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I've been bug chasing for six years now...
I’m one of those gay guys you may or may not know about. I’m not a flamer, I’m not an out there in your face queer or fag, but I’m a faggot, make no mistake about it! But I’m the kind of faggot that takes a huge detour from what others under that label may do, I have been actively looking to get infected with HIV/AIDS!!!

I’ve always ridden cock bareback since I was a teenager, in fact I don’t ever remember using a condom with any of the over 450 cocks that have pumped my faghole and emptied loads of cum deep inside my asshole. The mere thought of all those cocks in me over the years makes me weak in the knees! So I guess in a manner of speaking that I’ve always been a “bug chaser” by default since I never use protection. However, I’ve been actively seeking those infected by HIV/AIDS for the last six years and to my utter surprise and disappointment, here I sit those six years later, I’ve had tons and tons of cock in me, and many of those claimed to be infected, but now here I am, six years well-fucked and still negative! I’m pissed! Don’t get me wrong, the road here was a fun one to ride on.

I was living in Dallas, Texas when I decided to actively seek men who were poz. This was 2003 or 2004 and the internet was a hot, easy way to hook up, anonymously of course! That is my favorite kind of sex, anonymous! I love glory holes too, I love not seeing or knowing who is back there and what they might have for diseases, the thought of that turns me on just writing it here!

The first guy back there in Dallas was a fat older dude who I met in a chat room and I went to his house. He was laying on his bed naked and I came in and got undressed and immediately started sucking his cock. It oozed pre-cum and I lapped it up and smeared some on my fingers and rubbed them in my eyes, hoping to get some infection that way. He said he thought he was poz, that some ‘hole’ he used to fucked turned up poz and he took loads from him a few times so he thought he was for sure. While certainly not definitive, it was good enough for me! I lubed up my hole and sat on his cock and rode him that way hard and deep until he blew a load in me. He said he had been saving up his loads for a few days so that there would be a huge load to dump in me to help make sure I got knocked up. I thanked him for his jizz and left.

It was during this time that I adopted the principle that if I didn’t ask about your status, then I don’t want to know, and if you don’t ask me about mine, I’m not going to tell you even if I think I know I got pozzed or even tested poz. I figure, if you wanted to be protected, you’d have wrapped your cock up or mine, if I was fucking a hole. I was still on the fence about if a hole asked me if I was poz and I knew I was for sure, from being tested, would I tell him? And my answer surprised me. I thought initially I would want to tell them and be honest, but this dark sinister side of me sprang up and consumed me wholly and instilled in me an absolute STEALTH policy. In that, in the event I ever found out for sure I was poz, from that point on I would not tell anyone I was with I was poz even if they asked me directly, I would lie. I would intentionally lie to them in order to infect their faghole and have them unknowingly start spreading AIDS. The mere thought of that happening turned me on to no end! I couldn’t wait to get infected!

I also adopted the iron clad policy that I would let any cock fuck me regardless. That’s right, I’ve let homeless guys fuck me, heroin addicts fuck me, and shoot me up with their dirty needles, I’ve let pimps, Haitian, African all claiming to be infected fuck my hole; I was beginning to think I was being taken advantage of. And not one ever knocked me up! I was specifically looking for the Haitian or African strain of AIDS, it’s pretty potent stuff and I would love to have it and spread it around as much as I could.

I’ve ridden cock all across this country, here and there some claim to be infected and it’s like I’ve got some super ass filter or something that is keeping it out, I can’t imagine that many have been in me but I haven’t turned up poz yet!

I just rode another alleged poz cock over this past Christmas. This guy was a Haitian guy, older, and he just looked fucking sick! He came into my work almost every day and it didn’t take long for our fag-dar to find each other! I went to his house one night after work and we smoked pot and got high and he asked me if I wanted to ride his cock. I sheepishly said I thought about it, and I began to undress as he did and I sucked his cock and stuck it in my ass, sitting on top of him. He was so thin, so sickly looking and had a couple of sores on his chest that I licked.

Halfway through I asked him if he was poz and he seemed a little surprised that I questioned that but he kept fucking me and didn’t say a word. He bucked his hips faster and I knew he would cum soon. He asked me if I wanted to know if he was poz or not which I replied that I was. I was still riding up and down on his cock as he pulled my hips down as he thrust up into me.

I could feel the fist pulses of his ejaculation empty into my faghole as he said, “Si, yes, I have AIDS!” I just arched my back and slammed down onto his cock as he emptied spasm after spasm of cum into my asshole. It was such a rush to be fucked like that, told right at the end they were poz, feeling the cum emptying into my hole, getting it whether I wanted it or not; which of course I did!

I asked him a bunch of questions about how he got infected and he told me he had been infected a number of times. The first was from two guys he met on a beach in Johannesburg, Africa who were both poz and he was chasing so they both knocked him up. Then he told me he’s taken many loads from about 15 supposedly infected cocks in Haiti. So he told me he’s got quite a good mix of DNA as far as the varied strains of AIDS he has and how they’ve probably mutated into a superstrain or something. I was turned on to think I might have Super AIDS or something. I know those Haitians and Africans got some good strains of AIDS going around.

So now I’m waiting to see if I turn up poz from this latest fuck session. I hope I am, and in the meantime, I’m still out there, in the dark, lurking in the shadows waiting to bend you over and deliver my secret to you by stealth, and let you find out on your own or not if you ever get pozzed. If I’m poz right now, then I’ve probably already infected four or five holes by now. It’s a rush when I confirm they want me to cum in their faghole and I say, “Okay…” with a little bit of tone of, “You’ll be soooorry!” in my voice. The feeling of my infected jizz flowing from my cock into a hole is a rush for me! I love feeling the exact moment my toxic jizz is erupting inside their greedy faghole and becoming infected. The thought of pozzing someone period is a huge turn on, but pozzing someone by stealth is like a huge rush, a high that doesn’t compare!

I can’t wait to spread the Good News!!!

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2013-07-31 18:55:09
And, this is why homophobes exist.

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2012-10-15 12:08:34
This sounds made up to me. Someth

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2012-10-15 04:38:15
Judgmental back-woods retards, shut your idiot mouths. Author, bend me over and push your hot infected sex tube up my ass. Give me hot, charged death fucking over and over until your ball-sac busts out from how good my unprotected rectum feels on you. Bust slimey HIV-positive cumload inside of me. Gut-rush me on the erotic slew of bugs that riddle your sperm.

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2011-04-08 15:18:14
Lmfao this story is so funny... Its better to give than receive...go to bronx ny... alot of carriers there. And maybe you not getting it because you need it from a female instead of a dirty fag fuck you dirty fucking fag... aids... its contagious.. catchy isn't it lmfao. Everyone else this is a story I've never heard of a person getting aids/hiv from words

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2011-02-03 13:27:28
Dude, this is fuckin' sick.

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