy into my life and be an redneck asshole?" Meg answered, know that he had wanted to fuck her for years, pulling her arm from his hand she managed to escape his grip.

"O, someone's bitchy today." he said. "Get you're ass out of here then Meg, go ahead out in your skank clothes," he laughed, as she hurried out of the house smiling sarcastically on her way out the door.

Before she knew it she was standing in front of the dressing room door. What am I doing here? She asked herself, thou her pussy was throbbing anticipating getting her brothers cock back inside of her. "Well.. I know why I'm here, and so does Chris" she told herself and boy did she need this badly. It's been too long without a good fuck and her brother could do that for her. With this thought in mind she knocked on the door and waited on it opening.

Chris took his time getting to his feet, wanting his sister to have time to think about what they were going to be doing today. When he finally reached the door and pulled it open he was floored by what he saw, Meg was standing there in by far the sluttiest outfit he'd ever seen on her. Her tits were accented nicely by her unbuttoned top and they looked ready to pop right out. Her long legs seemed to go on forever until disappearing under her very, very short tight black skirt. He couldn't wait to see what she had on under it. "What's up Meg?" he finally stuttered out.

"Not much" Meg replied standing awkwardly in the door, enjoying the feeling of her brother's eyes taking in all her body. After standing in the door for a minute letting him soak her in she finally said "Hey, you gonna let me in then?"

"Yeah Meg, make yourself comfortable." He said standing aside and motioning her into the dressing room. He watched her as she walked in her ass swaying seductively under her barely there skirt. Meg walked over to the bench, sitting down in the far corner and crossing her legs sexily and looking over towards him. Her eyes beckoning him towards her.

Once she was inside she had all her doubts erased from her mind. She was no longer thinking about anything but getting Chris to fuck her again. She could feel her pussy growing wet as he walked towards her and sat next to her on the bench.

"So Meg" he said, his fingers resting lightly on her leg, "this is a nice new look for you." he smiled at her his eyes darting back and forth between her face and her firm young pert tits.

"Thank you Chris." she said, her pussy tingling as his fingers ran over her leg. "I thought you might like it." She spread her legs slightly, anticipating her brother finding her bare wet pussy.

"You were right Meg." You should wear clothes like this more often. You look so hot." His fingers were working ever higher up her thigh as she inched her legs open further and further. Her skirt was ridding up her the further she spread her legs, his eyes were now locked on the growing gap between his sisters smooth tight thighs.

Meg was breathing heavily already as she too watched her legs start parting. She knew her skirt was only centimetres away from revealing her bare pussy to him. She watched with baited breath as his fingertips crept under her skirt and first brushed against her soaking wet slit, drawing a moan of pleasure from her ruby red lips.

"Holy shit Meg!" Chris shouted, shocked at finding his sisters pussy bear. He ran his finger deep through her dripping wet cunt, circling around her clit, as she spread her legs wider, her skirt riding up now useless in covering her bald pussy. He continued his gentle rubbing of her pussy while leaning her against the pillows he had brought with him and reaching up and beginning the process of unbuttoning her top of its last 2 buttons.

Meg was in heaven as his fingers played with her throbbing hot cunt, she couldn't believe she ever questioned why she was here. This was what she desired. She let him unbutton her top and gasped as he took her left nipple between his two fingers, rolling it there as she arched her back moaning loudly.

His massive 12 inch cock was growing ever harder in his pants as his sisters body took its toll on him. She looked so sexy sitting there half naked moaning for him. He wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around his hard cock again. He slid her top off her body, gently nibbling on her nipples as she laid back against the pillows.

Meg was on fire as Chris played expertly with her body. She loved this feeling of being a man's fuck toy. She loved the feeling of a man playing with her body, drawing moans of pleasure from deep within her.

Chris gently pushed her up. He stood her up in front of him, his hands reaching around her hips, unzipping her skirt. He pulled it slowly off her body, his hands running playing with her tight young ass. He stood up next to her, sliding his t-shirt off over his head. Meg ran her fingers across his chest, rubbing her tits against him. He quickly pulled off the rest of his clothing, and laid Meg back down onto the bench.

Meg smiled as she looked up at her brother's 12 inch rock hard cock, knowing that soon it would be deep inside of her. Chris crawled between her spread legs, planting kisses all over her body. She sat up pressing her body against his, his cock pressing into her taunt stomach. She couldn't wait to feel it inside of her again.

Chris kissed her neck sucking and biting her flesh he felt her hand gently stroking his hard cock making it jerk in response, pre cum leaking from the tip on to his bulbous cock head. His hands reached behind her rubbing her ass, moulding her tight cheeks in his hands. He heard Meg moan as his hands played with her ass. He was excited at the idea of her liking it up the ass, he had been fixated on that ever since yesterday, when he had finger fucked her tight ass. He was hoping he'd get to fuck that before the day was done.

Meg panted heavily as his finger inched ever closer to her asshole. She longed to feel him pushing his fingers deep inside of her tight hole. She ran her hand faster up and down his cock, pushing her ass out, inviting him to finger her.

Chris was ready for much more than that though. "Why don't we go through to the treatment room Meg?" he said. He stood, leading her through the doors quickly, he opened the door to the room, standing back to let Meg enter.

Meg walked into the room eager to get Chris playing with her body again. She went over to the treatment table, sitting seductively on it. She motioned for her brother to come sit next to her and he was happy to join her.

"So Meg." he said "What do you want?" he asked, his hands running down her spine gently following the line down to her ass crack, running his finger along it gently pushing against her hole.

"Mmm Chris" she moaned. She tried to push back onto his fat fingers but it was no use. "You know what I want" she glanced at him, he was smirking, enjoying teasing her.

"Just tell me what you want Meg," and "I'll give it to you." He circled his finger around her tiny asshole, his cock twitching madly, anticipating what he was going to do with it.

"Chris!" she pleaded "don't make me say it." she was too embarrassed to admit she wanted him to fuck her virgin ass, and he knew it. He wanted her to act like a slut, begging him to fuck her ass. She couldn't do that. She felt like a whore just wanting him to do it, let alone make her beg him for it.

He wouldn't give her what she wanted until she begged for it. He wanted to hear his sister to tell him how much she wanted his cock in her tight little ass. He loved it when she acted like the little slut he knew she was. "Well i guess you don't really want it bad enough then Meg." he said. I won't do it unless you beg me to. He knew he'd win out in the end.

"No, please Chris". She said quickly.

"Chris, I want you to fuck my ass." she said in a barely audible whisper.

"What was that Meg." "I didn't hear you." he said, letting his finger push lightly against her tight asshole, putting pressure on the tight little star. His other hand, meanwhile had started gently teasing her clit, running lightly around it.

Megs body was begging to be pleased. She needed him inside of her so badly. She'd never needed to cum so badly in all of her life. "Please Chris, please fuck my ass. I need it. Fuck my ass." she begged him.

That was all Chris needed. "Alright Meg. I'll fuck you in your tiny little asshole." he said. He positioned her on the table on all fours, her ass sticking out seductively. She looked so sexy and submissive waiting for his massive hard cock to press into her tiny asshole.

He took a bottle of lube from under the side of the table and rubbed it generously onto his cock and massaged it into his sisters tight little virgin asshole, inserting one of his fat fingers into her tiny tight asshole, being rewarded with a low moan from her. He positioned his cock against her tiny hole, Meg panting, her desire finally being recognised. She couldn't wait to feel her brother's massive hard 12 inch cock stretch her tiny little ass out.

He gently rested his throbbing cock head against her hole, dying to push into her. He'd so longed to fuck a girl up the ass, and here was his chance to fuck his sisters tight virgin asshole. He was going to take Meg's tight little asshole cherry. He pushed against her tiny hole, it slowly expanding to allow his cock in.

Meg was so horny as she felt her brothers cock stretching her ass open. She pushed back against him, wanting to feel him ease his way inside of her. He pushed slowly deeper and deeper into her, grunting as he pushed into her, forcing his way into her virgin ass. She felt so full, so good. She'd never been so horny.

Chris grabbed her hips, forcing more and more of his engorged member inside of her. He thrust into her again and again, finally rewarded as he drove his cock home, a little blood leaking from her asshole, his cock completely thrust into her well lubed asshole, his balls heavy as they slapped against her now as a little drop of blood covered her pussy lips.

Meg nearly had an orgasm as she felt her brothers balls slam against her wet cunt. She moaned loudly as he began gently fucking her ass, drawing gently back and forth. His cock was throbbing inside of her tight little ass, she felt so good.

Chris felt in control. He loved the feeling of power this gave him over his older sister. He loved her tiny ass stretched tight around his engorged cock, squeezing it tight, milking him for his cum. He pulled her hips back and forth, fucking her ass back and forth on his blood covered cock. He reached around her and started to rub her clit hard. He wanted her to cum with his hard cock deep inside of her tiny tight ass.

Meg was in heaven as her brother fucked her tight asshole. "O god Chris, Yes.... O Shit.....Yes..... it feels so ...... soo fucking good." she moaned. Tightening her asshole around his cock, loving the feelings he was giving her.

"You like this don't you Meg?" " You love my cock deep in your ass." "Tell me how much you love it deep in your tiny tight asshole bitch." he said, his fingers pulling her clit as he slammed deeper and deeper into her tight ass.

"O Chris. I love it. Fuck my tight ass." "Fuck me with your hard cock. It's so fucking good. I love your hard thick hot cock filling my tiny tight asshole." she groaned, panting as her brother got her closer and closer to cumming.

"Tell me what a fucking slut you are Meg." "Tell me how you need my cock you fucking bitch." He grunted, feeling the familiar tingling in his balls. He wanted to fill his sisters asshole up with his hot sticky white cum. He pounded harder and harder into her tight asshole, his balls slapping into her soaping wet hole.

"I'm a slut Chris, a fucking slut, your fucking slut only your fucking slut and no one else's slut." "I need your cock. I need to be fucked. Fuck me Chris." "O god Chris. O god... yes..... yes...... yes.......... Fuck me I'm cumming!" She screamed her whole body tensed, it felt like her whole body was exploding in release. It was the most powerful orgasm of her young life.

Chris felt his sisters ass muscles tighten and her whole body quiver as she had her first mind-blowing orgasm. He slammed once more deep into her tight asshole where upon his massive engorged cock exploded and her muscles began to milk him dry. He shot stream after stream of hot white sticky cum deep into his sisters tiny tight asshole.

Meg collapsed onto the table, her brothers shrinking cock still deep in her ass. "O god Chris!" she whispered in a hoarse voice. "You're so fucking good." she moaned.

Chris smiled. He knew that he now had his older sister right where he wanted her. She would be the teams new fuck toy soon.
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