this is a firefighters every dream
It all started out on june 30 ,1999 when i first join the columbia no.1 firehouse of course i signed up to be a jr and also a driver but when i went home that night after joining and getting my gear
we had a fire at 223 chestnut street but when i drove up and ran into get my gear (imagin running into to big dounble doors and inside its blue and whait walls and you immediatley turn right aand theres red gear lockers snd ifn u go straight 3 big firetrucks sittin) but i paused for a good 2 min cuz there in front of me was a firefighter i never seen but wanna get to know.

she had blonde curly hair and was 15 or 16 she was waring a pink tanktop and those sweat shorts that have cheerleader on the back and she was waerin pink and blue panties that rose up when she got on her gear.but when we got back from the cll i decided to bunk in for the reast of the night but it was only me and her that were left in the buildingi was sittin in the living room when i heard the shower runnin so i thought maybe i could see somtin so i got up went to the grls bathroom and quietly opened the door and there she was she had a nice hott ass and not small and not big boobs but they llok like somtin i want for a snack.

then i sneezedd she saw me i hurryed up and ran out of the bahroom and went back to watching tv acting like i was there the whole time.when she came out she was only wearng a bath robe and she asked me if anyone else was here i said no im the only one here and she said oh then she sed come here i wanna show u somthing so she took my hand and she told e to wait here while she wen into the bedroom for somthing.she came out naked and told me to get undressed so i did.then we started french kissing and we kept kissing until we got to where the firetruck are sitting me and her looked at eachother. i climbed into the pumper engine and started it up.she got up on my lap and started jumping up and down on my hard i started driving she got down on the floor between my legs and started sucking my cock and playwith my balls.

i cummed right into her mouth she licked it all up and then hopped back on m coc it wa sharder than ever her ass was so tight she moaned andd everytime se moaned it made me go faster her tight little cunt was so wet that she made a puddle by the gas then we both cummed 2 time and we drove back to te firehouse and then we both slept together and we fucked like you could never beileve youll have to wit for PART 2


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2009-06-27 00:58:06
I'm not going to write a review for this story it was so poorly written. Crap I just did

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2009-02-10 20:13:34
Work on it. I'm not saying this because there's hope, but please don't torture us so much, get better or else dont post again please.


2007-06-03 10:07:51
What crap. Learn to write and learn to spell, you dumb arse hole.


2007-03-24 06:20:59
Wet dreammmmmm or what?


2007-02-22 21:31:58

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