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Jason finds a porn video staring his little girl and that leads to the fa,ily making a lot of money
Jason got home at seven, after working late. He had called Donna, his wife, and told her, so she had left his supper in the oven on warm so she could go to the card club meeting with her friend Joan. Fran, his 18-year-old daughter was at a classmate’s house, working on a school project so he was home alone for the next couple of hours.

After eating, Jason decided to watch an auto race that he had recorded the weekend before. He went into the family room, got the tape out of the storage unit and put it in the slot in the VCR. The tape wouldn't go in as there was already one in it that someone hadn't taken out. Jason hit eject and out came the tape. It had been rewound and he looked at it and saw the homemade label that had Ted and Tom written on it.

Out of curiosity Jason pushed that tape back into the machine and hit play. He stood not two feet from the TV as the tape started and there on the 32" screen, right before his eyes, was his 18-year-old daughter, naked, on her hands and knees with a cock in her mouth and another one slamming her pussy from behind. He stood there in shock. He reached for the stop button but didn't push it. Still staring at the screen, he took several steps back and plopped down in the chair with his eyes affixed to the TV screen. After several minutes of watching her tits sway back and forth each time the boy behind her slammed into her cunt, the boy she was aggressively sucking looked up at the ceiling and gave a loud moan. The camera zoomed in on Fran's cock filled face just in time to see her cheeks puff out and cum escape from her lips and drip down her chin. You could see her throat muscles contract as she appeared to swallow but she kept Ted or Tom, whichever one it was, in her mouth. Thick white cum dripped down and hung off her chin, hanging off it in long strands. Either this boy made a huge amount of cum and Fran couldn't swallow fast enough or she was pushing it out between her lips and his cock just for the camera to see. Jason was in shock. He had never even let himself think that his little girl even knew anything about sex yet.

Jason realized that the camera was being held by a person, when it then moved to another position to get the best view of the other boy fucking his quite large cock into Fran's love hole. This second boy was lasting a long time as he slammed himself into Jason's darling little girl. The camera changed positions several times and zoomed in and out. Finally whichever boy it was groaned and said, "Yes, get ready I'm gonna come." Then you heard a voice off camera say, "Pull it out. Don't come in her." He did as he was told, pulling his unprotected cock out of her tight cunt and, as you could see the camera stop moving like it had been set down, Jason's wife, Donna ran into the scene, also naked. Donna quickly engulfed the, about to explode, cock with her mouth. Again, you could see her cheeks suck in and her throat muscles move as she swallowed several times. The boy held the back of her head and pulled her face tight into his pubic hair, completely making his pulsing seven inch cock disappear into her mouth and down her throat. Then he pulled back so just the head of his manhood was still in her sucking mouth. He held her there for several seconds till she finally pushed him away. She kissed the tip of his cock and gave it a last lick as it exited her mouth. Then Donna walked to the camera and showed her mouth still full of the cum that she had not swallowed and then she swallowed and again opened her mouth, but this time it was empty. She walked out of the camera shot and the screen went blank.

Jason had not even realized it, but while he was watching the video he had pulled his cock out and was stroking it. He looked down and there was his six-inch erection in his fist. His cockhead and his hand were covered with his cum. It ran down onto his ball sack. He also didn't realize that while he was watching the tape, his daughter had come home and was standing behind him watching him watch the video. She had stripped and now she stepped in front of him as he looked at his cum covered hand and cock. "That's OK Daddy. I'll take care of it for you." Fran quickly dropped to her knees and proceeded to lick the cum from her father's hand and cock and balls. Jason just remained still, in shock. His mind raced. He was mad as hell and should grab her and yell at her. But he was also ultra turned on and wanted to grab her and fuck this hot little fuck slut himself. Donna's part in all of this did not even enter his thoughts at this time.

Fran was a cute and young looking girl. She probably looked more like twelve that her eighteen years. She was short and thin and only had tits that were about 32-B size. She liked to wear her medium length light brown hair in twin ponytails, which added to her young look. After cleaning up her father's cum, Fran stood in front of him. He noticed that she did not have any pubic hair. Fran kept it shaved but Jason had no idea that she had ever grown any. After all, she was his beautiful little baby girl. "What?" was all that came out of his confused mouth. Before he could say any more, "I love you Daddy." was her reply as she jumped in his lap and kissed him on the lips. It was not a little girl daughter's kiss but a woman's sexual kiss.

Donna had come home while Fran was licking her father clean. Now she showed that she was home. "Well Jason, I see that you now know that your daughter has grown up. We need to talk." Jason had somewhat gathered himself together. He pushed Fran off his lap and stood there facing Donna with his limp cock and balls still hanging out of his pants. Jason screamed, "What the hell are you thinking, letting our little girl get fucked and even filming it." I should throw you out of the house and get a divorce and never let you see her again." "Calm down and sit down and listen" was the reply. "I found out about a year ago that Fran was having sex and she told me that if we tried to stop her she would run away, so I accepted it. I got her on the pill and let her have her fun. We didn't think you needed to know." In a little calmer voice Jason asked, "What about the film and you being in it with those two boys?" "She never bothered to shut her bedroom door when she had a boy home and I couldn't help but see her getting fucked like a rabbit sometimes. It finally got to me, seeing those young studs fucking her over and over and over till I gave up and started letting them fuck me too. As for that video, It was an audition tape. Tom's father makes adult movies for a living and Tom told him all about Fran. He told me that he would pay us $2000 if we would make a film for him, as the people he sells the movies to love to see girls that look very young getting fucked. He was in the background with another camera taking different angles of the action. He also said that all of his sales are all overseas so no one will ever know who we are. He also said that they really like real incest videos and if we will make the next scene be of you fucking Fran while I lick her pussy, that he would double the price. We need the money and Fran and I actually got a thrill out of doing it. Are you in?"

Jason stood there and said nothing but you could see his manhood starting to stand up again. Fran dropped to her knees and took her father's shaft in her hand and placed her lips around his cockhead. After a second's pause, Jason put his hands behind her head and pulled her to him. Donna smiled.

The next Saturday their master bedroom was set up as a set. There were extra lights and two fixed position cameras and Tom's father was there with a hand held camera. As the scene started, Jason and Donna were just waking up from a nights sleep. They started kissing. Then Jason pulled the blanked down reveling their naked bodies. Jason was 38 and in good shape. He was 6 foot tall and weighed 180 pounds. Donna was 35 and very attractive with a great body topped off by wonderful, firm 38-C tits. As Jason sucked on one of her breasts, Fran came bouncing in, naked as the day she was born. She jumped up on the bed. "Goody, you guys are up." Then she started sucking her mother's other hard nipple. Jason reached over and started fondling her small tits while still sucking Donna. Fran then wiggled down the bed and grabbed her father's already hard cock and slipped her lips over it. As the scene continued, it came to where Jason was on his back and Fran positioned herself over him facing his feet and lowered her shaved cunt onto his steel hard rod. She started wildly bouncing up and down on it. Donna then straddled his face so he could eat her out while he was getting fucked by his daughter.

Donna came first and her cum ran all over Jason's face as he licked up all that he could reach. She got off him and went to the foot of the bed. Fran lay back so her back was on her father's chest but he was still slamming his meat into her. Jason reached around his daughter and started squeezing her little tits. Donna got on the bed and buried her face into her daughter's pussy. She licked and sucked Fran's small clit. Every once in a while Jason's cock would come out of his daughter's vegina and Donna would suck it deep before putting it back into Fran's belly. Donna and Jason, working together brought Fran to a hard orgasm. Just as she was finishing her climax, her father was ready to cum. Donna gave him room and he pulled out and deposited a large puddle of thick yellowish cum on his daughter's belly. Donna then leaned forward and licked up all the cum into her mouth. She moved forward and the camera zoomed in to show the two females kissing and swapping Jason's cum back and forth between them. The scene ended. Tom's father then stripped out of his clothes and took his turn fucking Donna and Fran.

Two weeks later they had finished two more scenes and the movie was complete. One more of the scenes was between Fran and Tom. They cheated on this one and let the audience think that this was Fran's cousin. Harold and his son, Tom came over and they all watched the finished product. Harold gave Jason a check for $4000 and told them that when they were ready, that he would be happy to use them in another film. That night the family went out for dinner at the most expensive restaurant that they had ever gone to, lobster and prime rib all around When they got home, they all settled into Jason and Donna's king sized bed. From then on, Fran no longer slept in her own bed.


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2018-01-19 18:17:39
2 grand I got 5000 euro for a zoo black and white photo shoot


2018-01-14 02:26:50
I have made some sex vids....well quite a few really but not here in the UK. All in Eastern Europe......My mother is from eastern Europe and was also in the business.
I do mainly Girl/girl but there are some Girl/Guy/Guy vids out there.........Not in my name though.....I use another name for the shoots.
So I loved this story


2017-06-15 18:43:58
Good good GOOD I loved it :)

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2017-01-27 02:58:34
To short, no build up.

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So good I came

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