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Work of fiction and all that jazz....
Most of my high school teachers were male but I had a few somewhat attractive female teachers. One was one of my math teachers. She was in her late 30’s, blond and slightly plump around the hips and thighs. Not overly plump, just well rounded. I had a habit of being late or not coming in at all as she taught my first class of the day and I often slept in or opted for breakfast in place of class. Despite missing class I often did quite well on the tests. One day she told me after class to come back at the end of the day, she needed to talk about my absences. Five minutes after my last class let out I went up to her classroom. As was her habit she was wearing a brightly colored button up shirt with a patterned knee length skirt. She was sitting at her desk and told me to pull up a chair. She proceeded to tell me that although I was doing well on the tests and quizzes my grades were not where she thought they should be. The same old speech about not reaching my potential. She also said that if I continued to be late or absent she would have to take disciplinary action.
However, she implied that there might be something I could do to prevent that. Now I ain’t no fool, I’ve seen porno’s, I knew where this was going. I was curious though so I bit, I asked what I could do to stay out of trouble. She said that there was some extra credit I could do. I asked what it was, playing the fool I said I’d do anything to stay out of trouble. She said the work was actually in her car, she forgot to bring it in. I said I’d go with her to get it. We walked out to her car, it was parked in a corner away from the other cars. She kept walking in font of me, swaying her generous hips. Now I prefer girls my own age, but I was actually getting mildly horny watching her.
As we reached her car she unlocked the door and bent at the waist, hands on the seat. Now we just so happened to be out of sight of the other cars. Coincidences huh? As she bent her skirt pulled tight across her ass. It didn’t look that bad. She pretended to root around for the “extra credit”. She finally sighed and said she didn’t know what she did with it, but she stayed bent over. I asked if perhaps there was some other work I could do. She then started to cry and said her husband didn’t have sex with her anymore, he didn’t find her attractive. I told her she was an attractive woman, but what did that have to do with anything, she said she hadn’t had a good orgasm in over a year, and she’d pass me for the year if I could give her orgasms with my cock, her fingers weren‘t good enough. I asked how many orgasms she meant, she said all year long, whenever she asked. I considered and asked what was in it for me, she said that she’d had her tubes tied so I could cum in her, and she wanted to practice blowjobs on me, hoping it would respark her relationship.
Hearing this I agreed, I asked when she wanted to start and she said right then, she was still standing by her car with the door open so I grabbed her, turned her around, bent her over and hiked her skirt above her waist. She was wearing plain white bikini panties which I promptly yanked down to her knees. I pulled out my cock and slammed into her, no foreplay was needed, she was already wet. She stifled a scream when I roughly slammed into her. She was fairly tight so I didn’t get all the way in, I pulled almost out and thrust again. I fucked her hard and fast for a few minutes before she came, screaming into the seat. As she came her pussy clamped down, and I started shooting into her. When I finished cumming she turned around and knelt to clean me off, thanking me as she did. As we were straightening our clothes she asked how soon I could cum again. I told her I could get hard a lot faster if I had stimulation. She said to get in the passenger seat, I did and she got in to drive.
She drove to her house with her skirt around her waist, fingering her pussy and licking the cum off her fingers. It was a long drive to her house so when she couldn’t get any more cum out of her pussy she pulled over and begged for more. I told her if she wanted it to come and get it. She leaned over, pulled out my cock and started sucking me. I could tell she hadn’t had much practice, but she wasn’t all that bad. She stopped sucking long enough to say she loved tasting herself on me, she even blushed when she said it. I told her to be more specific, and she really blushed, mumbling something I couldn’t make out. I asked her to speak up and she said she loved tasting her pussy on my dick, then went back to sucking my cock. She was getting better, using her hand and mouth together, she started begging for my cum in her mouth and sucking harder. I felt my orgasm coming so I pushed her head down on my cock and came down her throat. When I finished and let her head up she gasped for breath and moaned how she wanted to taste it. I told her to suck the last few drops out and she could taste it when she got me hard again.
The rest of the ride she rubbed my cock, keeping it hard. When we got to her house she pulled into the garage, and as the door lowered she swung into my lap, and dropped onto my cock. She hit the seat recline lever as she started bouncing up and down on my cock. Within seconds she was moaning and tossing her head around, I started lightly pinching and rubbing her clit and one nipple with my hands, sucking on the other nipple. The extra stimulation caused her to start cumming, she put her hands on my chest and slammed herself up and down on my cock. I watched her face screw up as she came, and when it looked like it was ending I really started stimulating her, thrusting up into her. She started cumming all over again, raking her nails down my chest and biting back a scream. I kept this up until she pushed off, and pantingly begged me to stop. When she caught her breath she opened the car door and got out, spinning around to her knees and planting her face in my groin. She looked up as she fondled my balls and said I could fuck her throat some more but she wanted my cum on her tongue. I was close to cumming but I grabbed her head and pushed down her throat. It only took a few pumps before I pulled back and started cumming on her tongue. She took it all and held it in her mouth swirling it around before she swallowed.

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2013-05-07 07:10:15
great story but make it longer and add what she actually sayin like ''oh god fuck me'' and make her scream ''im cummmmmmmiiinnngggg''. also space it over a few months up untill her sex life with her husband is back on track get them to do everything such as anal and him licking her out while she teaching because how she wants it so bad. or you could get her to fall in love him and leave her husband.

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2012-03-11 03:47:42
Awesome story, if only I had more female teachers that were hot and were willing to fuck.


2011-05-18 09:10:29
Needs better formating and make it longer, but nice.

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2011-04-25 23:56:37

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2011-02-08 05:06:47

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