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Brenda and her dad decide to be together for good
(This is a continuation so see part one for the complete story)

George rapped his thumbs against the steering wheel to the radio while he hummed a familiar song on the radio. He turned his Lexus out of his Hartford office and onto the busy highway. He couldn’t wait to get home for a weekend alone with his daughter. Ever since their first encounter two weeks ago, things had been very quiet in the Larson household. It wasn’t so much awkward as it was unsure. Neither one of them knew what to do next nor if there would be any further action between the two of them. She was pleasant and still happy around her father but things just seemed to be resonating in a quiet lull. George had been going back and forth in his mind about whether to talk with Brenda and explain that it was a mistake and they were never to tell anyone or to continue his expression of his feelings for her. He wanted so badly to take her in his arms again and have his way with her but he knew that he shouldn’t. Still, the strain of the two options were overwhelming and it made trying to work almost impossible whenever he stared at his daughter’s picture on his desk. She was in her gymnastics uniform, smiling next to him with her trophy and posing for the camera.
His thoughts turned back to the present and George tried to consider what he would make of their upcoming weekend together. He pulled into their driveway after ultimately deciding to just ask Brenda what she wanted to do with her weekend. After all, she was sixteen now and for all he knew she didn’t want to spend her night home with her dad. She might have other plans or friends she wanted to see. He felt it was best to simply ask what she wanted to do and maybe offer to order a pizza or something in case she had no plans yet.


George pulled into his luxurious two car garage, deliberately parking right in the middle now that his wife was gone. He stepped into the house and all he really wanted was to get out of his suit and sit down with a cold beer. He made his way upstairs, not seeing Brenda anywhere on the ground floor.
“Brenda, sweetie, are you home?” he called up the stairs.
“Up here, Dad,” she leaned out of the bathroom, while straightening her hair.
George reached the top of the stairs and turned into the bathroom, not expecting his daughter to be completely naked.
“Whoa, sorry sweetie,” he mumbled, closing the door.
“It’s okay,” she giggled, not even covering herself up.
He shuffled down the hall into his bedroom and fell back against his bed. He loosened his tie and kicked off his shoes. Another 75 hour week gone and passed. When he was down to just his boxers and button shirt, he went to the mini fridge besides his bed and untwisted a Heineken. George took a long healthy sip from the bottle before falling back onto the bed. Less than a minute after he had set the dark green bottle on the nightstand, he had dosed off.
“Dad, I’m almost done with dinner,” he heard from downstairs.
He shot up from the bed, running his hands through his hair. George wondered how long he had been asleep. He had really been working too much. He quickly finished his beer and hoped this weekend could help him get away from the strain of work. He threw a T-shirt and some gym shorts on before going down to kiss his lovely daughter. His thoughts dashed back to how to deal with the last time he got a little too drunk and got a blowjob from his daughter. He had made up his mind, it was a one time only thing and it wasn’t a good idea. He was her father and it was his job to look out for her best interests. He would tell her after dinner and Brenda would understand. She has to.
“Hi, Daddy!” she beamed at him. “I thought you could use a nice dinner and a massage after work.”
George’s jaw dropped when he saw his daughter bouncing from the island counter to the stove wearing nothing but a black cooking apron and a white bow in her hair. When she turned to the stove to sip from the frying pan with a wooden spoon, her apron would kick up and show off her tight little ass. No bra, no thong, nothing underneath.
“Bren, what in the –“ he stammered.
“You like it?” She pranced around as she plated their chicken cutlets onto the table.
“ mean of course..I do..but you can’t be wearing that around me, sweetheart”.
“But the other night, Daddy, I tho -“
“The other night shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have done that baby and I’m sorry. I’m your father and I love you and that wasn’t right,” George said meaningfully.
“But Dad, I wanted it just as much as you,” Brenda assured him, moving closer and rubbing his hand. “I’ve wanted you ever since I was a little girl and the other night you made the move I never could have.”
“Even so, Sweetie,” George continued. “It’s not right and we can’t continue this.”
“Daddy, don’t think like that,” she begged, leaning up against him and kissing his neck. “Come eat the meal I made for us.”


He sat down at the table and marveled at how well she could cook for a 16 year old girl. After dinner, he cleared the table and began washing the dishes while urging his daughter to go up and change her outfit. When he was done he grabbed another Heineken from the main fridge and poured it into an angled glass he had chilling in the freezer. He went downstairs into their finished basement that served as their den and flipped on their 58 inch TV. He scoured through his instant queue, passing by the same movies and TV shows he had added but never felt like watching. He could hear the shower upstairs and figured that Brenda was getting ready for bed. He smiled to himself and decided to order a porn movie off the on-demand channels. This would be a rare treat but something that would definitely hold his attention for the remainder of the night. He ended up choosing a Red Riding Hood parody and was fascinated at how sexy the girl was who had been cast to play Little Red. He was fifteen minutes or so into it with his hand in his pants when he was startled by his daughter’s voice behind him.
“That’s not a very convincing wolf,” Brenda laughed, and he jumped up, slipping his hand from his pants.
“Shit, Bren! I thought you had gone to bed, what are you doing down here?”
“I was just showering, Daddy, it’s Friday, I can stay up later tonight, right?” she pouted.
“Of course you can, it’s just, I wanted some privacy and-“
“You don’t want me to watch with you?” she said, biting her lip and unfolding her legs under the towel she was wrapped in. He admired her legs and couldn’t help but gaze up under where the towel covered the small sexy v between her thighs. He could almost see her tiny pussy but the darkness was just black enough to shroud her tight virgin spot. He wanted so badly to see it but he knew better than to make a move again. This time he couldn’t even blame the booze.
“Can I get you another beer, Daddy?” she asked him.
“Uh… Sure,” he replied. “Thanks, baby.”
“No problem,” she smiled and went upstairs. She came down with a tall glass of lemonade and his beer in a slightly shorter glass with a paper thin layer of foam on the top. She set her drink down on the coffee table and leaned over him to put his on the end table beside the couch. As she did, the towel miraculously unwrapped and fell gracefully to the floor.


“Oohh,” she gasped in mock surprise, making no effort to retrieve her only cover. George could not wrench his eyes from her perfect little teen pussy. Her hairless lips kissed each other ever so gently and looked as if they had never been parted in their young lives. But he knew that not to be the case. She leaned forward shyly and tried to show off her best sexy stance. His hands flew up to her waist and he pulled her stomach to his mouth. Fuck it, he thought to himself. He kissed up her stomach as his hands made their way to her luscious ripening tits.
“Ooo, I like that,” Brenda moaned softly.
He sucked on each of her lovely tits for a while before kissing her mouth softly. She returned the kiss delicately and accepted her father’s tongue into her mouth willingly. She couldn’t help love the new sensation of how naughty it felt to be sexual with her father. She felt loved and desired at the same time. George felt his cock getting extremely hard and stood straight up, unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants to the ground besides the towel. His beautiful daughter took this as a sign and fell to her knees to take his cock into her warm and inviting mouth.
“Oohhh,” he groaned as he felt her tongue slide along the underside of his cock. She worked his cock in and out of her mouth, feverishly paying extra attention to the spot under the head. This drove her dad crazy as he ground his palm into the back of her head, forcing her deeper. She was even more turned on by this and deliberately made gagging noises for him. She kept her sapphire blue eyes focused up at her daddy while she sucked his cock off for him. She loved the feeling of how much she was pleasing him and being a good daughter for him, especially after her mom left. After what seemed like only a moment but was probably more like ten minutes, George pulled Brenda up and saddled her into his strong arms.
“Oh Daddy, where are we going?” she giggled, feeling totally exposed, being naked in his arms.
“Up to my bed, Sweetheart,” he told her. He wanted this time to be more special. He laid her down softly onto the bed and gazed lovingly into her eyes. He smiled as he remembered all the cute things she had done growing up and how much she had grown. She would always be his little girl, though, he thought to himself. He climbed between her legs and gave his cock a few encouraging strokes.
“Have you ever done this before baby?”
“Okay, Daddy, I want you in my little pussy so bad. Put your warm cock inside me,” she grinned sexily, biting her lip.


His world changed forever as the tip of his cock pushed past her tight, inviting pink pussy again, this time not in a blur of drunkeness. He felt her squeeze his thighs forcefully as he got half his cock into her tight hole. Every time her tiny hands squeezed his thighs, her pussy would contract and wrenched down on his cock. It felt incredible and he was actually starting to fuck her harder to try and reproduce the sensation. He loved the feel of her tight, slender, young body under him, taking his cock and submitting fully to him. He looked at her face, eyes closed, soft moans mixed with the slight look of pain as he fucked her hot little cunt. There really was no better feeling than having your own daughter. He knew that this would be the best sex he would ever have and he wanted to enjoy it.
“Ohh Daddy! It doesn’t hurt it…it feels…so..fucking GOOD. OHHH FUCK ME DADDY!” she screamed.
“Yeah, baby. Who’s my little girl?” he moaned as he pounded his rock hard cock into Brenda’s hot pink vice.
“I am, Daddy. I’m all yours. You can do whatever you want to me. I’m completely yours and I love you,” she cried out. George knew he wouldn’t last much longer and he wanted to do one more thing to her before he came.
“Flip over baby, right on your stomach for me” he insisted, pulling his cock out of her and backing up on the bed for her.
“Yes, Daddy” she wiggled over on her stomach and felt her dad re-enter her pussy hard, making her squeal in delight.
“OOO,” Brenda chirped. George moved his hand to her incredibly tight little ass which he had noticed for quite some time now. Man, he wanted to have that ass, but tonight he would just get a small taste of what was later to come now that she was his. He slid his index finger down her small ass crack and reached her puckered forbidden hole. Brenda suddenly realized why her dad had her flip over and grew worried.
“Daddy, I’m not ready to take you in my ass yet!” she pleaded.
“I’m just gonna slip a finger in tonight, young lady” he assured her.
“Okay, Daddy,” she said hesitantly, still unsure and worried that it would hurt even more than his cock in her pussy. George’s index finger now circled her little pink asshole. He forced the tip into her tensing ass while he continued his cock’s assault on her virgin pussy.
“Owww, Daddy. Go slow, pleeease,” she begged and grabbed two huge handfuls of bed sheets to compensate the pain in both her holes, now that he was fucking her so hard. George ignored her desperate pleas for mercy and forced his finger all the way into her ass in one motion causing her to pull back and his cock to almost slip out.
“Don’t move, baby, Daddy needs you still,” he said.
As he finger fucked her little ass, he could tell he was close to cumming and decided not to warn her beforehand. He had always loved the element of surprise, especially when cumming on his wife’s face.
He pulled his finger almost all the way out of her ass right before her came, causing her to ease up. Then right before he came, he forcefully buried his finger back in her ass and pushed his whole body into hers, spewing stream after stream of cum from his quivering cock. She could feel her daddy’s sperm inside her and she felt proud to have made him cum so hard.
“Daddy, take out your finger,” she whined .“It feels weird, like I have to go.”
He laughed and withdrew his finger and cock from her freshly fucked holes. He washed his hands quick before returning and Brenda hopped up to use the bathroom. As she was in there, he thought about how their life together would play out now that they had decided to continue being intimate and both wanted this out of their relationship. As she emerged she did a sultry naked strut back to the bed. George laughed and pulled her back into his arms, and tossed the covers over her.
“I think you’ll be sleeping in my bed from now on,” he insisted, kissing her head and holding her tight in his arms.
“Really?” she beamed and snuggled back into him.
“Yes, baby. We’re gonna try all sorts of stuff together,” he grinned.
“Oh, Daddy, I forgot to tell you. Di’Carlo’s called back about the waitressing job. I’m gonna need a ride over there. I start waiting tables on Friday. Your little girl finally got herself a job.”

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very nice story it reminds me of myself and my daughter a whole entire life we have loved and enjoyed each other's bodies from the time she was a very young little girl

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