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My name is Kimmy I am of Asian descent I am now 28 and have recently been working as a topless barmaid at a busy hotel. I had a somewhat weird transition from goodie, goodie teenage girl to what I am today. A not so innocent late 20's woman; I have wrote it as honestly as I remember. This adventure starts when I was aged between 12 and 14.
From my early years I was always Daddy's little girl; very innocent and good at studies. I went to a school that was not too welcoming to Asian people. I became a loner hiding myself away in the library. It was in my 3rd year of high school that things changed dramatically for me.

I was almost 15 my breasts were small compared to other girls my age by now though I was still dressing in a way regarded as innocent. I was about to have my eyes opened that would affect me to the present day. A new student called Leanne joined my class; I was soon introduced to her 16 year older brother Jason. It was he who would take my virginity after the Moomba Festival during the Labor Day weekend.

A group of us that attended were all Jason's friends; and for the first time in many years I was happy about life. These kids did not care that I was Asian; and duly treated me like one of them. I tasted beer for the first time at Moomba; and went on many rides. Then after the evening firework display Jason and I made out; it was awesome.

By the banks of the River Yarra I went swimming with Jason and we became separated from the rest of the group. We drank more beer before kissing which led to him probing under my skirt. At first I tried to block him, but then I gave in as he fingered me. My pussy became very wet as he caressed me in the moonlit night.

I did not care that my knickers were coming off because I had finally found someone who liked me for who I was; and not hating my mixed race. I was really wet when he took out his cock out; it was the first cock I had ever seen so I just stared at it.

"You can touch it"

It was glistening on the tip as I fondled it while he reached under my shirt and handled my perky nipples. I just lay on my back enjoying it; as he kissed me he asked "Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes, please" I said, still the innocent little girl feeling a little mischievous and turned on a lot. His cock reached the entrance of my pussy and slowly entered; I remember thinking “Fuck this hurts”. I bit my bottom lip and grimaced.

"Relax first time is always a little painful" he whispered and kissed me.

It was hurting like hell; but once my pussy became numb I felt really tingly all over. At that stage of my sex life I had only had wet dreams; I had never even played with myself.

“Oh God this feels good; sore but good” I arched my back as something like a shock went through my body; I had, had my first orgasm.

I screamed out loud and looked in to Jason's eyes giggling; he smiled, kissed me and started to build up momentum. Jason fucked me until he was about to cum then pulled out and sprayed his cum over my tits and nipples. I played with the sticky substance on my body.

I did not know that Leanne and the others had been watching, but they began clapping and cheering when it was over. When I got home I discovered my knickers had blood in them; it explained my pain of the time. I hastily threw them in the bin so Dad could not possibly find out.

I was beginning to become close friends with this group of teenagers. It was then I started to play with my pussy each night until I squirted, yes I was squirting my pussy juices. I thought it was weird because in sex education they never mentioned that a woman can squirt in orgasm. I was too scared to say anything to my parents or anyone else except Leanne. My grades marginally started slipping from an 85-90% student to a 70-80% student.
About a month past since the “Moomba” Labor-Day long weekend.
It was during the Easter long weekend break that I wore a flannelette top with no bra, short shorts, knickers and gym boots to Jason and Leanne's house. They were all sitting around a camp fire in the back yard; drinking casks of cheap wine we called goon.

As we were hanging out drinking; a weird object was brought out; it was my first contact with a Bong. Initially I was completely bemused at what it was; I saw 3 or 4 of them smoke it before it was passed to me. I had only ever smoked a cigarette once for which action had earned me a beating from my father. Regardless of that I tried it and almost coughed my guts up while everyone else laughed.
After a few more smokes and sips of wine I was buzzing and feeling very happy; I felt smashed so I unfastened a few buttons of my flannelette top and relaxed. Jason began kissing me and feeling up my tits; the atmosphere was happy with laughter and talk.

I leaned back as my eyes were struggling to stay open; I thought it was Jason still feeling my tits and kissing my neck making me horny. I had become lost in the moment and never realised it was Jason’s friend Matt. He was reaching inside my shorts and I was letting out little moans as his fingers met my wet pussy. As this went on I felt a second pair of hands touching my tits; the second person was Jason who had returned.

“Slide your shorts off” Jason whispered.

I did and they helped me with the removal of my panties too. Suddenly I felt something at my pussy entrance; someone’s cock was prying its way inside. After hesitating for a moment I went back to kiss who was kissing me. When my entrance was breached I arched my back squirmed and spread my legs apart. I was tingling all over and moaning while kissing and feeling my nipples and tits being rubbed.

I did not care that we were being watched by them all; a few minutes passed before I felt something like lightning strike. Stiffening my back I wrapped my legs around the guy inside my pussy as I had an awesome orgasm. I semi yelled out with a small giggle; the person kissing me then wanted to be inside my pussy.

Briefly opening my eyes I discovered I was lying on my back wearing gym boots; with my flannelette shirt opened up. I can not remember what I said when I seen everyone looking at me; all I can recall was Jason was now fucking my pussy. A cock was also presented for me to play with as I wrapped my legs around Jason’s back. Moaning with joy I was stroking 2 cocks off while on my back being fucked; Leanne smiled at me as I closed my eyes again smiling.

It is still a bit blurry what happened or how much time passed though I remember someone trying to enter my mouth with their cock; which I blocked by turning my head away and mumbling “No”.

I had cum over my tits, face and hair when I tried to get up. I noticed that Leanne was part of the action too now. She was doing something I had never seen at this stage of my life; being fully stuffed. All of her holes were filled with a cock; and she looked to be fully enjoying it. I never thought people did anything like that; I watched, in amazement. The guy trying to enter my mouth sat next to me watching too.

He was one of Jason’s friends. He asked me “Have you ever tasted a cock before”?

Quickly I shook my head in disgust saying “No”.

Leanne was sucking a cock as we spoke while on all fours; with another cock in her ass and one up her pussy. She was having a time of her life reaching orgasm after orgasm. I felt my pussy; it was sore and tender with cum oozing from it. It made me wonder how long I had been out of this world for; and who and how many had fucked me.

While watching Leanne I took the guy’s cock in my hand and asked him “Can I try tasting it”?

“Yes” he agreed with a smile.

Moving to all fours I rejected it at first because the smell and thought of it appalled me. The rejection ended once I got the thing in my mouth; it tasted salty and not that bad at all. I took my mouth from it and looked at the guy before going down on it again. I did not get the whole length in my mouth, but I knew he loved it. It amazed me as I sucked half of his shaft just how quickly it grew and hardened in my mouth.

Not realising Jason had returned I was sucking his mate off while on my knees. My mouth was sucking cockhead deep to half shaft when Jason’s cock entered my well used pussy. I moaned; stopped for a second and returned back to sucking it felt awesome. Then several minutes passed before his cock shook in my mouth and began spraying cum down.

I quickly pulled off and spat out his cum; he looked annoyed though he did rub my hair as if thanking me. So I then put it back in my mouth and sucked what was left on his cock completely clean while Jason continued fucking me. I had yet another orgasm causing me to almost bite down on his cock; I pulled it out and grinned like I had never grinned before.

Jason finished and I remember trying to stand up; but my legs had turned to jelly. I stumbled back on to the ground giggling inanely; Leanne had finished so she helped me up. We both walked back inside the house talking; Leanne was totally naked while I was wearing only my gym shoes and dirty flannelette.

“How did you enjoy it” she asked.

“Fucking loved it and I want to attempt to try what you were doing on my birthday”. My birthday falls on ANZAC Day a public holiday.

“Really; then I will talk to Jason about organising something”.

We then showered together helping to clean each other up. I had never touched another girls fully developed breasts before. We giggled a lot then dried ourselves off. I wore a robe as all my clothes were in the washing machine; I fell asleep on the couch.

It was a lot more of the same the next day as we smoked weed and drank goon. We all fucked and sucked until about 10pm before again taking a shower. I went home for Easter Saturday night feeling very weary and with an extremely sore cunt.

More next time around...

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2015-04-05 13:46:19
I hope this party didn't result in pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases! It doesn't seem that any thought was given to those possible outcomes. ...The story was well told, anyway.


2013-07-25 23:10:26
Thank you once again! You've given us some insight into what it's like to be of mixed parentage. Life can be confusing, but throughout the rough and tumble, you come out on top by being yourself.

I would encourage people afraid of or uncomfortable with their own skin color or ethnicity to read your stories. They will find a lot to lift their spirits up and be brave. In the end, it's all about happiness. Another great story! Thanks for sharing.


2012-05-11 00:43:19
This is your best story yet

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2011-01-24 10:28:57
This is a hot story I likes it.

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2011-01-22 14:41:48
Yes she had sex with drugs; but you have to realise besides being very young and naive; she was experiencing things for the very first time.

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