Hey. So I kinda lost touch after chapter three and decided to take a different spin on the story. It ends with a cliffhanger, but the reality of the characters are still there. Based on the ending, give me comments telling me if you want the story to continue, what you think about the twist, or how you disliked the change. Thanks, everybody.
Six Months Later

I sit quietly in the dark. Facing the storm outside, rain shattered to small droplets against the concrete of my bare porch. Lightning struck through the sky, thunder wailed in the distance a loud, deafening cry. I shook. I was soaked through to the bone. And while I sat wearing only a single pair of jeans on my legs, I knew it was my entire fault.

I had to tell him…

I don’t know what possessed me to come clean; to acknowledge to him a life that he so clearly disagreed with. Maybe I wanted to feel closer to the father I felt I never had. Though I’m his only child, clearly I’m not the child he wanted. And though it pained him to see me transform into the person I am today, the only part he’d ever denied was my sexual orientation.

My fucking sexual orientation.

So much for my happy, gay ending.

Fuck my father…

With my dark hair sticking over my eyes, I couldn’t see any particular distance in front of me. My world was black. The way he’s intending it to be know that I’ve come clean.

Behind me in the house, I can hear my parents screaming. Mom says he should accept me in any way I am because no matter what, I will always be his son. Dad argues that homosexuality is blasphemy to his religious faith and to his family name. If only he would follow his own views, then things would get better. I’ve yet to tell Mom about that little slut he’d been fucking around with at work. Oh, yeah. God’s real proud of my father.

I laugh to myself through tears streaking my face.

The least I could have done was waited for him to be back. Caden took a trip up to New York to see a cousin who was getting married. He won’t be back ‘til next week.

I’ll have to wait this out; hope to God my Mom unlocks that door to let me come inside, hope to whomever that Dad leaves the house for a few days. I could use a break.

Lightning splits the sky apart again. I jump, my skin crawls at the sound of thunder that echoes in the far distance. I’m still afraid of this kind of weather. I wish Caden were here to wrap his arms around me and make me feel safe.

I so wish…wish that he held me in his arms, pulled me tight to his skin, breathed his breath down the curve of my neck sending shudders down my spine, beckoning me into the temptation of his ecstasy—practically begging me to take a taste of sweet nectar off his lips, enticing me to his abyss of gentle touch…of gentle feel…of gentle fire burning deep within the very heart of our love…

Fucking poetry, I thought to myself. Always making me think of him. And when I think of him, well, there’s always this stir of arousal that happens that forces my heart to go into overdrive.

Need I say more?

I had to find an escape from the hell of the day, needed to get the hell out of there. Sitting on the porch alone wouldn’t do shit for me. In fact, it was just making the situation worse to tell the truth. Not to mention, I had a growing desire to let loose a bit of stress.

Caden had been gone a full week now, enough was enough.

Standing up from my seat on the porch, I went to take a step into the yard when the door pulls open behind me and slams against the inner wall. “Get the hell out of my way,” my father says to me and shoves me aside. I stumble, fall, my back scraping against the corner of the porch. Ugh…

My father’s too pathetic to even mumble a simple sorry. Instead he throws the door to his truck open and revs the engine. It isn’t long before his tires are speeding down the road.

My mother appears at the door. Her eyes are swollen with tears; her face is red with my father’s handprint shining brightly on her cheek. “Come inside,” she says to me. I pick myself up from the ground. The rain falling on my back causes my natural ability to feel to allow the blood to go unnoticed. I was too hurt emotionally to even feel the physical pain.

Stepping by my mother, she sighs and pulls me back to her. “What did your father do?”

“Pushed me off the steps outside. Why?”

“You’re back has a long cut in it. You’re bleeding, Nicolas. Let me help you.” She leads me to the kitchen and doctors me up.


The cut wasn’t all that bad. The rain from outside made the cut seem worse then what it really was. Blood streamed my back harshly, but now that I was inside and the cut was cleaned, it was no more than a thin wound.

I was lying in a bathtub full of steaming water. My head arched over the side of the tub, my feet lying flat against the wall of the opposite side. Mom had told me she was going out with a friend, and that Dad wouldn’t be back for a while. Besides, if the man came home early, it wouldn’t be so bad anyway. Dad was a bitch, and an awful hard-handed man, but he would never physically harm me.

I think.

Truck tires sped down the road outside. I was alone.

Caden, of course, was still on my mind. And the night’s events took a harsh toll on my body. It didn’t take long before I realized I could use a bit of relaxation. Thinking back to the night before Caden had to leave for two weeks in New York, the thought of our last evening together flashed in my mind. I could see the way he touched my body, the way he held me to him, the way his lips danced along my flesh sending tremor after tremor of spastic pleasure through my body. And, lastly, I could see the terrific orgasm we shared together.

My cock rises up from the water almost instantly.

I was never one for masturbation, but at times of high stress it was sort of an escape for me. With suds already starting to pop away in the water, I grab my cock in my hand and peer down my body. Standing erect at close to eight inches, if not exactly, my cock towered over my fingers curving slightly to the left and back toward my navel. Foreskin slid back from the head peeking through as I slid my hand down my shaft pressing against my balls.

I moan softly.

My mind wanders through memories of the way Caden touched me. We had plenty nights where we did no more than stroke the other off. He was always gentle and loving. I can remember the night when I was so stressed he put me in his bed and just stroked me for over thirty minutes. Seems long and unrealistic, I guess, but the pleasure of his hand on me was the most relaxation I’d felt in the longest time. Not too mention, the ropes of cum that covered his face was enough to flood the earth. Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration, but whatever.

Stroking myself faster, I pick my ass up out of the water and slid my left hand under my leg. Lifting my left leg over the side of the tub, I open my ass up as much as I could and massage the sphincter. My cock pulsed in my hand, precum oozed from the slit. It didn’t take long before I found my finger sliding into my ass and pull back out.

A deeper moan escaped my throat.

A few minutes later, I find myself gasping for breath as I finger myself harder and stroke myself faster. My cock glistens brightly with enough precum to lube Caden’s cock and mine together. Three fingers dig deep into my ass, the middle slightly digging and pressing into my prostate with each thrust.

I gulp a large pull of air into my lungs and brace myself for the orgasm steadily awaiting its coming. Pulling the plug of water with my feet, I stroke easier on my cock and hold my fingers inside of my ass. By the time the water’s completely gone, my cock has built in size and thickness and is ready to burst.

I bite my bottom lip and arch my head over the back of the tub. Stroking harder and faster with my hand then I had that entire night, I feel my balls tightening ready to release my cum. And, when I’m just about ready to burst, I hear a knock on the bathroom door.

“Fuck.” I release my cock from my hand and step from the tub. Wrapping my towel around my waist and holding my throbbing erection down with my hand, I walk to the door and crack it open. “I thought you left, Mom.”

“She did,” a familiar voice floods my ears. Shocked, but completely ecstatic at the same time, I fling the door open as fast as I can to see him standing before me, chest rising and falling dramatically as he tries to catch his breath. “I thought something was wrong so I left New York early. She passed me on the highway and flagged me down. She told me what happened, baby. I’m so sorry.” He spreads his arms out before him and pulls me close. My towel drops from waist and lands on the floor.

I blush and sink into his arms. He immediately has a cooling effect on me and calms me down immensely. “Sorry,” I say to him. “I was just…uh…”

He laughs softly and kisses my lips. “Nothing I haven’t seen before.” He wraps his fingers around my shaft and jerks slightly. His touch to me sends shocking waves throughout my legs, I immediately feel weak in the knees and wanna faint. His touch makes me wanna cum even more. Biting on my bottom lip while he kisses me, Caden takes my hand in his and leads me to the bedroom. “Pack you some clothes,” he says. “I’m taking you away for a while.”

“Where are we going?”

He laughs again. “Places.”


A fire crackles in front of us as we sit huddled together on a damp log. The storm has past, but a misty fog is wrapped around us tightly like a comforting blanket. His arm is wrapped around my body, stroking my dark hair with his long fingers. He sits shirtless, his toned muscles shining brightly under the stars. While in New York, he secretly got a tattoo over his chest: a crescent moon and falling stars. Delicately intertwined with the celestial picture is my name, Nicolas in the form of stardust. His sandy hair has been cut shorter to his scalp, and his skin has gone paler than before.

I sit next to him, curled in a ball under his arm while chewing on a painted-black nail. I exchanged my skinny jeans for a rare pair of cargo shorts from his collection and one of his shirts pulled over my chest. My bare feet rest in the damp glass. Peering up into his eyes, I ask, “Why did you really come back?”

“Because I felt you were having a hard time with me gone. I had this strange feeling you’d decide to tell your dad everything. I knew your dad would react the way he did.”

I shrug. “It was no big deal.”

His hands immediately cup my cheeks as he pulls me to him. He brushes my bangs from my eyes and whispers, “Baby, you could have been killed. Your dad is a hard ass man; I knew something would happen. Hell, he pushed you off the freakin’ porch.”

I pull away, shrinking into a ball. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Then we don’t have to,” he says to me and kisses me gently.

For the rest of the night, well past midnight and the early morning, we talked about nonsense and our relationship. Nothing sexual happened, nothing dirty at all.

9:18 am.

He peels my shirt from my body. The sun has long risen into the sky and now sits perched on its eastern thrown. Birds chirp overhead in the trees, and squirrels rustle in dead leaves. We never slept, we haven’t eaten, and the overtired fatigue of the night has sparked some kind of fire in us. Caden doesn’t have time to even kiss my lips before I push him off of me and jump over his body. I reach down with my lips and kiss him so madly that my tongue nearly jumps down his throat. Fighting the button of his jeans with my hand, I pull away momentarily from his lips to pull his bottoms away.

In the Florida wilderness, Caden lies naked in the grass. In the past six months, his cock has grown to almost the exact same length as mine, but is still shy in its width. But now, as I gaze upon his manhood, it lies to the right of his body in a flaccid four inches.

Caden is beautiful.

He grabs me around the neck and pulls me down on top of him. Kissing me passionately, Caden pinches at my nipples with his fingers and sucks my bottom lips in his mouth. He gnaws on it gently. Between my legs and through the fabric of my cargo shorts, I feel his cock beginning to grow. “Baby,” I say down to him and pull away. “I never blew last night. Make me cum.”

He laughs like always and slaps my ass with his hand. “How, Nicolas. Do you want me to suck like there’s no tomorrow, or would you rather me fuck you in the ass. Your pick.”

I push myself off of him and take my bottoms off. I lie down on him naked, my cock already busting with a boner, and slide down his body like a snake. As I inch south, my lips prick his skin like thorns. “Do you have to ask?”


“I think you’ll find the answer in this.” Lying on my belly, I lift Caden’s legs up over my shoulders so they rest down my back. Grabbing his balls in one hand and his cock in the other, I kiss on his sack for a moment before I suck one ball into my mouth.

Caden whimpers from pleasure.

I stroke his cock with my hand as I kiss and lick and suck on his balls. He was never much of a balls kinda guy, but this time he’s enjoying every minute of it. But I can’t pleasure them for too long, no. I pull his cock down to me until the head of it is facing my lips. “Ready.”


My lips fall over the head of his cock while my tongue dances around it. His sudden gasp alerts me almost immediately that he’s a tad bit sensitive this morning. “You like that?”

He grunts, doesn’t say a word. He wipes his hands over his eyes and moans and I pull my lips from him and flick my tongue over his piss slit. Doing that several times, I have him nearly on his elbows. But I have changed a bit, and this sex we’re having now is going to be more then just passionate love making.

It’s borderline lusting love, the type where you have sex for the fun of it. Fuck all other feelings, the body craves what the body craves and at this moment, I just want to cum. And I’m sure Caden does too. Letting go of his head, I start to stroke his cock as my mouth engulfs his cock completely. Before long, the tip of my nose strikes against smooth skin. Somebody’s been shaving…

After giving his head some much needed relief, I pull up from his cock for air and watch him sigh greatly. He smiles and grabs my head with his hand and gently pushes me down on him. “Please, baby. Don’t stop.”


“Don’t.” He breaths roughly and gasps a few times. He pulls his hands away and just rests there, his cock mere inches from my lips. Kissing the tip of head gently, I flick my tongue out and strike against it. “Ah!” With his sensitivity confirmed, I do something that I’ve only done twice before. Like he senses it coming, his body tenses up and he sticks his tongue out of his lips a little. He looks so sexy. Then, the attack is on. Holding his cock just under the rim of the head, I push my lips and teeth over his head and suck on it harshly. Scraping over his most sensitive spot with my teeth, I pull my lips away and brush my fingers over it in a stroking motion. He gasps. I do it again, then again, and a few more times until he’s literally sitting up off his knees and pushing my head away. But I fight against him and do it again, my teeth barely skimming over his cock’s flesh. And each time my head bobs, and each time my fingers squeeze, a line of curses escape his lips from pleasure. “God…Fuck!…Oh, God, fuck!…Shit…Mmm…Oh, fuck…Shit!”

I smile and bury his cock deep into my throat while humming. He wipes sweat from his brow and moans softly through his lips.

I rub his balls gently, bob my head on his cock a few more times, and fills his cock swell in my mouth. I pull up and suck on the head again like I had before, the same curses flying from his mouth, and listens to him yell, “Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum!” I pull my mouth away from his cock, place the tip of my tongue just under his piss slit, and massages his balls. He grabs a hand behind my head and begins to stroke his cock fast. “Baby,” he whimpers. “I’m cumming!” Three very thick ropes of cum flies from his cock: one lands on my cheek, the other over my eyebrow dripping into my eyes, and the last landing perfectly on my tongue. But he isn’t done just yet; his cock still flows of cum like a fountain. Drizzling, warm sperm soaks my tongue and my chin; my black hair falls from behind my ear and wades through his cum.

He breathes hard and fast and pulls me up to him. He licks his cum off of my chin, kisses away the cum from my face, and sucks my lips to him in the most wild kiss we’ve shared yet.


“Oh, my fucking goodness,” I yell into the woods as his cock buries deep inside of my ass. I sit on my knees in the bed of his truck gripping his back window with my hand. My back arches behind me with my ass sticking straight up in the air. Caden lays on top of me, his cock pounding away into my ass. His chews on the back of my neck while one hand strokes away at my cock. His other hand brushes a finger over my lips; I suck his finger into my mouth and suck on it desirably wishing it was his cock again. I feel his balls slap against mine.

“You like that?”

“Yeah,” I say in the gayest voice I have, but he doesn’t care. He giggles away into my neck as he pounds me as hard as he can.

With the hardest force I think I’ve ever felt, his cock slides from my ass only to dig deeper into me. His head strikes against my prostate while the rest of his shaft slides along it. He’s so far deep in me that I can feel his flesh along my back. If only he pressed harder, I had no doubt that his balls would go inside me too.

Pushing off of my back, Caden grabs my waist with both hands and pulls me back onto him as he fucks me harder. He laughs and joking howls into the air. I giggle. “What,” he says to me and playfully scowls. “We are doggy fucking, right?”

I nod my head and moan as he pounds further into my ass. Then, as I feel him starting to slow from a workout of fucking, I tense my ass up as his hands falls against my cheek.

“Fucking asshole,” I scream back at him, a smile dancing on my face. I had always hated getting slapped.

Caden howls again.

I arch my back against his pounding and throw my back in pleasure. Caden howls for a third time, in which I’m sure his eyes are probably closed. He doesn’t even notice what’s going on.

Pulling my head back from its arch, I open my eyes and peer through the truck window.

A guy two years older than me stands in front of the truck; his eyes wide open and his mouth gaping. His lips quaver and his eyes swell with tears. I know him instantly. Standing shorter than me, he has caramel skin from a rich Spanish heritage and hair shorter than mine, but styled the same. Neon purple highlights flow through it. His lips are pierced into snakebites and his dark eyes pierce directly into mine. With no Spanish accent, Alarico spreads his thin lips—a tongue ring shows through. “Nyx?”

Caden suddenly stops and looks at the boy standing almost directly in front of the truck. “Fuck,” he says and pulls away from me. He slides on a pair of boxers and slides off the bed of the truck. “Who’s he, Nicolas?”

I pull myself up from the bed of the truck and stare into Alarico’s eyes. His lips quiver again and a tear falls down his cheek.

My heart breaks.


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