my first story
Joe's little sister by Mr.exotic

This is my first story so tell me how it is.

It all started when I was over at my friends house after drinking a couple beers I had to take a piss. As I was walking to the bathroom I noticed his sister bending down. Her skimpy little booty shorts were riding her ass crack and her ass was hanging out. Her name was Zoey and she was 13 had long brown hair and pretty soon would have a nice rack and she had a cute little ass. As I walked in to the bathroom I couldn't help but think of fucking the shit out of her.

I was done pissing but I couldn't get my hand off my cock or my mind on her sexy ass. I was starting to feel the beers and was getting horny. I needed to get off and started stroking my 7 inch cock that had developed in the last couple years. Maybe I got a little carried away and was in there a little to long because I didn't notice the door creep open. I had my head back I was about to cum when I felt a hand wrap around my dick.

I moaned and looked that little nymph right in her face as her small soft little hands played with my balls and rubbed my cock. I couldn't take it anymore I turned around and starting making out with her and feeling that sexy little ass of hers.

even though this hand job was fucking amazing I couldn't take it any more , I had to get a feel of that little girls pussy. I pulled those sexy little shorts down and she was wearing this sexy little pair of lacy red thong with a little bow. I could feel her wetness through her thong and I slowly ran my finger through her prepubescent folds. As I was kissing her neck and petting her little pussy she let out a cry ooooooooooohhhhhh god kyle im so horny please fuck me.

Before I knew It I had my shorts off and she was bent over the bathroom sink and I plunged my dick all the way in. holy shit let me tell you it was so fucking tight its unreal, and she was so wet I could feel my thighs damp. I could tell what she wanted there wasn't passion, there wasn't time for a nice little sex session.

No what she wanted was an aggressive fucking. I started pounding my 7 inch dick which is 6 inches wide ( hey I like to know my size ) stretching her little pussy. Oooooohhhhhh ya kyle fuck me fuck my pussy god damn Zoey moaned. It was so sexy the way she was slamming her little ass back on my dick I couldn't take it she let out one last cry and I felt my legs get soaked as she started to spasm. I started pounding my cock into her harder and faster and started giving this little slut the cream pie she worked for.

my dick about did a back flip when I pulled out and watched my cum drip out and join hers, which is when I noticed how wet we both were. We started kissing and when we turned around my mind stooped. Her brother joe was standing there looking dead at us. Oh shit I started imagining the fight that was about to ensue. Thats when shit got even crazier and zoey walked up to Joe got on her knees and pulled down his shorts. She got going slowly licking all around the head and working her way down taking her time teasing him licking the underside of his dick. Joe let out a moan awww shit Zoey what did I tell you about fucking the company you little whore and he grabbed the back of her head and slammed his dick in her throat as she let out a gag.

After he forced a couple deep streaks into the back of her throat she pulled off and said, im sorry daddy I didn't mean to I know ive been a bad little slut so give me what I deserve. With that she got up walked out of the bathroom all proper in her little thong and tank top and layed on the ground in the family room. I staggered a little and fumbled with my words still a little drunk dude Joe your sisters a sexy little slut, how long you been fucking her. He gave me the funniest look like he was thinking real hard and said, dude we ll talk later and walked out. I followed him out of the bathroom and watched as he got down on the ground put her legs on his shoulders and slammed deep into her. Joes dick was a about the same size as mine maybe a little less fat.

I stood there for a second as my dick was coming back to life and realized there was no way in hell I was gonna let him have all the fun. I walked over knelt down and shoved her sexy little mouth on my dick as she moaned it felt so good vibrating all down my dick. There was no teasing this time she was all hot and bothered her little nipples sticking up like little erasers as she sucked my dick with skill and precision I could tell it wasn't anywhere near her first time. I couldn't help but have the fantasy in my head of Joe fucking a smaller younger Zoey.

I snapped back and watched as Joe pounded into his slutty little 13 year old sister as she moaned and arched her back I was truly astounded she let out a loud moan and sent a big stream of cum coating Joes stomach. Watching this little slut suck and fuck both of us was more then I could take and starting filling her mouth with what felt like gallons of cum. About the same time I heard Joe shout out and slam In as we all came with in seconds of each other.

It took a minute but we both pulled out and rolled over I wasn't sure about him but I was in heaven. Zoey stood up and said thank you daddy thanks Kyle and I watched as her sexy little ass get up and walk away.

please forgive the spelling and grammar issues.

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2014-01-16 12:54:11
hszgHN Thank you for your article.Really thank you! Awesome.

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2012-06-06 19:29:14
...nice story but I think it's a tad impossible to be fucking 6 inches wide....that's half a foot n then to top that 7 inches long....>.> why bother putting your size if it's just gonna fuck with someone's mind set

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2012-02-12 00:12:50
mS4CbK Yeah !... life is like riding a bicycle. You will not fall unless you stop pedaling!!...

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2011-04-04 22:52:10
Really hot, I'm keeping this one in mind!


2011-01-26 23:26:15
i enjoy the story and in stories it doesnt matter what size u r it matter on how ur telling the story

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