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A 14 year old bolivian orphan named Ana moves to NYC with her sister, Sofia, and Sofia's older husband Todd. Todd finds himself very aroused by Ana, and realizes he could make a lot of money off of her.
Chapter One

Ana was fourteen years old when she moved to America from Bolivia. Her parents had died in a car accident in La Paz, so her older sister Sofia brought her to America to live with her and her husband Todd in New York City. Todd was much older than Sofia, old enough to be her father, Ana thought. But she was grateful for having a place to live and good food and nice clothing.

When she arrived at the apartment in the taxi from the airport, Sofia ran out to greet her and to hug her close since they hadn’t seen each other in the two years since Sofia married Todd. Sofia was twenty now, and pregnant with her first baby. Ana was very excited that she would soon be an aunt.

Sofia led Ana upstairs to the apartment and showed her a room; it was small by New York standards, but much bigger than her bedroom in Bolivia. She opened the closet door to find it filled with clothes. Sofia smiled and told her Todd had bought them all. Ana was very excited to try them all on, but Sofia told her to wait until Todd came home so she could show them to him.

Sofia showed Ana to the bathroom, and told her she could shower if she liked. Ana happily agreed, so Sofia turned on the water for her, warning her that it was much hotter than what she was used to. Ana stripped out of her clothes and pulled her hair out of its braids.

“You have grown so much!” Sofia commented, gesturing at Ana’s budding breasts.

“Si, Sofia,” Ana laughed, “I am a teenager now!” She stepped into the tub and ducked her head under the shower spray.

When she finished her shower and turned the water off, she heard voices in the kitchen. Todd must be home! She quickly changed into her white tank top and denim skirt and ran out to greet him. He scooped her up in his muscled arms and swung her around.

“My beautiful little Ana, I am so glad to see you.” He kissed her forehead. “Did you see the clothes I bought for you?”

“Si! Muchas gracias! Would you like me to try them on for you?”

Todd smiled, “I would like that very much.” Ana turned and ran to her room, beckoning for Todd to follow. When he got there, she had already stripped down to her bra and panties—pink with red hearts—and was putting on a sundress.

Todd grinned, “You are very pretty, my Bella Ana,” he said.

Ana smiled shyly. “Gracias,” she said, pulling the dress over her head. When she had it on, she twirled around, letting the skirt swirl around her thin tan legs.

“You are a dancer right?” he asked.

Ana nodded. “Ballet for five years.”

“Would you like to take dance lessons here in New York?”

“Oh yes!” Ana smiled widely. Then her face fell. “But I don’t want you to spend too much money on me.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. I have a friend who owns a studio. He will teach you for free if you perform in his shows.”

Ana ran over to hug him, jumping up and wrapping her body around him tightly. He felt his cock stiffen involuntarily and quickly set her down.

“Time for dinner, Bella Ana. I will take you to the dance studio tomorrow after school.”

Chapter Two

Ana woke up to the sound of pots and pans in the kitchen. Sofia was making breakfast. She got out of bed and stretched her long legs out in front of her. She went to the closet and picked out an outfit for school, a short blue skirt and a white tank top with a blue sweater. She brushed her long black hair, and braided it to one side. Then she put on some blue eye shadow and sparkly lip gloss and went to the kitchen.

Todd was sitting at the Table reading the newspaper and drinking orange juice.

“Are you excited for school today, Bella Ana?” he asked. Ana nodded. “We had a tradition in my family growing up, Ana. Every day on the first day of school my mother would take our picture. I know it’s not technically the first day of school, but it’s your first day at school in New York, so would you let me take your picture?”

“Si! That would be great!”

Todd went to the draw to take out his camera, and Ana straightened her skirt.

“Say cheese,” Todd instructed.

“Cheese!!” Ana grinned, holding up her fingers in a peace sign.

“That’s perfect,” Todd smiled.

Ana ate the eggs that Sofia set in front of her, and then went outside to wait for the bus. Her stomach was filled with butterflies, as it always was when she was about to meet lots of new people. She hoped the outfit she had picked would help her fit in.

The bus arrived, and every seat was taken except for one, a seat next to a girl with pink hair and dark eye liner. Ana asked if she could sit down, and the girl shrugged apathetically.

“My name is Ana Padilla, I just moved here. What’s your name?” She asked the girl.

“Lizzie.” The girl replied, not looking up from her book. She was wearing a black hoodie and pink skinny jeans with black combat boots, and her nails were painted with chipped black polish. Ana had never seen a girl like this before except on TV.

“What are your reading?” She asked.

Lizzie held up the book so Ana could see the cover. It was a trashy romance novel, with two girls in bodices and petticoats kissing on the front. Ana was taken aback. Was Lizzie a lesbian? She didn’t speak for the remainder of the bus trip.

Meanwhile at the apartment, Todd had uploaded Ana’s picture onto the computer and emailed it to a few of his friends with the message, “Fourteen year old Bolivian bombshell. How much would you pay to pop her cherry?”

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