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An e-mail I send to a friend after she told me she had just gotten out of the shower
As you dry your hair, water droplets are scattered to your shoulder blades where they form a snake following your backbone down to the crack between your ass cheeks. Squeezing their way in, they slide down the dark firmness and are turned to steam.

Some of the snake is divided, sliding around your ass almost massaging its way by, but continuing down to your long legs, the snake slithers its way downward twisting and turning down your leg as it follows gravity. Some of the drops from the snake break off after reaching your feet and single drop, gliding to your toes laps its way between them and around them.

The water still dropping from your hair in the front, hitting the top of your ear and sliding down to the lob, where it hangs like a small delicate earring.

Now dropping off and hitting your jaw, tracing its way down your jaw line, then smoothly going over the side and down your neck. Momentarily trapped at the base of your neck then creeping over to your collar bone.

In the hollow of your collar bone it sits and collects with the other drops that have followed its path down to this resting place. There is a slight jiggle of your body as your dry your hair. The drops spill from their resting place and continue their downward movement. The same drop now travels down to the top of your breast and rides the top of it to your nipple where it hangs down like a small jewel before dropping off into space.

Another drop following the first veers inward and is pressed between both of your breasts, warming itself up so much in the darkness of this inviting valley that it turns to steam and is lifted into the air.

Still other drops veer outward, cupping your breasts as they circle around them and head down your stomach almost kneeding as they head toward the V formed by your legs. They enter the V, clinging to the smooth outter lips, glistening as they form there, some sliding in your folds, moistening your inner lips, pulsing trying to move forward or downward to the end of their journey.

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2013-01-14 08:44:44
if he were really trynig to prevent his kid from getting hit, he'd hold her closer and away from the ball and shield her with his body. as for the mom, she's actually furious. being asian, like i am, our faces can be inscrutable but i KNOW he's so going to be smacked down. besides, she can't hit him because she has a sleeping baby. look at her eyes and the way she was speaking to the guy. the guy knows he;'s going to be in major trouble. and everyone knows that, including the commentators.

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2012-09-09 05:54:22
I am getting seawohmt sick and tired of allowing about 1%, if that, of our population to wag the tail of the other 99% of us. I applaud those who invite the queers to shut up, get back into your closet and out of our faces. By getting into my face by Coming Out! Stupid terminology! you solidify and inspire my further ire, resentment, rage and opposition to your unhealthy, Unholy, evil and completely disgusting sexual practices. There is NOTHING GAY about a Queer! Why should this infinitessimally small group of sexual deviates be allowed to change the Moral Standards that this country was built upon to some sub-standard which is abhorrent to the great majority of American Citizens in general, Christians in particular, all parents of small children who these people often kidnap, terrorize, violate sexually and sometimes even mutilate and murder their helpless child victims!!! And, dont give me this crap about Not being of that ilk. because YOU ARE OF THAT ILK and you protect them,

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