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Scientists create androids that can have sex with humans
The Androids
by grig314

(Warning! I'm not using 4-letter words like "fuck" in this story. I hope you like it as is, just for the story value. I'm willing to risk turning some of you people off by not putting in much porn content, but I think it is an interesting story.)

This was one project that we did not want to get into the hands of large countries because they would just turn it into a military project and create armies of robots, and that's not what we wanted. And so, in small groups, several of us emigrated to New Zealand. We came from all corners of the world. We were being financed, for the rest of our lives, by a billionaire who believed in our project, and who was strongly against getting large governments involved in it. We were a collection of the best scientists and technicians in the area of biology, dispersed throughout the world . Slowly, we all filtered into Auckland.

We unanimously chose Nobel Prize winner Jonathan Hammond as the chief scientist and leader of the project. In our first meeting we asked him bluntly, "Jon, do we have the building blocks in place? Can we really do this?"

He said, "I knew that you would be asking this. Not only can we really do this, but it has already been done. On a smaller scale, but it has already been done." He asked Gina, his assistant, to get the cat. She went into the next room and in a few moments came back holding the cutest little kitten, no more than a few days old, against her, in one of her hands. She said, "Fellas, I want you to check out this kitty, so I'm going to hand her to you." And she handed the little animal to me first.

It purred, and I immediately fell in love with it. It licked my hand and with short mincing steps tried to sharpen its claws on the palm of my hand. Then it flipped over on its back and meowed.

Gina said to me, "Doc, I want you to pay really close attention. Doc, what's wrong with this kitty?"

I said, "Nothing, Gina. This is the cutest little kitten I've seen in a year." She took the cat from me and handed it to Joe Riley. Same question. Same response. She went through out the entire room, handing the kitten to every last scientist in the room. Same question. Same response. Then she handed the kitten back to me.

"Doc, give me a guess, what's the temperature of this kitty? Get a good feel and give me your best shot." It felt as if Gina was pulling a fast one. I scratched this cute little varmint's hair. I cuddled it. And then it dawned on me that although this little cutie pie was a very active kitty, it felt sort of cold. It caught me by surprise. I said, "Eighty degrees?"

Gina took the kitten from me and handed it to one of the others. Same reaction. Similar response. "Seventy five degrees?" And so on.

Then Gina pointed to the thermostat on the wall. "Does anyone see the temperature here on the little thermometer?" You had to go up to the thermostat to see it, but the room temperature was seventy two degrees. She then brought out a thermocouple attached to a large digital meter, and the thermocouple registered seventy two degrees on that meter. Then she pressed the point of the thermocouple to the kitten with the eraser of a pencil so that she was not touching it, and left it there for a few seconds. The thermocouple did not change. Seventy two degrees. And we all started asking, "What's going on here?" This kitten was seventy two degrees?

And Gina broke out into a fiendish grin. Putting down the thermocouple, she seemed to scratch the kitten's stomach and suddenly that kitten froze, rigid. Then, without any further ado, she simply unscrewed the kitten's head and took it off. The inside of the kitten was a maze of integrated microcircuits! This was no kitten! And yet, it had licked me and left some "saliva" on my hand. We had been handling a robot carefully crafted to look like a kitten and act like a kitten and even lick like a kitten, to the point at which none of us realized that this was simply a robot! Pandemonium nearly broke loose.

Jon Hammond said, "Hey, quiet it down. Fellas, this is what we are able to do now. With all of you working on it for the next five years, with the best tech lab in the world and whatever resources we need for building it, do you get it? We will have one man and one woman built in five years. And they will be able to speak any language we program them to speak. They will be able to lick you with a wet tongue. They will complain if you poke them or stick them with a needle. They will even bleed if you cut them. And they will be built out of human flesh that metabolizes, so that their temperature will be ninety-eight point six degrees. So far, we have figured out how to give them the intelligence of a 15-year-old person. They will be able to work 24-hour days. With simple programming they will make wonderful husbands or wives or mistresses or boyfriends. They will be lovers, not killers. We have the technology to make a kitten right now. You guys in this room will develop the technology to make a human being. Judging from the time it took to build this kitten, I'm estimating five years to build a complete human being."

* * *

That was eight years ago. Three years after we all handled an android kitten that to all intents and purposes was real to us, we had built our first two humans, whom we named Katie and Johnny. It was clear that they were androids. Their skin looked like plastic. Their hair was thick. They had quirks and strange mannerisms in their behaviors.

But they were quite real and quite alive. They walked. They sat. They talked passable English. And they didn't need to be dressed. Stroke either one of them in a specific fashion in the middle of the belly, and it would become rigid and inert. You could unscrew different parts, and when you screwed them back they made just the tiniest click and they were back in place.

Jon Hammond had programmed them to literally be lovers, not fighters. They violently rejected anything resembling a gun. They were insatiably interested in sex. When they were not called upon to do some task for us, they were at each other kissing, caressing, cooing, and having intercourse. They needed sleep, but if they were awake and not called upon for some specific duty or measurement, they would be at each other making love. And that was the way Jon Hammond wanted it. He wanted his androids to be thinking about pleasuring each other instead of killing each other.

We were a very close-knit group, but we wisely spent time out in the community, for example having a beer or two at the local pub, and we invited members of the community to tour our facility, giving talks on cell biology, never in the slightest explaining what we really were doing. We did this so that the public would think of us as members of the community rather than as members of some kind of sect. Most of us were married. Since we were not perfect angels, a few of us had occasional sex with one of the others to whom we were not married. The project of getting two very human androids took seven years, not five, but by the end of the seventh year we had truly produced a miracle.

Our first two man-made, very human, androids were completed. They had been made from a carefully-controlled broth containing mainly proteins, amino acids, and to a lesser extent, enzymes, surrounding several thousand titanium microchips kept rigidly in place by a microscopically thin framework of wires. Immersed in the broth were human stem cells. It took days for flesh to congeal around some of the larger microchips, but once small clumps of flesh formed, they quickly grew down the wire framework to other microchips, and then very quickly began to form the framework of two human beings.

It was just a matter of a couple of weeks in a very carefully controlled temperature and humidity environment for each person to form. Their skeletons grew at an amazing rate of speed, but the end result in each case was a real human being with a complete skeleton and set of internal organs closely resembling those of real human beings. They had reflexes built into them that real human beings did not. For example, if one stroked a specific area above the navel in a specific fashion, that person would become rigid and unconscious, while its heart continued to beat.

Everything we knew about the immune system, including features that we humans didn't have, they had. They were very disease resistant, but they were very much alive.

Microchips in the head had already programmed the brain with the knowledge of a high school senior. When they were removed from the broth and put on towels on the table, they were to all intents and purposes deeply asleep. Rubbing specific areas of the thighs in a specific sequence woke them up.

The first pair was assigned to me. Each of the remaining pairs that were created in the next month were assigned to the different scientists in the project, and we had prepared for them with bedrooms, closets, and an extra bathroom in each of our homes.

And so it was that Mary and George, my two androids, made my acquaintance. Unlike their predecessors, they felt the heat and cold, and very much appreciated clothes like the rest of us.

It was a remarkable accomplishment, but having worked on it daily for seven years, we took it in stride. We knew that if our discovery and invention got out to the rest of the world, the larger nations would create armies of androids to be used in fighting wars. For that reason, we did not dare to discuss our creation with anyone outside our group, and the scientific journals never got so much as one small article on our creation.

We had prepared for their existence to be recognized by the locals around us, by using fake tickets and cars with dummies bringing "new people" into our community, so that our android friends were accepted by the community around us.

They certainly liked their sex, and they weren't particular about their partners. Since a male and female android pair shared a room, they went about it with each other in gay abandon often. Once in awhile, I would have sex with Mary, our female android, or my wife Andrea would have sex with George, our male android. Even though they were very human and expressed very human feelings, somehow we didn't feel guilty. They were always ready for sex with anyone. It was as if we still considered them to be sex toys. Sometimes, when Andrea and I lay in bed together talking, we would tell each other about our experiences with George and Mary, and I think it bound us closer together. As for George and Mary, sometimes we would overhear them at night discussing us, pointing out what they liked the most. It was interesting. They never had a complaint about either one of us. And during the day, they put in hours of hard work in the fields, giving us more hours to work in the lab. Some of the others retired their androids when newer models with much smaller microchips were perfected, but as far as Andrea and I were concerned, Mary and George were part of the family.

Jon Hammond was an unusual genius. The work that gave him his Nobel Prize was on ESP, and all the androids had unusual perception. For example, if Andrea, George, Mary and I were hiking through the woods together, sometimes one or the other of the androids would say to one of us, "Don't step there." They weren't necessarily looking at the spot where we were going to step. Invariably, that spot would have a vine or mud that might trip us, or perhaps a snake.

One day, both George and Mary became very uneasy. They told Andrea to go to the doctor immediately. She was feeling fine and she saw no reason to go, but she trusted the two of them, and promised that she would go to the doctor first thing next morning. They begged her to go then and there, but she did not.

The next morning, Andrea awoke with a burning fever and we had to call the doctor to the house. This disease turned out to be a particularly virulent form of pneumonia. The doctor prescribed a combination antibiotic, but it did not seem to work. Andrea started going downhill fast. George and Mary disappeared from the house and were back before nightfall. They had with them a basket full of flowers they had collected from the woods and told me to cook them up in a soup immediately and start feeding the soup to Andrea. I didn't know what to make of it but Andrea seemed to be getting worse on the antibiotics, so I had them make the soup and feed her.

For a few hours Andrea seemed to be shaking off the disease, but she succumbed in the middle of the night. My darling wife was dead, despite the best efforts of our two androids to save her life with herbs. I was devastated, but even as I lost Andrea I promised myself never to give up my two android friends.

They really saved me. The master bedroom had a large king size bed, and they both slept with me, always awakening when I did, always ready to listen and commiserate, always ready to give a kind hug or caress, always tuned in to the depth of my depression and always responding to it with the gentlest replies.

In a few months, Mary became my full-time concubine. That was fine with George, because when I fell asleep Mary would be his lover. In fact, since neither one was particular about whom they had sex with, or under what circumstances, George broached the idea of my having sex with both of them at the same time, i.e. my making love to Mary while George entered my anus. I wouldn't hear of it at first, but George explained that his semen would lubricate me and I would enjoy the sensation. And that started threesomes with the two of them, and while at first it felt perverted, I loved the sensation, including that of George's orgasm inside me. To be frank, I enjoyed it most when George had something to do and Mary and I had sex together, because it felt more intimate and I could tell her I loved her without feeling embarrassed by the company listening in.

The group's instrumentation was sophisticated enough for us to carefully control the androids' DNA. Since we knew they would be making love often and we didn't want them procreating like rabbits, we made it nearly impossible for them to have children. On the other hand, although it would be very rare, they could have children with humans. I never used protection with Mary and she finally became pregnant by me. The baby, a girl, was healthy and normal, and had to be considered human because it had no microchips embedded in it. Mary wore me down insisting that the baby be named Andrea, and I finally gave up. That's what we named her. I loved the child and Mary as if she truly were my wife.

And did George become a fussy maid and babysitter! He was up for every feeding. He always changed Andrea's diapers. He took her out in the baby carriage. When she was teething he would see to it that her gums were massaged. He should have been a woman! In truth, he was, at least partially. Jon Hammond wanted the 'droids to have both male and female characteristics. We nicknamed Andrea Andy. We sent her to a public school in Auckland. When she became interested in sex, we strongly preferred that George teach her what he knew, as opposed to her selecting a boy as her mate. As it turned out, that was fine with Andy, and she got it on with George just fine, although he was beginning to show his age. He certainly knew everything about getting her turned on, but mostly, he was crazy about her and he was completely safe.

Because we never dared to let the world know of our important discovery, our project was self-limiting. There was just so much you could do to make androids that almost exactly duplicated the human being. We had become too old to start a new projects such as domestic animals. Gradually we retired, keeping our androids as part of our families. First-generation androids did have chips, and we made sure that they were always cremated on death. We did not dare to allow future generations to find them with microchips inside them.

When I was close to passing away, Mary decided that she wanted to be stroked into immobility and cremated with me, and that our ashes should be mixed and thrown into the sea together. By this time, Andy was married and George, old but still going strong, was the butler-servant in their home. Andy would have it no other way. Her husband had no idea that George was an android. She told me that a couple times a week she would have a wonderful red-hot lovemaking session with George while her husband was at work, and George always turned her on like flame, but they never so much as mentioned it to her husband.

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I agree with another reader, I enjoyed the story, but the mention of degrees Fahrenheit immediately spoiled the rest of the story. And yes, WE HAVE NO SNAKES! I still enjoyed it, but I was disappointed that you made two such glaring mistakes. The Fahrenheit scale, especially, is not used anywhere in the world except in the USA, and you'd be wise to never use it in a story, remembering that these stories are being read world-wide.

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Good story, but you should have done some research on New Zealand. First of all we, like most of the world, use degrees Celsius. 98.6 is just below the boiling point of water (100 degrees)!
Secondly, there are NO SNAKES in New Zealand! Two glaring errors that really spoiled the mood of the story. I still liked it but could you get it right next time please?

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i`m a scientist i was allways thinking about makeing androids but not for that purpose by210

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