this is my first story about my first time
I lay naked in my bed with the most beautiful girl I had laid eyes on. Her beautiful slender back and perfectly round ass pressed against my bare chest as my dick softened. Cum dripped out of her tight, pink pussy as post-cum slowly came out of my softening dick. Slowly, she turned around as I kept her in my arms.

“Do you love me?” she asked.

Without hesitation I replied, “always.”

It is cheesy I know, but when you’re with the most beautiful girl in the world, cheesiness is something lost within myself. I forget about the world and concentrate only on her. As we drifted into sleep, I reminisced about the first time we had made love.

It when we were both 14. Jane and I were starting high school and were best friends prior. We lived several miles away from each other and never attended school together. How did I meet her? Well it so happens that this girl was my cousin. Prior to our initial fuck, she and I always hungout and supported each other in our different endeavors. She was into gymnastics and cheer, while I was into nerdy computer games. Jane was always slender. Although not completely thin, she has a perfectly shaped round ass, a 32D size bust (I don’t remember the exact size she was when we were 14, but they were about the size of half an apple), a flat stomach and perfectly toned legs. She is Korean, so she has beautiful brown eyes with the typical Asian hair color.

Whenever, she had a cheer competition, I would be the first person to support her. She and I had a very innocent past. However, we would spend every weekend together; and because we went to the same high school, we hungout everyday. Now Jane was very popular. She was also incredibly beautiful and always had guys chasing after her. She had a few flings here and there, but never went steady with anyone.
One day, our high school held an event at a water park. Jane wanted to go, but I didn’t. Since her parents went on a business trip and she was staying at my house for the week, my parents wouldn’t allow her to go without me; she begged me to chaperone her.

“Please! There’ll be tons of hot girls in bikinis!” she begged.

Hormones ablazing and horny as I was, I decided to go with her. At the water park, Jane saw her cheerleading friends while I followed her wrapped in a towel. Sure enough all of her gorgeous cheerleading friends were wearing bikinis. I couldn’t help but stare. I could feel my shorts tighten as I could think of nothing except their gorgeous bodies. However, all the gorgeous girls at the water park that day could not match up against the coup the grace; Jane in her bright pink bikini. Its laces were strung from the sides, and her small cleavage had me drooling. Her beautiful round ass stuck out and as the sun beamed on her lotioned body, I could not get over how beautiful my cousin was.

The girls decided to go down a tube-slide. The slide required two people to sit on a tube and the person at the front had to lean onto the person in the back. Jane was my partner; and as the guy, I was automatically put in the back. As Jane leaned on me, I felt my cock tingle. I could only think about her perfectly toned body on me. I quickly became hard. I tried to stop it from pressing against Jane’s back, but to no avail I could not adjust my penis without the lifeguard and everyone in line seeing it. I went with the flow as my rock hard dick pressed against her back.

After a nice, fun day at the water park, we went home, exhausted. After dinner, I quickly went into my room to fall asleep. As I lay in bed, I couldn’t get over how gorgeous my cousin was. I grabbed some tissue and started to masturbate to my cousin. It was at this moment Jane decided to barge in my room. I quickly got up and knew I had been caught. I stood there like a deer in headlights. Her eyes widen. I wasn’t sure whether or not she was shocked to see me laying there holding my dick or if this had been the first naked person she’d seen in her life. I quickly covered myself in my sheets and after an awkward silence, she quickly walked in and closed the door.

“this isn’t what it looks like!” I quickly said, hoping she wouldn’t tell on me.

“were you jacking off?!” she said.

“No..i was…” I stammered, trying to think of a logical excuse, but it was obvious she had caught me.

“Yes…okay?! I was. Just please don’t tell my parents” I begged.

She lit up. She smiled and saw a window of opportunity. The look she had implied that she was going to blackmail me.

“So which of my friends were you jacking off to?” she asked.

“uh…” I stammered. I quickly thought of one of the cheerleaders’ names. “Lizzie”


“yeah, she looked hot today.” I lied, trying to cover up the fact that I had been jacking off to the beautiful creature in front of me.

“Is that why you had a boner on the slide today?” she asked.

Shocked, I didn’t know how to reply. “…What?” I started to act oblivious.

“You were poking me on the slide.”

“Was I?”

“Yeah, but Lizzie was having lunch.”

I hesitated, completely lost for words. I didn’t know how to rebound from this.

Jane then asked, “Lizzie is pretty huh?” she had given me the out.

“Yeah she is.”

“Is she prettier than me?”

“I think you’re prettier”

It was the best answer I could think of.

“Would you masturbate to me?” she asked.

Now caught completely off guard, I didn’t know how to answer. I had been masturbating to her, but I can’t tell my cousin that. I hesitated, I didn’t answer quickly. My heart beat faster. If she knew what I was doing, how much trouble I would be in. I quickly gathered myself.

“No.” I quickly said with a hint of desperation. But she had seen past my lie.

“I think you were.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You hesitated and I felt your hard cock on my back today”

I had never heard her say ‘cock’ in my life. I always thought she was so innocent.
“Okay, I thought you were fucking gorgeous today.” I finally admitted.

She smiled. I was thinking she would frown and not talk to me again, but she looked flattered.

“Can I see it?” she said flirtily.

“see what?

“Your cock.” She replied as she took a step closer to me.


But before I could give my answer, she had taken the sheet to reveal my hard 4 inch cock. It had a bit of
pre-cum on it and was turning purple. I saw her lick her lips as he observed the first cock she had seen in her life. I was scared, I didn’t know what to do. It was my cousin and the first sexual encounter I had. My dick started to throb. She knew as well as I did that I needed to blow my load.

“Can I pump it for you?” she asked in a higher pitched voice.

I almost came at the question. I struggled to maintain composure and squeaked “Yes”.

She slowly took her hand and as soon as she made contact with my throbbing dick, I came. My inexperienced body flinched and churned as cum after cum spewed out in bursts out of my penis. I could feel my balls emptying. Jane made a tiny scream as some of the cum had landed on her pink pajamas. As my orgasm ended, Jane grabbed some tissue to clean herself off, but didn’t seem too worried about it.

She then subtly took off her pajamas, using the cum as an excuse. My eyes widened as I saw her supple breasts being wrapped by her bra. Jane smiled and asked if I wanted to see them. Without hesitation I said, “Yes” and she slowly unhooked her bra. It was the first nipple I had seen in my life. They were soft, round nipples whose pink areolas screamed for a suck. I licked my lips, and I instinctively approached her breasts. She seemed to take deeper breathes as I got closer until I finally reached my destination. My lips met her hardening, pink nipples as I sucked and licked them. “OHhhh” she softly moaned. I could almost feel the tingle surge throughout her entire body. She lowered her head and our lips met for the first time. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and as our tongues massaged each other; my hands gave her tits, the massage it deserved. She continually let out moans of pleasure as she fell into bed with me.

“Jon, I really want to fuck you! I’ve wanted to fuck you since we were little! Be my first!” she yelled in between kisses.

I guess she meant that she liked me since we were little, as I didn’t even know what sex was before I had reached 11 years old. Of course, I had wanted to fuck Jane ever since I learned about sex, so I didn’t question it.

“I wanted to fuck you for so long too!” I replied.

We quickly broke our kiss and she finally took off her pajama pants. I finally saw the first pussy of my life. It was tight and pink, but was not shaven. However, it could not distract me from the glory it emanated. I felt my dick slowly getting bigger. I was distracted by her kiss once again. She had thrown herself onto me and in a missionary-esque position, she begged me to fuck her.

My cock had reached full erection. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy with the tip of my penis. My cock throbbed, somehow knowing the destination that awaited it. I pushed my hips slowly and my cock had reached the pussy lips. Jane’s hips retracted a bit, but I finally split the pussy lips. I had reached her hymen and stopped.

“Are you sure?” my mind had retaken control of my body.

“D-Do you love me?” she asked in a gentle voice. She had regained control of her body as well at this point.

“I really love you.” I replied; and I meant every word of it.

“then yes.”
I slowly moved my hips toward her and she raised her hips towards mine; and I had taken her innocence from her. She let out a quick gasp of pain as I slowly inserted my cock into her hot pussy. I had never had a sensation like that in my life. Her tight pussy walls caved into my cock and her pussy juices melted onto my penis. At that moment, we made eye contact. Her soft eyes looked into mine. “I love you.” We said as we kissed.

I receded my cock out of her pussy slowly. I started slow and after a few repetitions, I started to increase some speed. Her body started to twitch. I could feel her slender figure coil into make involuntary movements. Her hips jerked and her legs involuntarily kicked out. My body twitched as well, but I tried maintaining control; it had been easier to maintain since I had just cummed 5 minutes prior.

“OHhhhhhh” she moaned with pleasure as I sped up. “OHHh FUCK!” she screamed as she dug her nails into my back. My back arched. I started losing control of my body. Jane’s did as well. Her back arched against the bed as we were approaching climax.

“OMYGOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” she screamed. “HARDER HARDER!” she begged. I quickened my pace. I lifted the bottom half of her body and grasped her perfect, round ass as I pounded my cock in and out of her sweet pussy.

“I’m about to cum!” I yelled.


I could feel her pussy walls caving in around my penis as I unloaded bursts and bursts of cum into her fresh pussy. We both screamed. It was a surprise that no one in the house heard it as we both came together.
Panting filled the room. Our breathes had shortened and as I slipped my dick out, cum and pussy juice drizzled out of her cunt. I laid next to her still twitching, glowing body. Her moans of pleasure continued as her body twitched from the pure euphoria it had just witnessed. She slowly gathered herself; taking deeper breathes as she recovered from the first fuck she ever had.

Trembling, she looked at me and said, “I love you Jon.”

I grabbed her body, it was trembling and shivering. “I love you too.” Pussy juice mixed with cum was still oozing out of her. I embraced her shaking body and we laid in bed hugging. My softened cock laid rest on her wet pussy lips as we slowly drifted to sleep.

I woke up the next day in the same position as I did while thinking of this story. I guess this is our favorite position; sleeping in each others’ arms with my cock kissing her pussy lips. I wake her up with a simple “I love you”. It’s cheesy I know, but when you’re with the most beautiful girl in the world you forget about everything else.
We had many other sexual adventures that evolved our sex. However, our first experience wasn't filled with much knowledgeable actions, but it was in my opinion the best sexual encounter of my life.

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Passing grade because she had pussy hair.

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yet another grade school virgin post about things they know nothing about. as said by others girls do not wear bras to bed and another major goof is her areola color, if she is asian ahe would have brown areolas not pink. delete and don't post any more until you go back to school and learn.

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99% of girls and women do not sleep in a bra it is to uncomfortable this guy must be a virgin

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E1b752 I serched through the internet and got here. What a wonderful invention of the mankind. With the help of the network you communicate, learn, read !... That helped us to get acquainted!...

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