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part two,it's rape knife play blood etc etc, if you don't like it, don't read it, it's simple, it's true and to the rest who like it, you are welcome to coment and leave constructive critisim
As the sliced fabric falls into two parts, lining her sides the only thing that stops his eyes from ravishing her chest is the thin white chesmie. With the knife resting on her chest, he slides his hand down her neck brushing them softly over the skin of her shoulder. She almost forgets that he is planning to rape her as his fingers travel back up along her neck brushing a soft trail that makes her skin blush in pleasure as his fingers come to rest on her bottom lip. He softly traces it with the tip of his finger before he looks at her, an amused smirk is cast along his handsom face and he grips her shoulder tightly. He flips her on her stomach his hands quickly rip the torn fabric from her, his laugh fills the air as he whispers harshly at her "You really thought you were going to enjoy this!"

His hand brings both of hers behind her back and reaches for a piece of her ruined dress, binding her hands quickly behind her. Turning her over the almost see through white fabric pulled tight over her chest as her back archs to acomodate her hands, her head pushes against the ground and her red hair splays out around her. His hand that clasps the knife between long talented fingers slide the knife up to the exposed silky flesh of her neck.

He looks at her grey eyes the fear that dances behind them makes his heart race in pleasure and he grips one of her small breasts that just barely over flow in his hand her hard nipple rub against his palm through the fabric. Feeling his hand on her breast her lips part and pleasure races through her, she closes her eyes as her mind and body become a battle field the ache and wetness that lingers between her legs tells her she's enjoying how she's being treated, yet her mind says that she should hate him, fight!

Her mind realed at the feelings she is getting just as he slips the knife from her neck and slides it through the thin fabric of her chemise, cutting away the inferior material that blocks his way. He gazes down at her eyes taking in the sight before him, he replaces his hand on her now exposed breast running a finger slowly around her areola tracing the outline untill he got bored and went to the other one to do the same. Soon her skin was flushed and her breathes came in haggered gasps as he continues to tease her. She closes her eyes in pleasure everything focused on his fingertips slowly tracing a circle getting closer and closer to the desired location with each rotation. She doesn't notice him shift beside her and the sudden lips wrapping around her nipple makes her arch her back her pouty lips part slightly and a soft moan escape past them.

He stills, and her mind reels from it she lets out a soft gasp and whispers in shame "Don't stop!" He growls the vibrations on her nipple cause her legs to clamp shut against her wetness. Suddenly, the pearcing pain that seems to engulf her right breast makes her gape in teeth marks lineing her nipple the red lines coming from the wound are striking against her ivory skin. She lets out a soft whimper, laying her head back down her breath coming in pants as her her body quivers as the pain becomes overwhelming. The feeling of something wet on her tummy bieng rubbed by fingers brings her out of the pain indused panic that makes her chest heave she lefts her head up slightly to watch her rapist rub her blood over the contores of her stomach. He looks up at her black eyes filled with lust and he says softly "I'm going to enjoy cutting you, my dear"

Her heart feels like it's bout to burst out of her chest as panic surges though her viens, his words hitting home as her brain reals in shock. She closes her eyes tightly trying to shut him out. As the hand holding the knife to her neck runs slowly down to her exposed neck it traces her collar bone with the tip of the sharp blade making a red line. He brings the knife down and rests it in the middle of her cleavege, so the tip of the knife tickles just one hard little nipple. His other hand slides down her belly his fingers softly caresses the dried blood that he rubbed along her silky skin earlier. He coninues to draw his fingers along her hips tracing along the path of her skirt that is hugs low on her hips.

She feels his fingers travel closer to the heat and wettness that is hidden beneath white cotton of her undergarments. She closes her eyes taking a deep breathe, she says in the most steady voice she can muster "Please don't." He looks over her body, gaze lingering at her bitten nipple, he drags his gaze up her slender neck , and finally meeting her gaze, what she saw there scared her more than the knife that rested against her chest. Cold black eyes, no emotion and no soul but pure cold lust filled with hate stared back at her. She choked back a sob as she finally accepted what is going to happen to her, but a silent determination wells up inside her and she promises to fight him with all the strength she has. He smiles down at her "You're so cute, so young, and i get the privilege to rip away your innocence that i paid your father heftily to do.."

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2011-03-27 17:39:20
Please wrte more. Not long enough. =(

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