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A man came home from work one day to find his wife on the front porch with her bags packed.

'Just where the heck do you think you're going!', said the man.

'I'm going to Las Vegas', said the wife, 'I just found out I can get $400 a night for what I give you for free!

'The man said, 'Wait a minute!', and then ran inside the house only to come back a few minutes later with his suitcases in hand.

'Where the heck are you going?', said the wife.

The man said, 'I want to see how you're going to live on $800 a year!'

Susan David PhilipReport

2011-12-13 14:31:30
XD aha, great joke, great joke

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-09 00:16:31
okay we are ready to show who is in live las vegas

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-08 03:31:48
I like it. It's Vegas

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-07 20:03:16
They only have sex twice a year....


2011-02-06 18:31:20
Nice come back.
Usually, the guy is the brunt of the joke. Score 1 for Women's Suffrage, Liberation, Equality, whatever.

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