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Thinking her house was secluded she finds out maybe not so much...
There wasn't a lot for the older teens to do in their town. Smoking pot and drinking became the popular things to do. Troy and Shawn were no different and in fact they found a great place to go and do this late at night and on days they decided to skip during senior yr of High school.

There are some woods and it has a clear view of Michelle McMurray's house. now Mrs. McMurray was about 40 or so married with a couple of kids. Her daughter went to high school with the guys. Mrs. McMurray was very prim and proper all the time but the guys noticed she had a great body and that lately when she'd catch them staring she would smile or say hello. Well this just help them with their fantasy about her. When they realized the woods where they would go to smoke and drink had a great view of Mrs. McMurray's house they hung out there a lot. They built some cover using some of Troy's Dad's old hunting camouflage.

At first the guys we're fine working these fantasies in their heads but one morning Shawn skipped school and decided to go for a smoke, well he got more than he expected when he caught a glimpse of Mrs. McMurray walking around the house in just a little nightie. Shawn was getting alittle high and enjoyed the show while stroking his young hard cock watching her. he couldn't wait to tell troy what he'd seen.

The next day Shawn and Troy skipped school and hung out in their little hideaway, but they weren't expecting what happened next. Mrs. McMurray was again dressed in just a little t-shirt and obviously didn't have a bra on and her full 38C tits were bouncing around. Troy had brought his Dad's hunting binoculars so they could get a better view today. They were shocked when Mrs. McMurray answered the door dressed like that, it was the neighbor. Lucky guys the two thought. She let him in not really hiding her outfit, next thing they knew the neighbor was giving her a hug and started kissing her neck. his hands roamed up and down her back when one came to rest on those magnificent tits. He started playing with her nipples and they could tell she was weakening.

They sat their trading the binos back and forth watching Mrs. McMurray suck this guys cock and then him fuck her from behind. Shawn didn't know how it would turn out but he used his cell phone camera to take some pics thru the binoculars. Finally the neighbor left and Mrs. McMurray went to get into the shower. Both guys we're so horny they felt awkward with each other so they each went back to their separate houses and jerked off.

Shawn and Troy couldn't stop talking about this, Shawn's pictures came out pretty good so both of them had copies now but knew they had to keep this to themselves. A couple weeks later Troy and Shawn were in the woods smoking when they thought they should approach Mrs. McMurray with the pics and see if they could get her to give them blow jobs too. Now this sounded alot better when the guys were high than sober but they finally decided to see how it might work. One say after a few drinks and spliting a joint, they saw Mrs. McMurray out on the back deck. They knew her kids were in school for a few more hours and her husband was never home. The bounded down the hill catching Mrs. McMurray on her deck, she was only wearing some workout clothes and didnt appear to have a bra on.

Michelle was startled seeing the boys come out of nowhere, but once she recognized them from her daughters school she felt alittle better about it although she knew they were seniors but they still should had been in school. She used to go to the HS football games and Troy played defense and Shawn and him were always hanging out together. She greeted the boys mindful of her attire and the chill had gotten her nipples hard so she tried to cover up while being polite.

"Hey there guys, what are you up to ? No school today? " she said smiling, knowing they were probably skipping.

"well ahhh, no we get out early during our senior year Mrs. McMurray" Troy responds

Michelle is flattered the boys know who she is and knows that its best not to push the school issue.

"Mrs. McMurray, would you mind if I used your bathroom, I really gotta go and didn't want to be rude and use the woods" smiling Shawn says.

Smiling Michelle says "Of course come on in I was just doing some exercise"

"Well that explains why you always look so good Mrs. McMurray" Troy says . As Shawn smiles and heads to the bathroom.

"Ohhhh well thank you Troy you are sweet" Michelle says, blushing, not realizing that these younger guys noticed old ladies like her. Smiling to herself

Shawn comes back out and Michelle thinks she smells a mix of beer and marijuana. She's older but not dead, she's been known to smoke a little in her day. As troy continues to make small talk about her exercise program Michelle can't help noticing Shawn staring at her chest. A little flustered she tries to ignore it but begins to notice Troy's eyes dropping down occasionally too. Her nipples still rock hard from the chill outside and now subconsciously from this unsolicitated attention she isn't sure how to handle this. Then Shawn breaks his silence and makes a comment about Michelle's body and moves very close.

"wow, Mrs. McMurray you have got a really nice body, you have one lucky husband"

"well Shawn I don't think..." Michelle trys to interrupt

"yeah you really do Mrs. McMurray" Troy chimes in. neither of them trying to hide their stare now. they both are staring at Michelle up and down mainly at her hard nipples which she can't help them being rock hard poking thru her workout top.

"I don't think thats..." Michelle trys to gain control of the situation

"What would your husband say if he knew you were fucking your neighbor Mrs. McMurray?" Shawn says.
Shocked, Michelle doesn't know what to say, in fact the look on her face probably says more than she hoped to show.

"What are you talking about?" Michelle demands trying to regain control. But its too late the two boys are smiling with an all to knowing look. Blushing Michelle trys to maintain control but its not working. The boys are undressing her with their eyes and she didn't mean to but she glances down and sees that both of them have huge hardons pressing against their jeans. Troy is rubbing his through his jeans as he makes eye contact with Michelle.

"What do you want!!!" She exclaims

"well we just thought we might get some of what the neighbor got" Shawn says smiling

"OMG, you can't be serious...(Michelle says questionably) Can you ?(alittle less convincingly) "

"well we're both 18, Mrs. Mcmurray and I don't think you want your husband finding out." Troy says (while rubbing his now huge bulge thru his pants.)

Michelle can't help but to notice and as much as she knows this is wrong her body is betraying her by her nipples being rock hard and she can feel the heat coming from her pussy, but she continues to show the resistance that she should be after all she could be their mothers. (OMG what am I thinking, Michelle says to herself as she can't take her eyes off of these two with their hardons)

All of a sudden she feels a hand on her lower back, its Shawn he has moved in closer telling Michelle how it will be alright. She feels his warm hand caressing her back and moving down her ass. Shes confused, she knows she shouldn't be doing this but if she doesn't they might tell, then what would happen. That and she can't help staring at Troy's hard cock pressing against his jeans while Shawn is whispering in her ear rubbing her ass. Michelle knows she's losing control of the situation. Just as she was wrestling with all this she notices that Shawn has freed his cock and is stroking it with his free hand.

Shawn takes Michelle's hand and places it on his hard cock making her slowly stroke it as he rubs her ass and Troy watches her. Michelles; body is betraying her now, his cock pulsating in her hand as he makes her stroke it and Troy has reached over and begain playing with her hard nipples, first thru her t shirt and now underneath.

Michelle's mind is racing, she shouldn't be doing this but god, it feels so good. Somehow they have pulled her shirt off and Troy is now sucking her nipples while she is still stroking Shawn's cock, but Shawn isn't making her anymore she's doing it herself, shocked at herself she can't stop. Shawn is now fingering her wet pussy, she can't resist it anymore she is losing control "these boys shouldn't be doing this" is all she is thinking as she is guided to the bed....

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Hey, that's porweful. Thanks for the news.

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Hey! Why stop? Not fair at all buddy!

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The story started out so good, then just came to an instant stop???? WTF, What happened next???

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Part 1

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