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Author's note: This story has fantasy characters, namely two witches. This is a direct sequel to 'Dissolution of love' and is based on characters introduced in the 'Champion's Companion 17'. Ideally, I hope everyone reads and enjoys this, but I understand differences make us special as humans. Please enjoy, I am glad to share.
I looked out the window of their covered carriage. Despite almost a whole day’s ride from the castle Redoubt of Lafaust we seemed to still be in the same grassy hills as we were hours ago when the sun came up.

Next to me, my beautiful wife Flarni drifted along in her fugue state. The specialty drugs she was on now were much longer lasting then the laudanum she normally consumed.

I tried to wake her. I don’t like what it does to her no matter how much she insists. “Hey honey look at that.” I tugged on her to look out at the fields of light snow that covered the fields. “The sun came out, spring is just a few weeks away honey.”

Outside Lafaust, there was no snow. Here, just a half days ride west, it was a foot deep but patches were clear in places that sat in the sunlight of early spring.

Flarni had less of a reaction than normal and at least didn’t push my hand away. For the hundredth time I noticed the looks we were getting from across the seat. Two women studied me and my wife with near naked hunger. Both were dark haired with pale blue eyes that seemed cloudy. One was tall and seemed mature if not matronly. She had straight glossy hair with silver streaks that weren’t from age. She traveled near naked with only a tiny green robe and a grayish light blue cloak with a boar pelt over it. Her long pale leg stuck out to the thigh on her right side. It was shapely though very heavily muscled. I pegged her for an Amazon, hopefully this was a civilized savage.

The woman next to her was shorter and very motherly looking. She seemed slightly chubby with a dark tan. Though the two’s eyes were identical their hair differed. The shorter one had hair that fell in wavy curls. She wore a figure hiding long floor length purple robe. I could see slits along the side that her hands would snake out of now and then.

As Flarni nodded off from reality again, I tried to break the ice with our fellow passengers. “Where are your destinations ladies?”

The shorter one moaned orgasmically as she breathed her reply. “Mavvus sir. But we may not make it that long.”

“Oh, what is the problem?” I hoped it wasn’t money. This could be a robbery and the tall one looked strong if not dangerous. I am not in that good of shape. It had been a few decades since my conion.

“We don’t need money.” She said reading my mind it seemed. “We need some thing to keep us calm.”

I sighed. Apparently, all the noblewomen were sedated now days.

“Well I can’t offer you anything,” I said trying to sound reasonable. I used the same tack and tone I usually try with Flarni. “I don’t have anything with me, and besides that stuff cost a lot of money.”

“Oh? What we want is free if you’ll give it.” Beside her, the tall woman’s leg wafted open and I saw the definite crack of her familyline. It was puffy and almost instantly, the carriage smelled of aroused pussy.

I could feel my heart pulse. Flarni and I had not been as intimate. I still loved her but those cold nights were catching up. “I’m married I can’t…”

Already the short one rolled off her seat onto her knees and pinned me. She seemed to taste my hesitation, my desire. I fought, but, my struggles and slaps were useless. My sensible words and curses were even less effective. Her hands scrambled nimbly across my pants and my cock came out. It wasn’t big I’ll admit, I was ashamed to see others when I bathed as a boy. I did have large balls though, and I was very proud of that.

Once she got my cock, she hungrily gobbled it. I was almost silenced by the treatment of her soft mouth. Her swirling tongue left no illusions to what it was asking for. I grew in her mouth. I didn’t just harden, I grew. I felt the hardening even in the base of my cock. I felt like I grew several inches from her tugging.

The feelings of ascension lasted only a minute or so until a great grumbling arose from low in my abdomen and I felt myself empty out, and deflate. It seemed that the weeks of pitiful offerings of cum my hand reaped were multiplied by her soft lips. My body knew it had a partner and was eager to demonstrate its virility.

My hips jumped and wiggled off the seat as the best outpouring I’d ever made washed into the woman’s mouth. I had to eventually be restrained under her hands as she continued to slurp me, but then fell back into my seat exhausted. Flarni wasn’t disturbed and didn’t seem aware of the exchange as the woman raised off of my lap and backed over to sit down.

Slowly I fell into a deep well deserved rest feeling lethargic and cold. She left my cock out and the other woman stared at it hungrily. Perhaps I should have felt exposed, with the feeling of saliva drying on my cock. But no, I felt like Flarni would understand strangely.

I awoke still tired feeling quite drained. The smell of pussy had grown in the carriage’s cabin. I heard movement and cracked open an eye. Across from me, the two dark haired women held my wife Flarni between themselves.

They had hiked up her nice riding dress to straddle the short woman, and brought her head down in the big woman’s lap. From either end, the two undulated against her. Flarni lay rather limply as they pushed themselves along her body. What they were doing to her was hidden by her dress and their robes and cloaks. Flarni’s straight blond hair fell out and down between fingers as the tall one used her mouth. Behind her, the short woman wriggled against her hips.

The movements were definitely sexual though Flarni’s bunched skirts hid their contact. Oddly, I couldn’t move or protest as my limp wife was used for these women’s pleasure. The taller woman got a little rough and the bustier of my wife’s dress was ripped to reveal the Flarni’s delicate pale breast. She had been pregnant though had never breastfed. Her body had always popped back into a tight nubile shape and her precious teardrops jiggled lightly as she was raised between the two molesters, and pushed back so her breasts could be fed to the taller women who hunched over her.

As they played with her and I fought my body to move, I didn’t notice the shadows that crossed over us from out the window. Indeed I actually thought them trees till I saw a rider out my window. Shouting outside the carriage got louder and louder. It sounded like an argument outside until it quieted and the carriage slowed to a halt.

Before it even stopped completely the door was thrown open and a grisly man poked his head in and smiled widely with what he saw. “Here we go. Got something prime.” He turned to look out and shouted. “Got some prime women boys! They’re hot already!”

Busy hands reached in and pulled the women and me out. I was tugged around the front into the light covering of snow on the road in front of the horses. I couldn’t see the women but I saw the crew. The bandits had murdered them. They tugged me up to the front closer to the horses only a few feet away, and knocked me down to kneel while they decided my life. I heard and watched as the bunch crawled around like ants on the long carriage reporting what they found.

There didn’t seem to be more than six or so that I could see. They all looked dirty and haggard. I’m not a horseman, but their horses looked scruffy and poorly looked after. I was kept kneeling there as they lost interest in me, then finally I caught a glimpse of the women. A larger group of perhaps ten men had them down across from the carriage. I watched as they pushed the women into the center of their circle. I noted with relief that my beloved Flarni wasn’t among the crowd of these dirty rough looking men.

The men waved huge cocks around as they jockeyed into position around and behind the two poor women. They were quick to plunge themselves into the tall woman. She was bent over standing as a man fucked her from behind into her padded hips and another darker one shoved his huge thick cock into her mouth gagging her. Her large breasts had been released and swayed openly from a loose short robe that didn’t even cover her ass the way she was bent. They seemed to take perverse pleasure in fucking her roughly, and slapping her ass to keep it jiggling. The men’s balls were large like mine and thudded heavily against the woman as they fucked her harder than what an alley whore would put up with.

The smaller woman on her knees seemed very active as she reached out and grabbed men’s cocks and pulled them to her. She bobbed over them and used her mouth quickly as a circle formed around her. She took their rods with ease and bounced along as her hands moved in a blur like a weaver. Men stepped in filling the gaps as their fellows dropped in an orgasmic faint around them from her touch. I couldn’t disagree that they must have been tired from the best cock smoking I can personally attest to. Below them, the short woman continued to move without panic from one cock to the other.

Finally, I saw that my poor wife was on her knees being used roughly in a separate group of leaders. I wasn’t to happy that they picked her out because the men that had her were the largest and roughest I’d seen. A man held her head and used her face on his cock. Passively she was used as he rubbed himself all around. The big boss walked over to her. I could tell because he was bigger, blacker, and older. He also looked around with an air of control before he zeroed in on my wife. He meandered over and stroked his giant black meat as he watched her blonde head getting wagged around by the man at her face. His hard cock was a foot long and started leaking before he pushed away the other man.

He pushed her into a low prostrated position that she naturally slumped into. He kicked back the hem of her dress and exposed her pale soft white ass like a bar wench. With a thump, he fell onto his knees around her. His knees straddled hers as she sat low under him, and his belly cover most of her back. He pulled her bottom up so he could push in his length.

I watched it as he pushed into her ass. For a moment, my supine wife didn’t react as he tried to buggered her with his huge lengthy cock. Once the head popped in she screeched. “Garec!!”

I almost teared up hearing her call my name. I was never sure where or when she went during her lucid states, but I was heart warmed by the knowledge I was there with her.

The big black brute fucked her fiercely reveling in her tightness I’m sure, and jammed his whole length into her mercilessly. He kept Flarni mostly still as he fucked into her. It wasn’t hard she was heavily dosed and would’nt be active till much later in the day. His massive arms came down like columns around her. She bucked uselessly against him from his own momentum as she was taken by his impaling rod.

“Witch! Witch!” I was started by panicked calls. Looking over I saw an odd sight that was both puzzling and horrific.

In the place of the short dusky brunette stood a smaller blond woman. She looked around with an odd grin and was short and voluptuous, perhaps only five feet tall. She wore what appeared to be black Safi leather from neck to toe. Her hair, face, and mouth were coated with sperm from the men around her. The passed out men lay in a circle around her.

She was accused by three frantic men with their pants down. The men were yelling in a panic about her killing people. I looked closer at the men at her feet and noticed that no one would lay so still without pants in the snow for too long. The men she had been taking were laying eerily still. I got an immediate sinking feeling that there was a monster, or something among us.

I looked to Flarni and was relieved the man was taking notice and quit his abuse.

The two men by the tall women moved in to investigate. As soon as they pushed their victim away and walked toward the woman, the Amazon had a short sword out and swung for their backs.

The men both fell with little noise as she sliced across their necks from behind. The blonde woman advanced then sped into a sprint before jumping up and onto the three men who had started to flee for the horses. As she landed on the first man, a thin slightly curved sword grew from thin air into her hands and she cut away the man’s life as he fell back into his friends. The tall black haired woman jumped into the pile and when the women stood and walked away the men were crumpled and slaughtered with looks of surprise still on their faces.

The pair paced along and came up to me. They were unabashed in their nude bloody appearances. They advanced on the big man who stood before my wife. He had gotten an ax in his large hands. Next to him, it seemed a hatchet, I would have had to use both hands if I had wielded it.

“Stop! I got money, lots of money!” He shouted. The two women barely paused as they continued forward. “Don’t you cunts want money?”

The man moved first and swung for the tall one. He seemed to move at half speed as he brought his weapon down. In the time it took for him to take a chop and utterly miss, she casually stepped out of the way as the small one finished with her slash behind him.

He fell without any more than a single gout of blood spewing forth as his knees hit the ground, though it was obvious he had been sliced deeply.

The two women seemed to have a silent conversation of what to do next. Their eyes fell on me, and my wife. The tall woman stepped to untie me, and the other seemed to shift becoming taller, thinner, and lighter with darker waist length black hair.

The instant the tall one moved back, I ran in and grabbed Flarni. I ran as far as we could in the snow tumbling over banks and getting exhausted with every step. I pulled Flarni to a hiding spot behind a dip in the earth. It was foolish, but I wanted my life back. I knew that bandits like these would be followed by all manner of cavalry and adventures. These women were nothing but trouble. They killed a man by sucking his cock. They nearly killed me!

It didn’t take too long for the two to follow my frenzied flight. The shorter woman took one look at us before she turned and left the taller woman to deal with us. She stalked off moving much more easily in the snow and collected the scattered horses.

I couldn’t help but feel nervous as the tall one walked over with all I’d seen. “Who are you?” I gasped while trying to stand tall covering Flarni.

“Calm down. We are friends. We are on our way to Mavvus like you.” She moved along to the side trying to be non-threatening. “Would you like to continue your journey with us?”

“I think we should report this.” I sputtered. “Bandits are never this far in Menthino. Looking at them, they seemed dirty and haggard. They likely were driven to desperation.”

“You know of them?” She asked eyeing me again with more consideration.

I had to take a step back to really look at her. She still stood exposed, her short green robe was open and her breasts and pussy were quite visible. She seemed to invite my eyes and seemed completely unconcerned. “I am an official with the court, I demand to know who you are.” I said trying to sound as confident and fearsome as possible. She didn’t need to know I was just moved to working in records as a scribe.

“I am Metacari, and she is Mara.” She indicated the shape shifter who by now had rounded up several horses. “We are going to Mavvus. You will be safe if you come with us. The horses have food. It will be enough for us as we travel.”

“My wife…” I didn’t know what to say. ‘My wife is an addict with special needs I provide and will become dizzy on a horse?’ “I will handle my wife but I must get her medicine…” I hate using that word. Flarni started it years ago much to my annoyance, and now I sound just as enfeebled. I gently got Flarni moving again and we moved back to the rode and the carriage.

Unsettlingly, ‘Metacari’ walked back over to the carriage following us. “Good come along. We can travel much faster now.” She eyed me as she said this and I didn’t like the look.

I found and snatched up our luggage. I noted that ours was the only luggage in the carriage. I got my wife out of the cold snow, and I found a blanket for her to stand on. I realized then that one of her slippers was gone. After a quick search, I found it under the snow. I also found a book. It seemed like the property of the bandits so I wanted to keep it in hopes of helping find out how this group got so deep into the lands and remained on the loose.

I grabbed a horse and hurried back over to Flarni. She was in as presentable a shape as she could manage. Her ripped dress threatened to fall off from many rips and holes. She looked like waif, so vulnerable to the treacherous world that threatened her soft fragile body.

“Here let’s change. Did you bring another riding dress?” Of course she didn’t answer, so I looked and found her favorite dress, a woolen grey plush dress that she snuggled in when she was in our lounge. It reminded me of Lafaust, hopefully we could return soon.

“Well we can at least take this back with us huh Flarni?” I tried to get a smile.

We went through our clothing ritual. I pulled up and off her dress and dropped the other one on. He gazed at her as she hugged herself and remembered the feel of familiar clean clothes.

“Thank you…” She whispered quietly. She warmed me with those words.

I pulled her close and gave her a hug. The freshness of her hair and the mint she chewed sometimes for fresh breath soothed me. I felt for a moment like this was a dream, or we were in the gardens of a friend’s estate. Anywhere but in the wilds in the company of two female somethings that kill men much too easily. The moment passed as I released her, but the feeling of connection remained. I helped her up onto the horse and looked up at her.

I patted her warm leg. She didn’t need to know my back hurt from lifting her and I could hardly imagine climbing up myself. “We’ll make it, you and me Flarni, we’ll get out of this place and back to the city.”

One of the women cleared their throats behind me. “We should be able to move now. Is there anything else?” The tall woman ‘Metacari’ asked.

“No I suppose not. You said we have food?” I asked nervously.

“Indeed here in these bags is the collection from the other horses.” Metacari hefted a stuffed pair of saddlebags. “Here carry it on your horse just in case we separate.”

I stepped forward and caught the heavy bags gingerly so Flarni wouldn’t get hit. “Okay thanks. How far do you think we’ll get today?”

“The sun will set soon. We will simply stop at a place off the road that is clear of snow. Tomorrow we will travel early and rest in town.”

“Okay makes good sense.” I replied as I fixed up the bags and tied them down.

I didn’t want too, but I got up onto the saddle behind Flarni. Old habits kicked in as I remembered the felt of riding, and I led the horse back around to a trot. Behind me, the other women followed. It seemed they were awkward in the saddle. Metacari rode stiffly while the other woman ‘Mara’ looked plainly worried and uncomfortable with the ride. I was frankly glad they were unfamiliar with riding.

I found a decent spot to camp and by the time the sunset we were settled with a warm fire. When I was a con we had fire watches, and as a scribe and a clerk we sometimes had posts at night for message tendering. I knew enough to make a schedule with the women they both looked at me oddly at first but agreed. I took the first watch just to be sure.

I remembered the book as I sat back. By the fire light I made out maps and hasty notes of bandit’s flight. I figured they crossed south after the harvest. But, apparently they have been moving north. That was odd since we were basically in the center of the country. The notes didn’t give much clue of where they landed, or where they started off from. Not only did they look foreign but most of our citizens usually don’t turn to violent crime. Menthino has hundreds of little costal towns to the south they could have landed on. But, those costal people also spend inordinate amounts of time on the beach, they would have been noticed.

Nevertheless, they found a house to hold up in and made some money robbing along the road after they got deep into the country. Only the houses location was mentioned in any detail. Passing references about ambush sites were recorded but not anything more then notes of men lost, or notable loot taken. They went out almost a month ago, but were chased from their ambush site and scattered as they set up. Part of their group was left behind and tried to go back to the house. Apparently, they ran into every Warrioress and adventurer in the southern part of Menthino as they tried to circle back around to the house.

I couldn’t take pity with them. The map did indicate a lot of money and Flarni’s medicine is expensive. I had all night to think about it and still I couldn’t get past the money. I’m a middle-aged contracts clerk. I just decided to strike out on my own in Tilin working up a firm. I’m well taken care of and will have a decent amount stashed away when I retire with Flarni to a cottage, or city apartment in some quiet place. But all that is without the obligations of the ‘medicine’.

She needs it, so I need it, but it’s expensive. I’ll have to find a way to get this money. Looking at Flarni asleep peacefully I feel like the Mother Goddess must when looking at her sleeping children.

The next morning was an important day, I stayed awake the entire night thinking and now is the crucial moment. I had figured on just leading them to the house and having them do violence upon it, but I’m not one of those cold-hearted plotters who could smile, lie, and just use people like that.

As the women straightened themselves and dug out food, I started my plea. “Um by the way…”

I cursed myself as they looked up at me like I was daft. When I was a con, I gained rank, gave orders, and led people. But I never did this, directed an expedition.

“As a… Official of the court it is our duty to check the information on this map...” I held up the penciled drawing. It seemed so minor and amateurish in the daylight. “…To ensure the safety of our citizens. I’ll understand if you don’t want to go, but I feel we must.” My voice finished stonger then I felt.

They looked at me for a long moment. “That is acceptable.” Mara said finally “We are still not allowed to kill innocents.” That gave me pause. “Allow us to study your map.”

I handed it to Metacari who handed it to Mara who studied it closely. “It’s not mine I just…” I sputtered.

“We will go.” She said quickly. “The location is not far.” She stood and looked out to the horizon. “Be advised, the actions of these bandits indicate knowledge and possibly assistance from an irregular minor noble.”

“Are you from here then?” I asked.

Metacari smiled gingerly. “We aren’t, we spent a lot of time in a library looking at correspondence and maps.”

“Oh…so do you know where to go?” I said looking with Mara out into the distance.

Mara turned to me and pointed off. “This way, let’s mount up.”

We quickly broke camp after I got a light dose for Flarni, and we started out on our horses at a trot. We headed south and by day’s end, we had gotten to a town noted on the book’s map. We were still north of the house in question, but I knew stopping would be best. Flarni looked miserable, she would have to be indoors soon when her medicine wore off.

We got two rooms using the money the bandits left for us. I led Flarni into our room, helped her undress, and watched her fumble out her powders and doses. We slept together quietly as I kept her warm. Some time during the night, she rolled onto me. Her warm body felt good and before I fell asleep again, my hand slid around and I noticed she was naked.

I got hard immediately from just the touch of her warm body but I knew she was asleep. The smell of her wild scent was intoxicating and as I leaned over to nuzzle her, and pulled her in for a hug. When I pulled her close, she rolled over onto me. Like clouds and spring rain, she showered my face with soft kisses. It was all I could do to control myself. Flarni usually wasn’t so active. My one nagging regret with letting her have her ‘medicine’ was that she was so withdrawn from everything including sex. I wasted little time getting myself lined up and I swirled my cock across her pussy up and down working her over gently.

She clung onto me completely relaxed as I took her. Having her atop me was great and I did most of the work. My cock felt wonderful as it plundered my love. I had to adjust her hips constantly to get it just perfect, but soon I was cumming in my love. The feeling of having her was unequaled anywhere.

“Thank you.”

Those two word made me feel invincible. I got my own dose of medicine with just that.

“Just you and me Flarni…” I whispered knowing she was off again asleep or drugged under.

In parting we slid along each other as I rubbed her hair. I fell out as my cock withdrew but she slid along with me to the side, and I was able to have her again. Her pussy was cool but in it’s depths it was hot and excited. The contrast was exquisite and I noticed suddenly it wasn’t her I was taking.

I rolled her back and noticed an identical woman was having me in her mouth. She was a more active more awake Flarni. She sucked me with puckered cheeks and stared at me with an insidious hypnotizing gaze. I lay breathless for several minutes agonized as she took me. She never slowed and indeed her mouth pulled on my cock with strong relentless suckling.

I pulled Flarni close and whispered my apologies. I couldn’t push this other one away whether this was a dream or not. Furtively, I slid my hands down to her pussy. I wanted her to have some pleasure if possible but it seemed I was too late. Flarni was wet. It seemed I actually did take her, but I was hot in the other ones mouth. I swung my arm around her tight, and clutched her clones head tight as I exploded into her mouth with a hiss.

She kept sucking me through the orgasm. I was the strongest release I’ve ever felt. The amount I jetted into her was awesome and made me raise myself up off the bed as I jetted into her. For what felt like several steamy minutes, I lost myself as I held tight to my two lovely Flarnis. I blacked out afterwards, the urge, the pleasure, the intensity was far too much for me to stay conscious.

In the early morning, a tap at the door got us awake. We got refreshed and met the other women down in the stables and saddled up as they led us out into the road.

Our travel was scenic. Under the clear sunny winter sky we were warmed by the sun and reminded of the impending spring. We crossed through small clear creeks and under naked trees. Distant smells of wood burning and pine surrounded us. I enjoyed holding Flarni tightly to myself as we moved. She relaxed more and more until she lay back against me. The smell of her hair and the clean air mixed. We approached another town after midday, the sun was still warm but a chilly breeze was picking up and clouds were closing in.

I led the ladies to a stable and pulled Flarni into an inn. On the outside, it had been the best of the inns on the street and seemed like a decent enough place, but the patrons were all rough outdoor men.

It didn’t take long for the men to eye me and the women with hooded covetous eyes. I wanted to get Flarni out of there so I ran to find the innkeeper and quickly to order the rooms. I found out the serving area took the whole floor and the inn’s desk was on the second floor. I rushed up to the innkeeper and nodded and bobbed along as he gave me the prices. I hurried through signing for a room and threw out coins hastily before heading back to the serving area.

Getting back downstairs, I was frozen by the scene and heart-struck of what was happening before me. Mara had disappeared and the rough men were already pushing their way onto my sweet delicate wife. Metacari had one man up against the wall with her and was staring into his eyes and seemed to be forgotten by the group as they harassed Flarni. Her cloak covered what she was doing to him as she held him still in her grasp.

I rushed into the group as best I could. By smell alone, I could tell these men were unfamiliar with indoor living.

“Get away from her!” Getting into the center of the thugs, I shouted at huge brute clutching Flarni’s delicate jaw in his meat hands.

“Oi!” He turned to me annoyed. “I want a suck. Wait your turn.”

He still held Flarni who sat still with her eyes closed. A single soft white hand was raised up in protest.

“You can get it out there.” I pointed out at the stable door.

“What you think I need a boy?” The brute snarled.

“You ain’t getting it from my wife.” I squared up to him and we looked at each other. I was shorter by nearly a foot and a hundred pounds lighter, but I remember what it was to be invincible.

“You ain’t gonna tell me what I outta do.” He grabbed me in a flash and pulled me down in a head lock as I struggled futilely.

I felt like a damn child as he spun me around as I tried to flail. Stuck as I was the brute flopped out his smelly cock and smacked me with it as he held me down. Other men whipped out their cocks too. I almost wretched at the sight and stench of their penises as I was held bent over spinning around with the brute.

“See this you fucker. This is gonna put a smile on the limp whore.” He ranted as he flopped his smelly cock in my face.

He pulled me along as he got up in front of my wife with his piece in his hand. Frantic, I went into a frenzy and my hand caught salvation. The big fucking brute left his big fucking buck knife on his belt. I grabbed blindly for it only aware of the handle in my hand.

I stabbed him on the inside of the leg near the knee almost unwittingly and when he bent forward releasing me, I pulled my arm up between his legs doing even more damage. He fell heavily down across Flarni’s lap.

In a haze, I lashed out at the next man. I grabbed and slashed him as the others fled. I was caught from behind by member of the circle. He held my arm back and unwittingly I fell back on him. He kept a strong hold of my arm and tried to use his thick legs to clamp down and control me. The problem was his pants were falling down in the struggle so he wasn’t able to pin me down despite having my arm locked out.

As we wrestled, I was brought across the cesspool of the man’s unwashed crotch. As he rolled on top of me he pushed it into my face spitefully, I couldn’t turn away, in fact any more movement was painful.

“You can gimme a suck den. Go on do it good.” As the lout laughed like a swine, I saw red and bit him. I bit him hard. I didn’t go for his cock, I snapped at his balls. I got one and for a moment, we both froze. My civil mind tried to stop me from really hurting him and crossing the line. I had bit him hard enough to be quite painful but I didn’t break the skin. In my mouth, I could feel his orb try to retreat within his body.

I felt the violent urges slowly push aside the mental block. Like a dam being washed away, the violence seeped out and grew exponentially. The civilized idea that ‘this was wrong’, or ‘this isn’t how people treat each other’ was no longer a concern, or even an obstacle anymore, but merely a sign or a notice along the path of my actions. I knew it was wrong, but only in theory, only in a world where we played civilization, and that didn’t stop me because he decided not to play anymore.

Part of me was glad to play this new free form game. I had been playing it all along as I was watching my wife get raped, my life stolen, my civilized and normal ways of things challenged. It had shown me we were never far from having to stand up for our own. This man was sad that that in the wild world he had brought me into, he was now the victim. It was the nature of things, not fate. The problem with independence is you’re on your own.

I clamped down and tore like a rabid wolf. He released my arm but was too late. I was pushing out from under him and tearing away all the children he would ever have with me. I knew the feeling, it was like having yet another still born.

The world came back as I stood over him. He lay still now, either passed out or dead. His previously hard cock had shriveled to the size of a dainty thumb and the man looked like infinitely less of a threat. I vomited on his feet from the sight of the gaping bloody hole between his legs.

Behind me, I knew other man was dead when he rolled over on the floor at Flarni’s feet.

I could hardly breathe. I locked eyes on Flarni. One side of me wanted turn away from her in shame, the other was so proud to have defended her. I needed her to tell me which side was right. I was too confused knowing I had done something so wrong and so right.

I beckoned for her. “Flarni…” I said reaching out.

She looked to me. She really looked at me. No drugged hazy, or distant dreaminess was in her eyes. No fear or disgust was in her eyes either, perhaps only curious wonder was there. That was more of a look then she ever gave. Under the heavy blanket of fog her mind was shining, I could only hope for a smile as she puzzled out the world.

Behind me, the doors clashed open. “There he is!”

Before Flarni could give me a word, or even silently tell me with a smile to show me her disapproval or acceptance, I was pulled away. My focus on my pale love was broken and the scene of the room was revealed. Men in reddish long shirts with clubs pawed at me. They pulled away Metacari almost warily, I saw the man she had toyed with was dead, and three others near where she had been were down too.

The authorities didn’t speak as we were pulled out. A cart with several shoulder yokes awaited us and half a dozen men in purple and red dirty shirts stood around. The touch of the wood on my back brought me awake and I shouted at them as I was tied by my wrists into the device.

“I am an official in the court in Lafaust! I demand to see the authorities!” The men only looked oddly at each other as they pushed me up and into the cart. I’ll admit I didn’t look the part. With blood spattered across my neck and face and grisly short hairs on my chin, I was lucky they even paused.

“You’re a long way from the Crown now.” One of them muttered.

“Get my wife, she is inside.” I shouted. “We were protecting her!”

Metacari was pushed up onto the cart too. She sat quietly crossed legged.

“We’ll be fine.” She muttered quietly so only I could hear. Perhaps she didn’t know we had enough witnesses in the room to make the decision on our lives quick.

Flarni was led out gently and lifted onto the front of cart where she sat back dazed. A man got in next to her and we were ridden off down the street. Around us, the sky was starting to really darken under the clouds. We passed the working areas of the small town and turned up the rode into more of the warehouses and rows of carpenters and other craftsmen.

The jail we were taken too was huge but as we came around it I understood it was a castle that still seemed overly large for the unimportant town. The small fortification complex was mostly wood though the base of the central keep was grey stone.

The area inside of the complex’s walls seemed odd, as I looked around it seemed something was up. The whole complex seemed to be a field army’s camp. The uniforms were different. I have never been to a small town, but I know usually they wear more of the black, gold, white, or purple our royals claim for the country. These men wore green and gold though the style was similar to our heraldry. The men wearing armor wore green and gold tabards over our armor. I noted several men in plated Safi heavy infantry suits standing guard on the outside and along the walls.

We were marched up around the keep as Flarni was led inside by one of the men I was guessing was a city guard. They took us to a long low stone house with metal bar grates along the bottom of the walls I assumed to be the jail. Without a word, we were led to the wall at the side of the jail and made to put our backs up against it. We were then dropped to our knees as a richly dress thin man came out.

He strode up and looked at me with a haughty look I hated seeing nobles have. His dark eyes were almost sneering themselves. “You.” He said pointing a heavily jeweled hand. “You said you’re an official, what work have you here?”

“I was traveling and beset by bandits.” I spat. “I found information the men were traveling north and west instead of south and west from the rivers. I was led here to investigate the men so I can report and have a clearer picture of this incident. I was assaulted and fought back in the inn when men attacked my wife.”

The noble looked behind him at a scribe or assistant and nodded. He turned back as the other man scurried off to the keep. “I will keep you here to sort this out. You will be safe. If I find out any information you gave me is false I will kill you like a common murdering dog.” He said coldly and staring into me.

I didn’t flinch and held his gaze until a stiff breeze made us both turn away.

“What of that Amazon?” He asked and pointed at Metacari.

“She saved me…” I stopped myself before I mentioned the other witch.

“Is she traveling with you?”

“…Yes, we came from Lafaust on the same coach together.” I said quietly.

He nodded at that, but I got a bad feeling from him. “I will keep you here.” He said turning and paused. “You will be safe and secure as I said.” With that, he raised a hand and I was hurried off inside. The jail was noticeably warmer then outside as the temperature dropped for the night. The passageway down the center was narrow with long rows of cells lining the interior. I was thrown in with Metacari without having to go into the dark dungeon too deep.

Sitting there in the dankness, I sat down to think of the past few hours and try to sleep. The long day was catching up. The highs and the lows were exhausting and way too much for me.

Metacari invited herself over and I didn’t complain as she shrouded me in her warm cloak. I fell asleep against her bosom in the warmth glad to be alive still.

Hours later, I was awoken as a dark figure clattered with the lock on our cell. The sun had barely gone down and outside the wind had picked up and shrieked along the walls. Metacari stood and pushed me over to lie against the wall as she stood idly waiting for the figure to bust us out.

I leaned in and whispered loudly to her. “What are you doing?”

She only turned and I barely made out her wave to me as the door finally creaked open and the figure stepped aside letting her out. I followed her out into the dark passageway and panicked realizing I was only making this worse.

“We will be fine.” She said as we moved to the door and stopped to huddle. “This is the central town on the map. Troubling activity comes from here. We have now been directed to look closer at the Baronet’s dealings.”

I was puzzled even more now. “How do you know him?”

She turned to me but I only caught her silhouette. “He is the lord of these parts.” She said matter-of-factly.

“This is area is almost self governed with constantly changing dynamics. I thought you were from Mavvus?” I asked puzzled.

She sighed and faced me. “Me and Mara have a way of knowing things our sister tell us. Our sister knows things, and we work to do things that help make things better. But as much as we know, we need to know more to get things right. What do you know of the area?”

“Reports of a minor noble testing his legs. This region generally has pretty decent reported revenue despite the rumors we’re not getting it all. The sovereign for these lands was not present for a scheduled contracts audit, or the new King’s review during the two days ago. Historically, the delta where the Ort meets the ocean is a chaotic smugglers paradise, because of Belciox the lawless city. I believe the Crown intentionally allows it to be a relatively lawless area to allow the less socially integrated among us a place to be free.” I actually just realized that just then.

“Lafaust has a similar policy for the cons.” I added. “Keeping a whole country’s youth under tight supervision at all times during several years of conion is impossible and not the intended goal. Allowing those who would cause the most problems a cordoned off place to slip the leash is beneficial to the whole. It would make sense on a national scale. The region we are in is unimportant and secure, surrounded by the hills along the Ort, the cliffs to the south along ocean, and several major garrisons along the canals to the south, north, and west.

“He is taking advantage of this inattention and is crossing the line using this place as a staging point.” Metacari cautioned. The other figure opened the outside door and the wind buffeted us and snow flew in. Most of the lamps and torches around the walls outside, were guttering in the wind or blown out already. The figure ahead of us simply strode out like it was daring the world to see it.

“So what are we doing?” I shouted as we crossed into the unknown and headed for the keep.

We crossed over to the Keep and stopped at the servants’ entrance. “We must see for ourselves his actions. Our master will give us license to act if he knows that subversive, or violent insurgence is imminent. We have been allowed to remove him and kill any who get in our way. You will then stay here until a group from Mavvus arrives.”

They opened the door and slipped into the orange light of the keep’s kitchen. We swung around the wide wooden tables and were completely ignored as a few men and women worked over the wide kitchen cook fire. We walked normally until we reached the common areas of the keep. Looking around, we were relieved to notice that in the residence areas of the keep people were quite scarce.

I snatched a cloak to cover myself as we snuck around. I wanted to look less like a dirty prisoner with blood down his shirt.

The women led me seeming to know where to go but stopped me when we got to the outer study next to what I assumed would be the library. Hastily, we ducked around a corner into a wall abscess and watched two people at the door.

A well dressed woman was on her knees before the door. She seemed to be sobbing as she was made to service a man with her mouth. I was starting to gather from the litany of curses he spat at her that she was the noble’s wife and he was a servant, or someone of lower station. I couldn’t understand how this power balance had been struck but in between his slapping her with his cock, spitting on her face, and the cursing I could see she seemed pretty sad about the present situation.

“Fucking whore keep sucking it faster! Deeper!” He taunted as he choked her.

Below him, she only made wet gagging noises as she struggled to comply. “Fucking whore, hurry up or you’ll be late! Faster!” He gagged her again harder and tugged her head around onto his cock.

Finally, he sighed stiffening, and held her down as I assumed he came in her mouth.

“Fuck, now get up. Say a word and you’ll get the lash.” He straightened himself up as she tugged her clothes into place and turned to open the door.

“Sir, your wife is here as you commanded…”

Metacari pulled me away as they walked in. Around the corner, their voices died away. We went down the wood paneled halls of the study and crept along the outer wall of the library. We rounded another corner and found a second doorway at the rear. Metacari cracked it and took a peak then pulled me over to sneak a look inside.

We were along the wall of the back of the library. The fireplace was to our right and before us I could see the Baronet was gesturing to the two out of sight who just entered.

“…apologize to me? I don’t care! You’re here when I call you! What were you doing whore? What were you doing?” I heard a mumbled response from the terrorized woman.

“You have been nothing but trouble and now you want to apologize?” The man snatched her and pulled her into view. “I don’t take apologies from your whore mouth.” He tugged her over to him and bent her over the table flipping up her dress like a bar whore.

He felt up what I assumed was her back hole by her disgusted grimace and the ashamed look she had. “This is where I take my apologies from. This hole right here.” Behind her, he exaggerated his gestures and loudly exposed his already hard cock. As she heard him, the wife cried anew and cringed lower into the table more and more.

He slapped her ass hard making her jump. “Now apologize!” he slapped it twice more.

“Merin forgive me!” She blubbered.

He grinned behind her. “I shall try.” Without any more words, he appeared to bugger her.

She wailed pitifully as he entered her and moaned as he used her. Metacari got excited over the noise and straddled my leg to rub against me as she listened to the poor woman’s violation. I was reminded again how deranged these women were.

For several steamy minutes, the noble woman and I were used for pleasure. Metacari finished first and backed off after patting my back like a well performing puppy. The noble man seemed to take his time and wasn’t as rough on his wife as my fellow accomplice had grinded on me.

He finally came and shot into her exaggerating a yell of how great it was as he fell forward onto his hands over her.

He was still inside her when he turned to the blushing attendant. “Get this meat out of here.” He said dismissively.

As the aide grabbed up the woman she tensed as he touched her. “Bring that witness.” The noble said from behind them. “She is a real flower. Maybe when her husband is dead I’ll marry her.”

I tensed at the words, not so much at my death since I considered that in the cart on the way to the jail hours ago. No one can have Flarni. This fool can’t keep his wife happy that’s his own problem, but Flarni has NEEDS. He can’t, and likely won’t, understand or provide for her.

Metacari clamped me down before I shouted, or moved. Her breath was in my ear and her breasts were pressed hard to my back. “We need to know…” She whispered.

Her devious words did little to calm me. I noticed that change, this new impulsiveness. This ‘noble’ could be killed, and I was aware just how easy it would be. He was even scheduled to die by these girls hands but they wanted him to talk himself into the grave while I waited.

I waited I waited and it happened. Flarni was led in and seated facing away from us. He sat with her after the aide left. He seemed to try consoling her. Then he proved how little he understood her and started asking questions.

Flarni never spoke in more than a faint whisper, or a mumble. She was lucky to even give a reasonable answer to a question and a correct answer was subjective. He danced with her for a while. I knew from the way he asked his questions, with all the dates and times he threw in, that Flarni would give him either a numbered answer or a random date. I was glad to see him get obviously frustrated, it seemed Flarni’s addled mind was missing the point, or even the question.

Finally he stood. “Your husband will be dead soon. I don’t need the court in my business. You would do well to understand that a flower like you would be bruised anywhere but here close to me.”

This was the part I feared. I almost hyper ventilated watching him walk to the fire. I hoped he fell in. The look of smug arrogance grated on me. Metacari pulled me from the wall and dragged me down to the first door where we had watched the wife of this supposed man of power be raped.

Our guide stopped us and cracked open the door. Inside was mumblings from the fucking noble as he continued to slide his words seduction at her. Metacari pushed me back against the wall. “Stay here I’ll come back.”

Just like that, they disappeared into the library. In an instant, they returned and Metacari held Flarni my dear the real Flarni. I hugged her up and pulled back to look at her but Metacari snatched her away again and pulled her down the hall. Like a dog chasing a tied bone I hungrily followed them back to the side door to watch their game.

The witch in Flarni’s form was good but her clothes were different. The fool didn’t notice as he walked around to her.

She looked at the man bright eyed and right on cue he strutted over to her. “Why are you such a great man?” Flarni asked in a clear voice I haven’t heard in years.

“I’ll be king one day.” He said dropping down to steal a peck with his arms around Flarni.

She turned her head and avoided his kiss and slid her hands up his arms. “Oh? And will you be in the court in Lafaust by the strength of these arms?”

“Not Lafaust, here.” He stood and looked off into the fire with a gleam of ambition in his eyes.

She was amused with his posturing and rubbed his thighs. “Oh? Menthino just got a young King. I fear he will rise against you if you proclaim yourself.”

“I will fight for my title. Too long these lands have been ignored by the fools in their distant cold castles!” He raised a fist in self-righteous glory.

She looked up at him in obvious bewilderment. “But milord, you are the Crown’s man. Were you not the hand of the Crown who made sure these lands were not neglected, or its people forgotten?” She softly pounded her fists on his hips.

He caught her hands quickly. “Yes dear it was I, it was I who guided and shepherded our people. I led them when the Crown turned its back. Soon I will cast off their mantle and I shall make one anew. You shall be my flower. You can even have your husband stay alive if you convince him to serve me when the time comes. He will be dead by morning, unless you chose to come to me.”

Flarni seemed quiet for a moment. “When will you take what is yours?”

“Soon.” He unslung his pants and pushed them down and brought up his cock. “First you will chose me and give me those sweet pouting lips, your delicate tongue, those pale soft cheeks, and look with reverence with those soft blue eyes upon your lord. Know that you serve the man who will be king of our lands!”

Flarni demurred turning her head coyly. “How can you know this will all come to pass? I would not want to be sent to the gallows for following a man so intent on finding death.”

“I have an army.” He said hastily. “Several thousand men willing to fight and overthrow some of the Counts and even the Marquis.” He tried again unsuccessfully to take her mouth. “I will have my lands carved clear from the Crowns clutches. The Crown doesn’t have the will to fight as I do. I will defeat them with my heart and determination.”

Flarni turned to him. “I like that.” She breathed. Her hand came around to push away his hands and lift his cock. He watched her wide eyed as she took him into her mouth. Even knowing it wasn’t really Flarni I felt my heart break again watching her take this man. She showed gentleness and warmth as she suckled him. My wife slurped and licked him with compassion for a few minutes. She put her hands on his hips and allowed him to clamp onto her and thrust into her face. He really fell over into her and seemed to hug her neck as she bobbed into him.

Before he came, he pulled away from her. It was a Herculean feat. I could tell he was nearly done but he stood and pushed her down over the table. She turned and faced him and got up to sit on the table and pulled him between her legs. Her legs gracefully bent and slid around him as he stepped into her saddle. Her arms found him in an embrace and he wriggled only slightly in her tight embrace before he stopped and shuddered. He seemed blissful yet not quite satiated to have inseminated my wife. She nuzzled him and rubbed his back urging him on again.

“I was wrong you are no flower.” He remarked as he starting moving again and built up speed fucking into her.

She clung to him as he found a rhythm and worked hard to move himself in the tight confines of her embrace. Finally, after several more hot minutes of him near violently fucking Flarni he came again. He sagged over her onto the table. Like a snake, she slithered down and took him inside her mouth. Only the crown of her blond head was present as she bobbed onto him again.

“You are going to be my new mistress better than any wife.” He said breathlessly. “I imagined you were only a delicate thing to be guarded now I am wary to keep you only to myself to protect my men’s sensibilities. You are no whore but your possession of sex is almost as though you are a being only of carnal desire. Your need for sex is like most people’s grasp for food. You will be my prized queen. I will deploy you onto diplomats and you will extract the best prices from them…”

Tiredly, he tensed as he was wrung out again for yet another spending. “Aww…”

She continued to bob as the man above her froze with his eyes clenched. For a second he was still then shook and fell away. Before I could see where he went, Metacari was up and entering the room.

She snatched up his body as Flarni stripped him. Before too long a new Baronet stood regally whipping the cum from his face. Metacari appraised the man after hauling his twin over her shoulders. She nodded after a moment of clothes adjusting, and turned to me. “We go back to jail now. Leave your wife and we will go. Tomorrow we will be released and the quest can continue for the treasure.”

I did as she said and retreated with Metacari after kissing good-bye to Flarni. We snuck through the halls and this time I led as Metacari negotiated the dead man around carefully. We sprinted through the kitchens finally and were out into the cold windy dark before anyone could see us. As we crossed over to the jail, we were brought up short by a guard checking the door. As he stood and blocked the door Metacari flicked her wrist and impaled him from behind with a spear. As I got closer, I saw it was a black javelin of smooth glass that shone in the light of the lantern. I opened the door to the jail and held it open as the wind tried to take it. Metacari struggled to pull in his heavy body but we got him in and I closed the door. She pulled the two bodies to the open cell further back and rolled them along the wall. We had made a major coup that night. Already I was liking my chances of getting out with Flarni alive

I waited anxiously until she got back. We both waited till morning sitting in the cell quietly leaning into each other. My nerves wouldn’t let me sleep like Metacari who slept restlessly with a hand fumbling between my legs. Her hand snaked into my trousers with remarkable dexterity for a slumbering femme. She snored lightly as she used the hand to jerk me softly, and she cleverly fell into my lap when I came sucking lazily on my cock.

I didn’t fight off her violation because she could have forced me. Frankly, I was numb to the women, and I was numb in general, only Flarni got my heart. When she lingered after my spending. I didn’t resist as again she worked to get me hard. If that’s what they wanted, if this was the price, a loss of my virtue then I could deal with it. I was in hell, and they were walking me out.

I didn’t mind her pulling me down onto her pussy. She wanted a return and I gave it too her. Her pussy I noticed was hairless which went pretty far towards my comfort with the idea of being imbedded into it. I did the best I knew how like a good whore and sucked on her slurping pussy with the careless confidence of a man who’d seen his own gallows. When she stiffened and came, I just kept on.

I was raised off her and made to crawl up and let her get comfortable. She wanted my cock then I’m just a cocksman. I fell into her and she wiggled for me to get started. Sucking her tits, I rutted just as my cock and her pussy directed. When she lined me up to hit her spot on the high wall, I dropped my hips and sent it up in there. When she got ready to cum and lined up straight. I gave it to her deep as hard as my old back could keep it running. When she brought me in to suck her tits, I gobbled them, and stirred my cock within her in circles.

We heaved sweating after I don’t even now how long. I didn’t even cum before we separated. I pulled her up to keep from getting cold and I to ponder what was happening to me. I was numb now to everything. Killing a man was nothing if it was just the easiest way. I just fucked this woman to keep her satisfied because I wanted her help. If it was wrong, I didn’t care. It was a means to an end. I will have Flarni, I will have her happy, warm, and satisfied.

When the cell was opened, I was shaken from my thoughts. The hours had passed quickly since our escapade. We were led by a guard out into the early morning light through fresh powdered snow, and brought into the keep’s open forum hall. Naked stone columns and the marbled floor gave the room a cold look. The light steamed in behind us and the ‘Baronet’ stood smiling scandalously before us. Flarni was present but in the cold morning light, I could tell she was coming off of her medicine.

Most people got very sensitive from the lack of their dosing. Like a migraine, light and sound were amplified. She was also suddenly very sensitive to touch. Her body was throwing off the drug’s numbing effects, and her mind was feeling everything it had been blocked from. Even all the things the normal mind usually blocked were coming out demanding attention.

She wasn’t too happy in her chair, perhaps her slippers were crushing her feet, the sound of our breathing deafening her, or her dress was tearing the flesh from her back. It would be bad if she got into sweats, the screams would start shortly after. I heard of it all in the rushed mornings as we fumbled for more medicine, more of her precious drugs. Now looking at her I could see it starting again. She looked at me with a drawn tormented expression of half torture, and half pleading.

I gazed over at the ‘Baronet’ who still stood still before us. I could only hope the witch using his body was clever and moved fast.

“You prisoners are released.” It said simply.

The guards shifted and I noticed suddenly the absence of the aides and serving staff. Indeed looking around the house seemed quiet. Perhaps the smell of death was in the air, but I was still wearing bloody clothes and couldn’t tell.

“Thank you, sir.” I bowed formally.

Behind me, the guard moved back to create a less intimidating presence.

“You travel to Mavvus?” The Baronet asked quietly.

“Yes sir,” I bowed again.

“Call me, Sir… Merin.” He said slowly. “I have to go to Mavvus myself. I feel it is time. You will stay here in my stead. You are an educated man, I think you can help our lands during my absence.

“That is most gracious, Sir Merin.” I bowed the third time.

“I shall be going now then. Please use this keep and be familiar with the staff.” He strode out quickly past the dumbstruck guards and disappeared before passing the doorway on a horse alone.

“Sir?” Metacari asked. “I think it would be wise to check the jail for anyone else who may be useful.”

I was dumbstruck and so were the guards. “Hmm? Yes, quite.”

Metacari led three guards and me into the jail. We were all in shock and only she seemed to have a plan. In the light, the building looked different. I bid the guards to stay outside of the jail since the real Baronet was still laying out in a cell. In the other cells, Metacari opened and released a quiet elf that bolted once the door opened, a trio of short dwarfs or something, and then we came to a cat. It was a big cat not unlike the size of a tiger. Unlike a tiger, it was all black with white rings along its back like a jaguar.

The creature regarded us with cunning intelligence in its white grey eyes and its tail flicked as it looked from her to settle its gaze onto me.

Metacari fiddled with the lock, and I reached up to stop her the instant the lock sprang open.

She looked askance at my pleading face. “What are you doing?” I blurted. To me it made good sense for this creature to stay in there while I’m out here.

She shrugged like cats that big don’t eat people. “It should be free.”

“Says who? Cats eat anything they can kill. I have seen a house cat try to attack a horse foal as it sat in a field. If that thing…” I stopped as the creature stood and stretched. It kept an eye on me as it yawned and walked out past us. I clung to Metacari and hid myself behind her cloak like a child as it came out. I could hear it sniff her before continuing on its way.

“Fucking hell that was close.” I breathed as t past us and ambled out into the light.

Metacari looked at me with laughter in her eyes as she turned and walked further down. Inside the next cell were three Amazons still in shoulder yokes, the looks they me gave were purely poisonous. They were all naked and didn’t seem to care. Various bruises told a story of abuse from the guards or even the ‘Baronet’ himself. I noticed belatedly that their cell was across from the corpses current resting place.

Metacari stopped to address the group. Despite being bound as they were, they seemed to exude violence and lounged menacingly like a group of dangerous cutthroats in a dark alleyway.

“Sisters, you are to be released. You are then free to continue your hunt, or come to the Red Temple in Mavvus and heal.” She said simply. Her words had a slight effect and their postures shifted to look toward Metacari. Once again, I was glad to be ignored.

“We cannot.” said the one closest.

“You will.” Metacari replied. “When were you taken?”

“Two…three days ago. We came along and ambushed a group but pursuers came up from behind and caught us between them.”

I have another sister with me.” Metacari said quietly. “We are sure your band is still in the forest here. If you would like to say farewell before we go you can.”

The Amazons stared silently giving each other looks before they all agreed tiredly.

Metacari worked quickly and unbound their cell and each woman’s yoke. The trio aggressively moved past me. All three had silver hair and were very curvy. They all towered over me it seemed with clenched jaws, flexed fists, and slight sneers towards me.

I followed behind Metacari and exited the jail keeping my distance. We ate a solemn breakfast after I gave my grateful wife her doses. The servants were very happy to serve us whatever we wanted. After a satisfying meal, Metacari seemed to take charge and led us out to get ready. After a mental debate, I left Flarni behind with a kindly old female servant.

Metacari led us out onto the road and off to our journey. At her request, we left the road and were brought over to a copse of trees. She seemed to zero in on something and without warning, we were suddenly in the center of a Amazon hunting band’s camp.

The spot they used was a clever gully that was relatively circular, I wasn’t sure if it was a sinkhole or simply a micro ravine. They cooked meat that I later learned was horseflesh. On the ground was the ‘Baronet’ grinning foolishly with his pants down. Around him were five women. They were all similarly white haired Amazons and sat bottomless around the circle mindless of their exposure.

They ignored me, hugged their sisters, and sat around the clearing with Metacari.

“Why have you come?” The leader asked finally. She wore lots odd decorative metal pieces, a plate of metal covered her forehead and eyes, her knees were also plated, and an odd device with spikes came down the back of her calves. The device on her legs had a heel spurs and a spike that dropped like a cleat into the ground.

“For her.” Metacari said indicating the ‘Baronet’. Before our eyes, the witch dropped her guise and changed into a huge drow. Clothes ripped off her as she stood and became over six feet tall, heavily muscled, with gigantic breasts that were larger than my head. Her muscular body was easily thicker and taller than the sisters before us.

The Huntresses reacted as thought the Dark Mother herself had come for them. They squealed and scrambled over to clump together behind the leader. After the scrambling was done the leader tried to stay calm and ask questions.

“What is the meaning of this?” She asked raising her spear defensively. Behind her, the other Amazons hid themselves and tittered.

Metacari looked from Mara to the Huntress. “We are on a quest for treasure. We needed Sister Mara, and now we found her. We must leave now and continue.”

“Wait.” She seemed to be tallying whether anyone was slighted or insulted by this. “He is ours.” She said finally.

“Sister Mara was only wearing a face.” Metacari said, then added. “But she will fight you if you wish.”

As she spoke, Mara dropped a thin curved sword from her right hand.

“…I will challenge him unarmed for breeding.” The leader said staring at the sword.

Mara made the weapon disappear and stood at ease in a loose fighting stance. The leader stood and came forward after dropping her weapon. Her arms were up and Mara let her make the first punch. Quicker than I could follow she caught the arm and yanked the woman over to her. The difference in sizes was staggering. Mara towered over her and was able to grab her shoulder with her other hand as she brought around the woman’s arm to her own shoulder. She squatted down putting more pressure on the hold. In a second or two, she went limp as Mara choked her in her own arm.

“That was victory. You serve the Dark Mother well. Continue your hunt in honor. No one will know of this. All of you, your honor is clean.” Metacari said turning to leave.

“Wait, allow us to aide you in repayment.” One of them said.

“No.” Mara said from behind them. She lifted a leg on the sleeping Amazon leader. “These I will take these in repayment.”

“Very good. They have been trouble some.” The Amazon said with a relieved smile.

Mara took off the devices and we backed out of the forest and went on our way. We found the house after midday searching up and down roads and watching homesteads from afar as we moved south and west.

This particular house had no women we could see and was in a state of disrepair. The fields were fallow and the men who came outside were hunched, watchful, and wary. As we crept along closer, Mara found a guard and silenced him before he even saw her emerge from his shadow.

She seemed to move very naturally as a giant woman I wondered if that was her natural form. I clenched my jaw and steeled myself as we crept out to the house. Metacari stayed back as I followed Mara through the tall grasses to the rear of the building. As we got settled with our backs to the wall, Metacari came out of the woods and ran onto the road making as much noise as possible.

Predictable noises of alarm inside the house countered her and the men scrambled out. As they came out onto the road, a furious racket like broken dishes started. I snuck a glace around the corner of the house and saw that the men were under a rain of black javelins. There were so many in the air that I could plainly see their arc as Metacari vaulted a series of them at the confused men from behind a bush nearly a hundred yards down the road. The sound of the bolts shattering as they impaled men or spiked the ground was unique. I could not take my eyes off of the spectacle until two men ran back to the house leaving their comrades.

Mara intercepted the pair and entered the house in their stead. She called me in and Metacari came running forward to enter after me. We searched the house and found nothing. We searched the walls, the cellar, the shed in back, and still found nothing.

As we walked the property, I noticed a cave covered by vegetation but still obviously disturbed. Inside we found the treasure. More then twenty cartloads of chests filled with gold, jewels, and random crests from noble families. These bandits had been nearly a hundred strong for three years ambushing up and down the high streets of the region. From what I could tell, this was how the Baronet had planned to finance his revolt.

I returned to the Keep a happy man. Arrangements were made and I discreetly got the treasure brought to the keep. I was sad to see Metacari and Mara go, they had done well, and I figured they could be great bodyguards.

The Baronet’s former wife was kept around though it became obvious as time wore on that he wasn’t returning. I found her to be a sweet woman. Flarni enjoyed her company and I sometimes found them both kissing by the window doped up together, and murmuring to each other in their own worlds.

Mara and Metacari really did know people it seemed. Four weeks later, I was formally given peerage and advanced to become the new Baronet of the lands. That came as we were finding out the Baronet’s wife was pregnant.

Flarni changed after that and took charge for them both. Despite the hell of her pregnancies and the many failed deliveries and miscarriages we cried through, those two women worked hard to get off their crutch and become healthy and not waste this chance our Goddess gave us all. We hung tight through this one, and both were sober and clean when the baby was born. I don’t know how, I can only guess the night she had it the witch must have fucked everything in the keep she could. Nevertheless, I will swear on anything the baby had Flarni’s eyes.

I had come through hell and I was healthy, happy, whole, and before all that, I had my wife back.


This was my first story with this genre. I am glad to have shared it with you. I can only hope you enjoyed it.

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2015-11-26 03:23:18
That was very nice, a good depth of plot, fair character building. Nice job and keep writing.

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