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Read the first three since this is part four. for my fans that asked for more, here is more.
“So your name is Bonnie?” Marcie tentatively asks.

“Yeah. So how did you get here?” replies Bonnie.

“I was at the bar with a good friend when this person runs up behind him and hits him in the back of the head. Next thing I know I’m handcuffed here and having sex with this person. I thought she was a man because of her short black hair but then she got naked and he was a she.” Marcie rambles. “I felt someone watching me all night at the bar and we locked eyes for a minute but I didn’t thing anything of it.”

Bonnie chuckles, “They never do.”

“What do you mean?” Marcie asks

“They hunt you like prey,” Bonnie says menacingly, “sometimes for days, weeks, or even months.” Bonnie looks at her cuffed wrist and whispers, "Unless they’re really patient.”

“And if they are really patient….?” Marcie whimpers.

Bonnie’s eyes snap to Marcie’s body and look her up and down. She locks eyes with her and moves in close as she snarls, “They’ll hunt you for years.”

“She’s been hunting you that long?” Marcie says practically spitting out the word hunting like a bad aftertaste.

“Three years she’s been trying to get to me. And tonight she finally succeeded.” Bonnie laughs. “I thought she’d wait to heal and then take me physically but I guess she couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Who is she?” Marcie asks, wanting to know who her captor was.

“Her name is Rhyan,” Bonnie replies, “She’s been coming in to the hospital I work at for at least the three years I’ve been interning, and then working there.” Bonnie continues, “she came in for a broken nose and
then for various concussions, cuts, stabbings and everything in between.”

“From what?” Marcie asks.

“I don’t know but the innuendo she leads into it suggests she likes it rough, if you know what I mean.” Bonnie licks her lips at this last little quip and starts to move in closer to Marcie.

“What are you doing, Bonnie?” Marcie asks with her eyes wide. She shuffles further back from Bonnie to the edge of the bed almost falling off.

Bonnie moves closer with a hungry look in her eye, “That’s the worst Rhyan has ever been hurt. You did her good little lass but fighting will only make her keep you longer”

Bonnie moves in close to Marcie and looks down at her naked pussy. She smiles and licks her lips.
“I see why she picked you though. You’re a tasty little morsel,” Bonnie leans in a crushes her mouth on Marcie's.

“What are you doing?!” Marcie shouts.

“Teaching you to give in so it’s not so scary.” Bonnie’s voice is husky and full of lust and experience, “the sooner you learn to like it, the easier it will be to learn and please her.”

“How do you know this?” Marcie exclaims

“Because I’ve been where you are a few years ago.” She says.

Bonnie leans in and kisses Marcie again but not so rough. She moves her hand to gently cup her pussy. She tries to put her other hand on Marcie’s shoulder but is stopped by the cuffs.

“Fuck! This would be easier without the cuffs.” Bonnie says.

“As long as you don’t run….” I say from the door frame.

Both women jump at the sound of my voice. I never left the room. I ducked around the door jamb to hear if Bonnie was going to reveal who I was. I’m not mad. Was hoping she would actually. Makes my role that much stronger because I didn’t get all warm and fuzzy and make BFFs with my prey. Marcie is a hot name though.

I start to walk slowly to the bed, “So you want to teach her Bonnie, huh? I knew you were a freak as soon as I laid eyes on you three years ago. This is going to be so much more fun then I anticipated.”

I pull the key out of my pocket and undo Bonnie’s handcuff so I can watch it all play out. I knew Bonnie wouldn’t run. If she’s telling the truth about college, she knows it’s a bad idea. I have no qualms about beating my pets to do my will. Like I said before, Marcie isn’t the first.

Before Bonnie can turn her attention back to Marcie, I grab her wrist and pull it above my head so she can’t help but get close to me. I look deep into her eyes and smile that dark smile that lets her know that this is a favor and nothing had better go wrong. She sheepishly looks down and then back into my eyes with her own piercing gaze. I put my lips on hers and shove my tongue into her mouth. She vigorously fights for her own gain and I push her back before I take her right there.

“You’d better give me a good show, pet.” I tell Bonnie as I let her wrist go.

“It will be.” She whispers back into my ear.

Bonnie moves to the middle of my bed as I take a seat in the old style Victorian chair I have in my bedroom.
Marcie looks at me, her eyes wide.

“So now you look to me, my pet. Why not earlier when I was trying to ‘teach’ you?” I reply coarsely.

She looks away and a tear runs down her face, ashamed that she is going to have sex with this other woman and that I will be watching and allowing it to happen.

“Please,” Marcie whispers to Bonnie, “don’t do this.”

“Don’t be afraid Marcie,” Bonnie replies with a smile, “It’ll be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.”

Bonnie pulls Marcie’s legs around her waist and takes charge. She kisses her passionately and moves her hands down her waist, trying to make Marcie’s body more pliant even if her mind isn’t. She moves her kisses to her cheeks and then her neck. Bonnie slowly leans her body against Marcie’s slim body. There nipples touch and Marcie tenses, trying to keep her body from betraying her.

As Bonnie exerts her dominance over Marcie, she lays her down. Marcie’s arm stays above her head from the handcuffs. Thinking I should undo the cuffs, I decide to wait a little longer when Marcie is love drunk and won’t think of running.

Bonnie moves her hands over Marcie’s smooth skin, down her sides and hips and then back up again. She never came near Marcie’s twat but Marcie’s body is responding excellently. Bonnie continues her barrage of kisses and by this time I’ve decided I won’t just be a voyeur in this hands-on lesson.

I take my shirt and bra off exposing my B-sized breasts to the air. Not as big as Marcie and Bonnie’s bigger C’s but my dominance makes up for that. I slip out of my pants and show my clean shaven vagina and tight ass. Thank god Marcie and Bonnie are the same or we’d all be in my shower executing another lesson.

I sit back in my Victorian chair and the crushed velvet of the seat padding feels nice against my bare ass. I place one leg over an arm of the chair and start to slide my slim fingers over my pussy lips and clit while the other hand is working at my nipples.

Meantime, Bonnie has moved her kisses from Marcie’s lips and neck to her breasts and begins to tease her nipples. Marcie’s face is wet with tears and she keeps mouthing the words no and please to no avail. She is trapped and knows it. Marcie’s free hand is tangled in Bonnie’s hair trying to pull her away but it isn’t effective if you aren’t trying. Her will is slowly disappearing as her ‘lesson’ continues.

Bonnie moves even lower and begins to kiss her stomach and hips and even dares to give her pussy one little kiss, which Marcie doesn’t shy from. Bonnie continues to kiss and caress Marcie into giving in. How long that will take I don’t know but I am a patient hunter. Both of Bonnie’s hands are roving over Marcie’s young firm body and getting a response. Marcie’s no’s have turned into little moans of pleasure and her body has begun to move in time with the caresses.

God to be in the middle of those two being pleasured and touched. I get off at just the thought and my body shudders from the sudden unexpected pleasure the thought brought to my body. The little river of juices runs from my vagina to leave a wet stain on my chair, right next to the other ones. My fingers slip just inside my hole to get wet before I attack my clit again and from the looks of it, across the room, Bonnie is doing the same to Marcie.

Bonnie has laid Marcie down and begun to run her tongue from her pussy slit to her nipples. She dives into Marcie’s belly button and then swirls around her nipple. Marcie gasps as Bonnie clamps down hard on the left nipple while pinching the right one. Bonnie shoves her knee into Marcie’s crotch and grinds against the blonde’s clit. Marcie is trapped between the headboard, Bonnie’s body and the knee at her vagina. She can’t move without causing pain and pleasure.

I admire Bonnie’s technique as I peer around her shapely pert ass. For sitting on it most of the work day it hasn’t ballooned out like the last pet I had here, but that’s another story. As Bonnie roves over Marcie’s young body I continue to stoke my arousal high. I stop myself before I hit that edge, I want to join in a few minutes but won’t be able to if I already slaked my lust for them on my own. Cum keeps flowing from my twat and over the edge of the chair. I can’t hear it over Marcie and Bonnie’s moans, but I know it’s hitting the floor.

Bonnie finally lets go of Marcie’s nipples and moves to softer caresses and kisses on her neck. Marcie’s head is tilted back and has tears running over her cheek and chin. The shallow dip at the base of her neck has become a puddle of tears.

“Just let go,” Bonnie whispers in her ear, “by holding on so long you are making it harder on yourself.”

“I don’t know how,” Marcie sobs, “I want to but don’t know how.”

“Do it like you were with a man,” Bonnie encourages.

She leans in to kiss Marcie affectionately on the lips. Bonnie’s hand travels down to her hips and then over her stomach. She’s searching for Marcie’s will to give in. Finally Marcie starts to use her free hand to explore Bonnie’s body. She reaches over her shoulders and back and up to the back of Bonnie’s neck. Bonnie’s breathing starts to come short and ragged.

“Like that, Marcie, just like that,” Bonnie exhales.

I bring myself close to exploding one more time and stand up. It’s almost time to let Marcie out of her cuff. Bonnie slips a finger into Marcie’s over stimulated cunt and begins to feel around slowly. Moaning, Marcie bucks her hips for more. I crawl from the foot of the bed with the key to the cuffs between my lips. I place one hand on Bonnie’s perfectly rounded buttocks and crawl over her body. I push her shoulders down, and without resisting, Bonnie puts her chest on Marcie’s and begins to kiss her. Marcie’s eyes are closed trying to forget her will and doesn’t see me.

With Bonnie’s chest on Marcie’s, it leaves her ass in the air and I stroke her swollen pussy lips from behind. She wiggles her ass for more and thrusts it closer to me. I put two fingers on her clit and push it hard. Bonnie’s head comes up for a moan and her finger goes deeper into Marcie’s pussy hole. Marcie throws her head back and moans from Bonnie’s finger penetration.

I slap Bonnie’s ass, “Move,” I command her and she obediently moves next to Marcie but doesn’t stop kissing and caressing her. I put my hand on Bonnie’s and slip a finger in next to hers. Marcie still hasn’t seen me or is pretending not to. I lie next to her and turn her head towards me.

“Look at me!” I say.

She opens her tear moistened eyes and looks into mine. I smile.

“Have you given in yet?” I say around the key I have in my cheek.

She slowly blinks and her head falls back in defeat.

“That’s my pet,” and I reward her with a wiggle from my finger.

Her head snaps up and she glowers at me. Expecting to have to ‘persuade’ her some more, she surprises me by grabbing my neck and pulling my lips onto hers. She crushes our mouths together and stabs her tongue into my mouth. I fight back and throw a leg over her and push our bodies close together. I pull away before her furious tongue can find the key.

“You want the key?” I exhale nodding towards the cuffs.

She grabs my hips with her free hand and grinds her pussy mound into my wet vagina.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I smile.

I lean down and kiss her fiercely this time and when she sticks her tongue through my lips I make sure the key is waiting. Bonnie sees the key protruding just out of my lips and gives me ‘are you sure look’ and I stare her down until she looks away, blushing that she even questioned my authority. Bonnie sheepishly looks at me. I wave my hand at her telling her to move to the end of the bed and wait until I want her in my favor again. Nothing pisses me off more than a pet that thinks they know everything because this happened in college……once.

Bonnie moves to the foot of the bed and waits with a red face and a single tear down her cheek. Now I wonder how many times this happened in college.

Marcie grabs the key with her lips and drops it in her waiting hand. She reaches up and twists her waist to undo her handcuff. I bring my hand from her dripping cunt and roll her completely over. The click of the cuff coming of echoes in the room and she falls under the weight of my body. I kiss her neck and shoulders and all the way down her spine. I find the curve of her beautiful ass and pinch it gently.

My hands travel all over her sides and back and she squirms and moans in pleasure. I tuck my head into her side and let her roll over, leaving my head near her pussy. She runs her hands through my hair and I follow her hip bone to her slit and flick it with my tongue. She pushes my head down and I latch onto her pussy with ferocity. Though I love it when my pets fight, I love it more when they accept their fate. Don’t take me wrong, I have no problem beating them to submission, but the bruises are very unattractive.

My lips play with her clit and my tongue dives into her pussy hole. With the heat and fragrance of her cum rising to fill my lungs with every breath, I decide to lose control. I wrap my arms under her legs and pull her closer so I can get my tongue deeper. Her head falls off the pillow onto the bed but Marcie doesn’t even notice. She is pulling and pinching her nipples with one hand and entwining her other hand in my hair.

Marcie pushes my head harder and I pull her closer. My fingertips dig into her flesh leaving little welts from our movement back and forth. Her moaning is louder and her eyes are rolled back telling me she is close to cumming. I bite her puffy pussy lips together around her clit and she starts to move her hips. I grind my jaw back and forth putting pressure on her clit through her pussy lips. I let go and begin to lick hard and fast at the swollen bauble of a clit she has.

Her legs begin to tighten around my head and I can’t hear, only feel the vibrations of her moans through her body and down her legs. Both hands are lost in my black hair and are pulling and tugging, for more or less I can’t tell but I don’t care. You’re going to pass out from ecstasy one way or another. My jaw isn’t even beginning to get tired and I’m not stopping. Marcie starts to push my head attempting to make me stop, futile.

Her pushing gets harder and her legs squeeze tighter. I relax and put my tongue in my mouth. Just wait, I tell myself. Marcie makes the mistake of relaxing her legs and they fall to either side of my head. Thinking that I have finished, Marcie begins to exhale slowly and catch her breath. I breathe on her swollen, hot, dripping twat and she shivers. Still trying to catch her breath, Marcie tries to sit up and I pin her to the headboard and push her legs apart with my shoulders. Too late to do anything now, she tries to close her legs. I dive my tongue as far as it will go into Marcie’s vagina.

“Bonnie!” I manage with a mouth full of pussy and she comes next to me.

“Yes Mistress?” Bonnie sheepishly replies

“Straddle and hold.” Is all I can get out.

Bonnie jumps at the chance and jumps on Marcie, the weight of her body keeping Marcie firmly in place. Bonnie starts giving her own ministrations to Marcie and even more moans and bucking almost make us deaf and throw rugs.

Finally Marcie goes red all over and tense. She relaxes so fast that Bonnie is toppled over onto the bed next to her. Though her breathing is fast and shallow, her eyes are closed and she isn’t moving.

I always win.

“And now it’s my turn Bonnie,” I turn to the other woman on my bed, “show me how sorry you are for questioning me with just a look.”

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Bonnie, Congratulations!! After TWELVE years of homeschooling, we finllay bought an expresso machine this year . . .It does take time to adjust, but there are advantages that often emerge in time. My kids are their own people--they like their own music, their own books, their own shows, etc. They dress how they like and are not addicted to labels because you can homeschool in your pajamas if you want. They think their own thoughts and are not afraid to say what they think.One thing that helped me at first was to get away all by myself for a few hours on the weekend and do whatever I wanted. Usually, that meant a book and a cup of coffee!

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Great!!! This series is getting better and better - and surely this is not the end, you can't leave it here. More please, pretty please?

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