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Part 6

There was still a surprising amount of warmth in the afternoon sun when Jeff and John sat down on the bench to people watch and chat.
They could see the car park in the distance and the pathways through the woodland and bushes on either side of the grassy clearing, gave them an excellent vista of the afternoon’s events
They laughed as they watched guys passing without a word and then, one following the other into the bushes, knowing exactly what was going on but, even though they had done the same thing themselves, finding it extremely obvious and delightfully humorous.
After a while and after they had passed comment on the possible size of the dicks of the guys that paraded in front of them, John offered Jeff a proposition?
“I am setting up in business for myself running a small logistics operation and my only stumbling block is the paperwork side of it, so I was wondering if you may be able to help me?”
Jeff jumped at the chance, and after all, he was a qualified accountant and the possibility of seeing John, under purely “legitimate” circumstances flooded his mind with endless images of intimate encounters.
“Of course I will John, I………um……. WE…. can work from home.”
John put his hand on Jeff’s now erect penis that had begun to throb beneath the crotch of his shorts.
“That’s settled then.”
Jeff’s phone beeped and a broad smile spread across his face as he read Kathy’s message.
“We can start right now if you like” he said as he showed the message to John.
“Out for a drink with girls after work, hope you don’t mind, staying at Julia’s, cya in morning xxx”
As Jeff hurriedly replied to the message John called his wife and explained how “something had come up” and he wouldn’t be home until late as he had acquired the services of an accountant and there were a lot of things they needed to go over.
Jeff quietly chuckled to himself at John’s choice of phrases and then, after one more squeeze of each others bulges they got up to walk back to their cars.

Kathy idly played with herself as she waited for Jeff to text back.
Rubbing her fingers over and into her pussy and arse, and around her tits and underarms before raising them to her face to sniff and lick.
She stank of sex and she loved it, but thinking of the unknown guests that were arriving later she wondered whether it might be a good idea to clean herself up a little.
Her phone buzzed and she read the message.
OK sweetie, have fun, cu toms xxx Jeff.
She looked up at Benny, who had just finished his beer and was fondling his semi-hard cock, “Is it ok if I use the bathroom, please?”
“Follow me, little doggy” he laughed, “I need a freshen up too”
Kathy obeyed, following Benny’s tight muscular backside out of the room and up the stairs.
Carter smiled at Kathy and reached out his hand to briefly grab at her slit as they passed in the bathroom doorway.
“There’s a good bitch” he said, “’bout time you got yourself cleaned up, you stink like a fucking shithouse.”

It was a huge bathroom, a completely tiled wet room with a jaccusi bath tub in one corner, a bidet, washbasin and toilet, a shower on the wall and two large showerheads on the ceiling.
There were two full sized mirrors on either side of the room and wooden bench seating.
Benny took off her collar and hung it on the hook on the door.
“Benny, I need a poo!”
Kathy started to walk toward the toilet but Benny stopped her before she reached it, telling her to get on her hands and knees.
Obediently she dropped to the floor, her head over the toilet bowl and Benny standing behind her.
“Ok doggy, any time you want to do it”
Kathy looked behind her and saw Benny looking at her arse, his now erect cock in his hand.
She pushed and farted and a small trickle of piss sprayed out and ran down her thighs.
She pushed again, feeling her shit pipe filling and her rectum start to open.
Benny was jerking his cock faster as he watched the turd appear in her hole, accompanied by another, slightly stronger spray of piss.
The long soft piece of shit gradually eased from out of her arsehole and fell against her slit before dropping to the floor to be sprayed by a huge torrent of piss.
Kathy began to get noisy.
Her golden flow slowing as her arse let rip with a succession of dirty wet farts.
“You fucking dirty little dog” Benny said as he jerked still harder.
“You’re gonna make Benny cum.”
Kathy could see her shit and piss streaked thighs in the mirror behind her and then watched as Benny got on his knees and put his cock on her shit hole.
Poop is not the best lube you can get but Kathy enjoyed the sticky feeling it gave her as Benny’s cock tore her filthy arsehole open.
Within seconds of pumping her he was shooting his load into her and moments later was sitting on the toilet with his softening dick in Kathy’s mouth.
Kathy felt both pleased and disgusted with herself.
Something inside her was telling her that she shouldn’t be doing this and that thought, along with Benny’s cock exciting the gag reaction in her throat made her puke, covering his prick and balls.
Something else inside her told her that she absolutely loved being a truly filthy perverted slut and she sucked harder as Benny pissed in her mouth.

She sat up as Benny got off the toilet.
“You better clean up your mess” he said as he pointed at the pile between her knees.
She scooped it into her hands and smeared it all over her body, covering her belly and tits.
Benny watched her as he unscrewed the head from the shower hose.
He turned on the water and aimed it at her, and then at the dirty floor, washing it away to the centre plughole.
Kathy was massaging herself as he turned the hose back on her.
He told her to stand up and open her legs.
She bent slightly as he fed the hose into her arsehole.
Her stomach gurgled as the warm water entered her then started to ache as her bowels filled.
She clamped her ring hard on the hose as the pressure built, and then, being able to take no more, stretched her legs wide open and bent further over as the dirty water exploded out of her, pebble dashing the white tiled floor and Benny’s legs.
Benny hosed the filth away and then replaced the hose in her anus.
The second and subsequent four evacuations were equally as forceful as Kathy enjoyed the mildly painful feeling of being filled to bursting and Benny enjoyed the sight of her arse pissing.
Benny replaced the shower head and then moved to the centre of the room, taking a sponge, shower gel and Kathy with him.
He allowed Kathy to suck once more on his now flaccid cock before turning on the overhead shower and washing each other.
It was then that she noticed Leon and Carter standing in the doorway and realised they had been filming her.

When Kathy returned once more to the living room, still naked apart from her dog collar, all furniture had been pushed to the sides of the room, providing a largish area of open wooden floor.
The guys, now dressed in cycle shorts and tee-shirts, were busying themselves arranging the buffet and drinks in the kitchen.
Kathy went in and was greeted by several forceful kisses and wandering hands until Leon passed her a small black lacy apron, which she tied around her waist, and told her to go and welcome the guests as they arrived.
The apron was hardly worth wearing as it still left her bum and boobs exposed, but Kathy was happy to wear it.
It was almost 7pm when the doorbell rang and she went to greet the three black and three white guys who had come laden with beers and bottles of wine.
Music had begun to play as she led them through to the lounge and invited them to help themselves to drinks.
She allowed their hands to wander freely over her body before leaving them to go and sit on a chair in the lounge to continue her welcoming duties.
She was soon joined by one of the white guys.
“Vodka and tonic?” he said as he passed her a glass and sat down next to her.
Kathy took a sip, it was a bit strong, but she thanked him and parted her legs as she felt his hand on her inside thigh under her apron.
“I could really do with a good wank” he said as he removed his hand and started to undo his shorts.
Kathy took another swig of her drink then placed it on the floor beneath her chair. His shorts were now around his ankles and his fattish uncut dick was standing up from his groin.
He lightly bit and then sucked on her nipple as she wrapped her hand around his meat and started to stroke him.
His finger had parted her slit and been inside her wet hole for only a few seconds when the doorbell rang.
“It’s ok, I’ll go” said one of the other two white guys who were making their way towards them.
Kathy increased her grip on his cock and then, pulling his foreskin closed, squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger to catch the pre-cum that had started to spew from his pee-hole.
She raised her hand to her mouth and licked it as she watched five guys and three women enter the room. They were of mixed races and Kathy, strangely, felt mildly embarrassed but extremely excited as they passed by watching her wanking the guy beside her.
Kathy could not take her eyes off one of the women. She was a big black girl, all of 6 feet tall and weighing probably 300 pounds plus.
Her massive frame was barely covered by an obscenely short bright yellow dress that clung to her like a second skin revealing every bulge in her obese body.
She began dancing as she reached the centre of the room, making full use of her huge tits and backside to emphasise the sexiness of her gyrations.
Kathy’s wetness increased around the finger in her vagina as she watched her and she felt the cock in her hand grow stiffer.
“Suck me Kathy”
She bent over and took his bell end between her lips, sucking hard as she lowered her head down to the base of his shaft.
Her mouth filled with sperm as she sucked back up his length, her hand banging against her chin as she continued to wank all the seed out of him.
His cock slackened quite rapidly and she lifted her head from him and was about to swallow when she realised that the fat dancer was now standing in front of them.
She gazed at her cavernous cleavage as the girl bent forward and placed her lips on Kathy’s.
She opened her mouth allowing her to push her long probing tongue into the cum inside, then felt the weight of her massive tits on hers as she straddled her, rubbing her obviously uncovered and moist cunt on her knee.
Their tongues played together until she pulled away allowing both of them to enjoy their share of the spunk.
“Hope you don’t mind sharing darling?”
Kathy was momentarily speechless.
She had just cum from being kissed by another woman.
“Um…………..oh fuck…………wow”
She licked her lips, and then flashed her brilliant white teeth at Kathy.
“Yeah darling, it gets me like that too sometimes”
She leaned forward and lightly kissed Kathy once more, and then whispered,
“I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight”
She withdrew from Kathy then bent over, allowing her skimpy dress to rise up exposing her backside, and briefly sucked on the guy’s now flaccid cock before returning to the dance floor to join the others.

“Quite a girl our July, isn’t she” Kathy’s wank partner announced.
Kathy had to agree with him as she once more watched her dancing.
July now had a dance partner who had pulled her dress up around her waist, although it was still impossible to see her asshole and her cunt was covered by her sagging belly. Nonetheless, Kathy was still turned on by the sight.
The doorbell went again and Kathy got up to greet eight more guys of various different shapes, sizes, races and ages, and enjoyed several minutes of being manhandled before ushering them through to the party.

She was mid-way through the dancers when Leon stopped her, telling her that all expected invited guests had arrived, and she felt a hand on her bum. It was July who started to run her finger between her arse cheeks and down to her wetness before poking her finger into her arse.
Kathy turned toward her and her face was smothered by July’s boobs which were now swinging free from the confines of her dress.
July pushed her finger really hard into her arse and Kathy responded by sucking on one of her nipples and reaching down to her wet cunt to finger her.
They kissed and danced together for a while, surrounded by guys with their erections rubbing against them.

The music stopped momentarily and Benny’s voice boomed out,
“OK Girls, it’s time to start the party games. We want you all over on the mattress, on all fours, with your beautiful arses in the air.”
He turned up the music, Latin American with a “rumba” tempo.
The girls arranged themselves on the mattress as instructed and the guys formed a line behind them.
“OK you guys” Benny cried out, “Ten strokes in each hole then on to the next one”
July was at the end of the line with Kathy next to her, the first guy had already started humping the first girls arse.
“Can’t wait to get these nice big cocks in me” July said to Kathy, and then she smiled and asked, “Can you do me a favour Kathy?”
“Of course, anything you want,” Kathy replied.
“My arsehole is a little dry; do you think you could moisten it up for me?”
Kathy didn’t answer, she just moved round behind her and spread her arse cheeks with her hands, exposing July’s holes, and then leant forward to put her spit covered tongue on her big dirt hole.
July smelled delicious and Kathy savoured every second as she pushed her tongue inside her shitter.
She felt her hole open as July strained, pushing the whole length of her tongue inside as she passed wind.
Kathy opened her mouth and inhaled the fart, grabbing July’s huge thighs and pulling herself into her backside.
It was not the reaction that July had expected but she was excited imagining just how fucking dirty this white slut could be.
She pushed again, the fart rasped into Kathy’s open mouth before the sound was muffled as she closed her lips on July’s delicious bumhole.

The first guy had just moved onto girl number four so Kathy moved back into position, making herself available to him.
“You fucking dirty little cunt”
Kathy laughed, pleased that July appreciated what a fucking dirty little cunt she was.
Kathy braced herself as she felt the tip of the cock stab at her arsehole and then plunge deep inside her. He roughly squeezed her hanging tits as he completed his ten strokes in her arse and moved to her cunt.

Gradually the sound of sex began to fill the room. Grunts and groans, sighs and moans and farting sounds as trapped air was expelled from juicy fanny’s and shitholes.
The guy finished his ten strokes in Kathy’s cunt really quickly and it was obvious he was cumming as he fed his cock into July’s ass.
“Fuck Kathy, if they’re all as quick as him I aint gonna see much action” July said as the guy filled her arse with his spunk.
Kathy laughed and then said, as the guy in her arse took long slow deep strokes, “don’t worry babe, there’s plenty of cock to go round, and we’ve got all night, and anyway I would love to suck all of the cum out of you and share it all with you.”
The pounding continued as the 24 guys took full advantage of the 4 beautiful backsides that were being eagerly displayed to them.
Kathy’s holes were awash with cum and even Leon’s massive member felt comfortable in her arse as it pistoned inside her.
Lenny was the last to cum, but alas, for Kathy he shot his load into the girl next to her whereupon July sat up, rolled Kathy over onto her back, and then positioned herself over her face.
Kathy could barely breathe as her huge buttocks bore down on her. Desperately clawing her butt cheeks apart to afford herself a narrow gap in which to gasp at the cum polluted air.
Sucking and gurgling, and then swallowing the huge globs of spunk as they spewed from July’s engorged rectum.
Kathy didn’t usually panic but she was for a short time, afraid for her life, knowing that the colossal weight above her could completely smother her and she would not be able to do a single thing about it.
She could feel July feasting on her holes as she started to thrash about beneath her. Her nose blocked with semen and her mouth completely covered by the fleshy lips of the big black woman’s dribbling cunt, she was helpless. A spasm shot down her spine like a lightning strike exciting every nerve ending in her arsehole before exploding in her vagina and sending wave after wave of tingling electricity to every part of her frame. She had lost control, she was certain she had pissed herself, she was drifting to sleep, she summoned up every muscle in her body to lift the weight from her, but it was no good, it was impossible, she was totally helpless……………………………………………………………………………………… be continued
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