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Ghetto Ho

My name is Natalie Jenkins. I cant lie im a straight up ghetto girl. Im a ebony sexy chick from the innercity Chicago. I am 5'8" tall with nice thick ebony legs. I have a light complection and big bouncy breasts. Of course i have a wonderful black booty to match.

Im 16 i live with my boyfriend Andre Hakeem Grant. He is 22 and god damn he looks good. Actually he's more than my boyfriend he is my pimp. I repeat P.I.M.P. Andre is right at 6 feet tall with a built body with nice muscles. I met Andre when i was 13. Every since thats been my main man aka my big fat black dick.

Right now its dead summer here. Actually it's July 18 and hot as fuck. Four nights out of every week i go out and get some jobs or otherwise as you say money for my pussy. I mean i live the life all bitches want. I do things i love for money. I mean fuck, suck, and eat whenever i feel like it for cash.

Well im gonna rewind about 3 years and tell you about when it all started. I was 13 with a very developed body. I had a womans figure with curves and all, but back then i lived with my mama. I was at the mall with my friends and i was trying to catch me a nigga.

Back then i was just curious about sex i was never really interested until i met Andre. I was walking through the mall with a denim skirt that barely covered my juicy ass cheeks and a red halter that showed off my hard nipples. We were sitting at the food court and andre walked over 2 me and started spittin his game. He really got me interested in him.

The only thing was he was 18 and turning 19. At first i was uneasy about the age gap but that all changed. After a few weeks of talking to him we decided to have a date at his house. I went over we had a nice dinner and all even though it was Butger King.

When we were on the couch watching television he said we were gonna watch a movie. At first i thought it would be a simple movie but it ended up he put in a porn. When he cut it on there was a man fuckin a woman. Soon after a few glimpses of the flick we were locked in a rough but passionate kiss. Soo i felt his hands roaming my entire body. First he was kissing my lips and then he was kissing and sucking my earlobes and neck.

The next thing i knew Andre had untied my halter and was lifting it above my head. Soon my perky 44C,13 year old breasts sprang free. He soon moved lower until he was kissing and fondling my breasts and nipples. I was in an erotic cloud by then my mine was free without a care in the world. Even more pleasure ran through me when i felt him pushig my shorts around my ankles.

Underneath all i had on were some red transparent thongs. I felt him untie the sides with his teeth as he carresed and squeezed my ass. Soon i flung them on the other side of the room. His tongue soon found my clitty and suckled it while he pinched my nipples.

He started slow and worked on his pace as he ate me. I felt one of his hands drift between my legs and pry them more apart. My virgin pussy was soppin wet with my sweet juices. I was in total ecstasy. All of sudden i drifted into a long and very hard orgasm. My pussy pulsed harder when he stood up to expose his large thick dick.

I lay on my back waiting on him to finally fuck my cherry away. He motioned for me to get on my knees to serve his thick member. I never had sucked a dick before but i had seen my sisters and mother do it many times. I got on my knees and opened my mouth to ivite him in. I teased the head with the tip of my tongue.

Then i opened wider to accomadate his member. I ran my tongue along the thick veins slowly. Then he grabbed the back of my head so i started to suck in and out faster. Then he pushed my mouth all the way to the base of his 8in dick. I felt his dick in my throat. Before i knew it he sprayed his long stream of hot cumm down my throat. I cleaned it up and got back on the couch. He lifted my but to the edge of the couch and told me to scoot up.

I did as he said. He started stroking his dick as he got a better view of my virgin pussy. He sliced it up and down my slit and finally positioned it against my partially closed hole. He grabbed me around the waist and forced forward with his hips breaking through the thin barrier inside of my fuck tunnel. It was plain/pleasure. On the first three pumps streams of tears ran down my face because of the horrible pain.

he assured me in a slight voice that it would be great after a few minutes. He slowed down his pace for me to get used to his large member. He went a little bit faster then faster. He eventually fucking me full speed. My mind was wirling through hot and hard orgasms when i heard him grunt and his seed went deep in my tight no longer virgin pussy. After one more cumm he slid out.

Andre came between my knees and cleaned me to another orgasm. When i got home my sister told my mother where i had been and what i had been doing. She exploded and put me out even though i was 13. Andre told me i could live with him and get a job and plenty of money and when i tun 18 we would marry but when i went home to get my belongings my mother had hard punishment for me........

tune in next time for the sequal

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