A triathlete meets other triathletes for a new event
I figured she was a triathlete. Being a novice triathlete myself I had worked to lose weight and to find a way that would keep me interested in the long-term. When I saw that there was a local triathlon advertised at my health club, I decided I wanted to train for it. Being in the world of triathlon there are things I know to look for: 70.3 window stickers, certain bike features, and the physical features that define triathletes from other runners.

On this day I was at a week-long conference and I had seen a small SUV pull in the afternoon we arrived that had a bike fitted for triathlon, mounted on the back. The next morning as I was walking to the conference center across the resort campus, she ran right past me, pushing her bike in one hand as she unbuckled her helmet with the other.

Yep. Triathlete.

“Doing bricks this morning?” I called out to her.

Looking back as she ran, “No time! I’m running late.”

I had never really been attracted to black women before. It’s not a racial thing, just a preference. I’d seen some that were very pretty, even sexy, but I’d never expressed an interest. For this woman I could not see much of her face as she had on her bike helmet and sunglasses, but she was fit. In her bike shorts and sleeveless bike jersey, I could see a form and thought I would see if I could find her to share stories maybe during lunch.

I didn’t see her that day, but the next morning she was in the same conference session I was in. As we were leaving for lunch, I caught up with her. She was very pretty. Her hair was close-cropped and curly, but not real tight curls, natural-looking. She was dressed in a nice shirt and black dress pants, looking very professional. As I approached her I noticed a very soft expression, very calm and light brown eyes. Her skin was clear and smooth and she had just enough makeup on to look natural, but refreshed.

“Excuse me,” I said, approaching from beside her.

She looked my way, but kept walking as the crowd pushed toward the parking lot on their way to lunch. “Yes?” she said, cautious but friendly.

“I’m Hunter. I’m the one who asked you if you were doing bricks yesterday morning as you ran past me with your bike.”

“Hi. Angela. So you know about bricks?” she asked, softening.

“Yes. I just started doing triathlons a couple of years ago and by the looks of your equipment, it looked like it was set up for tri.”

“Good call. I’m in training for one that will actually take place next weekend. I’m leaving straight from the conference to the race site.”

“Would you mind if I bought you lunch today? We could talk a little more. I don’t know anyone here, so I’d enjoy the company.”

“I don’t know. I’m meeting a friend who came with me. We work together and she’s also my training partner.”

“I understand. I hope to see you around. Maybe we’ll talk later.”

“No, I didn’t mean that. I just meant I’d need to speak to her and see about lunch. You don’t mind a third, do you?”

“No, not at all. In fact, I’m buying if she’d like to join us.”

As we walked toward the parking lot, I followed Angela over to that same silver SUV. As we approached, I saw her friend standing there, waiting for her. She was a shorter Asian woman with shoulder length hair and a big smile. Her frame was lean like Angela’s, but also smaller, not surprisingly for an Asian woman.

“Lin, this is Hunter. He offered to take us to lunch. He’s a triathlete, too, and saw me running yesterday, and we just met a few minutes ago. What do you think?”

“Hi, Hunter, nice to meet you. If Ange thinks you’re okay, that’s good enough for me.”

We decided where to go for lunch and by the time we got a table we didn’t have much time before the next session, so we decided to skip it and give ourselves an extra hour.

As we talked, I found out about Angela’s desire to do triathlons as a support for her brother who used to do triathlons and talked her into it. Her first race was supposed to be with him, but he was diagnosed with cancer and had to face treatments, but told her to race for him instead. After sharing the story and thrill with Lin, she began training with her and they had run several races together.

Over the course of lunch we decided to have dinner together and then to run together in the morning. The next morning as I arrived at Angela’s room I was wearing my usual tech shirt and running shorts, but when she opened the door, both ladies were wearing their sports bras and tight running shorts, which gave me a perfect view of their forms. Angela’s breasts were not large, but proportionate, while Lin’s were smaller, but fit her frame well. Both had flat and somewhat defined abs, toned arms and shoulders, and asses that were among the best I’d seen. And obviously their legs were tight, toned and tanned.

As the three of us ran, we stayed in a single-file line both to keep a smaller profile on the side of the road, and also so that each of us could set the pace for a little while and then let someone else do it. When it was Ange’s turn I couldn’t help but watch her ass as she ran, though I tried not to be obvious about it. When Lin was in front of me, I would watch her pony tail swing, but also caught myself looking at her ass as well.

Over the course of the week, we had established quite a rapport and decided to do one final evening of dinner and just relaxing together. I wasn’t sure if the signals I had been receiving had been real or imagined, so I planned on making a determination by dinner the next evening.

Since I had looked for an opening and had realized that we had never discussed our dating relationships, I thought this would be a good time to do so before making a fool of myself. Part of my problem was that I couldn’t decide who I was more attracted to, so I figured that if one of them was in a relationship, I would just try to make progress with the other one. During dinner the conversation turned to relationships and each of us confirmed that we were not currently with anyone and apparently we were all free to flirt.

I have to tell you ladies that although my initial intent wasn’t to pick you up, I can’t help but become attracted to both of you. You are both beautiful and have so many great qualities that I couldn’t decide who I wanted to go out with if I had to.”

Lin’s eyebrows raised as I was speaking, and she looked at Angela. “Well, Hunter, who says you have to choose?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, there are other ways to choose. Maybe we should have some sort of contest to see, (a) if you’re worthy of either of us, and (b) which of us you’d rather have,” Angela said.

My ears perked up and my mind started to race with dirty thoughts, but I figured I’d better not get ahead of myself. “That sounds good to me. So, how do we choose?”

Angela leaned in and said, “Why don’t we go up to my room, have a few drinks, and…um….’flesh out’ the details?” And then she leaned back, never once taking her eyes off of mine. I looked at Lin, who just sat there with a smile and then she raised that eyebrow again in challenge.

Trying to act cool, I said, “I can do that.”

Angela slid me her key card and said, go get some drinks and come on up to the room. Just let yourself in.

I was back at her room in about a half hour after running to the store for a variety of drinks, everything from beer and wine to harder liquors for mixed drinks. I didn’t know what they preferred so I got everything. I slid the card into the lock and when I opened the door, I called out so they wouldn’t be surprised.

“Come on in, Hunter.”

When I walked around the corner I saw both ladies back in their workout gear, their sports bras and running shorts, with Lin’s hair in a pony tail. Ange was on her back with one leg straight and the other leg pointing at the ceiling because Lin was on her knees leaning on it as she would presumably do to assist in stretching before a run. Upon seeing the expression on my face, they stopped and smiled for a few seconds before Lin said, “Don’t just stand there; pour us a drink.” I could swear she was very subtly grinding on Angela’s upturned leg.

As I unpacked the alcohol and poured us each a drink in the hotel glasses, the ladies stood up and walked over the couch to sit down across from an empty desk chair.

“Sit down, Hunter,” Angela said. As I sat, she continued, “Lin and I have been coming up with some competitions to help you make a decision, but that means that you also have to participate to determine your own worthiness. How do you feel about that?”

“That sounds fine.”

“Good. You go first. Take off your shirt.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Did she stutter?” Lin barked. “Off!”

I unbuttoned my shirt and they watched my hands with each button until they started eyeing my chest as I worked the lower buttons. I heard them mutter back and forth approvingly about my physique and my chest hair. As I stood there awaiting further direction, Lin said, “Nice. Pants.”

I used my feet to remove my shoes, then removed my socks before unbuckling and removing my pants. Now I was only wearing my watch and boxer briefs.

“I think you’re worth some effort,” Ange said as she looked me up and down. Lin nodded her agreement. “Okay, what do you want from us?”

I sat down and took a sip of my drink before saying, “Stand up and stand on your tip toes.” They both stood up and posed nicely, then raised up on their tip toes, accentuating their calves, arching their backs, and giving shape to their legs. “Now turn around.” They turned around and I could see their asses, tight in their shorts.

“Are you wearing panties?” I asked. I thought I could hear smiles through their words.

“Yes,” they answered.

“Then take off your shorts. And keep your backs to me and your legs straight.”

As they removed their shorts, their asses stuck out toward me and they could have answered no and I almost would have believed them for as little underwear as they each had on.
With only g-strings appearing from between their cheeks, I was even more entranced by their asses. “Back up,” I said, and when they were close, I touched each of their asses with both hands, sending a mutual shudder. I saw them hold hands at my touch and took a gamble. “You’re both very beautiful and smooth. Touch each other’s ass and tell me who you think has a nicer one.”

They quietly did so, spending more time than necessary making their evaluation, even looking into each other’s eyes for a large part of it. “Well,” said Lin, “we’re both firm and smooth, but I have to admit that Ange has a little more junk in the trunk.” She gave Ange a little squeeze as she said that, her pinky dipping a little into the crack.

“Very well, then. I’ll go with Ange on this one. One-zero, Ange.”

Ange turned around and said, “Your turn.” I stood up and awaited my instructions, butterflies in my stomach and my cock beginning to stir. This didn’t escape their notice, but they just looked at each other and smiled. Lin walked up and Ange followed suit as they both began to lightly caress my chest and shoulders, down my abs and back up, then down my arms.

“Turn around,” Said Lin. I complied and felt their hands on my shoulders, down my back, over my ass, then all the way down to my calves and back up, each one taking a leg. On their way back up, both had a hand on my inner thighs and brushed them along my perineum as they brought them back out and up onto my ass. They paused and then all four hands grabbed my waistband and pulled my underwear down to my feet, where I instinctively kicked them off.

Rather than asking me to turn around, they touched my bare ass lightly and I heard Angela say, “Very nice.” After a brief pause, their hands left me and Ange said, “Okay turn around.” When I did, their backs were once again to me. I was glad because I was semi-hard and didn’t want to embarrass myself just yet, wanting to appear in control.

“Take off your tops,” I said confidently. They did, and threw them off to the side. “Now your panties. Again, knees straight.” Without hesitation, they pulled their bras up over their heads and tossed them to the side as well.

Rather than asking them to turn around, I walked over to them and touched their hair, down their necks, over their shoulders, down their backs, to their asses again, this time brushing my middle fingers down deep into their cracks. They seemed to enjoy this as I heard a change in their breathing.

“Turn around.” When they turned around I immediately took notice of two things: the looks of passion on their faces, and their tits. They were both beautiful. Lin’s were a decent size, though smaller than Ange’s, with dark pink aureole and Ange’s were about a handful with dark brown aureole. Each was beautiful in her own way. I examined both women by touching, squeezing and lightly pinching them. Their responses betrayed their pleasure, as my own response betrayed mine.
I leaned in to kiss Angela with my hand on the back of her head, and we kissed passionately for a few moments before I turned to Lin with my other hand on her head, and repeated it. When I withdrew, I gently put pressure on the backs of their heads toward each other, just to see. And without much prompting they began to kiss each other just as passionately.

“That’s what I thought,” I said. From there I just stood back and let them have a turn at each other. The contrast of their skins, the passion and gentleness of their touch, the eroticism at their initiative with each other, was incredible! I had to keep from touching myself as I watched them go from standing to sitting on the couch, then as they masturbated each other, sucked on each other’s breasts, and ate each other independently and then in a 69.

They were not recovering, but were rather just getting started when they stood up and took my hands, leading me to the bed. They had already folded down the bed spread so that we were resting on the soft velour blanket underneath. As soon as the backs of my knees hit the bed, I fell back and Lin kept moving, pressing me back as she straddled me and walked all the way up my body, straddling my face and settling down onto it.

Her aroma was intoxicating and familiar. She was neatly trimmed up top and bare below, leaving her smooth and sensitive for us both to enjoy. I had to wonder how much of this moisture was her excitement and how much was Ange’s saliva, but Lin was soaking wet.

As soon as she settled down onto me, I felt Ange’s hands on my stomach, and thighs as she licked from my balls up to the head and engulfed it. Each time she sucked me in she took more and more. She would alternate between taking me all the way in and just exploring the area with her tongue and hands. She spent a few minutes there until she heard Lin orgasm, and then they changed places.

Whereas Lin’s pussy was somewhat dark with a dark pink inside, Ange’s was shaved completely bare with lips that were almost completely black, with bright pink exposed when her lips spread open. She tasted absolutely insane. She was clean and musky and amazing. I had to concentrate and clinch so that I wouldn’t come as I ate Ange’s pussy while Lin sucked my cock with incredible skill.

After Ange came, Lin immediately crawled up me to clean her up before they began kissing again. With Ange on her back, Lin settled in between her legs and rotated up onto her knees. With one hand she stroked herself, then pulled her lips open, giving me an invitation. I took one long swipe with my tongue from her clit to her asshole and she moaned into Ange’s cunt, setting Ange off on another search for orgasm. Holding my cock in one hand and resting the other on Lin’s back, I pushed in steadily and strongly, watching her lips grab my cock, and feeling her pussy embrace me once inside. She was amazing inside, as out.

At first I took long, controlled strokes, to Lin’s apparent delight, but then I became aggressive and pounded into her until my balls slapped her clit. With each thrust, she slammed into Ange’s pussy and they both expressed rhythmic approval.


To speed things up, I grabbed Lin’s pony tail and pulled her head back, leaning over her back and kissing her. They both squealed as I did so, Lin from the pleasure of the aggression, Ange from the sight of her friend being controlled and fucked into oblivion. When we kissed, I tasted Ange and it made me want her all the more. I wanted to see our skin contrast where we joined, and to see her pink open to me.

I withdrew from Lin, apparently unexpectedly, and grabbed Ange by the hand. When they saw what I was doing, they eagerly traded places. I put Ange on her back so I could see her tits while I fucked her and I hooked my elbows under her knees to roll her up at the hips. This allowed me deeper penetration, allowed her to see my cock drilling her dark pussy and allowing Lin easy reach if she wanted it. Apparently she did because she turned around and sat on her knees. The only thing blocking her from sitting on Ange’s face was the fact that I was making out with her while approaching her pussy with the head of my cock. I wanted to feel her response, to feel her scream into my mouth when I forced the head in.

As the head of my cock felt around for the opening to her pussy, it grazed her asshole and she shuddered, but didn’t reject me. Note to self. Soon enough, my head dragged up to the opening of her cunt, and I dropped my hips, pounding all the way in, in one single aggressive stroke, still wet with Lin’s pussy juices.

When I raised up, Lin immediately mounted Ange’s searching tongue and worked again toward another orgasm. She alternated touching herself with touching Ange’s tits or pussy. Since Lin’s face was still available, I took advantage and made out with her while fucking her best friend, her lover.

All these various sensations were driving me crazy and were getting me to a point where I couldn’t control myself anymore. I had held on as long as I could and used every technique I could think of, but enough was enough.

“In or out, Ange?”

She knew. “In! Lin can get it out of me!” I don’t know how she formed a cohesive thought, but apparently the thought of me coming in her and her friend eating it out, was too much for her, too, and the conversation Lin heard, set her off as well. It was a chain of events. Lin came on Ange’s tongue. Ange came on me, and the grip of her pussy mixed with everything else, pulled one of the best orgasms I’d ever felt, out of my balls. I don’t know how my cum didn’t shoot out Ange’s nose with as much force as there was behind it.

My balls contracted, my cock swelled and the head burned as the first blast fired into Ange’s cunt. The first and subsequent blasts were not only intense, but also long. I don’t know how many there were, but it felt like dozens.

As soon as I finished, I collapsed over to my side, but Lin was quickly on my cock, cleaning it off and sucking the last bit out of me. Frankly, it hurt a little, but I wasn’t going to complain. As soon as Ange was up, she had her hand cupped over her pussy, turned her back to me, looked over her shoulder at me, and settled over Lin’s face.

“Watch, Hunter. You’re going to want to remember this.” As soon as my eyes focused on her pussy, Ange removed her hand and a string of my cum tethered her hand to her pussy before a stream of our mixed juices flowed out into Lin’s open mouth. Lin made a noise like she was enjoying a fine wine, swallowed what she had and began digging in her best friends pussy to get the rest of her treat.

If I could have come again right then, I would have.

After a couple of minutes and another orgasm for Ange, we all lay in a heap on the bed. “Well,” said Lin, “Who won?”

Laughing, I said, “it was a tie. Rules of the league require a rematch at a time and place to be determined by the committee.”

Ange said, “Well, I guess we’re the committee?”

“Absolutely. Maybe we should meet over breakfast.”

“I look forward to that,” said Lin.


**If you like this one, I’ll add part 2 soon.

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