Part VI in the “I’m Not Alone” Series takes Chris on a little twist as he and his group of peepers show off for each other. Enjoy the segment and remember, your comments are always welcome.
As I was walking home after a night of peeping, I heard a rustle of leaves along the path in the park that I used as a gateway for my adventures. I stopped to listen but heard nothing. I waited and then asked, “Whose there?” Again I waited for a response and then I heard a reply; one that I did not expect. It was a familiar voice saying, “It’s me Chris, it’s your Mom.”

“Mom?” I asked disbelieving my ears. “Is that you?” As she walked up to me, my mouth flew open and I felt a since of sheer horror come over me. “What are you doing out here?” I asked challenging her presence.

“Well, Honey, if you must know, I’m following you,” she said. My heart skipped a beat as the blood raced through my veins. How long as been out here tonight? When she said “following me” where did she mean? She didn’t mean following me everywhere. Oh my God, she did; I’ve been found out. I’m dead!

“Let’s walk awhile, Chris,” she said taking my hand. She didn’t grip it tightly in a restraining manner but gently as a mother holds a frightened child’s hand. She knew that I was frightened; hell I was scared out of my mind, so she just walked along in silence for awhile. As we approached the playground she finally started to speak.

“Chris, I’ve never told you about how I met your father have I?” she asked.

My mind was a blur with thoughts and then she asked me this? “Huh uh,” I responded.

“Well, your father was just out of the service when I met him; I was still in high school. He was quite a bit older than I was. He was so handsome and I fell for him instantly. Well, one thing led to another and the next thing we knew, I was pregnant; with you Honey. We got married right away and we had you and everything was just fine. Your father got a job with the local bakery, delivering bread, the one that he still has and I assume the one he will always have. Time just flew by, Chris. You grew up into a fine boy, I finished up my high school after 10 years, we bought this house we live in and everything was fine,” she reminisced out loud as she took a seat on the swing.

She swung for a few minutes, not saying a word. I was beginning to wonder if I was supposed to say something when she continued. “Your father is a good man, Chris. He works hard to make the living for us and he doesn’t drink or smoke or anything like that. I doesn’t beat me, God forbid, and he adores you,” she roughs up my hair as she says this, “but…there is something missing. I know it’s his work schedule, having to get up so early and I’ve accepted that. But, I’m just 28, Chris. I know we’ve told you that I’m 35, but that was just to keep you from figuring out that we were pregnant with you before we were married. But 28 isn’t very old. I’ve still got these feelings; these feelings that your father can’t satisfy for me.”

She looked down into her lap in embarrassment and fell silent again. I was trying to stay up with this revelation that she was laying out for me, but it was coming so fast and furious that I was having trouble sorting it all out. As I was thinking about what all she had told me so far, she continued. “One evening I went in to tuck you in like I used to and I found that silly dummy that you laid in your bed to fool me and noticed the window was partly opened. So the next night I listened carefully and when I heard you open the window again, I let you leave and decided to follow you. That was two weeks ago and I have been following you every night since.”

The realization of what she just now said hit me like a freight train. I started shaking, I felt sick to my stomach, but most of all, I felt betrayed. After all my hard work bringing everyone together, making sure we were covered from anything like this happening and then I get busted.

“I know where you go and with who. I know about your secret pact with the photos and whoever drew your name is a genius Chris; that was priceless. Having you put on my panties and bra; how hilarious and oh by the way, thanks for washing them out for me.”

I was mortified with embarrassment. All I could do was to hang my head as the tears started to well up. I sniffed then back and my Mom realized that I was crying and stopped to give me a hug. “Oh Chris Honey, I’m sorry for making you cry,” she said earnestly wiping the tears from my eyes. “Oh baby, I’m sorry. I’m not going to say anything to anybody, Chris, I’m not I promise. The only reason that I’m telling you this story is to help you realize that I just want you to continue with what you are doing. I’ll continue watching you watch other people, that’s all.”

I was shocked at her words; shocked and then very relieved. She wasn’t going to bust me. My Mom knew what I was doing and she just wanted to watch me do it. Wait a minute, why would my mother want to watch me peep into other people’s windows at night? What was going on here?

“Chris, I want you to continue, I need you to continue. You see, I haven’t been with your father in two months now. I’m just 28 damn it, I need something to get me off! Watching you play with yourself and with Annie, gets me off, don’t you see. I even thought that you could use our house for everyone to come over and perform for your group. Carl goes to bed by 9:00 usually and he’s asleep before his head hits the pillow. Your bedroom is off on the other side of the house. It would be perfect!” she said with excitement in her voice. “Oh please Chris, at least think about it. No one has to know; I won’t tell anyone. It will be or little secret; just you and me.”

We got up and walked back to our house and we walked around to the front door this time and walked right in. We hadn’t spoken all the back but I said, “Good night Mom,” and went to my room. As I was just reaching for the light switch after changing into my pajamas, there was a gentle knock at my door.

I opened it to my mother. She was ready for bed also and she was wearing a terry cloth robe pulled tight around her waist. She came in and closed the door behind her. “Chris,” she said hesitantly, “I’m sorry for dumping that all on you this evening. Are you alright?” she asked reaching for a hug.

“I think so Mom,” I answered. “It was a lot to take in all at one time.” I let myself be drawn into to warm familiar confined of a mother’s embrace and then I felt her body resting against mine. It has warm and close as she was pressing into me harder now. I had on my short, cutoff pajama bottom and a tank top so I could feel the warmth of her body being so close. Then she said something that totally shook me to my rafters. “Chris Honey, can Mommy come to bed with you just for awhile?”

I was speechless. I tried to say no but the words would not form in my mouth. I looked into her eyes and all that I could see was a pleading look of desperation. I slowly moved back the covers on my twin bed and crawled to the far side and lay down. My Mom reached for the light switch and as the room became suddenly very dark, I heard her robe hit the floor and felt the weight of a body crawl in beside of me.

The first sensation of her presents was the feeling of the warm, soft flesh of her breasts rubbing up against my bare shoulder. I held my breath trying to determine what that feeling was. As soon as I realized that she had put her chest onto my shoulder and was cuddling up to me, I opened my mouth to speak but I was stopped by another sensation. It was the presence of her leg being draped over my thigh and then I felt the brush of her pubic hair as she ground her crotch into my hip.

“Touch me, Chris, just like you touch Annie,” she whispered into my ear.

“But you don’t feel like Annie does,” I blurted out.

“Then pretend I’m Annie. Touch me all over,” she whispered again, “please?” she begged, breathing heavily into my ear.

I tried to comply by reaching over my body with my hand and rubbing it on her breast. It wasn’t all that big, but it was much bigger, softer and nicer than Annie’s and all of a sudden, I was enjoying rubbing my mother breast. She must have enjoyed it also because she rolled over on her back and moaned just a little.
I rolled with her and ended up partially on top of her with my leg between hers. They were separated, inviting me to rest in between them and the fragrance of her moisture coming from deep down inside her crotch caused me to shudder and remember.

I remembered the same odor coming from Annie’s crotch but this smell was stronger. As I settled myself in between her legs, I wanted to explore the source of the smell, but first I wanted to see what it felt like to suck on the nipples of the breasts that were right before me. As I took the first one between my lips, Mom sighed deeply and pushed it up into my mouth. I sucked down hard as it started to tighten up and pretty soon, it was a little pebble in between my lips. I bit down on it slightly, causing my Mom to yelp and push my face down harder.

After a few seconds sucking on the one breast, I slid over and took the other one in between my lips. I was amazed that it was already as hard as the other one. I sucked on it as hard as I could; biting it on occasion, sending my Mom into a gyrating frenzy. I scooted my knees up against her crotch. I then got up on my knees and rose into a kneeling position and placed my hand right on her pussy.

“Oh god yes, Chris, feel Mommy’s pussy. That’s right, slide your finger right into her wet puss,” she begged.

As I complied with her wishes, her hands were on either side of my shorts, tugging them down to my knees. Rising up on my toes, I had no problem removing them off of my feet and as once again placed my hand on her pubic hair, my cock was right behind it and the feeling of it rub up against her pussy caused my heart to skip a beat. Does she want me to put it in?

I felt the moisture pouring out between her wide spread legs as she was cooing and whispering her encouragement. But as I reached up to her sensitive place, she reacted with swiftness and violence.

“Oh Chris, YES!” she cried out. “Oh MY GOD! YES OH YES, Please Chris, put it in me. Yes Chris, do it, put it in!” she demanded. I lowed myself down between her legs and reached for my cock but she had already found it with her hand. Then she guided to her glory hole as she raised her hips up to meet it. Suddenly it was in, all the way, bottomed out. She had no trouble taking my little cock into her wet wanting vagina. But then, I felt the pleasure of a woman who knew what to do with a cock in her pussy.

As it went its whole length into her hole, she would cramp down on it with her muscles controlling her opening and then squeeze it tightly as it made its way back out. Then, loosing up to allow it to slide in easily until she could feel me rub up against her pubic bone and clitoris, she would tighten her muscles once again and squeeze it out. The sensation was amazing. She must have enjoyed it also because as she was squeezing and relaxing herself higher and higher towards her orgasm, she became demanding as she repeatedly begged me to thrust it in further and harder.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I knew that I had just a few seconds remaining before I shot my stuff into my mother. I suddenly thought, “Oh my god, I could make my own mother pregnant,” so I said frantically, “I’m going to shoot!”

“Go ahead and shoot it in me,” she moaned.

I had no choice any longer as I let go a squirt into my Mom’s pussy. As I continued to shoot ropes of my stuff into her, she tensed up, held her breath and then released all of her pent up emotions out of her opening as I felt the splash of her juices escaping out around of my buried cock. As we slowly came down from our climax, I drifted off to sleep still on top of her with my shriveled cock between her lips.

When I awoke, it was the next morning and I was alone. Did I have a dream or did it really happen? I felt down to my cock and I was naked from the waist down and it seemed to be encased in a hard crust that broke off into pieces as I felt it. It did happen, just as I remembered it, me with my Mom and doing it. I felt glorious and then I felt miserable. I decided to go in and take a hot shower.

As I was standing there, letting the hot water run down my back, I heard the door open. I froze, not wanting to move for fear that my Mom would come in, mad as a wet hen, demanding that I explain last night to her. I heard a rustle of clothes and then the curtain moved and there was my Mom naked as she could be, stepping into the shower. I couldn’t help but stare at her nude body as she settled into the shower and asked, “Do you mind if I join you?”

She didn’t wait for an answer but got right in and grabbing a washcloth off of the curtain rod and soaping in up, proceeded to wash my body as she talked to me. “Chris, I was so turned on last night that I think I made a fool out of myself. But you were so understanding,” rubbing my crotch with the soapy washcloth and paying special attention to my cock itself, “and you helped me relieve an itch I had building for so long. Turn around and rinse your front off,” she interrupted herself, “now spread your legs a little, wider,” as she ran the wash cloth right up my butt all the way out to my cock again, “That I wanted to show you some special attention this morning.”

As I turned back around to face towards her, she suddenly dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth, all in one gulp. If it was soft to begin with, it only took her a few seconds to have it as hard as a rock with her experienced lips. She was sucking it into her mouth, all the way to my mustache with no problem. When it was buried in there, she would suck down hard on it and drag it back out through her pressured lips. It was if she was trying to suck my balls out through the end of my cock and it took no time at all before I felt the familiar sensation start to build deep within my gut.

The feeling of her hand nestling my balls brought me over the top and she could feel my cock start to twitch. She sucked all the harder as I shot my first loan into her mouth and could feel her swallow it down her throat. Then the second and third and then they started to subside, until there was just a little oozing out the tip.

Mom looked up and smiled into my eyes and said, “Thank you Chris for last night. I mean it, I know I took advantage of you, but you really did help find a purpose once again.” She stood up and gave me a hug and then got out of the shower. I stood there, weak kneed and exhausted from my climax, letting the water cascade down over my flaccid cock.

As I made my way out to the kitchen, my Mom asked cheerfully, “What can I fix you for breakfast?” and treated me like nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.

After eating my bacon and eggs that she had prepared, she sat down beside me and said, “We’ve got to talk some more.”

I said, “Boy, do we ever.”

We talked for the rest of the morning, about how the two of us were going to handle what happened the night before, if we wanted it to continue and what it meant for the group. She told me that she wanted to continue to have “our relationship” and that she needed it to stay sane. I told her that I wanted it too. We discussed what I was going to tell the group, as far as where we were going to meet for our private programs that we were going to perform for each other and when we would start.

I asked her how she was going to enjoy our performances and keep out of sight and she said that she had that all worked out and for me not to worry about that. By the time we had concluded our talk, I had decided to meet with the group this evening and set up a program for the performances starting this week. I was excited and I think my Mom was too.

That night as I walked along the familiar path along through the park, I wondered if my Mom was somewhere behind me. A smile came to my face as I remembered the events of the previous night. I was the first one there and took my usual pace on the first swing and began to flow back and forth. When everyone had arrived, I told them the news of finding a place for the performances and they were all enthused. We decided to draw straws again to see who would be the first performer and Jimmy drew the honors of leading the way. We set the time to be Friday evening two days from now at 8:45 at my house.
We didn’t adjourn for quite awhile, we just sat around and enjoyed each other’s company but after an hour or so we split up and each went our separate ways. Annie stuck around to talk with me privately for a minute and informed me that she had started her period so the next week she would be contacting me so we could try out her private spot. I suddenly felt a love for this girl that I never felt before. I wondered what caused this feeling.

I decided to stay in the next night since no one would be out peeping that evening, so I went to bed early for a change and woke up refreshed and ready for the day. Mom went grocery shopping and I helped her put everything away upon her return and I waited for 8:45 to get there. I left early as always but I was not the first one there at the playground. The girls showed up before me and Jimmy was probably going through my window as I arrived. We waited for a couple of minutes and at 8:40, we headed for my house.

Arriving to a well lit window, we casually walked up, not fearing being caught by the person being peeped on, and took up our positions by the window. We looked in but didn’t see Jimmy. At 8:45 exactly, the closet door opened and out stepped Jimmy.

He walked over to a place right in front of the window and turned to face us. He never looked at us directly but kept his gaze in the distance. You could tell by the look on his face that he was nervous. He stopped for a minute and then began.

He started rubbing his crotch through his jeans and the more he rubbed, the bigger the bulge became. Then he stripped off his pull over shirt to reveal his skinny bare chest and then moved his hands down to his fly. Releasing the button, he unzipped his pants and removed them over his hips. There was a huge bulge in the front of his underwear and as he slowly pulled them down, an involuntary gasp escaped the mouths of the three observers.

His cock was enormous! It had to be 6 inches at least. Talking about having a complex, my god, he put me to same. Annie’s eyes grew wide with astonishment and Kim’s were more of a knowing smile. I suddenly knew the order of picture taking.

Looking very sheepishly nervous, he proceeded to play with himself until it was fully erect. It had to be 7 inches if it was an inch. My friend, being just 12 years old, was blessed with the greatest gift the world could ever provide one male; an enormous woman pleaser and he was ashamed of it. I wondered if my Mom was watching.

He closed his eyes as he proceeded to pull on his gigantic cock until he shot into the air a rope of his stuff at least four feet long , followed by another and another. I knew there was a reason that I didn’t want these performances done in my room, I’d have to clean up after everyone. As we backed away, Annie’s mouth was still wide open and Kim was grinning ear to ear. She had just staked out her territory.

We went back to the playground and waited for Jimmy to arrive. Went he showed his face, we all gave him a warm welcome with raves about his performance. No one mentioned what we were all thinking. We drew straws for the next week and it was Annie’s turn so after awhile we decided to call it an evening and slip off for our homes. When I arrived back at my house I found my Mom busy cleaning up the mess that Jimmy had deposited all over my room.

“Mom, you shouldn’t have to clean up after us,” I commented. “How did you know that Jimmy made a mess anyway?”

“God Chris, did you see the size of Jimmy’s cock?” she asked enthusiastically. “My God, he is really hung!”

“Thanks a lot Mom. You really know how to build up a guy’s self-confidence,” I said sarcastically.

“Wow, that kid is going to make some little girl real happy,” is all she could say.

“How did you see everything that went on in here anyway?” I asked, puzzled.

“That’s my little secret,” she answered. “Maybe I’ll tell you one of these days.”

She lingered around just a little bit and I was getting the feeling that she might suggest that we could crawl into bed again, but pretty soon, she kissed me good night and went to her own room. I felt a sudden sense of disappointment but settled into bed and was fast asleep.

The morning brought with it another sunny late summer day and I realized that school would be starting soon. We would have to hustle to get all of the performances in before we all started back. Wow, this summer had really flown by.

I wandered out to the kitchen and found Mom just starting some breakfast for herself so she asked me if I would join her. I sat and talked to her while she fixed my morning meal and when I had finished, Mom asked me something very unexpected.

“Chris, has anyone ever shown you about a girl’s anatomy?” she asked.

It took a little bit for me to get over the shock of the question, but I finally answered, “Well no, not exactly shown to me. I mean I found out through trial and error what Annie liked, you know where to touch her and stuff.”

“Well, I was just wondering how you managed that time with Annie, I mean she seemed to enjoy it and everything., but I was wondering if you would like to find out what girls really like and where to and much to touch them,” she asked.

I almost fainted when she said this but I recovered well and said, “Sure!”

“Okay, then right after I get through cleaning up the dishes, we’ll go to your room and we’ll show you,” she said very matter-of-factly. I got as instant erection just thinking about it. My Mom was going to show me everything about a girl’s body and I was loving it!

We entered my room and Mom seemed just a little nervous as we sat down on my bed. Her cheeks were a little flushed and she seemed to stumble over herself. But as I sat there waiting, she started telling me what a girl liked and in what order to touch the various parts.

She told me that it is always good to start out by kissing her softly and proceeded to suggest that I do as I am told, so I awkwardly kiss my Mom right on the lips. It felt weird right at first, but after a few attempts, I got into it and really started kissing her like I meant it. Mom’s lips were soft and full and she moved them around on mind and with every deep kiss, I was beginning to experience a tingling down in my groin. Her lips opened just a little so I followed suit and before I knew it, our mouths were wide open and we were exchanging more than just saliva, we were engaged with our tongues in a battle of supremacy.

After awhile of this tongue battle, I gave up and she withdrew from our passionate kissing. After catching her breath, she continued with her lesson. She told me that girls like to be touched, not in a sensuous but in a loving and caring way, on her arms, her neck or her back. This causes her to warm up to my further exploration of her body.

After she has been properly touched, I can gently brush her breasts to judge if she wants to be touched in a sexual way or not. She said that if a girl will let you caress her breasts, then chances are good that she will let you caress her in other ways also. So I touched her breasts lightly and my Mom seemed to melt under my touch. I was amazed at how well it seemed to work and I had only begun.

As I slipped my hand into her blouse and came to rest on her bra, she directed me to firmly squeeze it with my hand, taking the entire breast in the squeeze. I did as I was told and she moaned a little at my touch. She directed me to remove her blouse and as I slid it off of her arms she stuck out her breasts to me, indicating that she wanted them both touched some more. I was only too happy to comply but I first reached around the back and unfastened the bra and let it fall off to her lap.

Now both of her firm breasts were sitting right there in front of me with nothing covering them. It was the first time that I saw them in the light of day and I was shocked at how beautiful they were. Her white globes were firm and buoyant to the touch. They were not saggy in the least and her areolas were all puckered up, looking as tight as the nipple sitting on top. I instinctively moved my head down to take one in my mouth and as I made contact with my lips, she cried out in an expectant way.

Running the hard little nipple around in my mouth for a bit, I then started to suck on it as hard as I could; placing it in between my tight lips and sucking in on my cheeks. I finally let it go, but not before I gave it a little love bite, sending her into a genuine thrill of pain and pleasure. I learned this from the first time in my bed with Mom that she liked it when I bit her nipples.

Her voice came through to me in a halting, throaty instructions as she said, “Move your hands down to the wait band of my shorts and undo them now, Chris.” I follower her wishes and soon I had them wide open to her bare tummy and the top of her panties. She stood up and wiggled her hips as her shorts fell to the floor, leaving my staring right at her pink little bikinis, right at eye level. As I stared at her crotch, I could make out her pubic patch hiding under the thin material that guarded it from my full view and I could not help but put out my hand and touch it and fondle it as she continued to moan out loud.

“That’s it, Chris Honey, touch my pussy,” she cooed. “Make me feel all warm and excited for you, Baby.” She was still standing in front of me face a mere six inches or so from my mouth. She directed me next to remove her panties and I was only too happy to comply.

Sliding them over her hips, I got my first look at my Mom’s pubic hair as it came into view as the panties continued down her legs. It was a kinky, light brown mass of tangled hair, it seemed trimmed up to my eyes but what do I know about a woman’s pubic area? All I know was that it was right in front of my eyes and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Suddenly a voice was interrupting my trance and I came out of it just in time to get the gist of my next instructions. I watched as she slid one foot over a ways as her command sunk in. It was to reach up with my hand and touch her way up between her legs; up where the moisture was coming from. As I carried the next move out, I got a whiff of that aroma again, that musty sweet smell that I learned to associate with a girl’s crotch. It was an aroma that I loved.

Her knees weaken as my finger made contact with the softest lips I had ever felt. There was just a little pubic hair, all kinky and stuff, covering her two firm, puffy lips that actually sprung up against my touch in a last ditched effort to protect the treasure beneath the slit dividing them. The treasure that I only dreamt about was nearer my reach than I could imagine.

“Chris, separate my lips now and look up at the top of the slit. Do you see the little hood? That’s right, it makes kind of as upside down “V” shaped hood,” she again said in a hated, throaty voice. “That, Chris, is a girl’s most treasured possession. It is the source of everything good and evil in any relationship. It is every girl’s downfall and every girl’s dream. It is her clitoris. It is where all of her nerves come together in an unbelievable way that brings out the lust and desire in her that will cause her to loose all of her inhibitions. This is why you must never abuse the information that I’m telling you now because it can get you into more trouble than anything else in the world. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I stammered. “I mean, yes I will not abuse it, I promise.”

She turned around and took her place on the bed next to me and then slowly lay back on it, rotating her butt back into a normal sleeping position. She purposely spread her legs out wide and directed me to touch her where she had just mentioned; her clitoris. I felt that she had to prepare herself for the unbelievable sensation that she was about to receive from this one touch. So as I gently rubbed the knob hidden under her hood, I was prepared for a reaction. But nothing could have warned me against the jolt that she got out one touch. She jerked away and begged for more all at the same time. Her legs came together so fast that my poor hand felt crushed between them as I tried to remove it from her crotch. But her hand was too quick as she opened her legs again, grabbed my hand and shoved it down on her little treasure before I knew what had happened. She cried out loudly as she ran my finger over and over her sensitive spot and then, opening her mouth and sucking in her breath, she tensed every muscle in her body and strained her hips up into the touch and released a guttural cry that caused me to wonder if she was dying or something.

“OH CHRIS YES!” she kept repeating in ever increasing volume until the sound was echoing in my ears. I could no long touch her down there because she had jerked my hand away and placed it on her breast. Finally she let out her breath and she rolled over into a fetal position gasping for air. She lay there twitching and convulsing, making sounds like a cat as it purrs.

She rested for awhile as I looked on, not know if I did something wrong or if I did something right. So I waited until she finally opened her eyes, smiled at me brightly and said, “That, my son was wonderful!”

She sat up and gave me a big hug as she explained, “Chris that was what is known as a clitoral orgasm. It is, by some accounts, the most powerful thing that you can give a girl. By stimulating just the clitoris, you can bring about that kind of reaction in a girl every time you use it. It is to be used as foreplay to get a girl hot and receptive or if she is in her menstruation period and is horny as hell, I’m sorry for that, heck or something. For some girls, that’s all they ever have is a clitoral orgasm. But the lucky ones, they get to experience the other type, the vaginal orgasm; that’s the next thing we are going to learn.

She directed me to take off my clothes and to get down between her legs. As I sat back on my haunches, she asked me if I would like to taste what I had done for her. I was shocked but terribly intrigued to taste the juices that came from her opening so I agreed to put my mouth where my hand had been.

“Take it slow and easy, Chris, lick your tongue down between my lips and get the feel of it. That’s right,” as I began to slowly run my tongue up her slit towards to top. “Oh Chris,” she suddenly said, “not up there. I’m still too sensitive up there. Run your tongue down to my vagina, my opening down between my legs.”

I reversed directions and soon I could smell that sweet aroma that I desired. As I got to the opening, I tasted a fresh gooey batch of her fluids escaping out of her hole and so feeling very daring, I ran my tongue up the opening as far as it would reach. My Mom shuttered as I reached the depths of my tongue and I wiggled it around a little just to see what it would do for her. She went wild from the stimulus and her hand went to the back of my head and she pulled me into her crotch as hard as she could.

By this time, my cock was so hard it needed something to be done to it or with it or something, so I removed my tongue from the opening and nestled up to it with my erect but small 12 year old cock and attempted to put it in. Try as I might, I couldn’t find her opening, so she grabbed with her hand and quickly inserted it up to the four short inches that I had. I knew the sensation I was in for and was not disappointed in the least. She contracted and released my cock with her muscles as I rammed it into her juicy opening and after a few short thrusts; I squirted my own juices into her marvelously muscular opening and she milked me until every drop had escaped my opening. As I collapsed on top of her, she rubbed my back and I went fast asleep.

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