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The androids suggest a supposedly horrible remedy to cure our hero, but it works
The Androids Chapter 2
by grig314

(In my first chapter I discussed a group of scientists creating androids from proteins, enzymes, etc., that were very human, essentially identical to humans, but differing from humans in being more gentle, strongly against violence, and very sexual. The story is written as if by one of the scientists, Dr. Henry Jackson (previously unnamed), and he points out that some of the scientists have mated with their androids to produce human children, and he has mated with Mary, an android living in his house, who has given birth to Andrea, his daughter, who has since grown up. Andrea has married, but took with her George, the other android who used to serve the Jackson household, and George is a servant in Andrea's household. Actually, George and Andrea are pretty crazy about each other, and while Andrea's husband is at work, Georgia and Andrea occasionally have delicious, wild sex together.

One further thing to remember: the androids are unusually perceptive, thaving extra sensory perception.

This second chapter is a short one.)

In the last chapter I said that I was close to passing away. It wasn't that I was particularly old. I was in my early 60s, but I had contracted a viral disorder that I could not shake, and my physicians could not cure. Mary proposed a treatment that I simply could not stand: drinking some of George's semen. She explained that it would kill off those germs, and George agreed. I realized that they both were serious, that it was not just a matter of giving George another chance to come to orgasm -- he did that plenty between making out with Andrea and coming by after hours for sex with Mary. They really meant business. When I said I simply couldn't stomach drinking a man's semen, they suggested adding some sugar, mixing it with tea, etc., I really couldn't stand the thought. And they were polite and understanding, mildly insistent, but they always went along with what I wanted.

And I kept going downhill. Those germs probably didn't have anything against me, but they were slowly killing me. And the doctors didn't have a cure. And finally, I agreed to it. I told Mary to let George ejaculate into a glass, and mix his semen with some xylitol, which was sweet, and it would take away whatever horrible taste I was imagining. And George did it, and I drank his semen down. It surprised me that it tasted a bit salty and a lot like an egg, and that the xylitol sort of spoiled the flavor.

As soon as I drank this concoction down, my stomach, which was always nauseous during this malady, calmed down. I thought that some of my bone aches became milder. Whatever effect George's semen had on me, it definitely was not negative, and it seemed somewhat positive. And I told George and Mary what was happening, and they said that frankly, George's semen was not enough, but they thought I would never accept their full recommendation.

By this time I was ready to listen, so they said that I really needed semen from several android males, and that would make a difference. No, this time, it didn't feel as if they were trying to shoot me through the head. This stupid remedy actually seemed to work so far. So I agreed to their suggestion and they called a few of their android friends, who had an ejaculation session into a glass. That glass was pretty full when they were done. Where I got the guts to drink it down I don't know, I just did it. Actually, the major taste was salty along with raw eggy, but somehow I had envisioned something a lot worse tasting.

Immediately, as soon as I got it all down, with a little chaser of water, my stomach completely quieted down, and in about an hour all the aching in my bones and muscles seemed to evaporate. I contracted a burning fever for about three hours, and fell asleep. When I woke up, there wasn't an ache or pain anywhere in my body. And let me tell you, did I have to pee! I got out of bed on wobbly feet, instead of using the urinal at my bedside, I literally made it to the bathroom just in time. When I got back into bed, Mary told me I needed one more 'treatment'. How those androids figured out this treatment is beyond me. They just knew things that us humans didn't.

Before the day was out, I had drunk another glassful of android semen. All the guys who contributed gave me thumbs up and told me I was looking a lot better, and said they were delighted to be able to help me. My appetite returned in a jiffy. Mary put together a dinner of chicken, rice, and veggies, and I downed it with some apple juice. She finished it off with apple pie and hot tea, and I was absolutely full. I fell asleep and did not wake up till the next morning. This time, when I got up to go to the bathroom, those legs weren't wobbly. I took a good look at myself in the bathroom mirror and those sunken eyes that I had seen in the past few days were gone. But I was all scraggly whiskers. This I remedied with a good shave, and although I felt ready to get out and work in the fields for a few hours, I didn't.

When I left the bathroom, Mary came up to me and held me by the shoulders, looking at my face, saying, "I have you back," and she cried on my shoulder, and held me like a precious jewel she had almost lost. She refused sex with me for next three days, but jammed my mouth full of food. By the end of the third day I felt healthy as a horse. And then she threw me down on the bed and raped me. I could hardly get myself inside her when she had her first orgasm. By the time I had my first she had her third. It was an absolute orgy. I made it to three orgasms, but by that time she had had six and was going for her seventh, all the time halfway crying, saying, "I have you back. My own Henry. I have you back."

The moral of this entire incident: never underestimate the power of an android. I never forgot this lesson after that. No matter how goofy the advice seemed that my android friends gave me, from that day on I took it, and I never suffered. Most of the time I gained. I figured that there was something to this ESP, and that I didn't have the brains to figure it out. Sometimes, they just knew better than I did.

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2011-02-07 21:28:05
Good story. Write more please

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2011-01-30 12:57:46
Not a bad story but it needed a little more work. It was almost but not quite personal. Too objectively presented, I guess I'm saying... which affected it's qualification as a story.

So, on faith, you recommend drinking cum? My daughter must have been born with the same instinct. She drinks it right down. I enjoy keeping her healthy. The injections make her purrrrr like a kitten.

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