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A guy gets emotionally destroyed by Football jocks.
Oh No Please....

Ryan is a 5'9 Skinny "Emo" Boy. You know? The dark long hair, the eyeliner, dark music, and blackened fingernails. Typically hes a gorgeous kid, but no one seems to really give a fuck about him. The 16 year old was constantly being bullied by popular football jocks at his High school. He is usually referred to as, “Fag, “Emo”, “Gay”. But you know just forget about the losers right? Well on to the story :)

"Ryan how many times have I told you too clean up your room ?" Ryans mom argued.
"Mom geez im cleaning it, im cleaning it".
"Stupid bitch" he muttered to himself. Ryans mom always bugged him about his room, why couldn’t the stupid looking whore just leave him alone?

"Ryan its time for school." Ryans mom called out.

''Im coming mom, just give me a second," "Damn why did I fucking wake up today?" Ryans starts down the stairs.

"Here honey heres your car keys."

"Thanks mom".

"And where do you think your going?" his mom replys.

"What?" Ryan asks puzzled.

"Come give your mother a kiss sweetheart". "Ugh mom, seriously?" "Calm down sweetheart, you act like we're strangers". Ryan walks over and kisses his mom softly on the cheek. "Love you sweety, and be careful!" "Yeah, yeah, yeah". Ryan mutters as he walks out the door.

"Vroom!" Went Ryans car as he cranked it up. He drives to his school about 2 miles away.

Ryan pulls up noticing the bastards from the football team are out on the parking lot, fucking around like they always do. Ryan pulls the hoodie over his head and gets out hoping they dont spot him.

Unfortunantly, Ryan feels unwanted stares looking towards him.

"Hey look guys, Steve, the captain of the football team says, Its that fucking faggot".

Serveral laughs from the other four assholes.

"Hey come over here and join us, you fucking Emo faggot".

Ryan just walks by, pretending not to notice them. "Hey im talking to you bitch". Ryan keeps walking as if nothing was heard. Suddenly he feels a piece of paper or an eraser being thrown at his head. "Good morning fag". He hears as he leaves the scene.

“As the revolutionary war continued….” Ryan didn’t really give a shit what Mr. Morris the teacher said, he was just thinking about getting home and listening to his music. Ryan was doodling on his paper, when Chris, one of the bastards of the FB team, said “Hey Ryan, why don’t you come over here and suck my dick like you do Gaywad".

“Fuck you”. Ryan remarks. Snickers from some other students.

“Ryan can you repeat what I’ve just said?” Mr. Morris says “Damn Ryan thought” “Ugh no im sorry Sir, I couldn’t hear you.” “Well maybe you’ll hear me at detention today?”

"Damn that son of a bitch" Ryan thought, now hes cost me detention, shit".

Several other laughs from kids around the class, and Ryan was totally pissed off. Ryan was really angry that everybody hated him for what he was, he was just labeled as an "EMO". Which really didnt make any sense. He didnt cut himself, yet had the likings of an "emo".

Earlier in school that day, In P.E (I hate P.E) we had to play basketball. "Great I thought, just great". It was Smart kids against the Jocks. And of course, I was in the smart group. Unfroutunantly the smart group didnt win and were called a bunch of "pansies".

In the locker room I heard someone come up behind me and grab my ass

"Hey mother fucker what the hell do you think your doing"?

"Relax, bud there was just something on you, thats all."

How could I relax? This guy just came up behind me and grabbed my bare ass. Definantly nothing to be relaxed. I finished showering and headed to Mr. Morris's room for detention. Too bad he was there wating for me, along with the guys that were in the parking lot earlier this morning.

"Join us Ryan, were already started talking about the revolution, something you seemed to miss earlier in my class".

I chose my desk (away from those bastards). I turned on my Ipod and secretly put the ear phone in my ears, without Mr. Morris noticing. Gah i cant believe i have 2 more fucking hours in here. I turned the music to my fave song (Knives and Pens by BVB) and I sat over there wishing I was a bird where I could spread my wings and leave this horrible world.

Just my luck, Chris came over and sat beside me and starting looking over at me. I looked at him in a sneery look, and countinued my music. Then suddenly I felt Chris's hand on my leg.

"What're you doing"? I told him. I didnt like the fact that he was touching me, much less near my crotch. I told him to get his hand off me and reluctantly he did.

Two more hours went by and finally it was time to go. I look at my phone and found out it was 9 o'clock. My mom was gonna kill me. I went out of the classroom first and suddenly realized i had too take a piss. I went into the bathroom and thinking nothing at all, pulled out my cock and started to unwind. I hears the bathroom door open and notices the guys from the class coming in.

Ryan finished up and shook his cock to let the last few drops of pee slip off. He felt someone grab his ass from behind and just like in the locker room, Pull him close.

Ryan gasped and heard someone behind him chuckle.

"Relax sweetheart and enjoy it." Ryan turned around and realized it was Chris, the one who was touching his thigh in English class. The last boy to come in, Curiosly locked the door.

"Please what do you want ?? I just need to go home." Ryan was down right terrified at this moment. He suddenly look at their crotch and realized that they were all horny and looking for someone to abuse.

"Aww come now Ry Ry, we just want a little fun." He took My hand and put it to his crotch. It felt huge and hard underneath his jeans. If that bastard actually thought I was gonna fuck them hes dead wrong.

"Look I..I..I just wanna get home and finish my homework". I lied i never did homework, and the way I was stammering it shocked me and seemed to please him even more.

"Come on Chris, lets hurry up and use the little bitch, Tinas waiting for me to take her out."

"No.. no fucking way. I told you bastards I wasnt gay." Chris started to unzip his pants and I quickly jumped by him and ran towards the door. Alas, I was caught too short and was kneed hard in my balls. I fell too the floor breatheless.

"Now that was a stupid thing to do huh? Pet." I didnt have time to adjust when Chris grabbed me around the collar of my shirt and pulled me on my knees. I opened my eyes and saw the biggest cock of my life. The thing must have had been 10 friggen inches long, and 5 inches around. I stared at it wide eyed and tried to get my hands aloose, but Chris held them steady.

"Now open your lips beautiful." I hesistated and that made him angry.

"Open your lips you Fucking cunt!!" The position of his held was very uncomfortable and when he twisted my wrists i let out a shriek which seemed to please him.

I openend my mouth and accepted the Raping cock. It was in about 4 inches when I felt my throat muscles protest. He pulled out and told me to take a deep breath I did as I was bid and he suddenly forced his cock into my unready mouth. I felt my self being unable to resist gagging as I realized I still had a lot more cock to take

"Now look up at me you whore". I didnt. I couldnt bear to be humilitated by him.

"If you know whats good for you, you'll do as I say." That kinda got a response from me since I definantly could not fend him off, much less 4 of the same girth. So i Reluctantly looked up at his pale icy eyes, just wanting to see my humiliation and shame. His shit-eating grin just mocked me

For some odd reason the humiliation made me feel turned on so well, I was ashamed.
I could feel my cock getting hard, and within a few minutes it was to its fully length.
Chris noticed and said "So it looks like you really enjoy me shoving my dick down your throat huh, cum dump?" It made me sick but at the same time so hot.

"Tell me you love my cock princess."

I remained silent. I couldnt just up and tell the boy who was furiously raping my mouth that I enjoyed what he was doing.

"Come on Rylie, I know you can say it." I had no choice, I pulled out of his mouth and mumbled that i loved having his cock in my mouth.

"Do a little better than that Rylie, I couldnt hear you."

"I love you raping and abusing my mouth Chris." "Mmm call me Master from now on." The dirty bastard he waanted to control me fully and there was no way in hell I was giving in.

"Say your a little Bum boy Rylie and dont forget to look up at me".

"Im a bum boy." I said as I stared at him. "

"Yeah you like sucking my Dick dont you faggot?, Do you want me to fill your throat with my jizz?"
I pulled out from him "Your all fucking sick bastards if you acutally think I want this, I hope you guy rot in hell."

"Dont tell me you dont want this girly, look at you cock, its dying to unleash a load." My cock was pretty noticeable throgh my skinny jeans. I put myself back on his cock before he got mad, I didnt want him to hit me.

"Shh just suck my dick little the pretty little girl you are". I started using every trick in the book I could think of too get this guy off faster. I had forgot the other boys where in the room, and suddenly I know they were all jerking thier fat cocks wanting to blow thier load on me.

"Vibrate your throat for me sweety". " vibrated my throat which drove him wild. He grabbed the back of my neck and started pumping furiously at my already abused hole making me moan loud.

"Shutup and take it you bitch." "So are you ready for a Hot thick load of Warm juicy cum, oozing down your throat?"

I couldnt take it anymore it was either give him what he wanted or be destroyed completely.

"Yes Chris please please cum iinside my mouth, I wanna feel your hot load running down my throat, and I want you to watch me swallow it, please cum inside my abused little mouth." I said this in a girly tone just to be more erotic. After all, I was the "faggot" here.


The expression on his face was priceless, the face of dumping a huge load. Spurt after spurt, of hot thick jizz was shooting down my throat and into my stomach. He pulled it back so that the tip of his cockhead was at my tounge so I could taste his warm surprise. I swallowed all that he offered. However there was so much of it, that I couldnt get it all in my mouth and it slid down my chin and landed on my shirt and my skinnys.

Then i heard four other grunts and Chris took my shoulders and turned me around to the other boys. I didnt have time to react before Jizz was shooting everywhere, My hair, my face, and my neck.

Chris let go of me and I went to the floor Breatheless. Did that really just happen? I heard zippers going up on pants and relized that they were leaving. Before I got up i heard Chris say "Thats for ignoring us when we just wanted to chat this morning, see you later princess." I got up and headed for my car. I sat in there very confused and very sexually excited. I couldnt help but unzip my pants and jerk off too what just happend momments ago. I can tell you about what happens next, but thats just another story. The End =)

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-13 00:35:36
For the record: LOVE BVB!!! Saw them a few days ago ^^ and also you have a good imagination but you need to work on your grammar, and editing. A lot of times you used first person point of view and then went to third. It will confused the reader, also it's always good to review about your quotation marks usage. Trust me this will help you out a lot. :P

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-06 23:46:50
Fuck the haters, you did a great job :) More would be greatly appreciated

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-26 03:24:06
Good story, I felt some parts need some work, but it's very well written and I like the whole feel of the story, and to the guy that called Shay creepy : who the hell r u to judge any one? Sum of the greatest and most createive people in the world think differently than narrow-minded idiots who can't consider anything, ur reading a story a out a teen boy getting raped, can u really say anything about other people being "creepy"?

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-17 14:59:13
cool story,write more

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2012-03-13 22:34:36
feeling a cock deep in your throat,and than feeling the pressure as he pee strong in your stomach. you get to love it. its only sex. try it you will be surprise it taste, it will grow ob you.

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