This is the fourth in the “I’m Not Alone” series. This is a story about young voyeurism and growing up. Hope you enjoy and remember, your comments are always welcome.
I had a traumatic night that night, and really until I was able to see Annie and tell her what I had done, my trauma would continue. I felt so guilty, I had peeped on her best friend Kim, at Kim’s insistence I might add, and she showed me everything. I saw her take off her clothes down to her nothings; she showed me her black haired pussy, her smallish boobies and, heck, she even showed me her butt hole! I mean everything! And the worst part of it was that I liked it! I more than liked it, I loved it! Seeing her strip off her pajamas, exposing her little tits with those hard little nipples perched up on top and then seeing those silky little panties that dimpled over her black bush, all drove me crazy, so crazy that I shot my stuff all over the wall outside of her window.

I had, just the day before, told Annie that I would be her boy friend and, in my book, that doesn’t mean that you peep on her best friend. She was so happy that night that I told her, that we had a special time in her secret place kissing and sucking and stuff with our mouths and I knew right then that I would never hurt her in any way. And then the very next night I peep at Kim’s house. I felt awful.

That next afternoon about 3:30, my Mom came to my room, were I was holed up thinking what a scumbag I was, to tell me that a girl from my class was at the door asking for me. Her name was Annie. Did I know her? I said yes as I burst down the hall and greeted Annie still standing at the front door.

“Annie, should you be out like this? I though you had a cold,” I stammered as I came skidding to a stop.

Her nose was red and she had a scarf pulled tight around the neck of a jacket she was wearing, but she managed a nasally smile and a sniff and said she was better but she had to see me and talk. I asked her about what and she simply said that she had Kim stop by and talked with her this morning. I said we should go for a walk in the park.

As we walked along the path in the park; the one we both knew so well, we walked in silence for the longest time. We didn’t say a word until we arrived at the playground. Taking a seat on the swing, we both started to swing back and forth a couple of times before I started the conversation.

“So you had a visitor today,” I stated as a fact.

“Yeah, yeah I did,” she said hesitating just a little.

“What did you two talk about?” I asked, knowing the answer before I asked the question.

“About what happened last night,” she said almost matter-of-factly.

“Oh, I thought maybe that would come up,” I said sheepishly. “Annie, I’m sorry for what happened, I don’t know what came over me. I mean at first I didn’t want to do it and then, well, Kim said that it was okay, that I was doing her a favor by peeping in on her and then I got excited seeing her show me everything. I don’t know what to say, but I can’t blame you for being mad at me.”

Annie thought for a moment and then said, “I didn’t know I was mad at you. Did you do something to make me mad?”

I was shocked so I stammered, “No…I don’t think so, unless you count when I whacked off onto the wall outside of her room. I mean, I got so turned on I couldn’t help myself.”

She looked away and finally turned back to me and said, “More turned on than the night before with me?”

“Gosh no Annie, that was the best ever! I could never be more turned of then that!” I exclaimed.

“Then you were just kind of turned on seeing Kim through her window?” she asked slyly.

I felt exasperated trying to answer all these questions. I felt trapped and frustrated so I blurted out, “Oh Annie can’t you see that I like you a lot? Can’t you see that I’m sorry for what I did? Can’t you see that I don’t want to be with anyone but you? Can’t you see that?”

She thought about her response before making it. She looked at me with no expression in her eyes and then a detected a little twinkle start to emerge. “Did I hear you say that you liked me a lot and that you didn’t want to be with anyone else but me?”

I nodded my head yes and she said, “Chris, if I didn’t have such a bad cold I would give you a big kiss. That was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me and I want you to know that I like you too. I’m sorry for making you think that I was mad at you for what you and Kim did last night. I was at first, not mad but a little jealous I guess, but as soon as Kim told that you really did her a favor by watching her get her rocks off, I accepted it and I thought you were pretty cool for doing it for her.”

“You did?” I asked in astonishment.

“Well did you like watching her strip more than you liked watching me strip?” she asked.

“NO!” I exclaimed.

“You didn’t like seeing her black pussy hair sticking straight out and everything?” she coyly asked.

“No…I mean well yes, but…”

“Then you like seeing my pussy hair better than seeing Kim’s,” she asked seductively.

“Definitely,” I said with conviction and got up to stand right in the path of her swing. Stopping the swing with my hands on the chains, I eased her forward until she was resting right on my cock and I said, “Most definitely,” and slid my hand down between her legs.

She separated her thighs a little and cooed, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll catch my cold?”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’m not afraid,” I answered.

“Oh Chris, I would love to kiss you right now but…” she stopped in mid sentence as I stroked her crotch through her jeans. She sighed and then stepped out of the swing as she said, “I think I had better get on back while I’m still able to function. I’ll see ya soon lover boy.” She reached out and ran her hand over my bulge as she slowly started walking back to her house.

I started for home and then I stopped and thought, “I’m going to go over to Jimmy’s house, I haven’t seen him all summer. I’ll check in on my ol’ buddy.” So I turned down the path and headed for his house.

Jimmy was in my class, he was small in stature just like me, just a couple of months younger than I am, but a heck of a good friend. He had gone to stay with his aunt and uncle for a month and he should have gotten back last week some time. It will be good to see him again. Maybe I can ask him if he wants to join us in peeping; he kind of curious in that way also. Oh yeah, I’d better talk it over with Annie first, because after I made such a big deal out of Kim joining us, I’d better do what I asked her to do and discuss with her.

I rang the doorbell to Jimmy’s house and his father opened the door. “Well, hello stranger,” he greeted me with true affection. I had been part of their family the same as Jimmy had been part of mine since we met in the first grade. I had spent countless nights over at their house and considered them my other Mom and Dad.

“Hi Dad,” I greeted him warmly. “Yeah it has been a long time. How’s Jimmy anyway?”

“Well, see for yourself,” he motioned to Jimmy’s room. “Oh by the way Chris, I want to ask you something before a have to go down to the station pretty soon,” he said. Jimmy Dad was a local police detective and he was working the 4:30 shift right now so he would have to leave for work in about a half hour or so.

“Sure Dad,” I said, “but let me see Jimmy first.”

“No problem, take your time but I have to leave pretty soon.”

“Okay,” I said walking towards Jimmy’s room. “I’ll be out in a second.”

I walked down the wall way that led to my friend’s room and as I entered, Jimmy said, “Well, look what the cat drug in,” and got up to give me a slap on the back. We bantered around for a few minutes and then went back out to talk with his Dad.

“Oh thanks for talking with me Chris. I wanted to ask you something. You play in the park quite a bit don’t you, even when Jimmy isn’t around?”

I nodded my head yes.

“Well, we’ve received some reports from people that there’s a “Peeping Tom” out there at night and I wanted to know if you’ve ever run across anyone strange looking out there at night?” he asked.

I froze in silence. “Play it cool Chris,” I thought. I tried to calm myself and steady my voice as I responded, “No, I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary. Do you have a description of this creep?”

“No, there wasn’t any description but they think he randomly peeps in windows after dark, so I guess I’m warning you not to approach this character if you do see him but to call the station immediately. We can’t afford to have a patrol officer assigned to just be out there in the park, so we are asking anyone who visits the park to keep your eyes open for anything unusual. Don’t try to approach this guy, I don’t know if he’s dangerous or not, he could be just a pervert getting his kicks,” he instructed.

“Okay, I’ll keep my eyes open,” I said, trying hard to breathe normally.

After Jimmy’s dad left for work, I hung around for a few more minutes trying to collect my thoughts. I decided that I had to tell Annie of this development so I told Jimmy that I had to go and left him wondering what I was up to.

I literally ran to Annie house and rang the bell. Annie answered the door and grinned her welcome but seeing my face, she asked what’s wrong.

“I’ve got to talk to you, alone, it’s important,” I said as seriously as I could.

“Mom, I’m going out with Chris,” she yelled over her shoulder. “I’ll be back pretty soon.”

She grabbed her jacket and we were off around the back to the park. She asked again what was wrong and I told her I would tell her pretty soon. As we walked down the path, I began to tell her what Jimmy’s dad had told me>

“Does he suspect anyone?” she asked in earnest.

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “I hope not, but we had better cool it for a while.”

She agreed and told me she’d make sure Kim knew to stay away from people’s houses until we tell her different. I said that I didn’t think that we need to stay out of the park or anything like that; we could still meet and talk and stuff. She agreed and said that anyone could use the park. We’d just have to make sure we didn’t go near anyone house to do our peeping.

“About that,” I said, “I was thinking that I would maybe ask Jimmy if he’d like to join us one night. You know, then we would be two and two you know even and then we would stop adding anyone else.”

“Jimmy? Are you crazy? His dad is a police officer!” she exclaimed.

“I know, I know, but hear me out. Jimmy is a lot like me, you know, curious about girls and all, so I think that he would be willing to peep with us and he’d make a great inside source of information on how hot it is getting. Think about it, Jimmy and I could volunteer to be kind of like a private patrol of the park or something.”

“I don’t know Chris, that’s taking an awful chance asking Jimmy,” she said shaking her head.

“Listen, I’ll confess to him and won’t implicate you or Kim in any way and ask him to join me and see what he says. If he says okay, then I’ll bring him to a meeting and tell him that I’ve got accomplishes.”

“Chris, something tells me not to do it, but if you think he will join us and not tell anyone then go ahead I guess,” she agreed reluctantly.

“Okay, I’ll let you know if you don’t see me on the news tonight,” I added almost seriously.

I found myself on the way back over to Jimmy’s house think and hoping that I wasn’t making a big mistake. I rang the bell and Jimmy opened the door. He looked surprised at seeing me again so soon but he willingly went with me out to the park for a walk.

I was alone with my thoughts for awhile until finally I blurted out, “I’m the ‘Peeping Tom” your dad was talking about.”

“You’re what?” he asked in disbelief.

“I’m the…” I started to repeat myself when he interrupted me.

“I heard you Chris but I can’t believe it. I mean my best friend peeping in other people’s windows?” he asked still not believing me.

“Actually, other people’s bedroom windows and I’ve seen a lot,” I added nonchalantly.

“No way! My gosh Chris, you don’t mean to tell me that you actually peek into someone’s window at night,” he asked again. “God Chris, what do you see?” Now he was getting excited. Now he wanted to know details. Now I had him hooked.

“Well, I was about to ask you if you wanted to join me some night and see for yourself but with the news that I’ve been spotted, I don’t know if you would say yes or turn me in,” I stated flatly.

“Chris,” he chastised me, “that’s what I should do alright, turn you in. Now you want to implicate me in your perverted hobby.”

He was thinking, I could tell. He always walked real fast when he was deep in thought and right then he was practically running down the path.

“Who have you seen?” he suddenly asked.
“Who haven’t I seen?” I coyly replied. “I seen a certain senior girl’s pussy, twice in fact; once she was dancing and stripping and the other time she was doing it with a certain senior boy and she was taking him if her butt.”

“NO WAY! You didn’t see all that? Chris do you promise that you saw that? Oh My God.”

I was just nodding my head in the affirmative.

“And there were others Jimmy, I’ve been doing this for about six months or so. You would just cream your pants if you knew what I’ve seen,” I said trying to rub it in the best I could, knowing that this was the best way to sink in the hook. “And I’m offering to let you in on my experience. All you have to say is “I’m in”.”

“Oh God Chris, if we get caught, I’m dead. I can see it now, “Son of Police Detective Arrested for being a Peeping Tom” plastered all over the newspapers. Oh God help me,” he paused for a second, “yeah I’m in.” he said.

“Okay! Then can we meet at 8:30 tonight at the playground in the park? Wear your jeans and a dark colored shirt. After what your dad said today, I think we had better cool it for awhile about peeping but there are some things I need to go over with you and tonight will be a good night to do it,” I said enthusiastically.

We chatted a little more and then he said, shaking his head, “Chris, I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

“Jimmy, I didn’t talk you into anything. All I did was invite you. You made the decision all on your own,” I argued.

“Okay, okay, I know,” he said grudgingly, “but I can’t believe I’m going along with it.”

We separated and he went back to his house and I went straight to Annie’s. I arrived and rang the door bell and Annie opened it and came outside so we could talk. She anxiously asked, “Well? What did he say?”

“He’s in,” I said with a broad grin on my face. “I knew he would be. I told him that I would meet his at 8:30 at the playgrounds tonight. I told him that we wouldn’t go peeping tonight because we had to do some talking.”

“Chris, I just hope we’ve made the right decision, that’s all,” she told me with a worried tone to her voice.

“Annie, he is afraid that we will get caught and his dad would suffer the consequences as much as he would. He’s not going to do anything that would make that a possibility, I know him. But if you need something more to hang over him, maybe we should have him do something that, if he told anyone, we would disclose it to the world, I don’t know,” I said, thinking out loud.

“That is really setting him up isn’t it? How about if we all did something and if any one of us told any body, then we would tell the world?” she suggested.

“I’ll think of something. Just tell Kim that we are meeting tonight at 8:30 at the playgrounds and not to wear her pajamas because we are not going peeping tonight,” I said, taking charge.

All the way home I thought about what would guarantee that every one of the four of us would keep their mouth shut if caught. I knew that it would have to be fool proof yet simple to put into effect. Finally, at 7:30 that night, I came up with a solution. I only hoped that it would meet with everyone’s approval.

I was the first to arrive at the playgrounds. Then Jimmy arrived and I told him to sit down in the swing and cool his jets for a moment. As Annie and Kim made their appearances, I don’t know who was more shocked, Jimmy or Kim, after seeing that there were to the group than had been advertized. I took charge immediately to explain.

“Surprise!” I exclaimed. “Jimmy, you know Annie and Kim don’t you? Girls, you know Jimmy here. Jimmy, one thing that I left out today when I told you about my peeping, was that I do not do it alone; I have accomplices. It started when me and Annie met out here one night, quite by accident and formed a duet of peepers. She had been peeping longer than me. Then we added Kim, Annie best friend, about a month or so ago. Now we are adding you to our group. This is the maximum we are taking in; it’s too much, just too great of a risk for everyone.”

The looks on Jimmy’s and Kim’s faces were priceless. They were both shocked, embarrassed in knowing that another person knew of their perversion and the fact that this was turning into more than they had bargained for. Jimmy was the first to speak when he said, “Chris why didn’t you tell me today instead of letting me think that we would be by ourselves.”

“Would it have made a difference in your agreeing to come here tonight?” I asked.

“Well, I would have asked more questions like I know these girls but can I trust them?” he asked.

“I trust them, Jimmy, the question is can they trust you,” I said. “But if we can all agree to follow this one thing; call it an initiation ritual that all of us have to go through, and then the subject of trust should not be an issue again,” I continued.

“Well, I’ve thought about this potential problem all afternoon since Annie and I, being the original people in this group, talked about including Jimmy. I came up with a way that would make sure each one of us never would squeal on the rest. It will mean that you will have to trust me and I mean a lot of trust. It means that you will have to perform something that will be very embarrassing and have it photographed. Do you trust me?” I asked looking around.

Hearing no one say that they didn’t, I proceeded to pull out four pieces of paper and put them in a paper sack and asked everyone to pull out one piece of paper, telling them not to divulge what was on the piece that they had drawn as I explained what this all meant. On the paper was type written a name of one of the members of the group. We were to meet back here tomorrow with an envelope bearing the type written name of the person they had drawn with a task they wanted to photograph that person performing. That task must be something very personal and potential embarrassing to the person performing the act. Inside of each envelope will be instructions for the person to perform. A day and a time will be assigned to perform the act and it will be performed in the each person’s bedroom while the person drawing that person will photograph it. When all photographs have been taken, we will then feel free to include us all into the group.

There was a look of shock and intimidation on all of the faces; it was sinking in just how serious this little group was getting. They look like they were determined to go ahead with this next task and all agreed to meet back here tomorrow night. We separated and went our own ways. It wasn’t until I got home in the light of my room that I looked at the name I had drawn. It said, “Kim”. Now I had a day to think of something I wanted her to do.

I was thinking and thinking about what I wanted Kim to do for the picture the next night. I was obsessing on it so, about sunset, I decided to go for a walk through the park. I kept going over and over in my mind what would be a good deterrent to keeping Kim silent. It got dark and I was all the way at the other end of the park when suddenly I noticed something. There was a light shining out the back of one of the brand new houses. I walked up slowly towards it so that I could scope it out. Not seeing anyone, I eased my way closer until I was able to see the interior of the room.

I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and froze right where I stood; holding my breath. The movement came from within the room and as I glanced to where it came from, I found a teenage girl sitting at a computer desk, typing away at the keyboard. She was facing the window not three feet from me. I slowly crouched down and crawled up to my peeping place at the extreme corner of the window and just below it so the only thing that I had visible was my eye in the corner. She did not detect my presence as she seemed engrossed with her keyboard. Then an older teenager boy came into her room and she said something to him over her shoulder as she continued at her computer.

The guy walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders and slowly started moving them down to her top. I realized for the first time that she was wearing a night gown of some type and when he reached the opening of the gown, he inserted his hands down the inside of it right onto her boobs. She reacted by moving her head back slightly and saying something to the boy but she did not object at all.

He continued to stand over her with his hands buried inside the front of her night gown for a minute while she continued banging on the keyboard. When she finally finished, she moved her head back and rested it right on his crotch. He removed his hands from her chest but grabbed the gown as he did and slid it over her head. She scooted her chair back towards him a little and spread her legs out wide as an invitation. He accepted it by running his hand down into her panties as she moaned out loud and rubbed her head into his crotch once again.

He was rubbing her pussy inside her panties as she raised her hands up to his waist and she swiftly and expertly started to unfasten his pants. When she had opened them up and had grabbed his cock in her hand, she slowly turned around in her chair to face him and then, taking down his underwear, she started to suck him off. Having removed his hand between her legs, he stood up and put his hands on the back of the girls head and started rubbing it softly as she thrust his cock deep within her mouth.

I couldn’t take my eyes off this scene; a young teen age girl, giving, I presume, her older brother a fantastic blow job not four feet from my position. I had to take my own cock out and I started to stroke it slowly. As she continued to give this guy her oral action, his eyes were closed and his head was back. Suddenly he pulled it out of her mouth and urgently got her up and threw her onto the bed. She landed with her legs open and inviting as he followed her, struggling to get his jeans and underwear off. Finally succeeding, he put one knee between her legs and reached to her butt and grasped her panties at the waist band. Stripping these off her legs, he positioned himself right in front of her wet pussy as he laid himself down on top of her.

Taking his cock into his hand, he positioned it directly at her opening and shoved it in, slowly at first, but once he had it started, he quickly rammed it in to the hilt. This caused her to cry out in pleasure I am sure because it was obvious that these two had done this before. They threw themselves at each other with abandonment now, driving their crotches into the other with lust and glee. Finally, in a few short seconds, they both reacted to the stimulus in predictable ways; they arched their backs, held their breaths and climaxed jointly in an extreme orgasmic display and then relaxed into each others arms. As I backed away, I thought to myself, “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

The next evening as I walked to the rendezvous spot, clutching the envelope containing my instructions for Kim in it, the thought that I had created a monster or something kept reoccurring in my mind. Now, all of my thoughts were of how to control it or, if not, the monster could bite my head off. I didn’t want to think that way but the thoughts kept creeping in. As I came to the playground I noticed that, as usual, I was the first one to arrive.

The others made their appearances, one at a time, with Kim being the last to arrive. Everyone looked very serious, almost embarrassed and shy. Maybe they were all realizing the magnitude of my idea of forcing everyone’s silence and were having second thoughts. So I brought up the subject by asking, “Is everyone still on board?” They all nodded their heads in agreement so I went on to the next part of the plan.

“Okay, we are going to draw straws to determine the order in which we all will have our pictures taken. Here are four sticks in my hand. The shortest will be the first, the next shortest will be the second and so forth. The first picture will be taken at exactly 9:00 tonight. The second will be taken at exactly 9:45 tonight. The third picture will be taken at exactly 8:30 tomorrow night and the final picture will be taken at exactly 9:15 tomorrow night. Is that clear everybody; the first two tonight and the last two tomorrow night?” I asked. Again, everyone nodded their heads in understanding.

“Okay then, here goes. Annie you be the first to pick,” as I held out the sticks for her to grab one. I was the last to draw and as we compared the sticks, I drew the second shortest and Kim drew the longest. I had until 9:45 to go home, read the instructions and have my picture taken. We all synchronized our watches and returned to our own homes to wait. We decided to meet up again on the third night back here at the playground. As I walked home, that feeling of creating a monster came back to my gut.


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