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Hermione's heart began to race. Her breathing grew ragged and eventually her gasps for air turned into cries of passion. Sweat started to pour down her face as the moment intensified. Her climax came and fell and suddenly she realized how alone she was. She sat up, her hand moist, and looked around the room and sighed. Hermione was slowly beginning to realize that thinking of her afternoon with Draco by herself was no longer going to be enough. She pulled her underwear on and slipped out of bed. She grabbed her side bag and Potions textbook and headed downstairs to the common room to meet up with Harry to go to class.

As Hermione came down the steps, she saw Harry and Ginny by the wall. The two were kissing and giggling like a regular couple. Hermione still had trouble seeing the two of them together but she plastered on a smile as greeted them.

“Hiya! Are you ready to go to class then?” Hermione asked. Harry nodded and kissed Ginny goodbye and he followed Hermione through the portrait hole and downstairs to the dungeons. Another wave of horniness swept over Hermione and she sighed impatiently.

“You all right? Is it Ron? He's been a real twat lately,” Harry said, noticing his friend's discomfort and sadness. Hermione looked at Harry and saw that he was be truly empathetic. Tears welled up in her eyes. She missed Ron, she wanted Draco, and she really needed to be screwed more than anything. She had never been more frustrated.

“Yes,” she said, wiping a tear away and wiping it on her cloak. “Ron has been a twat. He parades around everywhere with that, that...” she drifted off, not wanting to say Lavender's name.

“Whore?” Harry finished jokingly. Hermione smiled and gave Harry a half hug, glad that Harry was the only person she could confide in anymore, even if it wasn't the whole truth.

Once the pair had reached the dungeons, the familiar aroma of magical herbs brewing gave Hermione comfort. As they took their usual spots over by Ron, Hermione noticed Draco in the front of the class talking to Slughorn. Even though he was being a complete prick and trying to suck up to him, she couldn't help but feel her panties get even wetter. She wanted to curse. Draco saw her staring and sent a sneer in her direction. At that moment, Hermione felt that she was going to die a virgin.

The class went on like they usually did, long and laborious and despite the fact that Hermione was seriously distracted, she still managed to brew one of the best potions. Second to Harry, who had a little help from the so-called Half Blood Prince. Hermione couldn't help but scoff as she saw Harry store his precious book in his bag and walk out of the class with Ron. She realized that she was the last person in class and hurried to gather her things. She left the dungeons as fast as she could and hurried to the Great Hall for dinner.

Later, after dinner, Hermione was alone in her dormitory, not unusual for a Friday night. Pavarti couldn't stop talking about a date she had planned with a seventh year Hufflepuff and Lavender was with Ron of course, leaving Hermione by herself to start on her Transfiguration homework. She took all her text books out of her bag and saw a note written on heavy parchment fall out. The note was addressed to her in emerald ink. She didn't recognize the handwriting but she opened it anyway. It read:

I think we haven't quite finished your punishment yet, have we? Meet me in the deserted corridor on the third floor at nine if you want to finish.

She knew that he must have dropped it in her bag on his way out of Potions. Her heart raced and she checked her watch and saw that she had a little under two hours to get ready. She stashed the note in her cloak and rushed to the bathroom to take a hasty shower. With the help of some of Lavender's and Pavarti's makeup, she felt like a completely different girl. She was wearing just a casual outfit and her cloak, but a pair of naughty knickers that Krum had bought her when they were dating.

Hermione sped downstairs to the common room, and sped right past Harry and Ginny and with a quick salutation, she dashed out of the portrait hole. She felt on top of the world but soon that would be over in a few hours, unbeknownst to her.

The school's curfew was ten and she knew they would have to act fast. She was a little out of breath when she reached the deserted corridor and she hoped Draco wouldn't notice. She saw him leaning against a pillar and she walked up to him in what she hoped was a sultry manner.

“Granger, you look great,” Draco said when he caught sight of her. Hermione gave him a girlish twirl before she said thanks. “Let's get these cloaks off, huh?” The two dropped their cloaks on the floor and Hermione nearly pounced on him. “You want it bad, don't ya, you dirty minx?” Hermione didn't even answer, she just began to kiss his neck and unzipped his pants. His hard on grew in her hand soon both parties were eliciting moans. Draco nibbled on her bottom lip and Hermione pumped his shaft. She was encouraged by his grunts of pleasure.

Draco laid Hermione down on their cloaks and began to kiss her passionately on her mouth and neck. Finally, Hermione was getting the release she needed. All of her pent up sexual frustration had an outlet. Nothing could go wrong, she thought. She was wrong though. Something was about to go completely awry.

In the common room in the Gryffindor Tower, Harry and Ginny sat together in their favorite couch with their hands intertwined and telling each other about their day. They were surprised to see Hermione rush from her dormitory and out the portrait hole without saying what she was up to. Harry, however, was more surprised to see a note fall out of pocket as she rushed by. He picked it up and stowed it in his cloak before Ginny saw it. After he kissed her goodnight, he rushed to his own dormitory and opened the letter up and was speechless. Hermione? With Draco? He grabbed his Invisibility Cloak out of his trunk and crept out of the common room unnoticed.

He reached the deserted corridor on the third floor and saw them immediately, rather he heard them immediately. They were on the ground. Hermione's eyes were closed as she moaned softly. Draco meanwhile was going down on her. His licking and nibbling was amplified by the corridor's acoustics. “Ooh yeah, like that you dirty bastard!” Hermione exclaimed. Harry was disgusted and horrified. She really was fraternizing with the enemy. Harry hadn't stopped talking about his theory that Draco was a Death Eater and here she was, grabbing fistfuls of his blond hair and calling out his name.

Meanwhile, Hermione wouldn't have noticed Harry if he had ran past them buck naked and screaming. All she could think of was Draco's tongue. It swirled in delicate loops over her clitoris. He would pause every now and then to kiss and lick or nibble affectionately. Hermione was completely lost in bliss and as she reached her climax, she let out a loud moan that was muffled by Draco's hand.

“Draco, that was absolutely brilliant,” Hermione said after she had caught her breath. Draco wiped his mouth off and laid down next to her. “We still have about half an hour if you want to suck me off.” Hermione shrugged and obliged him. She took his meaty tool in her mouth, shoving nearly four inches in right away. It pulsated in her mouth as she bobbed up and down, squeezing his shaft and balls as she went at it. She took it out of her mouth and began to polish it with her saliva, lubricating it when Malfoy suddenly took his erection and slapped her playfully with it. She opened her mouth as he continued to smack. He took the back of her head as he did once before and shoved her soft mouth onto his member. She resisted at first but grew accustomed to him fucking her mouth. A few minutes later, he launched his seed into her mouth.

“That's a good girl,” Draco muttered as Hermione swallowed and wiping the remaining seed off of her chin. The pair put their clothes back on and they parted with a kiss and went their separate ways, promising to meet up once again.

Harry had watched the entire show and felt repulsed. He chased after Hermione and grabbed her shoulder. She whipped around with a terrified look on her face as Harry took the cloak off. Hermione tried to act aloof and said, “Harry! What are you doing here?”

“I'm going to be asking the questions now if that's all right,” Harry said with clenched teeth. Hermione nodded fearfully, knowing that Harry had just witnessed something, if not everything and there was no way to defend herself. “What the hell was that? You and Malfoy? You sick bitch.”

“Harry, there's no way to explain this, there really isn't. We've been fooling around for a few weeks and I have no real justification for it other than I've been really horny and lonely for a really long time,” Hermione said, looking at her feet.

“So lonely that you've started sucking off Malfoy for fun?” Hermione didn't even bother nodding her head. “Do you know what this means for you? For me? People will think we're on the same side. He's a fucking Death Eater for fuck's sake!” Hermione only grimaced at Harry's shouts.

“I'm sorry, Harry,” she whispered softly. “I'm really really sorry. You just don't understand.”

“You're damn right I don't understand! If this happens again or if people find out that you're fucking him, you're going to regret this more than you've ever imagined.” Harry had never been so angry as he watched his friend stare at the floor with nothing to say for herself.

“If you say so..” she said quietly.

“You're damn right! I did say so!” He tossed his Invisibility Cloak on the ground and advanced towards her, and grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her roughly. “You whore. I'm gonna fuck you like the whore you are.” Hermione struggled and panicked in disbelief. Could this really be the same Harry who was only trying to console her only hours ago? Harry took her cloak off and ripped her blouse open and pulled down her jeans and panties in one movement. He tossed her on the ground and took his pants off. He freed his growing member and shoved Hermione's mouth onto it, just like Malfoy had, only moments before. “Huh? You like this? Just like Draco?” Hermione tried to talk or at least force herself off but Harry's grip was too strong. All of Harry's seven inches were in her and she could no longer see.

Harry finally let her go but then he pushed her on her hands and knees and covered her mouth. “I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll never forget it.” He slammed all of his manhood into her relentlessly, ignoring her cries of pain. Moments later, he finished inside of her. Harry put his trousers and grabbed his cloak, leaving his friend half naked and crying at the foot of the stairs. “Don't you forget,” he said as he walked away. “There's more where that came from.”

Despite the pain and humiliation, Hermione still wanted to see Draco.

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