Jail, dogs, Jamar, Guards, and Dick!
Hello, my name is Jarray(female) im a prison guard at Florida State Jail. I have been working here for about two years.

Im a 25 year old, 5'6" lovely ebony female. I have a very curvacious figure and a great butt. Of course i have nice round perky 38DD breast. Right in the middle of each one is a nice thick nipple. I weigh about 140 lbs. Im a thick ebony chick but i look good.

Two out of the three years i have been here i have been eyeing and inmate named Jamar. He's a ghetto brother serving a 10yr. sentence for armed robbery and DUI. I never really look at felons at all in a good way but he has a built body. He's got chocolate colored skin, braids, he is about 6'2" tall. I kno by his muscles and height he has a nice black dick hanging between his legs.

These days i have barely been dating and i havent had sex in about 6 mos. I am a desperate sister looking for the right one to be with. Jamar works out in the yards everyday and i watch his every excercise. I love to see him work his body. These days i really want to make money so i work night shif that pays more i notice he stays up most nights and read books by ZANE.

Even though he lives a thugged out life he is so intellegent. On the night shift i only have two other guards that work with me in the entire cell block. Burt and Larry were ok but they always were kidding around and were very immature to be almost 40 years old. By now i was using my vibrator 3 or 4 times a day thinkin about Jamar.

One night i came up with a plan to be with Jamar. I told Larry & Burt i wanted not to be disturbed in the cell block the entire night shift. The only catch was i had to satisfy there pleasurable needs. One night was so hot here in Florida all the inmates had to wear only boxer shorts. This was the night i decided to make my move.

8:15 pm

This was the night i told Burt and Larry that i wanted the whole cell block to myself. They told me i would have to perform in front of them and suck their dicks. Usually i would object from such but i really wanted Jamar. They told me if i would let two of the guard dogs fuck me and me suck both of their dicks i could have the cell block one week by myself.

Certainly i had no objection to this. They guided me to the drug/guard dogs kennel. At night there was no one there at the front desk that was one of our nightshift dogs to care for the dogs. I had never even thought of having sex with dogs so i had no idea how this would work.

We went into the cell with two of the biggest dogs we had i really dont know what breed they were but i knew that they were very strong dogs. They pushed me in the cell and Burt came over to me and said,"Strip doggy bitch". I pulled away my uniform and shoes. Burt told me to sit with my back against the wall. The dogs looked on. Burt started to kiss me and play with my nipples (which are extremely sensitive to the touch). This foreplay was making me wet without hard work at all. Then Burt moved his large hands and cupped one breast and slid the other between my thighs to part them.

Then he tickled the top of my pussy with his index finger. By now Burt noticed i was getting wet. He finger fucked me and played with my ass until i was wet as possible. "Bitch get in doggystyle position and wave your ass in the air", Burt said. Larry watched from outside the cell in awe. I also noticed a big bulge forming in both Larry & Burts pants.

I got on all fours and waved my juicy black ass in the air. I had no idea what would happen next. Burt guided one of the dogs over to me. the dogs took one long sniff along my slit with his nose right against my pussy. Sexual shock ran through me when i felt the dogs tongue lap at my juices. Before i knew it the dog was mounting me. He jumped on my back and grabbed me around the waist with his paws.

Then i felt the dogs large 9in doggy dick against my ass cheeck. By now Larry had entered the cell. Larry knelt down and guided the dogy dick to my wet tight pussy hole. as soon as Larry let go of it the dog thrust forward and pushed his dick deep in my little pussy. The pressure on my hole was so much but i felt so much good pleasure.

The dog fucked me really fast now. I was screaming in pleasure. I screamed as he pumped in and out of me faster and faster. Soon i felt this growing bulge in the middle of his dick. It stretched my pussy hole more than it ever has been before. Now it was more like pain and pleasure. As the bulge grew i went into screaming orgasms even though he fucked me faster than before he had the knot.

Soon i felt a sudden stop in the fucking. Oh god my pussy spasmed even more as i went into another large erotic orgasm. Then i felt the dog squirt all his doggy sperm up my pussy into my womb. Then i felt another gush of his hot sticky liquid go into my womb. After that he jumped off and went to the corner of the cell.

By now Burt and Larry were jacking on in the corner also. Before i could get up i saw the second dog walking towarnds me with his 8 in erection right below his belly. He jumped on me and mounted me. Larry could care less to help this dog find my pussy. Larry was grunting in the corner as he was coming onto his 1st cumm.

The dog kept searching for my pussy but instead he plunged his dick deep in my tight tiny little anus. He thrust forward really hard and pushed it past the crinkly opening and fucked me i was so sore from the 1st fucking but i was still recieving great pleasure from this brutal sodomizing. This dog was much quicker to create the ball in the middle of his dick right when i had another orgasm i felt his ball burst in my ass and send his hot sticky jism up my bowels and into my stomache. I felt so exhausted.

I got up and Larry told me to get on my knees. Both Larry and Burt came over to me and told me to jack both of em off and suck their dicks. I slowly slid my lips over Burts rather large dick and ran my tongue ring along the shaft while i ran my hand on Larry's white pale dick. Then i switched sides. Soon i heard grunts of pleasue i slipped off both of them and opened my mouth to welcome their hot cumm into my hungry mouth.

Soon i felt a gush of Larry's hot cumm squirt in my mouth and soon after i felt the same from Burt but he had much more to squirt. I closed my mouth and let it run down the corners of my mouth.

4:00 am

Soon after we were both dressed and we left out. i decided to wait until the next night until i make my move on Jamar. After my shift was over i went home. I undressed and lit a few candles. I lay on my bed and brought out my majik wand vibrator. I slowly stripped away my work clothes and popped in a lesbian lovers porn dvd.

I sat on the bed and sensually played with my hard nippes and i carressed diff. parts of my body slowly. I got my dildo with the suction cup at the bottom and put it on the wood ottamon next to my bed. I lay down on my back and cut on the vibrator in my hand. I ran the rubber along my body, enjoying the feeling against my nipples until i slowly worked my way down on my clit.

I ran it along my pussy and concentrated on my clit. The vibrations were shocks of pleasure waving through my body. Soon my pussy was on fire.I felt a nice hard orgasm cumming on. My legs shook and i felt a large wave of sexual pleasure fo through my body. i got up and went over to the otttoman.

I sat on the otoman right on top of the dick. I slammed my pussy lips around it and forced it deep in my pussy tunnel. I felt good pleasure as it pried my pussy tunnel apart. I rocked up and down onto the dick until i rode to an orgasm. I fucked myself to sleep when i woke up two hours later i still felt the dildo deep in my pussy.

I got off and lay down, but i didnt fall to sleep i was plotting how i was gonna get with Jamar at work tomorrow night

2 b continued

thank u 4 reading i hope u wanna cumm 4 more. Also i want every comment there is also everytime u read this rate it please. I will write part two if i get a good rating.

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very nice story again plearse


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Nice story fuckabicthharder you got me horny as fuck. I wish you was here so I could suck and lick your tight asshole and sweet pussy


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loved it ,more about the knot

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