This story includes Incest and bi-sexual content between a boy, his male cousin and his aunt.
It all started when I was 20. I was home for winter break and was staying at my aunt’s house for a few days. One evening, I was out with my aunt to help her with some shopping and other errands. We were driving home, and were talking about my childhood. She told me that she remembered that when I was born, I looked like a six month old baby rather than a newborn. I laughed and asked her what she meant. She told me that I had a full head of hair and was a very large baby. Then she said one more thing that caught my attention. She first hesitated and then said that there was one more thing that made me look a bit different from other baby boys. She told me that I had rather large balls for an infant.
Feeling rather uncomfortable, I tried to make a joke out of the situation and laughed. Then she said something that threw me for a loop. She turned to me at the next red light we came to and said, “You know, I’ve wondered for a while now if they have grown over the years the way you have…” I awkwardly laughed and said yeah right. She then told me that she really was very curious about it and then asked me if she could see. I looked at her and asked if she was joking? She looked back at me and said that she was, unless the answer was ok. I told her that the only way she would see me naked would be if she walked in on me in the shower, and then laughed.
When we got home to her house, I noticed that my uncle and four cousins were all not there. I asked my aunt where everyone was and she said that my uncle and cousin Zack who was about 11 went to a college football game and would be gone for a few days, John who was 16 was at a friends house for the night and Samantha who was 22 was with her boyfriend in New York for the weekend and Matthew who was 18 was at a party and wouldn’t be back till very late.
After watching some TV downstairs for a few hours, I had forgotten all about the rather awkward conversation that my aunt and I had in the car and decided to take a quick shower before I headed off to bed for the night.
While I was in the shower I washed my hair and body the same way I always did and like many other showers began to wash my loins a bit excessively to the point of arousal. As I stood under the running hot water with my soapy lathered hands caressing and sliding all over myself, I couldn’t help but tilt my head back and close my eyes in pleasure.
Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and my aunt walked right in. Now the shower curtain in my aunt’s house in all white except for a clear strip that is about 12 inches tall and runs from side to side at about head height.
As I saw my aunt walk up to the shower curtain, I quickly wrapped the curtain around myself so she would not be able to see me and said what are you doing!? She then replied that our earlier conversation really peaked her curiosity and she wanted to see what her nephew looked like naked. She then said,” Ok, your nervous, I’ll tell you what, if you let me see you naked, I’ll let you see me naked… how would that be?”
Looking around the curtain at my aunt, who was not leaning up against the sink with her arms crossed and said that she had to be kidding. She said that she wasn’t and that it could be our little secret.
I hesitated for a few moments and shyly asked,” you just want me to move the curtain, right here right now?” She laughed and said no, that I should finish up my shower and come into her bedroom when I was all done so that we would be more comfortable, and then she left. I was so shocked, and almost didn’t believe that this was really happening. Looking down I then realized that I was hard as a rock, go figure my aunt wants to see me naked and wants to get naked for me as well, and it was turning me on like never before.
I got out of the shower and dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist as I left the bathroom. I got to my aunts room and lightly knocked on the door. She told me to come on in and so I did. My aunt was lying on her bed wearing a maroon silk nighty that just barely covered her up. She laughed and said that she thought I would like it, however, she didn’t know I would like it that much as she gestured her hand, pointing to the tent that was sticking out from the towel.
She then got up off the bed and walked towards me and sat me down on the end of the bed. She slowly got down on her knees in front of me and undid the towel from my waist. As she unwrapped the towel my cock sprung free and she flinched a bit. She slowly reach up and softly wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock and lightly stroked it a few times with a big smile on her face while she did it. She then looked up at me and asked if I wanted to she her naked. My mouth was hanging open and although sound was not coming out, I nodded my head.
She slowly got up and released my cock from her tender grip. She took a few steps back and turned around so that her back was to me. She looked over her shoulder and bent down. Slowly she lifted the nighty up over her back and head. She was wearing a small maroon thong with black lace. Then without standing up she eased her thong down exposing her tight pussy from behind to me. As she stepped out of the thong she spread her legs a few feet apart and gave me a better view.
I thought my balls were going to explode right then when she slowly turned around and asked if I would like to taste her. I nodded again, not believing what was happening. She crawled up onto the bed next to me and spread her legs apart wide and told me to do what ever I wanted to do to her.
I moved over so that I was kneeling between her legs and slowly extended my hand out till I was right above her mound. I looked up at her once more and she nodded in approval as I slowly and nervously lowered my hand down and began to rub her soft shaved pussy. After a few minutes of lightly petting her, I started to loose control over what I was doing, I was so turned on by what was happening, it didn’t even matter that she was my aunt. I bent down and lightly kissed her lower stomach and kissed my way down to her mid thy. I then kissed my way up to her pussy and began to open my mouth more and more. Within seconds I was licking and sucking on my aunts pussy like a starving puppy on a mother. She tasted so good and she was only getting hotter and wetter as time went on.
After about 10 minutes she started moaning much louder then before and I knew I was hitting the right spots. However, she stopped me and told me she wanted to get in a more comfortable position. I said ok and asked her where she wanted me. She told me to lay down on my back, so I did as I was told and laid down. Next she moved around and straddled my head so that she was facing my feet, she then bend down and slowly started to lick my cock. I resumed eating her delicious pussy as she swirled her tongue around the head of my dick. I was in heaven. Not too long after we started that, I felt my balls beginning to swell. I told her to slow down because I wasn’t ready to cum just yet, and she said that she would only slow down if I would fuck her later. I thought for a moment and realized, I was laying naked on my aunt and uncles bed with my dick in my aunts mouth and her pussy hovering about 2 inches above my face with her pussy juice still running down my cheeks and on my tongue, what the fuck, why not. I gave her pussy a good lap from my tongue and said hell yeah.
She giggled and rolled off me for a short break. As we were laying next to each other, I asked her if she planed this whole thing and she said that she knew that she wanted to try but didn’t know how. Then she said something that really shocked me, she then said you where much harder to seduce than my kids…
I quickly turned to her and said,” you mean you have sex with the kids too?!” And she said yeah and so does your uncle, we all have little sex party’s and the kids all fuck each other whenever. My mind begin racing with all the possibilities, Samantha had a great body, I would kill to fuck her… my cousins having family orgies… even the thought of my male cousins was turning me on.
That was it, the last straw; I had to fuck somebody right then. I rolled over onto my aunt who was lying right next to me and rubbed her still soaked pussy with my cock. She began to softly moan and with that I pushed my cock into her soft pussy. Her eyes shot open when I thrusted for the first time and she moaned my name a few times before wrapping her arms and legs around my back and began to shiver. I began to pump in and out of her dripping wet hole as I kissed her neck and gently massaged her breasts.
I must have been caught up in the moment when Matthew walked in behind us. When I realized that he was home and staring at me with my dick shoved deep into his mother’s pussy, I didn’t know what to do and I froze. He moved over to the side of the bed and looked at us with a surprised face. Still frozen in shock looking up at him, he turned to his mother and said,” getting an early start without me hu?”
She smiled at him and then turned back to me who was still frozen on top of her. She asked me if I would mind if Matthew joined us. I looked at her and then at him and hesitantly nodded my head again, not sure what else to do or say. She then asked me if I had ever done anything with another guy before and before I could answer, Matthew said that I had, he then proceeded to tell her about when we were younger how we used to play games together, comparing sizes, racing to jack off and even using our hands and mouths to make each other feel good. She smiled and turned back to me and said that’s something she would like to see…
Matthew took his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants. He slowly dropped his jeans on the floor and slipped his boxers off as well. As he stood next to the bed looking at us as he stroked his dick hard, I couldn’t help but notice how much bigger his cock and balls had gotten. We used to play those games when we were like 8 and at that time his cock was only like three or four inches hard, but now he had a thick seven and a half inch cock with big balls that he kept shaved nice and clean. Now I classify myself as strait, and would never be interested in being in any sort of relationship with another male, however, I was very sexually turned on by what I was seeing along with the memories of our “games”. My aunt looked me in the eye and told me to continue on her and to just go with the flow.
I waited a few second and slowly started to pump my hips into her again. Matthew was now moving closer to us on the bed and his mom reached out and replaced his hand with her own as she gently stroked his now hard cock. I was now back to fucking my aunt the way I was before Matthew came home.
She then held his cock up to my face and told me she wanted me to show her what we used to do with each other. I looked up at Matthew to see his response and he looked at me and said that he would if I would. I looked back at my aunt and said that I would, and I slowly eased out of her dripping pussy. Matthew laid down next to his mother and I got on my knees between his legs and wrapped one hand around his cock and the other under his large balls. As I started to stroke him he reached down and began to stroke my cock. Within minutes we were both moaning in pleasure.
Matthew said that he wanted me to lick him the way I did years ago. So I let go of his cock and lowered my head down to his hips. First I kissed the head of his cock and tasted that familiar salty taste of precum on the tip, then lowered my mouth over his dick. Sucking on his cock brought back so many fun memories of truth or dare games and watching scrambled porn while masturbating each other. I was enjoying myself so much but I wanted some stimulation of my own so I told my aunt that I wanted to fuck her while I sucked Matthews dick, and they both quickly agreed. I laid down and Matthew got on his knees next to my head and I continued to suck his magnificent cock, while his mother mounted me and began riding my cock deep into her wet hole. Soon after, Matthew told me that he was getting close and I could stop if I wanted to and that he could finish with his hand. I quickly made my intentions known as I started sucking and thrusting faster and faster.
Matthew started to moan louder and then grunted as he yelled out, “I’m Cumming, OH OH…” his cock throbbed in my mouth and shot jet after jet of hot thick cum into my mouth. Turns out his large balls were not just for looks cause he came so much that even though I was swallowing as fast as I could, his cum was leaking out of the corners of my mouth and running down my cheeks and neck. With all the excitement of me taking my cousins load in my mouth and getting ridden by my aunt, I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed my aunts hips and thrusted up into her as deep as I could and blew the biggest load I’ve ever blown in my life, cum was bursting out of her pussy with every thrust of my exploding cock.
When I was done I slowly pulled my cummy cock from my aunts pussy and she fell back onto the bed, and to my surprise, my cousin bent down and started licking my aunts cum covered pussy clean and then took my softening cock in his mouth and clean the leftover cum from that too. After we were all done we just laid in bed naked for a while and talked about when each of the kids started “playing with mom” and what was next. One thing is for sure, my visits to my aunt and uncles house were something I looked forward to and many more stories came after this great night.

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