Part 5 in the “I’m Not Alone” series. In this part, Chris discovers how turned on he can get performing for others and explores ways to continue his adventure
I walked home with a feeling of excitement and foreboding deep within my self because it was too late to turn back now. I had to go through with this plan of mine that would insure the safety of us all in case anyone got caught peeping, but I didn’t know why I felt so terrible about it. “Just suck it up and do whatever the instructions say, Chris” kept running through my mind, so that’s what I was going to do.

I had set this whole thing up as a preventive measure to discourage anyone of squealing on the rest of us if they ever got caught peeping. It was a mutual destructive tool that would only be implemented in the case of any one of us telling someone of our little groups activities. We would all have a picture of one of us doing something very personal and potentially embarrassing if it were divulged. Tonight at exactly 9:45, I would have my picture taken by an anonymous member doing who does what. As soon as I got home and into my room, I’d find out.

I hurried into my room and sat on the bed. I took a deep breath and opened the envelope. It said:
“Put you’re Moms underwear on and whack off into them.” I read it again and then a third time. I didn’t understand what to do. I mean I know that I was suppose to put on my mother’s underwear, but does it mean that I’m suppose to put on her clean underwear? Is it just her panties or does it include her bra? I need more instructions! “Okay, Chris, calm down and think it through. When I think of girl’s underwear, what do I think of; panties or bra and panties? The answer must be bra and panties. Okay, what about clean or dirty? Oh my God, putting on a pair of my mom’s dirty panties? But she might miss a pair of clean ones so it’s the dirty panties.”

I slowly opened my door and snuck out to the laundry room to find my mother’s dirty bra and panties. “They weren’t in there; they must be in Mom and Dad’s room. Oh my God, if I get caught in their bedroom, looking through their dirty clothes? I don’t even want to think about it.”

Checking on them watching TV in the family room, I quickly went into their bedroom and into their closet. Finding the dirty clothes hamper, a rifled through until I found a pair of panties and a bra. Stuffing them in my shirt, I quickly exited the bedroom and rushed to my own. Panting, I sat there on my bed and checked the time. It said that is was 9:30; I had exactly 15 minutes.

I picked up her panties and held them up to inspect them. My heart skipped a beat. I held up a pair of see-through, white thongs! My Mom wore see through white thong panties and there was a crusty substance right in the crotch! Oh my God! Shaking my head in disbelief, I held up her bra and, as suspected, it was see-through also. I was going to whack off in my Mom’s sexy underwear while I had a picture taken of me doing it.

I locked the bedroom door; that’s the last thing that I needed, for someone to come in and catch me during the photo. I stripped off my clothes and picked up her thongs and slipped them on. Mom is not a large woman but compared to my small frame, let’s just say that I was having trouble keeping the up. I put the bra around my waist and fastened it and slipped it up over my shoulders. I looked at my self in the mirror and I looked pitiful.

The thong panties kept falling off my cock, I was swimming in the bra and as I glanced at my watch, I had exactly 5 minutes to get it up and shoot my stuff into my Mom’s panties. I didn’t think I was capable at that moment of doing it.

But as I started to rub the silky little panties over my limp little cock, the sensation of knowing that my mother crotch had been in these things just a day ago, caused it to start to stir and before I knew it, it was full strength and nearing eruption. I kept stroking the thin, silky material of my Mom’s sexy thong panties over my rock hard cock until I felt it start to well up deep within my crotch. I thought to myself as I shot right into her panties, “I wonder what my Mom looks like wearing these?”

As I filled the underwear to overflowing and watched the white stuff drip to the floor, I detected someone moving away from the window back to the safety of the darkness. I was too spent to do anything but collapse on my bed and catch my breath. I hadn’t been that turned on in a long time.

The next morning after I awoke, a washed out my Mom’s underwear, let it dry and replaced it back in her dirty clothes hamper. There were another pair inside the hamper and I couldn’t resist but to hold them up and inspect them. They were not thongs but hip huggers and there was a spot of crusty stuff right in the crotch. I shuddered and quickly left the room. As I wandered back to mine, I couldn’t help but wonder who took my picture and if they got their rocks off last night as hard as I did.

I sat around for most of the day waiting for 8:30 in the evening to come around. I thought I would leave for the park around that time and get to Kim’s window a little early just to make sure I caught her in the right position. I thought that my instructions were a little on the tame side compared to what I went through last night, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it now.

I went in to the kitchen to get something to eat and saw my mother in there doing the dishes. She looked at me with this curious expression on her face as she asked, “What are you doing today, honey?”

“Oh, the typical, nothing. Thought I’d go over to Jimmy’s later on,” I said. “What are you up to?”

“I have some laundry to do today. You might want to separate your whites from your darks for me. I’ve noticed that you aren’t wearing your light colored pajamas much these days. Don’t you like them?” she asked.

“I don’t know, yeah I like them fine. I’ve just been wearing my blue ones lately I guess,” I sidestepped her inquiry.

“Just wondered,” she said shrugging her shoulders and turned around to leave the kitchen. I couldn’t stop myself from looking for her panty line on her rear end. There wasn’t any! Does that mean that she’s wearing a thong again today?

I left for the park about 8:00, I knew I was early but just couldn’t wait any longer. I stopped at the playground and had a seat in the swing for a few more minutes. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and headed over to Kim house. By the time I got there, the sun had set about an hour earlier and it was totally dark. There was a light shining from Kim’s bedroom window so I crept forward. As I got into position, I saw Kim preparing to follow my instructions. I got my camera ready.

My instructions were simple: undress completely, squat on your hair brush in front of the window and put it as far up your opening as you can while sucking on as large of a piece of sausage as you can find.

She started removing the clothes by unbuttoning her blouse. When she had accomplished this task, she undid her jeans and slipped them off of her feet. She than removed her bra from her shoulders and exposed her little boobs to me. I loved the sight of her boobs; they were so round and soft looking. Finally, she moved her hands to her waist band and hurriedly slipped them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She stood up and paused for a minute, as if posing for the camera or thinking what to do next.

She must have decided to go ahead and go through with the instructions because she then reached for her hair brush and squatted down facing the window. She carefully inserted the handle of the brush up her opening and as a look of discomfort crossed her face, she deepened her squat and took it further up into herself. When she was satisfied that she could take no more of it in her, she turned her head slightly and pulled out an eight inch piece of sausage and put it in her mouth. As it reached a depth of about four inches or so, I snapped the picture and slowly backed away from the window. I suddenly realized I was shaking.

I walked back to my house and went to bed but not to sleep. I was suddenly aroused beyond anything I had ever imagined. I had to get some relief. I got dressed and walked back out into the park, hoping beyond hope, that one of the other members was out there and I would run into them. I stopped to swing on the swing set and heard the snapping of a twig. It came from the path. I froze on the swing, listening intently. I waited and listened for the longest time, not moving a muscle and then I headed back towards my house, still aroused but not having any way of relieving the urge.
I had to rely on my sock that night to get the satisfaction I needed to go to sleep but I still had the urge when I woke up the next morning. As I went out to the kitchen to get something to eat, my cock was still semi-erect and when I walked, it started to sway in my pajamas. My Mom was out in the kitchen and she looked down and smiled as she turned her head. My gosh she saw it! I was so embarrassed.

I sat around most of the day, spending a lot of time in my room by myself. About 3 in the afternoon, the door bell rang and shortly after that, I heard Mom yell to me, “Chris, Jimmy’s here.”
I yelled for him to come on in my room and as he entered, the look on his face told stories.

“Well, how did it go last night, it was your turn wasn’t it?” I inquired.

“My gosh Chris, you won’t believe what I had to do, unless of course you do know what I had to do,” he said.

“Don’t tell me Jimmy, even if I am the one who gave you those instructions, you can’t tell me what they were,” I instructed him.

“Oh shit, Chris, I know it wasn’t you. It was one of the girls and what they made me do was…well…unbelievable. It was such a turn on that I had to whack it off three times before a got to sleep,” he exclaimed excitedly.

Checking to make sure my Mom wasn’t listening, I told Jimmy that we had better go to the park and continue this conversation. We walked on the path through the park, talking about how it felt to perform in front of a camera and what a turn on it was. I was thinking of my own time when I knew I was being watched and photographed and how I felt unbelievably turned on. I suddenly had a thought.

“Jimmy,” I suddenly exclaimed. “I think we’ve stumbled on to something great here. Think this through with me. Let’s say that we all had a great time performing for the camera and we really got turned on. And let’s say we wanted to do it again. What do you think of us doing it on, say a weekly basis, or anytime we wanted to, in front of any of us who wanted to peep. In other words, we can be the one peeping and the ones being peeped on. We can go out in the park and peep on others any ol’ time or we can peep on each other.”

My mind was racing with possibilities and scenarios, of ways we could trade around for every body to get in on the excitement. “We could even arrange it, if the girls agreed, to have a duet peep show with two being spied on and two doing the spying.” The more I thought about, the better it sounded.

Jimmy said in a panic, “Whoa, Chris. Did you say two of us? You mean a boy and a girl, together, getting naked? Oh my god, Chris, I think that I’m about to cream my pants. Do you really think they would go for it? I mean, would one of them really want to be with me, you know alone and naked and stuff?” His eyes were big and he was slobbering all over himself at the thought.

“I don’t know but I’m sure going to give it some more thought and if I think it will work, I’ll suggest it to the girls,” I said with determination.

“Oh my God, Chris, you’re really going to do this aren’t you?” he kept asking.

“We’ll see,” I kept saying.

We continued to walk and talk for awhile but my mind was on my new plan and not on Jimmy’s chatter, so after a half hour or so, I told Jimmy that I had to think this thing through and that I would meet him this evening at the playground. He told me “Good Luck” and headed back to his house with his head in the cloud and a bulge in his pants. After thinking on it for the rest of afternoon, I decided that I would at least ask the girls what they thought.

I was the first one there again so I took my position on a swing and patiently waited for their arrival. After waiting for Kim to show up a little late, I asked them all a question. “How did it go with the pictures? Did anyone get turned on performing for a camera?” All three of them raised their hands. “How would you all like to perform like that again?” They all leaned in as I got their attention. “I’ve been thinking, with Jimmy help this afternoon, about my experience and about Jimmy’s experience also. He said it was such a turn on for him that he had to whack it off three times that night.”

“CHRIS! You didn’t have to tell them that!” Jimmy exclaimed.

“Jimmy, they know what it means to whack it off. They’ve seen it before. It’s a natural thing,” I explained. “Anyway, and to be honest, I had to after my time also. Did anybody else?”

The girls sheepishly raised their hands as Kim corrected me with, “Well, I didn’t “whack it off” but I sure did play with myself until I got off. It was such a turn on.”

“Exactly, well what do you think about doing a similar performance, say once a week or so? Everyone would have to give a performance once a month, times four, that makes one apiece per month.
I don’t know what we would do as far as giving the instructions, maybe we don’t need instructions, we can think of a performance that we would like to perform. What do you think?” I asked.

“Does that mean that we don’t go peeping on other people like we are doing now?” asked Annie.

“Not necessarily,” I answered. “We can or we don’t need to. What do you think?”

“I think we should continue,” inserted Kim.

“Me too. I haven’t even been out one time yet. I vote to continue,” Jimmy agreed.

“Well, we could set a day, any day we wish and set a schedule and see what happens. Where do you want to do the performance? Did anyone have any problems with doing it at everyone’s house?” I asked.

“Well, yeah,” inserted Jimmy. “Everyone knows my Dad’s a cop and I just think it would be better if I didn’t do it at my house. You know how cops are, every little sound will set his alarm off and I would hate for anyone to get shot,” he said jokingly.

“Yeah Chris, me too,” chimed in Kim, “not with the gun or anything, but my parents are kind of protective of their space, you know, and I hate to push it.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to go along with that,” said Annie.

“Well, you all know that my dad delivers bread at 4 in the morning so he’s in bed and asleep by 9:30 every night but my Mom says up later. Annie, what about your secret place? Would you be willing to share that place with the group?” I turned to Annie and asked.

“Well, if it meant that it was my secret place or nothing then I guess I could let everyone in on it,” she said hesitantly. “But Chris, I was saving that place for me and you,” she said under her breath.

“I just thought,” I started but didn’t finish.

“Okay then, as I see it, we are all in agreement that we would like to do the performance thing again, depending on if we can find a place to perform it, right? Well, then we’ll just have to come up with a place,” I said in conclusion.

We all hung around for a while and then the girls said they had to go. I looked at Jimmy and asked him, “Do you have to go now or would you like to go peeping with me?”

The look in his eyes told me the answer before his words came out of his mouth, “Let’s go peeping!”

We wandered to the end of the park in the chance that that couple with the pool would be out this late. As we started up the hill towards the back of their yard, you could see the light dancing in the moving water and hear a slight giggle coming from the pool. I indicated for Jimmy to be quite as we crouched down and moved up upon the retaining wall behind the low growing trees. We got there just in time to see them kissing passionately in the shallow end of the pool and they were naked.

The young woman placed her hand down on the guy’s hard cock and she started to rub it up and down. The guy started to moan as he grabbed her by her butt and pulled and spread her cheeks apart. With his finger, he probed into her crotch from the rear as she gasped and pummeled his cock harder up and down.

He suddenly bent his head down to her breasts and started sucking them into his mouth, first one then the other. She craned her back to make them more accessible to his hungry lips. He was sucking hard on her nipples and he ran his finger into her wide open hole. She cried out for more as he continued to ravish her globes. She was panting hard now as he lifted her up by putting both arms under her legs and settled her back down on his cock. He slowly eased it into her as she opened her mouth but didn’t make a sound. As she settled down upon it, she let out a loud sigh of satisfaction and she started to bounce.

He was holding her right at the water level and as she took it all into her vagina, her butt would make a slapping sound in the water. You could tell they were nearing their climax by the constant and speedy slapping of the water. As the water was making this terrible noise, she let out a cry that surely woke the neighbors.

“OH, OH, OH,” she cried as it slid in and out of her hole, until finally she cried out, “OH YES GEORGE, SLAM IT INTO MY CUNT!”

As they both reached their release, the water started calming down and finally settled into a ripple and then she crawled off of his cock and they slowly walked out of the pool into their house and turned off the pool light. It was suddenly very dark and quiet.

After a bit, we slowly backed away and were quiet until we reached the path once again. “Holy Shit!” exclaimed Jimmy. “I’ve never seen two people fuck like that before. Man, he really turned her on.”

I agreed with him and led the way back to the center of the park. I told him that I had to go on home and that I would see him tomorrow. Walking back, my mind was on the dilemma that stood between our having more fun and us peeping the rest of the summer.

As I rounded a curve in the path, I heard a rustle of some leaves behind me. I stopped to listen. There was silence so I waited. I waited for a long time. I didn’t imagine it; I heard a rustle of leaves. Someone was following me. I suddenly said, “Who’s there?” I waited and then I heard a voice say, “It’s me Chris, it’s your Mom.”


2015-10-03 17:37:24
Pretty great story threw me off by putting mom into picture it seems more reasonable that the kids would be doing the peeping not an adult I'm going to continue reading series though because it is such a good series story.


2011-03-14 08:36:46
Very nice twist at the end of PT 5. I can't wait to see where it goes from here - THX


2011-01-23 20:52:24
Hey, I hope you are ignoring the negative comments here. Too many cooks spoil the soup! I hope you continue to write this series exactly the way YOU want to....I'm enjoying it immensely!!! I tip my very wet panties to you, sir. ;-)


2011-01-23 20:51:31
Hey, I hope you are ignoring the negative comments here. Too many cooks spoil the soup! I hope you continue to write this series exactly the way YOU want to....I'm enjoying it immensely!!! I tip my very wet panties to you, sir. ;-)

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2011-01-21 05:33:49
i clicked on sex stories by accident yesterday and now im hooked, keep it up

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