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As told to me by a friend
Ok my 1st time was when I was 16 and he was a 30 something married policeman from another town!

I used to party in this small town ALOT as a high school student, he had the hots for me. I knew it because he was always stopping us.

So I was out partying with some friends at a lake and he showed up with another police car and arrested me and my friends ... the other cop took my friends in his car I was put in his car!

Well it was odd cause he didn't call it in and he drove to an old country road!

Just for record I was wearing a jean skirt and a white sleeveless shirt that I had cut up the front of!

He said how pretty I was and that he'd had his eye on me for a while. He told me there was one simple way I could get out of getting into trouble. About the time he got out of the drivers seat and made his way to the backseat. Back then I was a very mouthy teenager!

So he get back to the backseat and I'm still cuffed. He pulled out a 2nd set and cuffed me to those bars that separate the seats. He started to press himself on me and feel me up.

I of course was running my mouth at him like the mouthy teen I was, he uncuffed me from the bars and shoved my head down on his cock and said, "open your mouth this is what a filthy mouthed teenager like you needs". I resisted at first and to get me to open my mouth he pulled my hair a bit, then fucked my face a bit until I gave in and sucked his rather large cock!

After I sucked him a bit he drug me out of the car and placed me spread eagle on the hood of his car. He than began to eat my hairless pussy. He told me how he loved my bald little pussy. That was the first time I had ever came from being eaten out. He sucked my clit so hard I just exploded, it was the best feeling ever, my whole body shook!

After I came, he scooted my ass closer to him and eased his cock into my pussy. Let me tell you I was totally on fire and wanting him badly by than. I was so close to cumming that way until he stopped and flipped me over and fucked my pussy hard doggystyle. All this was bareback. He fucked me that way for a bit, heheld the cuffs with one hand and reached around with the other hand and was rubbing my clit. He fucked me so hard the cuffs had cut onto the skin on the upper part of my ass cheeks, after a bit of that I shuddered and came so damn hard!

Right after I came he grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth back onto his cock. That was the first time I had ever tasted myself. I just sucked all my juices off his rock hard cock, I felt him tighten in my mouth and he shot his hot wad down my throat, he ordered me to suck every drop of him and lick him clean, he wanted me to taste every drop he had!

I thoughtits over, but he picked me back up and laid me back on the hood in the doggystyle position. He began to eat my asshole, sticking his tongue in ever so often. He then pulled me closer to him and slammed his once again rock hard cock into my dripping pussy. While he fucked me he played with my ass, pressing slightly into it with his spit soaked finger. Then he paused and said, "this will hurt if you struggle" and before it could register, he had pushed the head of his cock into my ass. He left it there for only a few minutes and then slammed the rest of himself into my ass. I remember screaming for him to stop and he just cupped my mouth and said, "remember if you struggle it's only going to hurt more" He pulled back out and spat all over my asshole andonce again slammed his cock back into me. He was nice enough to slide a hand around and play with my clit while holding onto my cuffs. I was tenseuntil I learned that letting go felt SO much better, he fucked me hard telling me how much he loved my tight little hole and how he could tell I actually liked it all. He continued this until he shot his wad in my asshole, he pulled out after draining himself into me and had me lick his cock again!

I had tears running down my face he told me that I had been such a good girl that I had earned another orgasm. He took my cuffs off spread my legs on the hood of his car and began to eat my pussy out again. He licked me from my asshole to my clit, reaching up to play with my tits and squeeze my hard nipples. He nibbled on my clit and lapped up my once again flowing juices...I was so turned on again I remember begging him to fuck my pussy. He gladly shoved every inch into me and I came with such force that I squirted for the first time, it was like nothing I had ever felt before!

He kissed on me some and helped me dress and then took me back to my friends that had not been taken home but taken to another spot on the lake. We saw each other for a while after that. He taught me so many things. We even fucked in his wife's bed a few times while she laid sleeping just rooms away.

That was how my first time went it wasn't awkward or as bad as all my friends had made it out to be.. It was in fact the opposite, which looking back now I can really appreciate. It wasn't planned, but I sure wouldn't have it any other way!

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2011-02-23 13:11:36
I loved it. I came a few times reading your story. i hope to hear more from you.

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2011-01-23 19:47:16
your a fucking faggot queer

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