Somerville Highschool, Australia

Erin came to the final lap of the field, on the school's track, ending another evening training session. Dressed in the regulatory short purpley blue athletic shorts, she had them rolled at the waist to make them creep up even higher up her legs and hug her snatch. Erin's sweet and amazingly toned legs glistened under the fields lights accentuating what the distance running had helped her acquire.

Even the other girls on the team envied Erin, with her long light brown hair and blue eyes. Whilst almost all of them were impeccably fit and attractive, Erin was the tallest and best proportioned of the squad with breasts that actually filled out her B-cup bra.

The truth is the other girls desired to have Erin's body, and were still a little bit gawky looking, by comparison, in their sports crop tops. Erin could be mistaken for being an exhibitionist with her peachy pink running top on, no bra underneath to disguise her ample breasts crowding the supple material somehow holding her firmly in place. Nipples hard and unmistakebly stiff from the cool night air.

Not that Erin was the popularity seeking type. Though she felt the eyes of the girls in the changerooms and sensed they secretly longed for her physique, she wasn't experienced with boys, and some how failed to pick up on the glances from older boys and even married men who wantingly checked her out in public. Maybe it was the strict upbringing to be astute in her studies, not to mention her commitment to her rigid athletics and swimming regime.

Despite Erin having no sexual encounters beyond kissing boys, there was an ache from between her legs. Young and innocent, yet charged with surging feelings that raced around her newly endowed body. For the time being this urge was satisfied with the discovery of her older sister's vibrator. The dildo was being shared between herself and Stacey (without Stacey's knowledge), it was a replica of a suitably erect penis, not huge, but with a twist of the base it became a pleasure machine that was Erin's sole source of erotic pleasure. Visuals of Bret flooded through her head as Erin prodded the dildo into her pussy, as deep a penetration as her slender chasm would permit before a shudder and blissful release came upon her georgeous bod.

Dr Bret Monaghan was the family GP for years, and his gentle yet manly demeanour had now begun to awaken Erin sexually to what she lusted for in a man. She could only fantasise that the dildo she grasped on to be Bret's cock entering her over and over. The fantasy did not abate in her waking hours, she would daydream that Bret would admire her naked body and somehow or another they could have uninhibited sex together.

Her feelings ran wild, maybe when I visit Doctor Monaghan,,,she thought

Visit 1
In the waiting room, Erin tensely waited for her after school appointment. she made the time to see Bret at the last minute and was now very nervous about following through with her plan. At the reception desk she had spotted a note with his mobile phone number and madly recited it back to herself but finally gave in to adding it to her contact list, simply as Bret. Finally her name was called and Erin entered for her"checkup". It had been over a year since Erin came to see her Doctor and now she instantly regretted having come in school uniform. How could he be aroused with me my uniform she thought.

"Hey Erin, long time no see,, take a seat".

Erin returned with "Hi Bret, great to see you" then instantly felt embarrassed that she sounded too eager. Bret stayed silent a bit as he took in her attractiveness and couldn't resist more than a glance of the smooth long legs, her skirt riding up as she sat. She was flirting discretely with her legs spaced apart enough to invite straying eyes a chance to view beyond the outerwear. Bret was looking, but resliently returned to his utmost professionalism, "so how old are you now Erin" he asked full well seeing on the laptop she was turning 15 next month.

"I'm 15, well almost"

"so how can I help you today" Bret enquired after a bit of small talk.

"I want to have a check up, you know , I'm just unsure of how things are going"

"is there something in particular that concerns you Erin?"

Erin paused to breathe a while;
"it's just I want you to check everything is developing, like, okay. I am almost 16 and I have changed alot.."

"i can see" Bret interupted with a smile.

"so I think I need a full checkup to make sure I'm healthy, I'm trying to beat my PB in the 400metre at the moment"

Bret relished the opportunity having been wound up by the crouch flash;
"OK, Erin.. well take off your top and jump on the bench and we'll take a look at you,, top to bottom, and we had better do a breast exam too"

Doctor Monaghan delighted in the perks of the job but he had an impeccable history for not taking things too far. A few notes went into the laptop,and as he turned from his computer to leave the room he found Erin already down to her bra. Erin timed the next step to a tee, just as Bret turned she released her skirt to allow it to drop away exposing to Bret an exquisite view of her little striped hipster panties clinging around her sweet, sexy body. What had earlier been a flash teasing of Erin's inner thighs gave way to the full exposure to her lemon yellow panties, her pussy mound and pussy lips demanding attention through the thin cotton material. Bret admired how the pink trim framed it in around Erin slight sexy hips.

Bret spluttered then recovered;
"No.. i didn't have to those.. that off"

"ah well, it's off now Erin piped up nonchalently"'kicking the skirt aside. She felt enlivened by the sudden move.

Doctor Monaghan sat Erin on the exam table, pressing his hands over her shoulders. All the vital point were checked leaving the best to last.

"now if we can have your.."

Erin briskly swung around unclasping the bra that separated her beautiful tits from Bret's view. The straps were left to slip over her shoulders sensuously prompting Bret to assist in finishing. Bret's instinct took over and he was successfully provoked into undressing the white bra from her Chest. Bret's cock stirred and he had nowhere else to look. This was the breast exam after all. Bret's cock swelled to half erect as he took the soft smooth tits into his hands and caressed. In silence Erin became all consumed and almost over whelmed by the feel of Bret handling her chest with supreme expertise. She strained to withhold the intense jolt to her pussy. The erect nipples pointed out and up from her toned swooping breasts. Bret pinched firmly. A delicate pant escaped her mouth, she looked mesmerised. Only a shadow of the confidence she had initially mustered.

"Your breasts are fine, and you're a very healthy young woman indeed" Bret concluded before he lost any more control of himself.

Visit 2
Some weeks passed before Erin again longed for Bret's touch and she wanted more,, much more. It was a Wednesday afternoon when she dropped into Doctor Monaghan's clinic. She didn't have an appointment catching him before closing up. He had finished with his patients for the day and was almost ready to walk out the door when Erin appeared through the front door unannounced. Bret heard the door and investigated.

Erin blurted;
"Oh Hi, can I see you.."

"sure, come through" Bret replied curiously

"I know there's no appointment, but after school today I just felt I should see you.. you see there is something else worrying me"

"go on" Bret assured

"it's just so hard to say what i mean. I mean i'm almost 15 as you know and I just can't seem to get myself to......"

"You can say it Erin, i'm listening"

"well when I go down there I can't orgasm" , a constructed lie, but well executed. Erin now looked relieved to have said it.

Dr Monaghan paused;
"You know you are still developing and this is can be a complex issue that effects many experienced adults"

"I know Doctor. I know I'm young and inexperienced but I'm real healthy and I have a real problem in.. you know - getting off. You must be able to help"

Bret's tactic to put Erin at ease failed. He went on to establish his little patient was a virgin, not having had a man penetrate her yet. Erin used this opportunity to describe intimately how she stole her sister's vibrator since she was 13 to masterbate but believeed she still had not experienced a true orgasm climax.

Naturally his attempts for recommendation to visit a Gynaecologist or sexologist in these circumstances was dismissed, and the hint became clear. She felt that a vibrating dildo is isn't enough. What she really wants (she now craved it); she needs a cock.

"I will check your vagina if you like, as a precaution, but i'm sure I'll find you are fit and healthy"

Bret faked his attitude. He realised this was a turn of luck, a real excuse to get to Erin's pussy. It couldn't be justified before, but this opportunity was now ripe for the taking. He watched as the teen babe lifted her blouse over her head. Intently Bret witnessed the skirt come down. Bret immediately took charge of the panties. He grinned to Erin, put both hands on her waste and shifted her over to the exam table. She put her feet apart knowingly, but didn't anticipate how quick Bret would have his fingers inside the panties flicking them effortlessly down her legs on to floor.

Erin was feeling very exposed now and suprised to be getting her way with her handsome doctor. Except, what was a fun flirt with an innocent crush now seemed scary as her little vagina had never been so bare as it was now,and to a fully grown man. Laying on the examination bed, a sense of shock cam about Erin, as Bret reached for some lubricant gel and dripped the cold fluid over her tender labia lips. The cold was extinguished by warm fingers gliding over the lovely unspoiled folds. The fine whisps of Erin's pubic mound was shaved bald. The skin of her fair pussy mound was now evident from beneath the protection of her underwear.

"Do you shave down here, i don't see or feel any stubble Erin" Bret mentioned trivially

"Yeah every now and then, my swimming buddies shave eachother in the showers but mine is not much to do it. Some of the girls have forests compaired to me"

Visit 3
Come Friday, Erin wagged school and made an "Emergency" call to Bret on his mobile phone to sneak a home visit on his day off.

"Damn I can't make it there Erin today, but you know what, I am free to see you here at my apartment, why don't you come on over".

Erin grabs the address and obliges, what the heck i'd love to see inside Bret's apartment, how cool. So she comes to him, as it is not far. With cool weather Erin decided to run over wearing her skimpiest white fitness top (she must have stopped wearing it because it became see through when she sweat), with a hot pair of bright and tight blue spandex leggings. As she ran along the lack of panties moulded her pussy into the fabric. Some cars along the way leered and slowed, so she knew it would induce Bret. Erin finds the apartment and taps on Bret's door. A poor excuse followed; my sister's vibrator doesn't work and I need "help", oh and btw I am supposed to be staying with my friends tonight.

Bret has a plan of his own and he is ready. The plan is conjured to firstly take advantage of and photograph Erin on the basis of "assessing her condition". Excitedly Erin agrees.

Bret hands a glass of coke to Erin to cool down a bit. However, a low dose of rohypnol was added to mildly sedate and inhibit her recall of the events to follow. Bret is a professional after all and he won't jeopardise his career if it doesn't all go to plan. Erin demolishes the drink and relaxes onto the sofa, half noticing Doctor conspicuously setting up the video camera on the table facing her.

"Go ahead and undress, I will take this glass to the kitchen"

Erin ignores the camera to get off her gear, aroused by the prospect of the red light flashing on the camera indicating it's all being recorded. She slowly and playfully undresses.Without making eye contact, she puts on a show for the lense and pretends to be none the wiser.

By the time Bret returns Erin had become quite faint and outwardly would appear to be intoxicated and hardly conscious. The doctor documents her sweet nude bod in hundreds of photos, and gives in to videoing himself licking out her pussy. Sex is to wait for another time when he can feel her squirm and hear her moan. No point in taking her innocence when she is unresponsive.

Saturday afternoon, Bret calls back home to find Erin still half in a daze around his apartment. She agrees to come down to his surgery.

"Erin I have the photos now, and I have to tell you. You will be making a great case study"

"Case study?" Erin questions

Doctor goes on to explain he is the full intellectual owner of the countless nude photos, all of which Erin gave her verbal consent to submit for medical science, waiving any privacy issue.

"Now these will be put to great use as a case study for research down at the university (the very one Erin intends to attend!)

"Of course if you wish, I am open to negaotiation. These use of these pictures can be substituted and replaced with some other invaluable scientific research"

Erin naively pleads for anything but to have the possibility of herself exposed to countless research students.

Bret smirked intently;

" I can see that we may be of ongoing mutual benefit to eachother Erin. If I can help investigate and interpret your condition fully, I may discover your problem and you may contribute to my research"

Bret drives them both back to his apartment as the location to have sex with Erin, In Bret's bedroom Erin submits eagerly and lies back on Bret's bed legs spread and willing to have a real swollen cock pound her. The shirt is almost torn as Bret rips it from his back. As he inches his pants down, his cock spring out to expose a full erection. Erin stares in disbelief (it's beyond little Erin's imagination) It's bigger than the dildo and a panic overcomes the lust.

Erin reacts with a struggle to escape Bret closing in. But Bret creeps slowly onto her luscious teen body kissing up her long legs and up to her tits, sucking madly on her nipples. Erin's arms are grabbed and flung back over her head and pinned to the pillows. She lets out a premptive moan of pleasure at being overpowered and forced into submission. Wetness on her pussy appears to the folds of her vagina and Bret readiys his cock to wedge himself in.

It's a squeeze to bury just the head of his throbbing cock in, but the pussy juices limit the reistence. Bit by bit he rocks in further. Erin gasps in pain and attempts to loosen her pussy to her doctor's insurgent cock. Bret speeds up against her hips as the pussy permits most of him in until his head pounds on her inner extremity. In full swing Erin thrusts her hips into his raging cock to feel the full impact and full ultimate pleasure which she has never known.

This girl gets a good pounding for a first time, by a cock that couldn't possibly fit but is welcomed by a more and more wetter pussy. Erin pants rapidly in her soft exasperated tone, heaving in unison until her little bald pussy can take no more thrashing on Erin, Clitoris swollen and pulsing her vag breaks into a convulsion. Erin gasping uncontrollably, Bret pulls out and let his cumload right up Erin's chest. So hard it bursts up over her chin and dribbles on her mouth.

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