My cousins and I have some late night fun. This story contains incest and bisexual content.
My name is Jack and I am about 24.

It all started just after I had turned 20. I was home from college and my two cousins were staying at my families home for a few nights. I live in the basement and tend to stay up late when I"m home on breaks. Since i was home my two cousins, Mat and Sara asked my Mom if they could hang out with me in the basement. She said yes and that was that.
Mat had just turned 18 and his sister Sara was 20, however both of them had lived a very sheltered life with my aunt and uncle. We were watching tv when Mat stumbled onto a late night show on HBO that was very explicit and to my suprise he did not change it. the next thing i knew he had a blanket over himself because he said he was cold but I knew what he was really doing.

I wouldn"t have said anything of it till his sister said she was cold and grabbed the blanket from Mat. As she pulled the blanket away from him he quickly tried to cover himself but it was no use. Mat was laying on the far end of my couch with a massive boner. Sara giggled and stared at him for a minute as he blushed and continued to try to cover himself with his hands. I decided to say something to help him out a bit. So I said "so what everyone does it, no big deal". Mat responded by saying that it was no big deal for me because Sara didn"t see my cock. So then I jokingly said " would it make you feel better if she did?" At that moment they both looked at me and Mat shook his head yes. Dumbfounded I looked at Sara to see her response and noticed that she was focused directly on my crotch. "I guess if it will make you feel better", as I stood up and undid the button and zipper on my jeans. As I pulled my jeans down Sara stopped me and asked if she could take off my boxers. I asked her why and she replied that she didn"t know she just really wanted to...

I said what the hell and told them they better not tell anyone about this. They both agreed and with that Sara was kneeling infront off me with her hands at my waist. She slowly pulled down my boxers exposing my semi-hard cock to both of them. I then sat down and began to stroke my dick slowly. Mat then said that if we were naked Sara should be to . Sara agreed and slowly took off all her clothes in a strip-like dance. Now both Mat and I were hard as a rock. Sara then said that we should play a game. Mat asked what kind of game?

Truth or Dare...

All of us agreed and Sara began,"Jack, truth or dare?"
I chose truth, and she asked if I had ever sucked on another boys dick before.
I told her that I have not but that I had thought about it once or twice.
Then it was my turn, Sara truth or dare?
Dare she said, I responded, I dare you to play with your brothers cock till the next turn.
She walked over to her brother and wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke it up and down. Mat was a little hesitant at first but soon he laid back and began to enjoy it.
As Mat was getting a handjob from his sister he asked her truth or dare.

Sara got excited as she said dare again. Mat then told her to put his dick in her mouth while he tickled her clit. She looked at him for a moment then smiled as she moved her head down to his balls. She sucked on them for a few seconds and then she slid his entire dick into her soft mouth. she gaged abit and after a few minutes she stoped and looked up at me.
Truth or dare Jack?
Dare I said feeling a bit left out.
I dare you to take my place and suck Mat"s cock for a while.
A bit shocked I slowly moved over to Mat as Sara held his cock strait into the air for me. As I slowly licked and kissed the head of his dick I found myself being more turned on by the second. I slid his cock into my mouth and began to suck.

After a while I lifted my head off his cock and asked Mat truth or dare. He asked me what I wanted him to pick and I told him dare. He said ok and so I told him that I was really enjoying sucking him off and wanted him to do it to me while I continued. Eagerly he said ok and moved himself onto his side so that we could 69. A few minutes later he pulled off me and quickly said " Stop I"m gona cum!" but I was too horny to stop now and kept on sucking and playing with his balls. He then shot a fairly decent cumshot off into my mouth and I swallowed it all. Sara then took his cock from me as Mat began sucking my dick. She began to lick every little bit of cum off his dick as he inched me towards cumming myself. Hearing Sara licking and sucking Mat"s dick right infront of my made me crazy as I shot off two shots into Mat"s mouth. He swallowed all of it aswell and kept sucking causing me to orgasm out of controll till I had to stop him by sitting up.

Sara then said well you both have finished what about me?
She made a point so I slowly got down on my knees and began to taste her tight sweet pussy. I licked her pussy again and again till she arched her back and began to shake. after she had finish she stopped me and we all went to sleep.
When I woke up the next day I went upstairs to get a cup of water and couldn"t help but think it was a dream. My parents had both left for work and I went downstairs to take a shower and get ready for the day.

As I came down the steps I saw Sara and Mat naked on the couch again looking at me. Sara said, " hey last night was fun, Mat and I have decided that we should try some other games..."


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yes, hot story. Hope your working on part 2 ;)


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yes, hot story. Hope your working on part 2 ;)

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