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An An aunt solves her nephew's sensitive problem
Most families have at least one brother and sister who play doctor sometime when they are growing up. My sister and I were no exception. I had three siblings: two older sisters and one younger sister. My oldest was beautiful with a body that looked like the famous actress of yesteryear, Elizabeth Taylor. When this sister was about 16 I looked through a keyhole while she was in the bath tub. I saw large beautiful formed breasts. She heard me outside the door and yelled so I had to sneak back to my room. I did appreciate that she never called for our folks. This older sister was a prude then but later in her young adult life she could not say so to any many until she finally became a fundamentalist.

My second older sister would exhibit herself but only rarely. And that was the limit for her family sex contribution. But it was with my younger sister, Ann, with whom I shared youthful pleasure. When she was 14 and I was a month shy of 15 we started our doctor exams and fashion shows. These took place in my bedroom in the evenings. Her usual complaints were of soreness on her chest and on her thighs. Mine were mostly between my thighs and bottom. In the fashion shows we took turns modeling with towels and clothing items.

Ann and I enjoyed our play for two months until our mother became suspicious. For major issues my mother, Florence, always consulted with her sister, my Aunt Helen. At the time, Aunt Helen was a middle aged maiden lady who was about 5’4” at 145 lbs. She was a brunette wearing her hair normally in a bun. She was dark skinned due to natural pigmentation plus she spent a lot of time in the sun. She was attractive but tried to downplay it with black horn-rimmed glasses and simple white blouses she buttoned to the neck. The tight white blouse was one of those efforts that backfire in trying to suppress large bosoms. It just accented hers. Although she was top heavy, her hips were average in size and she had long slender legs. Her demeanor was prim and proper but she still was a pleasant conversationalist. She had a degree in primary education from the University of Northern Iowa, one of the nationally noted schools in the field of education.

This story comes from recollection of my time with her in the 1960s and early 1970s plus a recent interview I had with her. The major part of the interview is published at the end of this story.

Mom is nervous in her phone call to her sister: “Helen, I am embarrassed to say this but I am afraid my Davy and Ann may be playing around.”

Aunt Helen, “Playing around where?”

“Ah, with each other.”

“Oh. Now I see why you sound a little anxious, Flo. But you called the right person. I believe you know that I have dealt with this issue with several families including two of the women who are in my card club. I expect you want to tell me Davy and Ann are spending time in Davy’s room with the door shut.”

“Yes. Exactly – for the last two months in the evening his door has been shut with Ann in there. When I hear noise coming from the room I go upstairs to investigate but all of a sudden it becomes quiet. Of course I don’t dare to go in.”

“I understand. You have a legitimate concern. If you want me to take care of the problem just say so.”

“Do you think you could help, Helen? We would greatly appreciate it. You know my husband does not like to take on any responsibility with kids. And, I am too embarrassed about it - let alone know how to deal with it.”

“Well, Flo, I am willing to get a practical program in place to solve this problem. You have to answer only two questions and if they are both ‘yes you can stop worrying. First, I assume your fear is that Davy will impregnate Ann? We have to be candid here, Flo.”

“Ah ….yes.”

“And, second, are you willing to turn the problem over to me and let me solve it with some very practical work with them both? Also my work will be completely confidential. I will tell no one about it and that includes you their parents. I would only report something if one or the other did not comply.”

“Yes…. Is that all?”

“That’s it, Sis.”

“Well, I have to say ‘yes’ and ‘thank you.’”

“You can start to relax, Flo. When could you drop them off here - Saturday okay?”

“That works – I have to go shopping at the mall so will drop them off on the way. How much time do you need?”

“It will be a full afternoon. Try to be here by 1 PM and we should be done by 4:30 PM. The first thing I will do is to evaluate the degree of the problem. The second step will be to provide some training. Usually the one session will do it. However, some times the young man, in this case - your Davy, will require some follow up. I don’t think you will need to worry about becoming a grandmother just yet.”

“Thank God! Will do Helen. And we thank you so much for your time and expertise. Can we pay you something at least?”

“Flo, I don’t charge friends so I would certainly not charge family. Since I don’t have my own family this is the way I get to experience young people. It is a special intimate setting and bonding does take place. That is its own reward for me. There is a necessary sexual component as there are always special considerations with all employment and volunteer situations. Besides, as I said, although the training is done in one session there can be a maintenance phase. Oh, and to keep Davy and Ann from asking questions have them bring swim suits and a change of underwear. They may think we are going to the beach.”

“Will do and thanks again, Helen. See you at 1 PM on Saturday. Again, are very appreciative.”

Saturday 1 PM at Aunt Helen’s

As soon as Ann and I are in the door, Aunt Helen gives us a perfunctory greeting and sets our swim clothes aside on the couch. She immediately leads us to her master bedroom. Both Ann and I realize that Aunt Helen is serious when she sits us down in chairs while she sits on the bed.

“So is there anything we should discuss this afternoon, Davy and Ann? Did your mother say why she dropped you off today?”

I answer, “No she said she had to go shopping and that you will probably want us to take us swimming so that is why we brought our suits and a change of underwear. We haven’t been over to see you for quite a while so we thought that might also be a reason to visit.”

“Okay. I just wanted to see where to start. I have an important question for you both and I need an honest answer. But before you answer I want to lay some groundwork. Young men and women – especially young men your age, Davy, have a lot of testosterone hormone. It is natural and healthy. This is the way nature operates in both the plant and animal world to keep life going. It is a very powerful urge with young men your age, Davy.

“Now you two are going to have an afternoon devoted to what I call my prevention training. First, you should know, whatever you tell or you show me will not be going back to your parents. Only if you aren’t honest or don’t work with me then that is what I must report. There is really nothing you say or do that can shock or embarrass me because I have seen a lot and helped several other families. Is that clear? Do you accept the help I am offering?”

Ann said, “Ah, whatever. Yes, Aunt Helen, we certainly want to cooperate – wouldn’t we Davy? With whatever it is, anyway.”

I nod my head but I have no inkling as to what Aunt Helen is getting at.

“Okay. I knew you would. Then I want you to demonstrate for me what happens at night in Davy’s bedroom. Be honest and you have nothing to worry about.”

Wow! Ann and I look at each other and at the same each of us tried to catch some air.

“Show you?” Ann asks

Aunt Helen, “Yes. Now, please.”

Ann looks again at me and then back to Aunt Helen, “Are you sure, Aunt Helen? Couldn’t we just tell you?”

Since my Aunt offers only a silent response with a serious stare, Ann looks at me and starts unbuttoning her blouse. I then I begin to pull off my T- shirt. Ann removes the blouse then a white bra and perky teacup size breasts pop out. They are tipped with large puffy pink nipples centered in light tan areoles. . I remove my T -shirt with my club soccer logo on it. There are just a few long black hairs on my chest.

Ann then removes what we then called Bermuda shorts. Next off is her panty. Her slit is clearly visible through the light blonde -brown pussy hair. As I remove my belt my khaki shorts drop to the floor. Then my hands yank my briefs down and I step out of them exhibiting a limp 6” circumcised cock. During the undressing I look at my Aunt as she just stares at the area between my legs. Standing there stark naked, Ann and I are totally embarrassed not just because our sexual organs are exposed but also because our evening play activities have been found out.

“For a 16 year-old, Davy, you are well hung. You don’t know how lucky you are. Oh, that means your penis is larger than average for your age. It’s bigger than your uncle’s even is now and you are still growing. By the way, if there is any terminology I use that you don’t understand please stop me. I want to be clear.”

This the first time I am aware that my large penis is an asset instead of an abnormality. I am always embarrassed when I have to change into swimming trunks in the men’s locker room at the municipal swimming pool.

“Ann, my favorite niece, I am not leaving you out here. Those puffy nipples indicate that you are still developing and are going to have a pair of nice sized tits eventually. You will be popular with the young men. I can attest to that by how my own breasts attracted the young guys.

“Davy and Ann, as I said, you will hear some frank terminology with my practical preventive training. This is serious training but it also very pleasant. Okay, again now together please demonstrate some of your activities. Were you playing doctor?”

Ann clears her throat, “Ah, yes, Aunt Helen, and fashion show.”

“Let’s see the fashion show because I have seen doctor games too often.”

Ann is nervous and glances at me and then at Aunt Helen: “Okay. We need a towel and do you have a panty hose and some high heels.” I really like my sister, Ann, she is so cool. Not much fazes her.

As Aunt Helen heads to the closet in the hallway to find the props she says, “Hold it for a moment. I’ll be right back.” She returns with a mid sized white fluffy towel, high heels, and some panty hose.

Ann asks, “Do we really need to do this, Aunt Helen, can’t we just describe it? … Okay then, do you have a pair of scissors?” When the scissors are brought in Ann cuts the nylon nude colored panty hose in two. Now they are extra sheer.

“Ann, good, you are doing fine. Now please demonstrate your play. This will allow me customize a program for you. I can assure you both that there will be nothing about this program that will be unpleasant but we need to cooperate. Let’s start with the fashion show now, please.”

Ann goes into the bathroom and in a few minutes returns in high heels wearing the towel over her shoulders. The fluffy towel covers the tops of her breasts. Below, she sports a sky blue sheer bikini panty which covers the triangle between her legs. Her walk is exaggerated because she is adjusting to the black high heels.

“Okay, Aunt Helen this is how I model.” Ann has an expressionless look. She then saunters across the room in front of the bed. After her third pass she drops the towel to show her breasts with the pink puffy nipples. She makes a sharp 180 turn and starts to swing her hips more. A smile begins to appear and she becomes steadier in the high heels. She seems more confident in displaying her body. I want to go over and kiss her.

“Thank you, Ann. Davy, now your turn, please.”

Ann kicks off the heels, gives me the towel and panty hose. She is beautiful in her nakedness. I then go to the bathroom and soon return with the towel around my waist. I take a deep breath then go into a strong man pose dropping to a knee and then flexing my bicep of one arm in front of the women. Then I rise and go in the opposite direction -down on the other knee and then flex my other bicep. I have hardened biceps and thighs from the conditioning that goes with playing soccer working with weights at school. The towel falls to the floor leaving the sheer panty hose constraining my extended full penis. It is flattened on my stomach but still clearly visible. The tightness of the panty hose has extended the length of my penis and also pushed the blue veins to the surface.

Aunt Helen smiles, “Oh. A fashion show indeed! Davy come over here and let me see that.” I take a couple steps toward her. “Very creative. That is nice. She puts the palm of her hand then her fingers on my panty hose covered penis. “Wait a minute,” she says. She keeps her hand in place but with her other hand tosses the pillows to the floor. Next she releases my cock and pushes the comforter and then the blanket off the bed leaving the white sheets. Some cum from my cock left a spot on the panty hose.

“You kids are doing great. To make us all more comfortable I will show you some of my womanhood as well.” With that she offers a big smile and turns then slowly unbuttons her blouse. Ann nods her head which I understand she wants me unsnap Aunt Helen’s black bra. After I comply, Aunt Helen turns around with the bra falling to display her 38 DDs.

Aunt Helen cups her tits, “Ann, you seem to be going in this direction with those puffy nipples you have at your early age.” I hope the afternoon will never end.

She then unzips and removes her skirt. After neatly folding it she lays it on a chair. We see a black sheer bikini panty but because Aunt Helen is a dark brunette we can’t determine if she is shaved. At any rate there are no escaping hairs. The black nylon panty is tightly stretched to cover her large mound.

“Now please drop the props and get on the bed – both of you.” I remove the panty hose piece and toss aside the towel. My young throbbing penis is pointing to the ceiling. Ann leaves her props on the floor and climbs into the bed. Then Aunt Helen once again puts her hand on my erect penis. It jumps. I feel so vulnerable but I am also so aroused. I am so thankful it has been three days since I last masturbated.

“Now please show me everywhere this has been,” she says as her the red nails of her fingers ring the base of my rod. She then releases it again.

I position myself over my supine positioned sister. I then drag my cock up the side of her stomach. As my organ moves it leaves a thin trail of precum.

“Okay.” Aunt Helen interrupts. “Ann, scoot over here and get closer to the edge of the bed please.” Aunt Helen reaches and grips my cock again with her right hand with her other hand pulls me closer to Ann. This time her fingers with their red nails spread one of Ann’s labia. “Now closer, Davy.” I can see she is directing me to move my penis over to my sister’s cunt. Jesus, how much more of this can my cock take? “Now, how deep has this penis entered here [Sis’ cunt]? Please be honest with me? I need to know how far in it has gone.”

I then slowly guide my penis in but only penetrate about an inch or two.

Ann explains, “Yes, yes, uh yes this is where we stop, Aunt Helen.” I try to balance myself over Ann. “Or, maybe just a little farther.” I am wondering if I am dreaming. Just two hours ago I was juggling a soccer ball in our back yard.

“Just a little farther, Davy.” Aunt Helen’s coaxing brings me back to reality.” I lower my torso a little more.

Aunt Helen grasps my penis again and then stuffs it in a little deeper. “This far?” she asks.

“That’s it, I think, Aunt Helen. This is as far as we went.” I look at myself to see if I am shaking being so erotically charged and nervous. I am surprised that my arms are stable.

Aunt Helen’s hand suddenly pulls my cock out and with her other hand’s thumb and fore finger she grabs the head of my penis. “Well you may not think this can get you pregnant but you should know even precum has sperm in it. You could have been on the way to being a mother and father. Sperm are little swimmers with tails that have only one thing in mind and that is to find your egg, Ann” As she releases my cock head, she adds, “Don’t worry, though, you have been lucky so far and after what you learn today you should be fine.”

Aunt Helen continues, “Now, I told you the training I offer is very practical and it does not hurt. Indeed, it will be fun. However there is one part for you Ann that will give you some pain - that is, if your hymen is still intact. Your hymen is like a seal on a bottle of milk or a jar it keeps things out of your vagina until you are ready to use it. Now I have to see if it is there or not. If it is intact I am going to pierce it with this little plastic tool. It will hurt for short while and there will also be some resulting blood on this towel. Don’t worry - this is all natural and it was just a matter of time before this would happen. It is good we can do it in a supportive family environment. This must be done before we take our next step.”

Aunt Helen has taken the transparent plastic tool out of the night stand next to the bed. Ann climbs on top of the towel on the bed. She sits upright and supports herself with her hands on the sheets with her fingers pointing back to the wall. Aunt Helen grabs Ann’s creamy white legs and pulls her close to the edge of the bed. She then separates the legs exhibiting my sister’s light brown pussy. Aunt Helen slowly inserts her plastic tool into Ann’s vagina. She stops probing when she meets an obstacle. I find this fascinating.

“Oh, it is intact. This confirms what you were saying Ann no male has had his penis all the way in. Before we get started on the next stage would you both like some lemonade? … Okay then we’ll have some after we get this done. Now Ann please tuck this towel under your butt. This will hurt Ann but I will be quick. You may as well lie back. You can grab the edge of the towel if you want.”

Aunt Helen inserts the tool then does a quick poke and Ann cries “Owwwwww!” I wince and feel sorry for my sister. I move to her and help hold her head up. “Owwwwwww!”

My aunt offers comfort “Ann, it is all over. Good girl. There should be no more pain. Let’s have some lemonade until you feel better. I’ll take the towel away in a minute. Ann, don’t move for awhile. Davy, I made some lemonade and it is the refrigerator.” Before getting the lemonade I get Ann some tissue for her tears.

After we savor the lemonade, Aunt Helen goes to the bath room and comes back with a damp white wash cloth. She goes over Ann with a little soap and the wash cloth. She inserts it into top of Sis’s cervix and removes some mucus and a little blood.

“Now here is a sheet of paper and a pen for each of you. I want to find out if you each know how a woman gets pregnant. I don’t want you to influence each other’s response. I want more than just two or three words.

“Here is some more lemonade. Ann, are you feeling better? Good. Let’s see what you wrote.”

Ann reads: “The male puts his penis in the female’s vagina and if it is the right time of the month she gets pregnant.”

“Excellent Ann. Now let’s see yours, Davy.”

Aunt Helen reads: “The man fucks the woman’s cunt and nine months later a baby comes out.” “Good enough, Davy, and I am not concerned about your language because that is exactly what this is. (She puts her hand on Ann’s cunt.) However, just because a woman is fucked that does not mean she will become pregnant. Yet that is exactly what you should plan for every time you screw; that is, if you don’t use a condom the female will become pregnant. But I am getting a little ahead here, kids.

“Now we are going to see two videos of about 20 minutes each.” We watch the first one which shows a young white man with a 6 inch uncircumcised penis having intercourse with an attractive older white woman. They are in the missionary position. This was a first time for both Ann and I seeing any movies or tapes like this. .

Aunt Helen states, “Notice how the man’s hips go back and forth. This is where most young men have issues when starting out. You must thrust in and pull out, Davy. Now, Ann you can help to by moving with the young man. In other words don’t just lie there. Okay – we’ll watch now for a while. ….now here comes the semen. He will deposit some on her stomach so you can see it. There are thousands of sperm in each drop of semen and it only takes one of those little devils to get the woman pregnant. Let’s see the next tape on that.”

I look at my sister and she seems to be attentive. My penis has gone somewhat slack and is sore after so much fondling by my aunt.

Aunt Helen changes tapes. In this tape there is another couple fucking. It’s a black man who looks like a big football lineman on top of a large white woman. They are in a bed. We can only see the woman’s legs with her knees up and the side of her face. He finally pulls his organ out of the white woman. What a tool he has -thick, long, shiny, wet and still hard! I look at Ann and I see she is taken aback.

The fucked white woman gets up and walks to the bathroom. The voice over says she is now pregnant. The next scene is one month later she once again gets up off the bed and walks to the bathroom. The voice and text indicate she is now in her second month. However, I can see no difference in the comparison of her belly between her second and first month. Then the next scene once again gets out of the bed and walks to the bathroom with the documentation stating she is in her third month. Now we can easily see the changes in her belly plus her mammaries are larger. In the fourth month the linea nigre or black line becomes visible from her belly button to her cunt. We can also see some dark brown spots on her aureoles. The belly of course continues to grow larger each month as do her tits through the ninth month. In the ninth money she can barely get her body out of bed and waddle to the bathroom. She exudes sexuality though with her huge tits with their darkened aerobes, protruding nipples, watermelon size belly, and hairy bulging pussy.

I am no longer so embarrassed with my aunt and sister in the room in that every month the woman in the film’s belly and tits grow my cock gets harder. I no longer hide it but just leave it there pointing to the ceiling beginning to feel proud of its size for a change.

“So Ann and Davy: this is what happens when a couple fucks, including a brother and sister, who do not use a prophylactic. This here is a prophylactic. [She shows a little plastic envelope.] They are also called rubbers or safeties. It is truly a marvel of modern science. Of course they have been around for a long time but today we have all kinds - latex, lamb skin and other materials. They are better made than they used to be so you can have sex with confidence.

“I do have to cover an area here that some are uncomfortable with. In much of history brother and sister screwing has been frowned upon and is in the taboo category. The concern was that the resulting baby could have problems because of a narrow gene exchange. Today they think the problem has been somewhat exaggerated but it is hard to find statistics. Cousins coupling has had a long history and the statistics are about 4% have some genetic issues. However, that should be tempered with the fact there can be genetic issues with different family couplings. But to be on the safe side brothers and sisters should not have babies together. And that is why my preventive training is so important.

“Now Ann, please take the rubber out of the packet.” Ann has some initial difficulty getting it out but is eventually successful.

“Now, Davy please move over and get by me on the edge of the bed.” Aunt Helen smiles as she looks into my eyes. Her hand with those long red painted finger nails move down and finds my circumcised penis. An already firm penis becomes rock hard now.

“God, I’d like to suck this thing between your legs young man. But we have a time limit this afternoon. Besides that is in my advanced course we can discuss later.” My sister gulps at my aunt’s statements. I can’t believe it.

“Okay that is just about right – it is stiff enough for the rubber. Now Ann, unroll the rubber this way. Watch how I fit on the banana. Davy, please hold on to the bottom of the banana for me please. There you try yours on your brother. Good…very good Anne…excellent.

“Now no sperm can get into your vagina, Ann. These rubbers protect you from parent hood and disease. My instruction will not cover disease today because the training has to have some time limits. The only thing you will need to remember is if you use condoms you won’t have to worry about diseases either.

“Now you saw the movie first movie on how to have intercourse, ‘intercourse’ is the formal more socially accepted word for fucking. However, words like “fuck” and “cunt” are ancient but completely bona fide words. Next, I need to have you two engage in intercourse so you are comfortable with the condom. Besides it is just a matter of time before you would have been fucking without one of these. This is where we have an opportunity to make your parents happy. Right? Of course.”

Ann and I just look at each other with our mouths open.

“Okay. Now I will remove the towel. Ann you get on your back and we will do the missionary position. This is called ‘missionary’ because it was a new technique the Christian missionaries brought to the natives in Africa and in the Pacific. The natives had been fucking in doggie fashion –man from behind the woman.

“Davy, you are hard enough to first put the head of the penis into her slit. Best to rub it along the lips or what are called ‘labia.’ You need to ‘grease the skids so to speak.’ Good. Lovely. Both of you are doing fine. Davy, now push it in and Ann lift up your butt a little…. Nice, Ann.

“Okay. Davy, now bring your pelvis back. Good. Now thrust forward. Excellent. Now a little faster. Get into a rhythm. That’s the way.” Both Ann and I show some strain on our faces from the activity plus not wanting to disappoint our aunt. In and out I go - in and out.

“Ahhhhhhh” I find myself unable to hold it in. “Ahhhhhh! I am Cumming. My penis starts to spurt its milky fluid into the tip of the prophylactic. “Ahhhhhh! Ahhh! Ann continues the rhythm. The pumping of my penis expels the semen into the clear latex safety. Ahhhhhhhh! My God!”

We rest a couple of minutes then my aunts says,

“Excellent, you two! After a little discomfort shown by you Anna you both seem to have had fun learning how to use the prophylactic. So when are you going to use these things guys?” She holds up the rubber sleeve which sags from a glob of semen in the tip.

“When ever we fuck each other,” I said.

“Nooooooooo! Whenever you fuck - anybody!”

I understand, “Oh, of course, Aunt Helen, every time we fuck.” I corrected my response.

“Got that Ann?”

“Yes. Aunt Helen. Anytime we fuck anyone we will use one of these. We got it.” Ann smiles.

“Good. Have some lemonade while you wait for your mother to get here. Remember that I will never say anything about this afternoon. Sex is fun and natural. It is a biological function. You pee every day, you defecate every day or two and you should fuck every three or four days depending on your age and body. Mother Nature has in place a very strong sex drive in mammals, which of course, includes us humans. Regular sex in the organic world of plants and animals must take place or life no longer exists. We are doing what nature intends for us. If your partner does not agree then move on. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest.

“Society depends on it but it has some rules that must be considered but can be tempered with thanks to modern science. Progress in science has included prophylactics and this new birth control pill women are now using. [This is early in the 1970s.] But still the prophylactic is the instrument of choice. So in my practical prevention program the priorities are these 1) accept nature’s intent by having sex often, 2) having sex with a partner is mentally healthier than by oneself, (i.e. solo masturbation). Sex with someone helps one to get to know someone. Having a cock in a cunt reveals personalities to both parties quicker than any other method. 3) sex with others outside of family is best. 4) sex with siblings has the benefit of availability due to proximity, and 5) because of some irrational society rules one must maintain confidentiality on family relations.

“Sex with step parents is fine if the person is about the age of 16 and both parties agree plus there should be permission of the natural present. I am not for sex between natural parents and children until age 18 and then of course only with consenting adults. Many of my girl friends think I am too conservative on this point but that is my opinion.”

I am thinking “yuk” I would not want to screw my mom. Seeing her nude is nice but that is rare. On the other hand if my mother looked like my friend Larry’s mom then I might think differently.

“The primary rule of my program is to just be sure to use a safety until you want a baby. Your parents should be satisfied that this afternoon’s training we learned how to take precaution and still enjoy life. Now both of you get into the shower and help each other get cleaned up. Then get dressed.”

I was surprised that I was still hard being in the shower with Ann. She was smiling and seemed to be relieved that the intense afternoon session was over. She smiles at me and then reaches for my dick. She soaps it. “Can’t wait to get back to your room, Davy.” I wish we could marry our sisters.

“Your mom just drove in. Get out of the shower and get dressed kids!” We dashed out of the shower and went to the master bedroom and start dressing.

As we dress, Aunt Helen gives me some last second instructions. “One more thing, Davy, you need to come over every month for a supply of condoms. Don’t worry about paying for them because I will have some chores for you. Are you okay with mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters some time? (I nod.) I can show you some advanced activities that will enhance your performance with the young women.”

Aunt Helen lets Mom in and we hear her say, “Davy and Ann were cooperative students, Flo. I think you can relax about any concerns now. As I said Davy could benefit from a little follow up.”

Ann and I come out and I say, “Aunt Helen! I appreciated the afternoon lesson. I learned a lot and feel more confident.”

“Me too, Aunt Helen,” Sis added.

Sis and I were relieved that we survived that stressful but extremely erotic experience and most important educational experience. We recognized we were fortunate having someone like Aunt Helen to assist. Obviously our fun greatly increased from what we learned and no longer being concerned about Mom and Dads interrupting us. We did however reduce our evenings together in my room to every three days. Intercourse literally takes more out of the male.

Five months later.

Several months later Mom received a call from Aunt Helen. I overheard the conversation.

“Hello Flo. How are you doing? How are Davy and Ann? That is good to hear. I note Davy has not been in to see me this month. I was expecting to see him every month. Oh Okay. Well could you send him over here Saturday? I do have some chores I could use some help with.”

When I arrived at Aunt Helen’s on Saturday she immediately took me to the master bed room and quizzed me on Ann’s and my progress. I explained that we used condoms each time we had sex which was about every three days. We both enjoyed the relations greatly.

“Well Davy I am glad to hear that. But my question for you is why you did not stop over this past month for your prophylactics?”

“Oh, Aunt Helen, I was thinking you might wonder about that. Well last month my cousin Lonnie told me he was fucking Tanya, our cousin. I did not want to feel left out so I told him I was thinking about playing with Ann. He told me I could get in trouble if I did that since she was my sis. I didn’t say anything further but I stopped fucking Ann even with the condom. Annie was not very happy about it but I did not want to get into trouble.”

“Davy, I can understand your fear. However, if you use the safety Ann will not get pregnant. Your big mistake though is telling your cousin anything. Everything must be discreet which means you can’t tell anyone about the two of you even if you are using rubbers. Also, of course, my instruction has to be confidential too. I will say your Cousin Lonnie is playing with fire because I offered my prevention training to his mother and she passed. Twins run on both side of those families so it is very chancy indeed for them.

“Davy, I expect going without release, that is - shooting your cum, has been hard for you, hasn’t it? Young men your age have a very unpleasant time with bottled up semen. It must go somewhere. Wet dreams are so fleeting and jerking off on your own gets boring. It is much more social to fuck or masturbate with a partner of the other sex although I have no problem with same sex activity. Davy, when did you masturbate or have a wet dream last?”

“Yesterday. I jerk off about every other day. It is okay but nothing like being with Annie.”

“Of course not. Well, would you like me to help you with that? There will be no penetration though – I just want to take away the discomfort. [When I became 18 then Aunt Helen offered my more advanced activities.] Also, there is no charge but I would like you to come over here at least every other week to assist with a chore or two and more often if you desire. [I made it at least weekly.] Of course you will be paid for any work- house or yard work. I have to admit that when I see a young man working outside with sweat on his face and some dirt on his shirt I can’t control myself. Have you read Lady Chatterley’s Lover yet? She had a gardener. No? Then you will want to. Your biceps, thighs and your abs are neat, by the way.”

“Okay. Thanks, Aunt Helen.” Whatever she says I am glad to go with. She has a wonderful body and I hope to see some it again. I have not had any sexual experiences besides Ann so this looks wonderful way to get to get to know more intimately my wonderful succulent Aunt Helen. This maybe even better than the time I have with my sister Annie.

“Now, Davy, please get on the edge bed while I get a newspaper and go to the bath room.” I wait with great anticipation for about five minutes. I hear some what sounds like newspaper rustling and then some water going into the sink.

The bathroom door opens and into the bedroom walks Aunt Helen bare ass naked. She sports a smile and has in her grip with the red finger nails a bottle of some baby oil. She swings her hips which enhances the bouncing of her tits. They are unbelievably beautiful – large, full with inch long nipples. Her tits have no support yet do not hang which is something for her middle age. She looks better than any of my Dad’s Playboy bunny centerfolds (which were popular in those days). She has a dark brown shiny bush between her legs and with no hair on her thighs. She has narrow hips and long legs.

As I sit on the edge of the bed, she spreads out the newspaper on the high gloss wooden floor just below me. She then puts her bare bottom next to me. I focus on the top of her pussy. She separates my legs. She takes some Johnson baby oil and rubs it between her palms. My rod starts to throb as she begins her strokes.

All the time she continues to look into my eyes and talks softly to me. “How has the soccer been going Davy?”

“F.. f.. fine. Aunt Helen.” “Davy, this should help you concentrate on your everyday activities such as school work and home chores. So often young men have problems because they can only think about sex all day long if they don’t have release….Now, how does this feel?” She continues in her soft voice as she strokes my member up and down, up and down …. Remember, Davy, you don’t need to report our activities to your folks. They know what you need but they are conservative Methodists and so they are uncomfortable in the sex area.” (I am glad I later moved on to a more liberal denomination that gives greater value to nature, community and reason.)

“Oh. Your dick is getting stiffer and warmer, Davy. That means blood from your body is flowing into your penis. … This must feel good. I can tell from your eyes as well as your cock.” She then takes her other hand and grasps my balls. I feel the pressure as squeezes them while gradually increasing the force.

“Oh! Aunt Helen, here it cums. Jesus! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Jesus! My cock is rock hard and ready to explode. The semen begins to spurt. With the toes of her long narrow sun-tanned right leg on the newspaper she pushes it out further from the bed since the semen is shooting beyond the paper. Oh. Oh. Oh! It feels so nice. “Ahhh most of the semen starts falling on the paper but some goes off to the side onto the floor.”

….I lay back on the bed exhausted.

My aunt and I both fall back on the sheets and rest holding each other. I think that she has given me so much pleasure I should reciprocate. After about five minutes I roll to my side and grab her tanned full left breast. She responds by once again tightening her grasp of my testicles. I direct my fingers to pinch a rosy nipple. “Ohhhhhhh,” she moans and turns into me for more. As she tightens her grip on my jewels I pinch her nipple harder- then her other nipple. With all her fingers and her palm of one hand she flattens my balls to my body. Her sucking now emits noises but she they don’t slow the vacuum she creates. I see her tongue darting out like a snake’s to catch some cum that escaped and is sliding down the corner of her mouth.

I then suck her near nipple and my lips pull in as much of the aureole as I can. My mouth jumps from tit to tit, suck, tease and nip. She arches her back and quietly moans. “Ahhhhhh- mmmmmmm.” I smell her cunt scent combined with her cologne. I have no idea what her perfume is but it complements her pussy’s.

…. She sits up, turns as she then falls to the bed and lands on her back. She appears to be exhausted. For a fleeting second depression catches me as I realize that life can never get better than this moment. She leaves her hand resting flat on top of my penis and balls.

We don’t say anything for several minutes. Finally, she kisses the head of my penis, “Davy, you can take a shower. Next time you come please bring a few changes of underwear for future sessions. We should have fun and get to know each other even better. Would you like some lemonade?”

When I come out of the shower I start to walk over to get my clothes when I note she is looking at my hanging red sore member.

As she stares, the silent message I get is, “That is mine!” She hurries to me, and gets on her knees, puts her hands on my hips and sucks out what ever semen was left. I have never had such a peak experience in my life. I lay back on the bed for a few minutes.

After short refreshment, “Davy, I have a lot of projects around this house than needs a man’s attention. So please come and see me at least every two weeks - more often if you want to.”

“I will m’am.” I then go to the shower and note she sneaks a peek before I finish.

I dress. “Here, give me a hug before you go.” She has folded her arms in her front so as I pull her to me I find that her hands on gripping my genitals. This woman is definitely addicted to sex. We all benefit from her desires. I savor the squashed breasts against my chest.

“Say hello to your mom and dad for me. Bye!” She kisses me on the cheek.

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Your whole premise of your story is bogus, Iowa did not have soccer programs in the 60's and 70's for kids the age you would have been.

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Very dull could use more fucking

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