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OK this is a true story of what happend to me a few years ago.

My best friend, let's call him Ryan, came over for the weekend. We where both in our last year of school together around 16 years old, we both considered ourselves to be straight as we both had our fair share of girlfriends over the years. We talked about sex all the time and masturbating was something we talked about very often . We stayed at each others houses for the weekend regularly. This usually involved getting very drunk, playing on the xbox and then masturbating over a porn film on the internet. We did this all of the time and wasn't phased by the fact that we were wanking in front of each other. The night in question however, Ryan said that he was bored of the same old porn and said that he wanted something a little different. It was about 1o'clock in the morning at this time everyone was in bed and we had been drinking all night and was very very drunk. I got up to go to the toilet and told him to find something good. When I returned he said that he had found something, but he did not know if I would like it or not. He gave me the laptop and it was two young guys fucking each other, I asked him why he put it on and he told me that it just turned him on. At this point I admited to him that i had watched this kind of thing in the past and that it turned me on too. So we agreed we would watch it together. So we did our usual thing, got naked under the covers of our different beds and started to wank. After a short time Ryan said that he was getting too hot and asked if he could take the cover off himself, I said that it was fine and did the same. This was the first time i had seen my best friends erect cock and was quite shocked that I was getting even more aroused by the sight of it. He was a little smaller than me at around 5-5.5 inches, I was 7.5. After another five minutes, he turned to me and asked if i was enjoying the porn, i said yes. He then told me how pissed he was and I said the same. He then told me that I had a huge cock. This shocked me a little, but what he said next shocked me even more. He turned to me and said, 'have you ever thought about doing anything sexual with another guy'. Of course I had in the past and told him 'yeah of course i have, have you?'. He said yes and then asked me if i wanted to experiment with him. At this point i was incredibly horny and still very drunk and agreed to experiment with him. He then grabbed my cock and started to play with me. This was amazing, I had thought of this in the past and often fantasized over the thought and now it was happening in real life. He was so good he rubbed my shaft up and down, really slow at first and then building up the speed it was amazing. He then asked me if i wanted to go a little further, i asked what he meant and he simply replied with 'I want to suck your dick'. He then took my long dick in his mouth and started to suck. This felt incredible, i had had blow jobs in the past but this felt so good. His head was bobbing up and down on my long penis, slurping as he went. I then took the lead and took his cock in my mouth. The texture was really strange, but i liked it. I sucked really hard and really fast, he was moaning so loud. The sound was driving me insane i was so horny. He then told me to bend over the bed. I did it without hesitation and he plunged his tongue deep into me arsehole. The pleasure was so intense i had never felt anything like it in my life. He drew circles with his tongue on the rim of my ass, and the put it inside me, oh my god it was so good. I then pushed him onto the bed and returned the favor, by shoving my tongue deep into his ass. After about five minutes he asked me once more if i wanted to go further, i said yes and he told me to fuck him. This made me even more horny and immediately said yes. I took a condom from my wardrobe, put in on my 7.5 inch penis and line him up. I slowly pushed my cock into his ass. He said it felt OK so I pushed my whole cock into him and started to slowly fuck him. He was so tight and he was moaning so loud. I could not believe it i was having gay sex with my best friend and loving it. I fucked him hard and fast, he kept moaning and telling me how good that big cock felt in his tight ass. By this time i wanted some. He told me to get on my knees as he found a condom. After few seconds he was ready, and started to push his hard cock into me ass. This hurt quite a lot at first, but after a few minutes I was loving it. My best friends cock felt so good in my bum, i wanted it faster and harder and he did i as i said. The bed was rocking as his cock rammed my tight ass, we where so sweaty and moaning so loudly. He then reached around and started to wank my cock. After only a few minutes of this we both wanted to cum, he went as fast as he could, his cock was in and out of me ass so fast. We both screamed, we came so hard. we collapsed onto the bed both so sweaty and out of breath. That was incredible.

That night was awesome and we have experimented a few times more since.

This was my first ever stories so please let me know what you thought

If u want to email me to chat please do I'm 18 by the way

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Read one that was the same stories on


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Please use paragraphs. It's hard to read one sentence.


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Please use paragraphs. It's hard to read one sentence.

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