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the first time I seen my wife fuck another man at home
Ever since I caught my wife fucking another man in a quiet underpass {read my other story caught her } after she had a night out with her friends , It became an obsession for me see her do it again.

The problem I had was Kim didn't know that I watched them fucking because I never told her that I seen it all happen.So Kim was quite unaware of what I seen and how much it turned me on.

I mean how the hell do you tell your wife that you want to see her fuck another man in front of you . Many of you would say why didn't' you just tell her what you seen and how you felt about it .

If you knew the character of my wife then you would understand what I mean ,Kim was a very well respected member of the local community .And a loving wife and mother,and I am not making excuses for her when I say that it was totally out of character for her to do what she done . Not that she don't like a dam good fucking , she loves sex and lots of it.

I put it down to the circumstances she found herself in that night and the drink she consumed .Plus of course she hadnt had any cock for twelve weeks . Anyway she would have gone straight into a guilt trip if I had confronted her with it, So that is why I never said anything to her.

So maybe you can see where I'm coming from and the problem that I had .On one hand I couldn't tell her that I was watching her that night . And on the other hand I wanted her to do it again .catch 22.

I thought about this long and hard ,And after a long time I plucked the courage and told her that I wanted to see her fuck another man in front of me .To cut a long story short she would have none of it and said that she had never heard of such a thing and could never do anything like that in front of me .

But not being one to give up ,over the next few yrs I kept asking her and brought it into our love making ,I would say things like imagine if this was another prick inside you ,And stuff like that, Slowly she started to warm to the Idea.But would still not commit herself to doing it .

Then four yrs ago it started to pay off, things started to change, she became more receptive to the idea. The kids had grown up and left and we had more time together .And to my surprise Kim said to me one morning after I had been asking her again to try it that she would think about it and maybe she would do it. On condition that I was sure that it was what I wanted and that I wouldn't freak out on her if she done it. Eleven yrs had past since I had first asked about the Patience of Jove.

Then one Saturday night we went down the local for a night out .Kim and I were standing by the bar next to a guy called Jules . I didn't know him that well I had talked to him a few times and he had seemed a nice enough guy .

Then my workmates walked in the pub they had been to a rugby match and had just got back .So I left Kim at the bar and went to have a chat with them. I was there about a 1/2 hr when I noticed that Kim and Jules were chatting away and seemed to be having a good time so I left them to it .

About 15 Min's latter I went over to see if Kim was OK and she said yea she was fine .I'm enjoying myself here Said Kim you can go back over with your mates if you want I'm OK Jules is looking after me! So thinking I can have a few beers with the boys off I went happy as Larry.

Halfway through the night the band started playing and after a few songs Kim and Jules went out to dance ,I didn't mind as I am not a great dancer so was happy to let Jules entertain Kim for me .

By the end of the night I had, had a good few beers and Kim had spent most of the evening with Jules. Kim came over and said that she had ordered a taxi because it was raining ,and that Jules was coming home with us for a drink ,I l said fine no probs and to give me a shout when they were going .

Ten Min's latter we were in the cab heading home I was in the front and Jules and Kim were in the back . When we arrived home they went into the house and left me to pay the driver.

When I got in Kim had gone upstairs to change leaving Jules on the two seater sofa I asked if he wanted a beer and he said yes so I went to get one from the fridge .I grabbed three and turned around to get some glasses from the dish washer.I looked around and standing behind me was Kim in a short silky robe , Hi love I said I got the beers ,she pushed me back from the door into the living room and whispered something to me I couldn't quite catch ,

What you say I asked ? I said tonight is your lucky night she opened her robe and she was totally naked . I looked at her and whispered what are you doing Jules is sat out there .

She looked at me and said yes I know he is. And tonight I am going to take Jules to our bed and I am going to fuck him !

My prick sprang up straight away....I said ...what ...your going to do it ... now...She looked at me and said yes I am ,I'm going to fuck him so if you don't want me to do it tell me now .I don't want you going off on one with me afterwards.You have been after me to fuck someone for yrs... So tonight I am going to shut you the fuck up if you don't want me to go through with it then tell me now .

I put the glasses down on the table put my hands between her legs and felt her pussy was soaking ..I said yea I want you to go ahead and do it ,But does he know that he is going to fuck you , not yet he doesn't said Kim .How are you going to do this I asked he wont touch you if I am in the house .Leave that to me she said, you just pretend to fall asleep on the big sofa and leave the rest to me and when we go upstairs follow us up a few minutes latter and be quiet ....OK i said we got a plan .
I took the drinks into the living room and gave one to Jules and stretched out on the big sofa Kim followed me in and sat next to Jules her gown was gaping at the front and Jules had a great view of her tits .Kim was chatting away to him and I put my drink on the floor and pretended to nod off .

Jules finished his drink and said to Kim he has crashed out ... Ho don't worry about him he will be there all night .Nothing will wake him up after a few beers he sleeps like a rock said Kim.

Well I had better make my way home then said need,its still raining ,You can sleep in one of the spare rooms if you want to ,I opened my eyes a fraction to get a glimpse of what was going on .....Or you can sleep in my bed she said as she opened her gown a bit more letting him have a better look at her tits .What he said can I what if he wakes up he stammered...Believe me he wont Iv been married to him for yrs he will still be here until 10 in the morning I know what he is like after he has been drinking replied Kim

Are you sure about this Jules said as he reached out and touched one of Kim's erect nipples ....yes i am sure she said as she pushed his hand harder on to her breast and put her hand on Jules crotch...... hoooo I think you want to stay she said as she started to rub his hardening prick through his jeans then she kissed him .He broke away from her kiss and said ...only if your sure about sleeping beauty there .

No problem Kim said and got up off the sofa, come on we are wasting time.He got up and followed her out off the room and up the stairs into our bedroom.

I waited a couple of mins like I was told to do ... I didn't' want to miss out on a second of what was going on upstairs . I took off my shoes and crept as quietly as I could to the top of the stairs ,our bedroom door was open and the light was on . I crept along the landing to the door .And peeked around the corner. I could see Kim lying on her side with her gown pushed up and Jules was totally naked and laying on our bed next to her .

They were kissing and I watched as Kim's arm moved back and forth on his prick but I couldn't see it as her back was turned towards me .Jules,s hand moved onto Kim's ass and he started to rub it ,Kim raised her leg so he could touch her pussy ,He moved his hand onto her clit and started to rub it gently, she moved her buttocks to the rhythm of his hand .She let out soft moans of pleasure then he found the entrance to her pussy and slipped his fingers inside her. As he moved his hand faster she groaned and pushed her pussy into his hand, and his fingers found its way deeper into her .
I could see her wetness on his fingers as he brought her to her first orgasm she turned onto her back and thrust her hips up into the air as she came .

Then he sliped her gown off her arms and she lay totaly naked next to him she kissed him long and hard and I could hear her as she whispered fuck me . Jules started to kiss her breasts and licked her now rock hard nipples. He kissed his way down to her soft belly Kim opened her legs a little for him then he found that little mound inbetween her legs .Kim moaned and opened her legs wider for him he got up and knelt between her legs Kim raised her hips and offered her self to him.Then he held his prick in one hand and laid down on top my wife. Kim raised her hips some more for him and I heard her sigh as his prick found its way through her wet pussy lips and started probing its way into her wet little love tunnel, her face changed as all of it found its way into her.

she started to moan and gasp as he started to thrust into her harder longer strokes Kim moved her legs around his back as she bucked under him she was moaning loudly begging him not to stop she was pleading with him to carry on to fuck her harder.

He pounded her hard . Kim came again constantly morning and sometimes nearly screaming as he fucked her relentlessly .Then he gasped and his back stiffened his ass slammed his prick deep inside Kim's pussy as he pumped his sperm into her filling her up with his spunk .

They both collapsed Jules on top of Kim a gasping sweating pile, he rolled over and I could see his now flaccid prick as it slid out of my wife's sperm filled pussy. They kissed and lay there for a while Kim told him ,you had better go into the spare room just in case he wakes up down stairs OK give me a minute he said as he kissed her .

I took that as my cue to quietly go back downstairs and lay on the sofa Which is exactly what I did I waited for a good half hour but I couldn't hear him moving into the spare room then I heard the unmistakable sound of the bed creaking and Kim's soft moans . She was getting fucked again.

I waited until they finished then I heard Jules moving into the spare room. After about half an hour or so, when I thought that he had gone to sleep I quietly went to our bedroom .Kim was lying naked on the bed asleep .I quietly closed the door and got undressed as I walked to the bed I could see that Kim's thighs where open and I could see her freshly used pussy . Her pussy lips were red and swollen there was a blob of Jule's sperm at the entrance where it had leaked out of her

I laid down on top of her and she opened her legs wider for me .I was so exited I could hardly wait to slide myself into her. I wondered how long it would take for you to come to me she whispered. I seen everything i said,Did you like it i whispered back to her. Ho yes.. she answered . I slipped my prick into her pussy and was surprised at how spread and wet her normally tight little hole was.She winced be careful she said I am sore after him .Was he bigger than me I whispered as I started to fuck her slowly. mmmm...maybe a little but he was thicker than you I think that's why I'm so sore. I could feel Jules sperm leaking out of her and running down my balls as I started to fuck Kim harder .I couldn't hold it back any more I exploded inside her I pumped more spunk into her than I ever had in my life before.

In the morning we got up about 9.30, and Jules got up shortly after us ,We had a cup of coffee and I went up the shop to get some cigarettes was only gone 5 mins when I got back they where both drinking coffee in the kitchen .Jules said he had better go as he had some things to do. So Kim said that she would give him a lift home. Kim was gone about a hour and a half when she came back she said to me that they had fucked her again at his house . And that he was going to phone her in the week. I said.... What ?.... she looked at me and said...... Well you started it you cant expect me to stop now...... And she hasn

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2016-12-29 16:58:12
I let my wife fuk in Goa....she was very shy during massage..... BT when I touch her pussy its wet.....I opened her panty....the msssuer kiss her pussy...ultimately she open her leg widely... And got fukd....later she thanked me for the fuk....

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I live in Delhi.on our first anniversary, my husband brought another boy as a gift.I was surprised. The boy started kissing me.within one minute I become pussy become wet.then my hubby opened my dress in front of the boy...
Then the boy kissed my pussy.I saw my husband cock became very hard.I realised hubby getting I open my leg and allowed then boy to fuk was a very exciting night...

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My husband several times told me he want me to be naked in front of other guy.this idea really make me hot.but I never told my husband.

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My wife very shy...BT whenever I speak about group sex...she rejected it....BT I touched her pussy it always become wet.....I realise she feel hot...

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In India this happen secretly........

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