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The appearance of kirsten chapter 2
Sorry it's been a while since I've continued with the story, well here is Chapter 2 like promised. Hope y'all enjoy it.

Well after she was done we headed to the doctor's office and a very nice receptionist said that the doctor will be right with us. I couldn't wait, I was finally going to be put on hormones and I was finally going to become a girl. So the doctor finally came in which felt like an eternity, she seemed really nice, and asked how long I've felt this way. So i told her i've felt this way for as long as i could remember. So finally which seemed like hours on end, the doctor finally went to her medicine cabinet took out a couple of vial and a couple of syringes filled them up with a amber color looking liquid and injected into my ass. At first i felt this dizziness in my head well i lifted up my head the doctor saw this look in my eyes and she knew i was about to popped. She quickly handed a waste bucket and threw up most of my lunch. And she knew that the medicine had taken effect, she helped me back on to the examination table to give me my physical. She also told that the medicine she gave me was a concentrated dose or estrogen and a testorone blocker. She then started to examine my body where she started to exam lower half with alot interest. She took my little girl cock in her hand and started to stroke it getting it nice and hard. Then she started to suck me off i've never felt so alive in my entire life, she started to stratled me she put my cock into her pussy and i cam so quick she seemed kind of dissasspointed.

Well after we were done she gave me a perion for hormone pills and I was on my way to being a full time girl.

Well flash forward a few months, my breast were beginning to come they were at this point they were between a large B-cup and a small C and my hips filled out and i was looking fro girly everyday. I loved it, by the time i was i was 15 years old my breasts were a D-cup and i was not done growing, Later that evening my sister came home with her new boyfriend, he was alright looking, but not really my type. My sister had told me that stephen was downstairs and that they were going out to a movie and wondered if I was wanted to come along since my mom had to work to support us. I figured sure why the hell not. It was a friday night so we went out, pizza and a movie, I couldnt even remember what movie it was we went to see. Then after the movie we went to the local ice cream shop and thats when I saw him. Chad Vickers, captain of the high school football team, he was tall and georgeous, and me little kirsten wouldnt have a chance with him. But I was wrong he came up to me and started talking to me and asked if I had a date to the prom. I standing there dumbfounded tripping over my words and my sister chimes in and say no I dont. Then thats when she walked up, Stephanie Bridges, Chads' girlfriend, I never understood what he saw in her. The typical blonde cheerleader or should I say “Head” cheerleader. Her and I never got along all through school, but what came out of her mouth really surprised me, she asked if I wanted to join the cheerleading squad cause tryouts were in 2 days.
And for someone unknown reason, I blurted out sure I would love to. Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “ I know your secret, I had this look of fear on my face” then she took me by the hand lead me into the bathroom. Stephanie was a pretty girl, nice breasts cute ass. As we were in the bathroom, she said that she knew I was a guy and that I was going through a sex change but she didn't care all she wanted to was fuck my brains out and she would give me a spot on the cheer squad. So for the next 20 mintues we fucked and fucked and fucked. She could give the best job her mouth was incredible, then we heard a knock on the door, it was Chad, wanted to know if we were ok, we both said “we're fine” in unison. We giggled and looked at each other and started to make out again, when we finally emerged out of the bathroom, we were walking arm in arm back outside and back to my car. Stephanie finally said that she will see me tomorrow at school and do not forget about the cheer tryouts.

Well 3 days later it was the cheer tryouts and I had made the team, it was a great feeling, and steph and became really good friends in more ways than one. Everyday she would be at my afterschool to work on our cheers. And we would always end in the pool or my bedroom afterwards, the other girls were starting to get jealous. Well when June finally rolled around, steph was graduating and I was sad cause I was losing my friend. But one good thing did come out of all this I became the head cheerleader my self. I was at the top of the world, when june finally rolled around for me and I was graduating hearing my name comeover those loud speakers was exciting. When I went to get my diploma, I caught a glimpse of a few old friends sitting in the bleachers. It was Stephanie and Chad, I had not seen them in 2 years, but college life right what would you expect. They had made a special trip to come and see me, or so I thought. After all the pomp and circumstances were done, I ran up to the both of them and gave them the biggest in the world. They asked how I was doing, and congradulated me on my achievements. We went out with my family to celebrate at a local restaurant which was my fave, had a great time. My family was ready to go when they asked if I wanted to go home with them or did I want to hang out with my friends. I told them I.'m gonna hang out with my friends they said that is fine and left. As the night progressed on we talked about old times and what they've been doing with themselves, then something came out of Chads' mouth that really shocked me, he told me that Steph had told him everything, and that he knew my secret. But he didn't care all he saw was a beautiful girl and that he's always had a thing for me. The three of us talked to till the early morning hours, with a lot sex in between it was great I finally had Chads' cock inside me and it was a great feeling. He came in me so much I thought that I was going to drown. And steph, she could still give a great blow job, well when first light finally came, they had to go back to home and I started getting sad. But they told me once I got my life where I wanted I should come and see them. But that's gonna have to wait till Chapter 3. let me know what you think and I will keep on writing ttfn.

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true story? what a load of garbage, fantasy, and bad fantasy at that...

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A lot of potential. Please rewrite with detailed sex scenes

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Not a very good story
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lousy story, no details

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