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Isabella is a 33 yo latina mother of 2 boys. She still looks good,5’3”,C cups, cute ass, and not an ounce of fat on her. She doesn’t understand why her husband doesn’t pay much attention to her. It’s been a month since they made love last. She is always getting looks from guys. Even her friend Joe, he is 33yo white single. They have been friends for a long time. Always taking lunch and breaks together, they even walk out to there cars together. He is in love with her she knows it, they just flirt back and forth all the time. He makes her feel good. She is looking forward to see him at the party tonight.
Isabella took down her Alivira costume from the top of the closet. She glanced at the clock. 3:00pm… Three more hours left before Hugo her husband would be home from work.
She opened the box and reached in then gently lifted the dress out of the box. She held it up in front of her. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Isabella slipped out of her T-shirt and jeans. She reached down pulled the dress up slowly slipping it over her plump little ass. Slipping her left arm then her right into the sleeves. She wiggled a little pulling it up and reaching around to zip up the back.
She starred at herself again. The dress fit her like a glove. The soft cotton caressed her skin. She leaned over to pull her breasts up snuggly. She looked good in the dress. She closed her eyes just for a moment.
She stood at the conference room at work. Jack o lanterns light the room and Halloween decorations hung from the ceiling. She looked around the room and saw everyone from work. All of sudden she felt a tap on the shoulder. She turned around to see Joe.
“Hey may I have this dance?” Joe asked. He reached out and took her hand leading her to the dance floor.
Joe wore a black silk matador costume. It fit him like a glove. When they got to the dance floor, he pulled her close. She enjoyed the feeling of his silk threads against her body. Joe held her close. “You look beautiful tonight. ”He tells her. She just smiles at him. “where is your husband?“ “He did not want to come.“ “That man is so stupid not to see how lucky he is to have you.“ He blew in her ear softly and felt her respond to him. Joe began to nibble on her ear. She moaned with delight. The room began to spin a bit. Isabella felt lighter than air.
Joe whispered in her ear. “Let’s go for a walk”. They walked outside holding hands. Walking down the pathway, they came to clearing in a grove of trees. Isabella looked at him and smiled. They sat down on the bench.
Joe leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Isabella kissed him back. He ran his fingers through her short black hair. She traced his face with her fingers. They kissed deeper and deeper. He softly caressed her breasts through the costume. Joe pulled the top of her dress down below her breast, and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth. Isabella unbuttoned his shirt slowly. And with her hand traced a path down into his pants. She wrapped her fingers around his hard cock and pulled it out, stroking him as he devoured both her breast. The passion seems to increase with each moment. Joe moved down her body, kissing and caressing. He pulled her dress up to her waist. He gently spread her legs licking and kissing her inner thighs.
Isabella moaned pulling him in gently. Joe placed his tongue at the bottom of her slit and slowly licked up, kissing and sucking on her swollen lips. She moaned as he began to suck on her clit. She exploded instantly. He smiled with mouth full of her cum. She looked at him. She blushed a bit. “Sorry my husband hasn’t done that for me in years.”
She pushed him down staring him in the eye, she puts her arms around Joe’s neck and slides on to his cock. Isabella gasps as she feels Joe’s cock slowly slid into her, she has been wanting to feel him for a while now. She began to slowly ride him, squeezing and massaging his cock with her pussy. Joe held onto her hips helping her pull herself up and down, Not once did they ever take their eyes off one another. Isabella kissed Joe passionately as she began to ride him harder. She was breathing hard and Joe could tell she was getting close, she begin to moan something in Spanish He had no idea what she was saying but it just made it hotter. Joe could not take much more of this. His cock exploded, he’s never came this hard in his life. Joe has wanted this woman for a long time. Isabella’s second orgasm exploded when she felt Joe’s cum shoot inside her. She screamed something in Spanish and kissed him hard on the lips. When Isabella came down from her orgasm she slide off Joe’s cock slowly. She cuddled close to him. ”What were you saying when you came?” Joe asked her. “I love you.” she said. Joe kissed her on the top of her head and said. ”I love you too baby.” She closed her eyes for moment.

When she opened them, she was back in bed with her husband. It was all a dream. She looked over at her clock, it was only 5:30am she still had 12 hours before the party. She just rolled over smiled to herself an closed her eyes, as she thought to herself tonight I’m going to make that dream comet true. And fell back asleep.

The End.

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2013-04-24 18:15:38
Oh my.. My first favorite song was "Cinderella" sung by the mice from the movie.. back in the 40's.. still have that I love Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee and more oldies. The Everly Brothers had some great songs. I discovered Bread, "Make It With You" in the 80's, then Michael Bolton etc... I love music and have to have a dose every day.


2012-03-21 17:56:53
Actually that was a good story. A little short and could use more character development. But it had the feelings of a wife who is feeling neglected and her fantasies. We all have some like this. A dream lover who fulfills all our desires. Keep writing.

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2012-02-12 14:12:27
4lpyuZ Well, actually, a lot of what you write is not quite true !... well, okay, it does not matter:D

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2011-01-17 11:52:29
what are you, twelve? srsly that was crap

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2011-01-17 11:52:25
what are you, twelve? srsly that was crap

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