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Bella & the Boys
Once again Bella found herself alone, without the love of her life, Edward Cullen. But this time she knew she had no case for grievance. Edward had still not forgiven her for cheating on him with his hated rival Jacob, the werewolf! After their steamy session in deep in the woods, Edward had again disappeared, much to his girlfriend’s distress and to Jacob’s delight!
But Bella had been avoiding Jacob over the past month, in the hope that it would temp her beloved Edward back to her.
But during the long nights, as winter closed in on the town Bella would lie awake, tossing and turning, aching for the two superhuman beings who had bought her such pleasure that night!
It seemed so long since then! Indeed, it had been a month, but to Bella it seemed an age!

She would relive those moments each night, for the rest of her life. Being sandwiched between a vampire and a werewolf, those two rock hard phalluses. In her mouth, in her pussy, probing her deeply, one so hot, one so cold.
Her hand would slip under the duvet covers, down to her moistening crotch as she attempted to sooth the ache of longing for that night to one day return.
But Bella knew it was an impossible dream. The males hated one another. The only reason they had shared her was to be rid of one another.

The longer Bella waited for Edward, the harder it became for her to avoid Jacob.
“He is still here.” She would think to herself.
“Edward would never know, not if I was in Jacob’s territory.”
Then she would have a sudden pang of conscience and put such thoughts from her head.

One day as Bella walked home from alone from school, after listening to her good friend Jessica talk about high school guys, (whom Bella had absolutely no interest in), she found herself walking down the rugged track towards the Blacks’ reserve. She had done it automatically, without even thinking about it! She knew she ought to turn back and head for home, but her beating heart and aching snatch told her otherwise!

Bella rapped on the wooden door. Nothing. Again she tried. Still no answer. It was getting dark now and Bella thought it unsafe to hang around. But as she turned to leave, she heard a snuffling, sniffing sound, like that of a big dog behind the door.
As she pushed the unlocked door open, Bella gasped in surprise. For there in front of her were five large werewolves! Immediately she recognised Jacob at the front of the pack, but the other four she would not be able to tell who was whom unless they took their human form.
There was a big grey werewolf-the biggest there. He must be the alpha Bella thought as the beast approached her curiously eyeing her up and down.
There was a pale brown one, younger looking than the others with an excitable gleam in the eye!
A jet black werewolf stood by the younger one and beside Jacob was a dark brown beast, roughly the same size as him.
Bella felt no fear as she entered the room and the werewolves surrounded her, sniffing and eyeing her with excitement and soft whimpers.

Looking down at the youngster she saw the familiar glisten of a bright red point between the rear legs, much like her lipstick at home. It was straining forth, as was its owner, the excitable light brown werewolf.
“Well someone’s pleased to see me!” She said quietly smiling at the young male.
But the big grey werewolf muscled his was over and the youngster back off submissively.
Again Bella looked slyly between this big dog’s legs and again she saw the angry red protrusion pointing out from the hairy sheath. This was much bigger than the young male and considerably bigger than Jacob’s.

Quietly Bella sank to her knees and the grey beast stepped forth. Bella reached out and took the very large, bulging testicles in her delicate hand and gently massaged them.
The alpha male called softly.
Bella knew this was pleasuring him. Feeling the stares of the other werewolves upon her, Bella got on all fours, like a beast herself and presented her fine juicy rear end to the other four. Greedily they stepped forwards, pawing at her shapely denim clad buttocks. The dark brown male, who had been beside Jacob massaged Bella’s once again aching crotch, using his big snout.
Bella moaned softly breaking the silence in the room. She had been continuing to massage the grey hair covered balls, while grinding her damp snatch against the dark brown werewolf’s nose.
Then she leant further forwards, beneath the grey alpha male’s undercarriage and licked the red hot tip of his phallus.
The howl became louder as she licked again and again, teasing the big beast with her sweet teen tongue, until finally she plunged forth, engulfing the entire length. This made the alpha roar in delight and he thrust roughly forwards, forcing his bone down Bella’s throat.
She was used to this rough and tumble way of sex after last months unbelievable session and she forced herself not to gag on the angry hot rod.
Meanwhile Jacob and his dark brown companion were pawing roughly at Bella’s tight jeans in horny frustration, while the young male and the jet black beast circled the fornicating group awaiting their turn.
Realising these were mere beasts without hands and fingers, Bella obligingly unfastened her buttons and the two ’lieutenant’ males were able to whip off the blue jeans with ease, leaving them to marvel at her perfectly formed rear end, clad only in white polka dot panties.
Again, the dark brown male buried his pointed snout into Bella’s damp gusset and again Bella writhed about in ecstasy as she felt the twitching nose tickle her vagina.
He took a good sniff at her warm flowing juices that were now leaking heavily through the cotton.
He grumbled, sending vibrations through his nose now pressed against Bella’s clit.
Bella wailed, her mouth still full of dog dick.
Her lips buzzed against the sensitive skin causing the alpha to roar and thrust again, his fuzzy balls slapping her cute chin.
Jacob was now in on the action. Crouching underneath Bella he produced a long slavering tongue to taste he leaking juices.
The tongue felt very muscular as it worked it’s way inside Bella’s panties. The tip reached her clit and teased it, tickling her at and unbelievable pace!
Bella was in seventh heaven!
“Stt- SSS- STOP STOP!” She cried, fearing she was about to cum already.
Jacob obliged briefly only to bring Bella back down to earth.
The dark brown male also began to tongue Bella’s pussy from behind, exploring her moist hole and working round and round.
Bella squirmed on the two werewolf tongues. She was gasping and shaking with pleasure. It was so intense!
The two low ranking males were now rubbing themselves along the carpet in an attempt to sooth their aching bones.
Bella beckoned them forward and directed one to either side of the alpha male.
They presented their small phalluses to her and Bella took one in each hand, while her head was impaled on the big alpha cock.
Bella’s knickers were now sodden through. Copious amounts of saliva and girl juices had caused them to become see through. The sight of Bella’s botty caused the two sub dominant males to go wild with desire for her.
Their sharp claws tore through the cute panties, ripping them clean off.
The dark brown werewolf reared upon his hind legs and aimed for penetration.
But the dominant male was not having it!
He would be the first to penetrate the female! Snarling he leapt forth, while Bella was still sucking on his stiffy. She fell on her back, knocking her head.
“Oww! Be careful!!” She cried in annoyance.
But the beasts ignored her.
The brown male backed off, but Jacob stood his ground, teeth bared, penis dripping with pre cum.
The back end of the alpha was again over Bella’s face. She knew these were volatile creatures, so to diffuse the situation she took his pointy prick between her soft lips yet again, feeling his hot sweet pre cum running down her throat.
The big male relaxed and after a little gyrating against her pretty face he slid himself down her body. His little gaping eye smeared pre cum down her small vest top over her breasts like a snail trail/
Finally he reached her sopping wet gash.
Bella felt her heart beating hard as she spread her legs, ready for the imminent penetration of the big alpha male!
The grey werewolf pushed forth with ease. As Bella was so wet it was no hardship to enter her tight hole!
“Oooooooohh” Bella and the werewolf moaned in unison.
Squatting over her, his crotch jerked back and forth like a pneumatic drill as her pumped Bella’s pussy.
Bella cooed and whined in pleasure. It felt like she was fucking a machine!
She grasped the ribs of the big beast and nudged him, attempting to roll him over. But as he was so strong he barely noticed her trying to roll him!
Jacob noticed what Bella was attempting and he gingerly stepped over and using his strong paws he tipped Bella to the side so that the Grey werewolf gently rolled over and Bella was able to straddle him and ride that big red stick.
This presented the other males with her wonderful brown star!
As Bella hunched over him her butt cheeks were spread wide exposing her tight crinkled anus.
The bright red phallus of their brother and pack mate was tort skinned with bulging purple and blue veins disappearing onto the stretched skin of her vagina, while the bulging balls slapped against her botty as he pumped her.
Jacob seized his chance as the other three males gawped in wonder at the sight before them.
He mounted her wondrous rear end, his sharp lipstick like cock pointed like a torpedo toward her stretched bum hole. He plunged in.
Bella yelled in shock as a sharp pain seared through her colon. She felt every inch of Jacob lodged deep in her back passage.
Her anal virginity was breached!
Jacob felt the tight yet snug grip of Bella’s velvety sphincter squeeze his length and he howled happily as he pumped that sweet ass!

The three other werewolves paced the floor, growling in jealousy, awaiting their turn in taking Bella. Their phalluses were dripping slimy, clear pre cum over the floor boards.
Bella was on all fours. Her arms either side of the alpha beneath her, supporting her slight frame against the weight of big Jacob on her back.

The other sub dominant males could see down her small vest top. The small tits were cupped neatly in a silky black bra, but despite this they were jiggling up and down, up and down with the rough pounding her two tight holes were receiving at the other end!

Bella noticed the gaze of desire on the faces of the other three werewolves. She had spent enough time with these creatures to be able to read their expressions and their moods and right now she knew exactly what they desired!

With a great effort Bella heaved herself up onto her knees, so that she was elegantly riding the big grey male. Her back was straight, making her look most regal, while her pert little bottom jutted out at a sexy angle.
This allowed Jacob to continue penetrating her by sitting back on his haunches and placing a big clawed paw upon each of Bella’s shoulders.

The other three males took their opportunity and prowled towards her.
The dark brown male reared up onto his hind legs with ease, presenting Bella with his fine phallus! It was similar in size to Jacob’s but as Bella took it in her mouth she thought that this male had better tasting cock juice than his brother!

The youngster and the jet black werewolf also stood on their hinds, showing off their straining stiffies.
Bella obligingly took one in each hand and began to pleasure them both from dribbling tip to bulging balls. All the while she licked and sucked the dark brown beast’s lipstick and rolled her hips as the alpha and Jacob pumped her honey pot and poop pipe respectively.

What would her Daddy say!?! What would Edward say!?!
If only they could see Bella now!
Never, ever, in her wildest dreams did Bella think she would be able to pleasure five of these wild terrifying beasts, not all at once!

That ache that she had been suffering since her last session in the woods with Edward and Jacob now seemed a distant memory.
The stench of dog and salty sweet odour of violated holes and testosterone hung thick in the air, but Bella loved it, it made her all the more aroused and she wanked, sucked and rode her males all the harder.

Bella could feel the alpha male beneath her beginning to pump harder and faster. She knew he was ready to cum! She braced herself for the bone shattering orgasm that was about to erupt inside her inexperienced body.
And it came!
Cried the grey beast shaking and shuddering.
The other males, apart from Jacob, fell back as Bella bucked roughly. Screaming and quivering she hunched over the Alpha as her own orgasm took hold of her body. It must have lasted a few minutes!
She was taken to heaven and back in that time, feeling her pussy filling up with white hot superhuman spunk. The dick was probing her cervix ever deeper, pulsating as it went, this had pushed her over the edge.
It was also too much for Jacob to bear. Still wedged tightly in her anal passage and with a mighty howl to the full moon, now high in the sky outside, Jacob delivered his lava hot load.
It felt awesome! Bella thought, as she came round from her trance to fell Jacob thrusting angrily into her butt.
The three of them collapsed into a heap on the floor.
The two dog dicks flopped out, allowing copious amounts of cum to gush forth from Bella’s aching holes.

Looking up, she realised the other three males were standing over her. Between their hind legs she could still see three angry red stiffies bearing down on her.
Weakly she climbed to her knees and sunk down under the youngster, rather like a lamb suckling from it’s mother.
The young male howled in delight. She could tell he would not last long! The thrusting of his hips and pulsing cock in her mouth told Bella this much…

Bella’s fine rump was hoisted in the air, presenting itself to the two remaining males. Quickly they edged forwards and began licking her throthy snatch clean of pussy juice and the escaped cum of their pack mates.
Bella clearly enjoyed this and moaned in pleasure, feeling her orgasm stirring deep within her body yet again.
Bella’s moaning sent vibrations up the young cock she was snacking on. This was all too much for the young excited male. Howling in pleasure he jerked roughly into Bella’s throat. Once, twice, thrice, four times he jerked, each time ejaculating a great dollop of semen into the horny teen’s willing mouth. Like a good slut, Bella swallowed the entire sack full.

The dark brown werewolf then mounted Bella from behind and she could feel his pointed dick end sliding smoothly into her welcoming slit.
Off she went again, this time, rather aptly in doggy style. The werewolf was panting heavily in her ear, blowing her jet black hair into her pretty face.
The jet black beast appeared in her face.
The coal black of his fur was a strikingly sharp contrast to the blood red stick protruding form his hairy sheath. This excited Bella and she willingly engulfed yet another dog dick for the night.

The pumping and the sucking carried out on for some minutes, getting faster and harder all the while.
Then all of a sudden both males in unison began the vinegar strokes prior to orgasm. Howling as one, they came as one.
Yet more hot werewolf jizz gushed into Bella’s teen cunt. Yet more superhuman spunk squirted into Bella’s gagging throat.
Oh what and evening!
“I’d better get this dog smell out of my body, before Edward comes back!”
Bella thought to herself as she ran up the rough track that led back to town.

The werewolves ran out into the woods, the youngster being chased by the rest of the pack, a small soggy piece of white polka dot cotton in his jaws and the other males wanted a sniff!

Bella smiled to herself, buttoning her jeans, as she heard the howls coming from deep in the woods.

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