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I'm Sophia. A young, but mature, 21 year old, with long brown hair, perky breasts and a bubbly ass that can get any guy to stop and stare, no matter what age.

It started as a typical Friday night for me and my friends. As usual, we would pregame, go to a party and see where the night takes us. However, this Friday night turned into one of the best Friday nights, and one of the few Friday nights that I would actually remember.

The girls and I started the night at my house. We tried on all different outfits to see which ones looked the best. In our case, whichever made our boobs look the biggest & best, & whatever made us look the most slutty..anything to get a guys attention. I settled for a skin tight dress that made my ass look perfectly round and my boobs pop right out of the top, almost exposing my nipple. The dress fit just below my ass, to show off my long, lean and muscular legs and the stilettos added attraction.

We left my house to go to Josh's house where the party was. Most people would call Josh and I to be a couple, me..I would say we were just friends...with incredible[i][/i] benefits. We made our late entrance in order to cause much attention. As we walked in we were automatically swarmed with guys, however we made our way to the dance floor where we all unintentionally split up.

Josh spotted me and came over to me with a Captain and Coke, my favorite drink, which he already had mixed for me. We started dancing in the living room, my ass grinding up on his dick. I would drop to the floor and slowly rub my ass over his dick on my way back up, to get him aroused. I was getting really into dancing and as I turned around, we started making out. My tongue was swirling around in his mouth, but I just couldn't seem to get enough. I wanted more of him..

He gently bit my lip and I was immediately aroused. He grabbed my arm and took me upstairs. We went into the master bedroom where we slammed the door behind us, I kicked off my stilettos as we started making out some more. We continued making out as we walked into the bathroom. He started kissing my neck and nibbling behind my ear, I was slowly getting wet and more turned on. We kept making out as we started undressing each other. First came off my dress, and I was standing there in my thong and bra, while taking off Josh's shirt and jeans. He stood there in his boxers as I stood against the counter and let him kiss all the way down my body, while I fingered myself. He then took off my bra and started rubbing my tits and sucking on my nipple. He was soon bored with just rubbing my tits as he started rubbing his fingers around my pussy so smoothly but enough to make me want more.

He ripped my thong off and started kissing around the inside of my legs so sweetly and then moved to my vagina. He started kissing the outside and then licking my clit. I was so aroused and turned on, I did not want him to stop. His tongue so soft and warm on my pussy gave me a sensation that made me start panting and my eyes started to close. He then started teasing me by fingering my wet pussy. He started with one finger and would slowly insert and exert his finger. He then moved to two fingers and slowly repeated the sensation to me. All I could seem to mumble at the time was "uhhhh give me more baby" ..I just wanted to feel the pressure of his thick cock in my vagina.

I hopped off the counter so start playing with Josh's balls. I was rubbing his hard dick up and down and playing with his balls. I then squatted down to give him a blow job. I was sucking his cock so hard and moving my head up and down his shaft so fast. I looked up to make eye contact with him as he played with my hair. After only a few minutes, Josh let out a huge load of cum in my mouth. I happily swallowed it all and got up to kiss him.

I was getting sick of the teasing, and was ready for the sex. I pulled Josh over to me as I sat on the counter. He started rubbing his cock over my vagina, but he knew I was getting impatient. He stuck his big fat cock into my vagina. He slowly started rocking his hips back and forth, but then picked up the speed and before I knew it, he was pounding his thick dick in my pulsing vagina. It felt sooooo good and I couldn't get enough. The sound of his balls smacking against my ass was turning me on even more. My back was arching and I was moaning in the best pleasure I have ever felt in my life. I was panting and could barely breathe, but it was time for my favorite position.

I nearly threw Josh to the ground. My pussy was so wet and his dick was sky high, so it was easy for me to get right on top of him. I started riding his dick so hard and fast. He was panting and moaning and his eyes were closing, just as mine were. My body felt amazing. My tits were flopping in the air and his dick felt so amazing in my vagina. It was so warm and he was hitting my G-Spot perfectly. We were both screaming "oh yeahh" and "fuck me hard, harder". Before I knew it, my body got this shock that I have never felt before. I could feel everything tingling in my body, and it was my first orgasm. Not long after this electrifying shock, did Josh let out another huge load of cum. This time, he shot it all over my breasts and stomach.

When I got up, I could barely stand. My body was still tingling and feeling amazing. He helped me up and we then showered together and I stayed the night with him. I was not a virgin before this experience, and Josh and I have had sex plenty of times before, but this really was an amazing sexual encounter. My friends said I missed an amazing party, but you can always relive a party. You can never relive your first orgasm.

Josh and I still have sex all the time, and believe me, it gets better and better each time ;)
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