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i got off just typing it
I’m not ugly but not hot either. I have rusty red hair with blonde streaks to my lower back. Dark navy blue eyes and a nice figure. I’m a waitress for work, I wore my simple tight black skirt to my knees. And my white blouse that showed off my tits. My shift had just ended and I was going home.

At home someone had broken in. my pictures and things were everywhere. I entered my bed room and heard the door slam. I whipped around to see a man. He had sandy blond hair with dark brown eyes. He was muscular and he was looking me over. I was about to step back when he said.

“not so fast whore. Your here to please me” he said advancing to me. Before I could think he grabbed my hair slamming me against the wall. His body was pressed tight against mine. I felt every single mold to his body. His dick was at least 8 inches. I could feel it pressed between my ass cheeks. I heard him take out something metal. They were hand cuffs. He took my wrists and cuffed me to the door knob. I heard him untie his pants and they slid to the ground. I heard his shirt come off. They I felt his arms circle my waist and start to unbutton my blouse. I whimpered at his touch which made him laugh.

Soon my blouse was on the floor and he was undoing my bra. Then he got on his knees and slid his hands up my thighs to my underwear, he practically ripped off my skirt and underwear. He grabbed a chair and lifted me up to stand on it. He then positioned my right leg to the door knob. So my sex hole was in full view and open for business. He bent under me grabbing my ass cheeks and thrusting his tongue deep into my pussy. I moaned in surprise closing my eyes. He was licking and slurping as my pussy was beginning to wet. I started talking dirty to him.

“OH you like that pussy huh? Oh lick me you fucker. Oh GOD YYYEEEEESSSSS” I moaned as he pierced me again. My body gave a jolt but did not cum. I began to rock back and forth humping his tongue. Was I really doing this? He then removed his tongue moving slightly forward to the beginning of my lips. He flicked his tongue and I arched my back yelling in pleasure.

“OH GOD YEEEEEESSSS FU—FU--FUUUUUCK ME HARD AND DIRTY” i SCREAMED he removed his tongue and stuck his finger up my pussy. I'd jerked off plenty times before and I had sex like a 3 year old eats crayons. But OH MY FUCKING Dam WAS HE GOOD. He knew exactly where to flick and what to squeeze inside of me. Soon I felt my body tense.

“im gonna come” I said but my moan was so loud it sounded like a plea for more.
He sensed my load and put his hand under to catch it. As I squirted all over his hand he began to jack off with his lubricated hand. I heard him moan in pleasure. I strained to turn around and watch, his 8 inch was now 10 and I wanted every inch. He saw me looking lustfully at his nice round thick cock and smiled lowering my to the floor. He had me pushed against the wall and stuck his cock in my face. He was about to order me to suck it. But I had already grabbed it and began to suck. I tasted myself on him and groaned in delight. I took all of him no problem. I was bobbing my head like a vibrator trying to get more. I felt him grow more in my mouth. I started to suck and bob furiously. When I released I went straight for his sack.

I was sucking and licking. As I moved up I heard him moan some more and grabbed my head thrusting himself into me. He got deeper and deeper. Soon I had his whole dick and nut sack in my mouth with room to spare for cum. He was moaning in pleasure as I swirled my tongue around the head. Soon he was coming buckets. I thought I might need Noah’s ark. He came and came and came until he was so spent he collapsed to his knees.

I wasn’t about to let my fun end. I saddled his hips and inserted his dick clamping my thighs around him. I began to moaned as he slid deeper and deeper. It was like losing my virginity for the very first time..again. I began to rock back and forth getting faster by the second. Soon I heard the slapping of his balls trying to keep up with my demand. I was so god damn horny. He sat forward enough and began to suck my nipple as he fondled the other one. I moaned in delight as I was touched.

Soon I was coming again as was he. Our eyes locked. He laid on his back grabbing my hips and arching his ass in the air. He began to pump and thrust every inch of him inside of me. Soon he erupted so much I though I might choke 4 then 7 no 9 shots of warm gooey thick cum later I was a dam water park. Soon I began to cum coating him in myself. Soon I was rocking again still way to horny to let go. I was soon bouncing on him again.

He grabbed my waist pulling me closer on him and rocking with me. Soon we stood and I saddled his waist as he bucked his cock into me against the wall. I moaned in pleasure. Soon we were at it again rocking back and forth up and down circling him with my tongue.

Soon I got an idea and led him to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and began to wash. Soon he caught on and was standing behind me. He slid his arms around and began to wash my tits. Soon he slid his finger lower and began to slide his finger up my pussy. I leaned forward to give him a better access. Soon he was pumping his finger into her furiously.

“ah yea fuuuck me hard” i said slapping my ass onto his hand trying to go deeper.

“you want this?” he asked

“ I need it” I moaned

“take it from me then” he whispered into my ear.

Without a moments thought I backed him up into the shower wall and began to grind my pussy around his finger.

“another” I begged wanting another finger

he put in 3 fingers all together. I was grinding like a dam pole dancer. Soon my knees hurt and I laid down in the sower. He turned the shower head on high and opened my legs so the jet hit my lips making me arch my back. Soon he was jerking off right in front of me. i heard him take deep breath and moan under his breath.

Soon he grabbed my legs placing them on his shoulder's. He began to hump me. I groaned as he turned off the shower letting all the water drain out. Then he plugged the tub.

“you wanna soak in my cum?” he asked but sounded more like a heads up.

“oh yea baby” I moaned arching my back. “OHHH YEAAAA” I began to cum all over his dick and I slid around. The whole tub floor was soon covered in my cum and I said.

“wheres my dirty boy's cum?” I said over come by another moan

“right here baby” he said as his nut sack clenched and a flow of sperm erupted inside of me. I screamed in pure pleasure and hugged him to my chest. I got on all fores as he began to doggy me. I felt his nut sack slap against my ass as he grunted trying to get deeper.

so do you guys want a part two?
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anonymous readerReport

2011-01-26 22:51:04
you used the word "soon" way too much

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-24 15:06:27
By all means--develop this story more!--was the guy an actual robber or her bf playing a role? Why was she so horny only seconds into the rape? Is a nice start & I hope you keep going

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-23 05:12:54
I would personally like to see more you have alot of potential if you just develep the character of your writing more. Describe not ugly but not hot...go a little more in depth...not much but just a little and make sure that when you find yourself half way through and start enjoying it enough to play with yourself you take a fingering break before you come back to it an experianced reader can tell when you slid your hand in your pants your writing suffered for it. All in all very good and would love to see more

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-22 20:28:24
WE are not all perfact Writers, lets give encourgement to those that try. Not much Into Robbing and Raping as a story line, but this Chick is kind of different and its Fiction and we need to take it on a case by case basis.

I know lots of very skilled Playstation users to include my self.

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-22 20:24:33
Yes! It was okay, we develop as we go, i like female writers.

We could develop an acutal relationship here.

Move it from Rob and Rape to to good mutual lust and perhaps love.

Not Ugly but Not Hot is good. Everone wants these 10 bodys and almost no one has them.

most people are not ugly, but not hot, but can be great day to day, friends, fuck buddies and lovers.

Hot is also in the mind of the beholder. i have seen teens i would not fuck for any reason, and I have fifty year olds ehat look about their age and where fit and who I would love to fuck.

I am 64 and my wife is 49, we met a 43 and 26, we still either fuck or fiddle around daily. Grosses out our Grown kids still living at home but oh well so what.

One reason i still have a Water Bed (full Wave) is that she still squirts a lot. more and more a I am eating her, I just tell her when she cums just do it. I love Fem Cum Chin.

Keep up the Good Work.

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